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Where was the horror?...
paul_haakonsen19 March 2021
Well, for starters this 2021 movie titled "Rise of the Mummy" actually does have an interesting enough looking cover/poster, and it was initially that which lured me to watch the movie. Well, also the fact that it is a mummy movie and the fact that it is a movie that I hadn't already seen helped win me over.

I must admit that I wasn't really harboring much of any expectations for this movie from writer Shannon Holiday and director Antonia Johnstone. Which was a good assumption, because the movie's cover actually was the best thing about the entire movie.

The storyline was adequate, although it was just too flat and mundane. Nothing overly impressive or spectacular happened throughout the course of the movie. So it became a tedious affair to sit through "Rise of the Mummy" (aka "Mummy Resurgence").

The acting in the movie was adequate enough, taking the movie's premise, budget and production into consideration. You know that you are not going to be in for any award-winning performances when you sit down to watch a movie such as "Rise of the Mummy". But I will say, that people seemed to know what they were doing, so the acting performances were actually adequate. Just a shame that the script and storyline was so horribly bland and not giving the actors and actresses much to work with.

And then there was the mummy. Well, points to the movie people here for trying. But there just wasn't anything remotely scary about the mummy in the movie. And it was painstakingly obvious just a guy wearing a tattered suit wrapped in linen cloth. The idea was good enough, but it just had that Halloween costume feel to it, so it was hard to take it serious.

"Rise of the Mummy" is labeled as a horror movie, but there was nothing scary in the movie. Well, maybe if you are a pre-teen sitting down to watch the movie then it might prove a bit scary. But for a seasoned horror veteran such as myself, then this was a mere stroll in the park.

While "Rise of the Mummy" wasn't the best of entertaining movies with a mummy theme, it luckily wasn't among the top worst movies of the genre. The movie is watchable, sure, but just don't expect anything grand.

My rating of this 2021 movie lands on a generous three out of ten stars.
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Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
bishysbus30 May 2021
This is an absolutely terrible movie. It looks like it has been made by a bunch of college students. Horror? No way. The Mummy looks like a cross between a volunteer at a first aid course and a villain from the cartoon version of scooby-doo.

The acting is that bad I was actually wondering if Danny Dyer was going to make an appearance.

Don't bother. Appalling.
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What Is This??
realdja315 May 2021
I couldn't watch 10 minutes of this movie. It gets a 1 because you can't give a 0 rating.
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