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  • Before baseball had instant replay, Doug Maguire suffers a hard loss in 2005 as an Anaheim Angels fan. Maguire also shares the same first name as Major League Baseball Umpire Doug Eddings, the home plate umpire who missed an obvious strike 3 call and the ump who wears #88. One bad game sends Maguire on a journey of uncontrollable fail. He encounters die hard Angels fans in Anaheim, an unhelpful desk clerk at a Glendale motel and some neo-Nazi skinhead meth dealers from San Francisco. Before he knows it, the entire Glendale/Burbank Police and Fire Departments want to know what Doug Maguire is up to after another terrible call has been made - this time to a 9-1-1 Operator.


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  • A 2005 baseball game is the backdrop in this story...

    Doug Maguire, a weirdo lone wolf in his 30s, seems visibly upset by a bad call. Doug and Major League Baseball umpire, Doug Eddings, share the same first name and Doug (the baseball ump) wears number 88. Now down two games to one, Doug (the weirdo) screams his lungs out in public and receives a free T-shirt from Anaheim Angel fans.

    Outside a motel room in The Valley, Doug shows off his new shirt where the front reads, "firedoug.com - Fire Umpire Doug Eddings!" On the back it's "Eddings" with a huge "88." This bright red tee catches the unwanted attention of a gnarly neo-Nazi skinhead meth dealer. The skinhead asks what exactly the shirt means to Doug. Doug tells the criminal how eighty-eight sounds like the word "idiot." What was meant to enlighten, switches quickly to insults. The drug dealer's hate tattoo of 88 had been concealed under a Superhero beanie cap. Instead of sucking it up and apologizing, Doug snitches to Police about the meth via motel telephone - a payphone Doug must use cash only to operate.

    The Glendale Police refuse to help and Doug finds himself stuck after he snitches. With no car, no cellphone, no money and no way out, Doug's last resort begins when he places desperate calls from his motel room to a 911 Operator, which then leads to some fake bomb threats. The bomb threats get the attention of every Police Officer, Fire Fighter and all First Responders in The Valley.

    The end of "Ei8hty-Ei8ht" has Doug on a trip to the mental ward in a Police cruiser. An officer explains to Doug how 88 means heil Hitler and is used as code by many white supremacist gangs. Doug then receives the Superhero beanie cap as a trophy for calling out drug dealing scumbags.

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