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Wanted to like it
dananevels4 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I tried. I really tried. I like many of the actors in this show. I watched all of season 1. I read the comics a while ago but I hardly remember them. I have no problem taking the show on it's own merits. So please believe me when I say it is incredibly boring. So dull. Bring a pillow for your pillow dull. They don't even runaway until the end of season 1.

So, I thought, maybe season 2 will be better. They've run away. Maybe there will be some interesting plotlines. I watched a few episodes. Nope. I can't keep giving this show hours of my life that it has not earned.

It took me some time, but I know what the problem with this show is. There is not even an ounce of humor. It is excruciatingly dour. That is poor writing. It makes the show tonally flat and painful to watch. Lighten up. I know that teenage angst sells, but come on. Add a little humor. Even the campy CW teen dramas add a little humor. This is Marvel, not DC.
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I don't get it
karlbest16 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this at first, then it slowed down, way down and I gave no more craps. I had to force myself to finish it. I really don't see or get the point in it. I wanted action, Marvelesque type stuff, instead I got a bunch of over aged "teenagers" with vocabulary of 30 year olds, that can hack multi billion dollar corporations, out smart people with money, power, powers, etc. and a totally lackluster story with zero freaking point. So please, someone explain to me how this show is good. Don't waste your time on it.
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Some of the most ANNOYING characters ever
victorcastleman13 February 2020
All of the teen characters in the show are Unbelievably annoying. Really bad acting, really bad writing, really mediocre music.
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Really bad
kfilippopoulou18 June 2019
Watched the entire first season and the 1st episode of the the second season... It's really bad... Bad script... Bad acting... Bad direction... Really sucks... I don't know why it has a 7 on the ratings... 🤔
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Not as bad as I thought
corruptedxrose1 December 2017
Honestly, not sure why some reviewers are giving this show so much flack.. so it's not exactly like the comics.. big deal. Not everything in the MCU is gonna be right down to a T. MCU has always put a little spin on their films and TV programs. People are saying this show is slow to start, I prefer that. I like learning about the characters and their backgrounds before diving into the action and suspense.

I say, give the show a chance.. it's literally on its fifth episode. Give it time to grow.
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If you love the comics, this is a huge disappointment
sheviarnold21 November 2017
The show is geared more towards fans of Gossip Girls than fans of the Runaways comic books. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter group, so three episodes in I am disappointed. I had such high expectations for a TV series based on one of Marvel's greatest comic-book series ever! But this series clearly wasn't made for the fans.

Okay, so basically in the comic-book series, a bunch of teens and one tween get together once a year while their parents have a get together. When the series starts, the main characters discover that some of them have superpowers and that all of their parents are super villains, which is why they run away, hence the title of the series. It's all about rebellion, finding yourself apart from your parents and society, and forming your own family of friends and your own identity.

That's in the comic book series. The TV series has a similar plot, but is very different in that all the characters are watered down. Actually, everything is watered down. There are things that I was looking forward to because of how amazing they are in the comics, and then when the show gets to them, they're clichéd, and seriously not amazing. All the things that make the Runaways series so great have been washed away to be replaced by shades of gray and Gossip-Girls- style drama.

The comics books had excitement, humor, fun, and really focused on the Runaways themselves. It's a shame that this series doesn't seem to understand or care about any of that. It's just using the Runaways name and character names to create a Gossip Girls with super powers.

I'm sure that the series is fun for those who like Gossip Girls, Riverdale, and shows like that. But if you're more into Marvel's Runaways, Generation X, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or stories with a lot more humor, magic, strong characters and bite, this show is so not it.
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It's like someone read the Wikipedia page and looked at the character design only
lalabrak7922 November 2017
If you are a fan of the comics, this show is definitely not for you. Almost all the background story of each character has changed, and there are a lot of materials that do not exist on the show that reminds me of B or C rated drama shows that have been canceled after one season. None of the charms of the comic book has been incorporated. It feels like the writers just read an the outline of the story, looked at the character designs, and decided they'll make up everything else.

Even if I didn't read the comics, the dialogues and writings are weak at best.
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Runaway Before It's Too Late
Providenceyaway6 February 2018
I think a fair assessment should always include both the good and the bad. The Good: It's shot really nice. Los Angeles, CA was the perfect spot to do a Spider-Man: Homecoming/90210/The Great Indoors mashup. The visuals are pretty good, the action's OK. I saw only 6 of the 10 first episodes so I can only judge as far as that goes. The decision to make the parents villains to the teens, despite them not having much presence in the actual comics, was a noteworthy risk to take. Some of the parents are interesting characters themselves, albeit they don't really as deep into any of them as much as they should. The makeup and costume design is also good, everyone looks exactly like their comic book counterparts, which is also bad because...

The Bad: They sacrificed good writing for what looks good. It's not just the dialogue that's bad, or bland and cartoony side characters that are bad, but for most of the first 6 episodes _absolutely nothing happens_. We get exposition, we slowly learn of everyone's special superpowers, and it seems to mix allegories when suddenly they go after a gunman with lasers and magic.

Also the drama is _atrocious_. After the characters are all long introduced, you'll notice filler scenes with characters bleeding out exposition but not talking for the sake of change. As a rule, that's what's SUPPOSED to happen in a scene!

It was at about episode 4 or 6 I found myself in the worst place possible: that is _wishing_ for conflict. Wishing for something unpredictable to hit the characters, or episodes that end with them making real choices that can't be undone (Show Writing 101).

Did I mention the characters? They're mostly bad: Alex: Fine. Just fine. Not exciting or anything. Boy #2: Also just fine, a little exciting, but has a lot of cringey lines. Gurt: Annoying, pink haired, 3rd wave feminist, who is the show's propaganda preacher, goes unchallenged, has _visible_ double standards, is unfunny, annoying even to her parents, and makes me lose hope in our society when a kid like her was so horribly socialized. The adopted Mexican: Small, doesn't add anything to any scene, occasionally helpful because of her mutant genes (not because of her personality or intelligence or anything). The Church Girl: I found this character a little offensive. Not because she was an obvious riff on scientology and Jehovah's Witnessism, but because they said that this show was the "human story" because they "summed up people of all races, genders, sexualities, and...'religious beliefs'" with their characters. A closeted lesbian cult-follower does not sum up anyone remotely outside California. Obvious agenda is obvious. Because that, she was just okay. Nico: Eh. I'm very neutral towards Nico. She may be an Asian Wiccan girl with the EXACT VOICE OF MILEY CYRUS 5 YEARS AGO still grieving her dead sister one year later, but in terms of character she has nothing to offer except, "poor me, my sister died. Who can relate?"

I'd mention the individual villains too, but this review is already long enough.

Spoiler on the villains' secret motivations: It turns out most of the parents who are a part of the PRIDE committee were FORCED via blackmail to join. The ONE aspect that kept me watching turned out to be: "Oh, look! They're not even bad guys! They're just FORCED into cultic ritual and killing! Don't you feel for them?" NO! I don't! Because now, instead of them having values that challenge society AND the main characters, they're just common criminals with a stick! And you know what, they don't all even have to be a part of PRIDE! Yes, their boss needed someone to hold the cult mansion, someone to hold the staff, and time travelers...but MUTANTS, the witch's husband, and scientists? Maybe if I kept watching I'd know his "grand plan", but again, I stopped caring when I found out they were just common criminals.

No More Spoilers Here.

The Ugly: There's more I could talk about, like how they reenacted an UNREALISTIC almost-rape scenario and then showed a girl actually victim blaming two episodes later because...she loved lacrosse so much. It was HYSTERICALLY cartoony. Clearly, to make up for all the empty writing, the writers and producers thought they could heavily appeal to millennial leftism, despite the fact that Generation Z, the focus group of this show and age of its main characters, are going to be conservative as possible in the future. Even they won't like the ridiculous scenarios that happen, like the pink-haired feminist girl having two overaged men flirting and complimenting her. It's not because she was ugly that I'm complaining; it's how unrealistic their openness was.

So all in all, if you like progressive pandering, your leftist views to be affirmed, women needing to use superpowers while the men rely on actual smarts, millennials to be coddled (the show's called "Runaways" and they're still living off their parents' assets for some reason), and a comic book that _looks_ interesting to be watered down to it's basic Wikipedia page, then well, this show was made for you! (For $8/monthly on Hulu of course)
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Season 2
lisbetheve23 December 2018
This season was incredible. They improve so much since season one. We got to see some ery good action scenes and also the history development was bery good. We got to discovered more about the main characters ambitions. Good performance by all the cast, specially Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer and Gregg Sulkin. I'm Just goona have to wait for season three now.
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Poorly directed and acted
terrencepatrix22 November 2017
So far this show just isn't engaging and I found myself getting bored throughout the first three episodes. The characters just don't feel like characters, they're very poorly fleshed out. Sure it's a diverse cast but they're not exactly diverse in attitude, all the teens act pretty much the same. We know very little about them other than how they dress and you can tell how hard they're trying to make them as inoffensive and PC as they can which really takes away the sense of fun.

Then there's the fact that it's a show about people with abilities and we've seen a total of maybe 60 seconds of special effects over the course of three hours. Inhumans had this same problem. No one is tuning in to see another drama, these comics are interesting because they're about people with powers. I know they're trying to save money because totally looks like they're trying to save money. No original sets, no special effects, just people talking or staring. Which is where the poor direction comes in. Once again they're just not interesting or engaging, they actually come off as somewhat annoying. The actors aren't very competent either but that could be a result of the direction.

Then there's the one with the purple hair. They actually nailed the looks of the kids in comparison to the comics but they made this one just a carbon copy teen SJW spouting the same silly nonsense. Maybe it appeals to that niche crowd but most people in real life just plain don't talk that way.

Just very underwhelming so far. I'll still give it a shot but it's not looking very good so far.

Edited: Just finished the 4th episode it's not getting better. Little to no plot advancement, roughly 60 seconds of special effects that are poorly done, cringe worthy dialogue and acting. Gert is just plain annoying. Most the kids are actually, there is no individuality or personality from any of them. Just nothing happens and 4 hours into a series that's just unacceptable, there is literally zero action, this is nothing more than a teen drama with a sprinkling of comic elements.

This show is supposed to be about teens with abilities who discover their parents are members of a super villain cult, but it's turned that into barely a side plot. What's the point?
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Looks like a student film
JefferyDCombs27 February 2018
I could not past the poor production quality. The production design was fine, but the camera depart felt like it was made of 20 years olds with smart phones. It is shot like someone is recording a birthday party. I do not know if they used cheap gear or if they wanted to make it look like found footage. I could not keep watching it. If they were going to keep me engaged, then they needed to wow in the first 2 minutes. After Iron Fist and the Inhumans, Marvel Studio's new TV programming is not looking good.
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an insult to truly one of the best comics out there.
yardenvanburen23 January 2018
I have heard that if you havent read the comics this show is good. well, that is no excuse in my book. the story of runaways should focus on kids who Run Away. instead this show mostly focuses on the parents, humanizes them and gives them meanings and personalities that have nothing to do with the comics and the intended plot of the comics. i honestly dont get it. they are clearly meant to be a background villain in the children's journey, as the creators of the show would know if they would bother to read the comics??
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What a boring show ! !
Emmet_Bryan11 June 2018
This show starts terribly slow and it doesn't add anything to its awful character development . It is an absolute torture to watch .
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Massively over rated. No way does this deserve it's 7+ IMDb rating
elnator-449236 December 2017
Poor acting, really bad story. Boring... it's taken them 5 episodes to get exactly nowhere with the plot so far. Also.. the characters in this show are Stupid... and I do mean stupid with a capital S... characters. Seriously... Nobody is this clueless.

The entire theory of the show seems to be that the bad guys are bad guys because everyone on the planet is so dumb that they haven't noticed the idiotic stunts they've pulled. The show also seems bent on portraying the kids as mentally challenged too. Sure one of them has some tech savvy but, seriously... some of the 'mistakes' they made are 3rd grader nonsense, not high school.

Not believable at all. And I'm pretty forgiving of most marvel titles. I've liked a lot of them just fine. This one is just... awful.

Not sure how the critics are rating this so high. It's absolutely NOT that great a show... it's not even that good a show... it's borderline awful.

Watch it if you have some time to kill and nothing else decent is on... that's about the only advice I can give.
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Greatness and imagination
ErikSziraki30 November 2017
This is a true light in the dark of a show! I dare you to watch 4 episodes despite all the BS in other reviews. In fact I double dare you! If you like the superhero genre, this will stand out as one of the best since season 1 of Heroes. The show demands that you pay attention, both to the subtleties in the characters, and to the in your face stunning cinematics.

And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, DON'T! Saw the trailer after two episodes and Just as I suspected I'm glad i did't watch it before I started episode 1.

I never write reviews. So if this is the review that will make you watch this show, I'm grateful. Because if the series continue for more seasons in the magnificent way the first four episodes have, we're all in for a treat.

I'm the person who didn't bother to watch season 2 of Arrow because it's just to repetitive and boring. Same with many of the other «Marvels».

Just watch it.
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Dull, repetitive
eljimster7 June 2020
It's very slow and dull, and despite the virtual signalling and wokeness which I find tiresome. I have continued to watch in the hopes it would it improve. Unfortunately, from start to finish there is no real character development. You don't feel a connection to these characters because they don't act like real people... And I was going to say it's bad acting, but I think the material is so poorly wrote, it doesn't give the actors a chance to shine.

I will admit visually the show is good looking, but that isn't enough to make me recommend this to anyone.

The only reason I've managed to get through the entire run is because I watch it when I've run out of good tv shows to watch and have been extremely bored during this lockdown, otherwise I wouldn't have ever returned to it.
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Truth not propaganda
martikaclark31 December 2019
This show does its own thing, while holding onto as little as possible to the comics, it's slow boring and makes no sense. The only reason they keep the name is to draw people in again it barely holds to the comics. People want the truth stop trying to force feed bs and start leaving real reviews. People won't believe false reviews its better to read real opinions over trying to hype up a TV program.
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Disregarded source material
johnketchy24 December 2017
What do you expect to see when you hear the word "Marvel" ? Colorful action, a pinch of drama, exciting characters - that comes to my mind.

And this show does the complete opposite : you get teen drama, which is a plague nowadays; any superpower and actions scene is pretty short, made poorly and is rather dull; the dialogues are dull and boring.

2 episodes into it i decided to read the source material, comics that this show was *based on*.

The comics itself is amazing, it doesn't waste your time with teen drama - it gives you a little bit of it so you don't get bored. Instead it is packed with action, showing off kids, their characters, motivation. It is completely opposite to the tv series.

If you enjoy annoying kids crying about their cruel fate - then watch the tv series, but if you want to be excited and enjoy the action "Marvel' is famous for - better read the comics.

P.S. I am amazed they didn't put in any LGBT content inside ... so far at least ^___^
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YAAR There be cheap stereotypes on the horizon!
borismk-3894222 November 2017
Instead of breaking the mold with the characters on this show runaways basically copies and pastes most of it's characters and decides that it's clearly morally wrong to give them any real nuance. From the parents who fit neat little boxes like the ultra religious types, or the angry abusive and power hungry dad with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, to the angry girl with dyed hair and an attitude that does nothing but relate everything to some sort of social agenda. It feels like Marvel decided that every character has to substitute uniqueness with box ticking. Let's appease people's desire for simplistic characters that do't challenge our perceptions at all. Like so many shows it had lots of possibility that simply fell flat
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Like the adults, hate the kids
wienke-3862030 December 2019
Worst Marvel show to date and it's not even close. Ok, in defense of the show, it was released on Hulu and was aimed at young teens, but come on, there still should be some standards!

Even for young teens, the writing and dialogue are remedial and the drama is over the top. Most of the characters are fairly unlikable, and in the end, it's difficult to give two craps about any of them, and on a more specific note, Molly may be the most annoying character ever depicted on television. I mean seriously, who writes this dialogue?

I think Marvel made a good decision canceling all their shows as they really seem to be providing watered down content lately. Between this garbage, Cloak & Dagger, Inhumans, and The Gifted, things were really going downhill fast.

If you want good Marvel content, try Agents of Shield or Legion and pass on this one. This show is only for those of us who insist on watching any Marvel offering regardless of how awful the writing.
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Thoughts after watching the entire season 1
foxcool21 November 2017
Why do marvel keep allowing these boring series to be made? They spent the entire 53 mins of the first episode showing teenage drama and off screen history for the whole pilot.

I understand they want mystery in the story but why emphasize on the most boring mystery of the kids becoming emos? It was supposed to be about a bunch of kids with super powers and they manage to make even that boring.....

The show should have started with the last 15mins of the pilot and pick up from there. After the first episode, I left with both a "sigh" and a "meh". ----------------------------------------- After watching the season in its entirety, it feels like it got way too much teen drama that we don't care about and not enough plots that we do. The most interesting parts actually involves the parents and it feels like it would be a better show if they called it "parents of runaways" and just focus on the parents instead.

Update on season 2. Was crap in season 1 and still crap in season 2.

I believe in the philosophy of giving people and things second chances, so I give season 2 a shot. It didn't failed to disappoint me as it did with season one, so.......utterly.......boring.
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There Can Only Be One.... season
travis-139-86816730 November 2017
This series is an excellent example of the importance of good screen writing. Perhaps any lesson one might wish to learn about what to avoid while adapting or creating a television series can be gleaned from the missteps found in this series.

The only thing more cliché than saying that the writing in Runaways is a train wreck, is the series itself. Some (but by NO MEANS all) of the actors and actresses in this series are clearly more talented than the limited script permits them to be, but there is just simply no escaping the dumpster fire that is the written pages which found their way upon the screen.

After enduring the three episodes and asking myself, "what is happening here?" "What is this about?" "Who are the bad guys?" "Who are the heroes?" All I can find myself replying is that not even the writer knows up to this point, and with ten minutes left in the fourth episode I found myself yearning for some way for my wasted hours of life to return to me.

The series has, in writerly terms, spent entirely too much time laying pipe, and the plot moves with all the speed and menace of a shipwrecked barge.

I demand a refund on my time.
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Severely Disappointed
blbelford21 November 2017
I have been looking forward to seeing this for what seems like forever, I'm a huge fan of the comics. With that being said, this feels like it was written by someone who doesn't know the source material. It lacks the fun of the comic book series. This review is solely based upon the first episode, I could barely get through it. The characters seem changed, moody teenagers who happen to have abilities.
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More like FUNaways...
theinternetpeasant10 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
...because the fun disappears the more you watch.

{This review was written after viewing all of season 1 and about half of season 2}

SPOILERS THROUGHOUT -- I try to avoid using names and specifics, but I describe situations that occur in the show.

I came to this series knowing nothing of this Marvel property other than that it was about a group of kids who form their own kind of low-rent Avengers team to stop their villainous parents, a decent hook that seemed like it would be predictable but fun. The first few episodes were promising -- the mystery was intriguing and seemed like a real threat, the adult characters' personal motivations were uncertain, and the kids themselves, while pretty cliche, were at least interesting as we got to know them, see their relationships change and personalities clash, and watch them struggle to grow up while dealing with a whole alien/cult/corporate corruption/human sacrifice thing.

The show lost the thread a bit somewhere around episode 5, but characters were still growing and mysteries were still being unfolded. It was still a fun ride, at least until the last couple episodes of the first season when the cracks really started to show, with an overemphasis on teen hookups (regular and lesbian style) and relationship woes, people doing stupid things for plot spackle reasons, and a climactic showdown that was too low-key and nowhere near as clever or intelligent as it needed to be for the moment these kids were finally going to confront their parents with their powers and the knowledge they'd gained over ten episodes. Still and all, it was possible the writers had only had a couple of off episodes, just at the worst possible time. It had still been enjoyable enough to give season 2 a shot.

Unfortunately it was a shot aimed squarely at the show's last remaining vestiges of fun. After almost half a season the biggest problem by far is that the kids have done nothing but fuss and fight, whine and complain. The parents, lacking any secrets to learn, are now either merely vicious or simply boring. There are maybe three or four likable characters anymore, and yes, I know it's more realistic when people have flaws and aren't always fun, but it's a friggin comic book show. If nothing else, it should be fun. The kids' powers barely come into play so there's not much to look at -- one of them flips a couple cars, but that's about it. There are some training scenes where they halfheartedly try to work on their combined powers, but it goes nowhere and the plot quickly settles down to basically nothing happening. Perhaps worst of all, there *is* one action scene that should have been a clear kick-ass victory for the kids, but they can barely manage to stop a single, unpowered human being in a car.

That's the second biggest problem with season 2: the messy, simplistic screenplay. For one thing none of the heroes really has any agency -- very little of what anyone does matters in the way they intended it to. For example in one scene they gain a weapon, but only because they lose a fight for it and the villain just gives it up anyway, because reasons. In an earlier scene they recover another weapon, but only because they allowed it to be stolen by a homeless d-bag in the first place. One character turns vigilante, saves a woman, and the next night ends up being followed by an unsavory character to the group's new secret hideout because the woman she saved (and the guy who had been attacking her) betrayed the secret of the vigilante's powers. Another character leaves the group near the beginning, gets a job, gets kidnapped, and ends up right back with the group, all to set up a minor character in order to solve a problem left over from season 1 in the most overly complicated way possible.

Honestly I'm not sure I can make it through the back end of season 2. The most interesting kid characters from last season are annoying and untrustworthy this season, the preachiness is ramped up (but then with an anxiety-ridden third wave feminist, a goth Wiccan, and her lesbian girlfriend, what else should I have expected?), there's very little mystery left, and all the parents are reduced to the role of stone cold monster, lumbering dolt, or hand-wringing worrier.

If you simply must watch young heroes struggle with life, the universe, and everything, maybe give Cloak & Dagger or Titans a try. Let the Runaways keep on running away.

Three stars for most of the first season, and a very few parts of the second.
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Comic Fan Seal of Approval
kitcass-0621623 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Runaways was my first ever comic book, Its the reason I fell in love with comics at all. I've been waiting for a runaways movie for years, and wasn't sure what to think when it was announced as a series instead, but i was hopeful. After 3 episodes I can say I still believe it would have been better adapted as a movie. The pacing is slow because they have to stretch it out, and a big budget studio would have allowed for a CGI Old Lace, which would be preferable to the puppet they're currently working with.

I do, however, think this show is very enjoyable. I'm a comic fan, but I also know that changes must be mad when adapting, and none of the changes have been absurd. Making the parents have their own stories and motives, as well as stretching out the time between the kids finding out and them going on the run was necessary, simply to fill the time a TV show needs to fill. Changes to the story, such as Molly's background and the Gibborim are yet to be seen, but I think it's half stretching time, and half updating a story that's nearly 15 years old. (who else remembers 2003 vanilla racist Chase).

Overall, a fun story that's not 100% a loyal adaptation, and a little slow paced, but definitely worth watching, especially if you're not a nitpicky comic fan. I still think it would have been better as a movie, but it feels wrong to blame the Hulu team for a mistake made by the MCU, and the show is doing it's best.
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