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Very solid episode; best demonstration yet of character development
christopher_bailey9 August 2008
Until now, I really thought that only character showing development was Susan but this episode changed all that. The writers did a great job pulling more out of both Trina and, particularly, Tom, but also (surprisingly) Janet. It's not often you see such progress made in such a short period of time (the first nine episodes of a series). The set up is there for Roger to evolve and, I half suspect, Bruce to devolve (especially after what happened at the end of this episode, but that remains to be seen). There is certainly the opportunity for character development as it relates to the relationship Laura and B.J. have with their parents, too.
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Swingus Interruptus is an excellent episode of "Swingtown" with some much needed humor added
tavm8 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Bruce confesses his kissing Melinda twice to wife Susan. While Susan wishes it hadn't happened, she doesn't yell at him like he wishes she would. In fact, since Brad-who's conducting interviews on open marriages for a book-and Sylvia have invited them to the Pendulum Club-which is basically an orgy place, Susan wants Bruce to go with them for the night. Trina tries to get back on Janet's good side by making some cupcakes. They share a laugh over the fact they're sticking on the pans. Later when Janet comes back to give some cooking tips to Trina, she sees Susan and almost gets jealous again before they all agree to go the the sex club together even though Trina and Tom's marriage is closed for now. While all this is going on, Laurie and Doug go her parents' home to watch Ford get the Republican nomination and B.J. and Samantha go to B.J.'s friend's house to play some Pong and later some Spin the Bottle which results in B.J.'s friend and Samantha in the closet. Sam doesn't want to kiss this friend and neither does he but tries to wedge her and B.J.'s friendship by saying how attracted to strays B.J. is. Then he forces a kiss on her forcing Sam to slap him and storming out with B.J. following. Back at the club, as Bruce is kept from going to the private orgy room by himself, Roger goes out followed by Janet in a state of daze. Susan then approaches her husband and says that Brad and Sylvia have agreed to go to their house. As they leave, Tom and Trina then offer to take Roger and Janet home but they decide to take their car. As Laurie and Doug are getting it on the couch, they're forced to hide in the liquor closet as her parents and Sylvia and Brad arrive. As the swinging couples smoke pot and prepare to swap partners-though Brad actually wants to make omelet during this time-a flabbergasted Laurie tries not to scream so she and Doug try to sneak out but they get caught as Brad, Sylvia, and Doug now leave with Bruce and Susan deciding to wait until morning to punish their daughter. Meanwhile as the Pendulum club people come to the Deckers, Roger and Janet arrive to bring a dress Janet wore back to Trina. As Roger is getting lap danced by a lady he met at the club, Trina and Janet come to an understanding with each other. Janet almost loses it when she sees what's happening to her husband and goes by herself before Tom comes to her, kisses her (!), and tells her she's a very beautiful woman and she shouldn't forget it. So Janet confronts Roger and tells he can stay while she leaves. Roger decides to go with his wife. As the episode starts to end, we see B.J. still chasing Sam to her home as she tells him she's not a stray. B.J. then kisses her which she doesn't slap him for. It's at this time that we see the guests of B.J.'s parents' home leave with much of the arguing between Sis and Mom and Dad being overheard by him and Sam. Sam-who has an alcoholic mother to deal with-sympathetically puts her hand on his pants leg in a reassuring mode. And with only the Lap-Dance Girl left, Tom and Trina put a blanket over her as they call it a night...Despite the reservations I've had with the Doug/Laurie pairing, their having to deal with the girl's parents and this other couple provided some needed laughs for the show. And it was very nice to finally see Sam and B.J. have a tender moment to themselves. And I hope the truce that Janet and Trina shared here stays put this time. And if Bruce is upset at his daughter, what's going to happen once he finds out about Susan and Roger? What about Janet? Well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow night (unless many of you reading this are going to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Chinese Olympics instead), so on that note until next time...
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