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Excellent entertainment
PWNYCNY14 May 2010
This was a great episode. It's about hope and perseverance. It's about realizing one's dreams and having faith in yourself. In this episode Earl is a supporting character. The star is a man who wants to do something creative, something that nobody thought he could do and he does it and does it well. The screenplay was excellent, the acting strong and all in all this episode was television at its best. The story was wonderful, the acting was great and the characters more than just two-dimensional comic book fare. What makes this episode even more surprising is that it was entirely unexpected. After all, it was on television. It was like finding a spring of fresh water in the middle of a huge desert. Excellent entertainment.
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Now this is awesom
Yourname6 April 2018
After last half episodes of 3. season, which i found exactly boring and preticteble as shows about "family lives" they tried to make fun of, 4. series starts with episode where is everything I love about my name is earl...and even more, for me the best episode (cops1 are close behind) and I am not afraid to say its partialy thanks to amazing little movie miracle Seth Green, who is in every role himself and his work on robot chicken and family guy is remarkeable. Yeah, and Ethan Suplee is without a doubt very talented actor and I love his character compared to nazi lunetic where I seen him for first time (again amazing). 10/10 not only in Earl terms, but thanks to the great script and actors its 10 for movie art itself.
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