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An interesting and entertaining comedy.
danielkratky20 June 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this film and found the story to be original and funny throughout. Emily Blunt plays an extremely sexy con-artist who crosses paths with an up-tight Bill Nighy playing a professional assassin hired to kill her.

The characters are likable and well-cast. Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt strike up a modern day love-story that is unconventional and yet somehow totally believable. The family bond that is established with Rupert Grint as the adopted son worked very well and was charming.

If you want to see something different, interesting and funny then I really recommend giving this film a chance.
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An understated British comedy
Harry_Keane29 June 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this film and thought it was very entertaining. True, there were only a few laugh-out-loud moments, but it kept me chuckling away for most of the 90-odd minutes. I thought Bill Nighy's performance was spot-on and Eileen Atkins' role gave her plenty of scope for comedy moments. Rupert Everett and Gregor Fisher worked well together, and Martin Freeman was very good as Dixon. Although the plot was simple, the film was reminiscent of a lot of British comedies from the Sixties and Seventies, which was probably why I enjoyed it so much. It was also good to see something that wasn't shot in America and didn't follow the stereotypical plot lines that most American films seem to have as a matter of course.
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Brilliantly Funny
soffe1234520 June 2010
Well, in contrast to the first review, i felt that this was a hilariously funny attribute to the British film industry. With continuous amusing modern slap stick humour throughout.

I had been looking forward to the release of this film for a while, and it was far better than i had ever expected. The cinema was packed and everyone was laughing throughout the entire film, which in my experience is very rare.

There is an incredible cast containing many well known British actors/ actresses, overall a must see film.

Looking forward to the DVD release. Thank you. x
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Top Quality!
stueey20 June 2010
If your taste is really obvious commercial and/or big budget comedies then this might not be for you but if you have a soft spot for classic British comedies that are a bit quirky, don't try to hard then this should definitely be up your street.

It has an excellent cast that all play their characters perfectly although very typically.

Rupert Everett is predictably his usual self as is Bill Nighy but both quite excellently so.

I've seen a couple of negative reviews of this movie but it needs to be emphasised that it's not a mass market comedy. The story is great and the timing of some of the jokes is absolutely perfect.

This is actually one of the few films I'd like to own a copy of when it's released.
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Quirky, smart and typically Nighy
GrowMagicBeans22 June 2010
I ended up seeing this title in one of those frustrating moments where my main choice of feature was either on at the wrong time, had not even been released yet or my friends just flatly did not want to see the same things as I, and so we ended up going to Wild Target as an inoffensive compromise. I was expecting it to be real cheesy and void of humour, especially after having seen the trailer. I was pleasantly surprised!

Okay, when one goes to the cinema with such low expectations, they can only but move in one direction, but nevertheless I have to commend the movie on several points. I thought all the one-liners would have been used up in the trailer (and those that I had seen had seemed tacky at best) but I guess the movie isn't about one-liners. Rather then relying on half cocked jokes, it pulls itself onto its own two feet using situational comedy, which gives it a real British flavour. I heard it compared to the humour of the old Earling Studio movies, which seems like a nice comparison. Actually, on doing a little research, I found that the original story came from a French movie (Cible émouvante, 1993). It's easy to tell from the zany characters, offbeat humour and introspective look on life that it was originally French in theme, but as a story it translates nicely onto a typically British backdrop.

Basically Victor Maynard, a cold hearted hit-man played by Bill Nighy (great performance as always - he's legend!) is a middle aged unmarried killing professional who is beginning to loose his touch. This becomes no more obvious when he fails to make a hit on the sensually beautiful Rose (Emily Blunt). Things start to get complicated for Victor when he finds, not only has he lost the killer instinct, but he also starts protecting her from the men sent to finish the job.

I'm not sure about the Rupert Grint character of Tony. He seems the most out of place in my opinion. I suppose Tony was added to feed in a further dynamic between Victor and Rose and their growing relationship, but for me, this relationship triangle was either not developed fully or just failed outright. Maybe it held more credence in the original French story, but in the English version at least, Tony really does feel like the spare tire as his presence seems unnecessary and the character's attributes hammy. By far the weakest link the movie.

Quirky and light hearted; it may only be a lighter shade of grey rather then a full blown black comedy (12A Cert in Ireland), but still a pleasant surprise if you come to stumble upon it.
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My 336th Review: Excellent remake - and the funniest movie in its genre since Shooting Fish
intelearts27 August 2010
For those who haven't seen Ciblé Émovante from 1993 do. But Wild Target is seriously a tremendous remake.

Very very funny and just plain good fun - this harks back to the golden age of British comedies, sidesteps (in the main) Guy Ritchie and goes for that same vibe that Shooting Fish had.

The plot of the buttoned-down assassin and the kooky girl and the guy who gets involved by mistake is a vehicle to hang some great lines and situations on; let's just say it involves art forgery, hired guns, kleptomania, and Snowy the Cat. Brilliant stuff. Bill Nighy does his usual comic timing to perfection and he and Emily Blunt, along with the two Ruperts, Grint and Everett, bring a real sense of fun to this. Well supported and very well directed there's not much to complain about here - it's just a great comedy and taken as that you could do much worse.

Honestly, we haven't laughed or just flat out enjoyed a film this much in a long time - it's got a wonderful vibe to it that just makes watching it fun - and after all it's nice to get back to some good old fashioned killing without all the pizazz....

Highly recommended if you like British comedies, do try to get to see the french original, it's a corker, but this, this one is going in my collection....
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Hilarious, refreshing, intelligent and surprisingly touching. One of a kind.
jamiemarks-121 June 2010
Wild Target is the ultimate British black comedy, which makes a refreshing change from all the Hollywood movie's right now.This is hilarious throughout with laughs going to all the cast. Billy Nighy, Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint give terrific performances with superb support from Martin Freeman, Gregory Fisher and Eileen Atkins who make the most of their time on the screen.

There is a lovely chemistry of romance between Blunt and Nighy and you care about the characters and that's what makes this movie so intelligent, though they commit crimes like Nighy is an assassin and has killed people and Blunt is a thief, the audience can remained attached enough to laugh at their predicament but at the same time care about the characters and what happens to them as Nighy falls for Blunt and at the same time they and Grint become like a family, and that is difficult to pull off, but this film does it tremendously. It's also surprisingly touching in places as the transition from romance to drama to comedy is handled seamlessly blending lovely together. The story though basic is good enough and the script is structured beautifully with sharpness and wit embedded within. A terrific British comedy that is one of a kind. It deserves all the praise it has and will receive and judging by the 7.8 IMDb rating it has been given I'd say the praise is high. It's a rating well deserved
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An unforgettable Foot Massage !
RainbowCastel27 August 2010
What can I add to a great British comedy more than other's reviews? Well, it was fresh, fun, a touch of sexiness and simply fun. (I said it twice?)

We were 11 and if we were in US, I think we could file for a 3rd grade murder by suffocation! It was an instance in the movie when Bill Nighy said, "May I do your other foot!".

I can tell you guys that, 7 of my friends choked instantly on the buttered pop-corns and I, as the only person in the row, tears in the eyes, still breathing, had to take care of them all.

Coughing, tears in the eyes hitting their backs! Lucky we were not thrown out of the theater!

It is a fresh, British humor, Classy and Cool movie. Give it a try.
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Interesting and thoroughly enjoyable
thecockneyconnection20 June 2010
While others seem to have found the film a letdown, I found it quite the opposite, expecting it to be an overly quirky and trying too hard to be different, a flaw with many smaller British and independent film today. Wild Target stuck to old formulas. this is not a criticism this film is not trying to be as serious as Leon instead it was enjoyable because you knew what was going to happen all along really the joy was the bedlam that gets you there. Its slapstick and camp and just plain silly.

I agree with danielkratky, it is a silly love story that despite your better judgement is in the end believable you just have to be willing to Wild target is a short film and to expect it to develop the characters beyond what is done is not needed, there's the good, the bad and the gormless and because of this it lulls you along with a nice wistful story of murder and mayhem rapt in some good over the top acting from everyone.

Grint whom I loath as Ron in harry potter made good in this film, despite still playing the slightly clueless tag-along.

if you want a serious look at a hit-man changing his life then go and watch The American or by Leon on DVD.

(solid_simon may i suggest that you were the only person in the screening hence the lack of laughter)
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Funny, if morally compromised
neil-47624 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) is a 50-odd, fastidious, austere hit-man. He is commissioned to kill Rose (Emily Blunt) who has just conned art collector Ferguson (Rupert Everett) with a forged painting. While in pursuit of her, Victor becomes intrigued by the fact that her entire life is simply loaded with unthinking theft, and he not only fails to kill her but is instrumental in saving her life from another attempted hit (in which he is helped by innocent bystander and homeless orphan Tony (Rupert Grint). The three go on the run and gradually Rose brings some joie de vivre into Victor's life and she, in turn, comes to see something lovable in him.

This highly improbable film works, and it works because the two main actors (Nighy playing the driest of dry old sticks, and Blunt playing an amoral but good-hearted free spirit) deliver their parts with the utmost conviction. The script is gently humorous rather than laugh-out-loud funny, but a smile hit my face very early on and seldom left it.

Rupert Grint gets a bit more to do than simply be Ron Weasley after having left school, but is otherwise fairly disposable. Martin Freeman showcases some splendidly unlikely teeth. Emily Blunt plays much more attractively than she has in any other film I've seen her in, and takes part in a foot massage scene with Nighy which is, frankly, the most sensuous scene I've seen on screen for a long time.

The movie was made by the same production company which made A Bunch Of Amateurs a couple of years ago and, notwithstanding the subject matter, it has a similar feel to it. But deduct a point for a title which is so bland as to be meaningless.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the (mature) audience who were in the cinema at my viewing.
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I love it!
eve-m36017 July 2014
This is my favourite movie! I think the actors made an incredible job and the director too. I have to say, I envy a lot Emily's wardrobe in this movie, thumbs up to the stylist! She's always wearing something different and original. The best thing about this movie is the different characters and their outstanding personalities. They each have a very different and uncommon way of thinking, they're authentic in everything they do! The songs in the movie are also very British which helps to create a good atmosphere in the motion picture. Perhaps the fact that most of the actors are well-know and famous British actors makes the movie an absolute must-Watch!
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Stupendous acting from all casts, brilliant comedy, must see of the year
IwillNOTmarryYou15 December 2010
I rarely review films, but buckle your seatbelts, I'm gonna take a shot.

The chemistry between the middle aged Bill Nighy and the sexy Emily Blunt surpuses any on screen couple. The story was unpredictable and hilariously funny, of course if Adam Sandler is your preference in comedy, and if you're American, then I'm sorry but this won't be your cup of tea. If you drink tea. Which you won't, if you don't like this movie.

Rupert Grint was a pleasant surprise, stepping slightly out of his comfort zone as Ronald Weasly to deliver a good supporting performance.

Overall just like my review, a 9.7/10
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Quirky But Worh Seeing
snodge20 June 2010
To me this was a classic and quirky British farce. If it had been been 1958 and in black and white, it would have been in it's place but in 2010 it was slightly odd. That said, I enjoyed the film and would recommend seeing it. The star of the film was certainly Rupert Grint who provided some of the best comedy moments, and Dame Eileen Atkins was a disappointment after her stellar performance in Psychoville. Some of the plot lines were predictable and could be seen coming, but in a way that added to the charm of the film. And it's always nice to see a proper British film as opposed to the ones we just make so well for Hollywood!
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A Real Charmer
rube242411 March 2011
WILD TARGET is a savory stew of a film that really delivers. Mix one part Ealing Comedy, one part Alec Guiness/ Clifton Webb, one part Roadrunner cartoon, one part French farce and.....well you get the picture. And what a picture it is!!

Absolutely everything works in this film from the hilarious screenplay to the facile direction and editing to the wonderful acting. Ah, the acting. Bill Nighy gives one of the best performances of his terrific career, Emily Blunt goes from annoying to adorable and Rupert Grint shows himself as an excellent comic actor.

This film is a joy from beginning to end; perfect for a rainy Sunday or anytime you need hearty laughs, plentiful chuckles and a pick-me-up from the troubles of the day. Ten out of ten for me for this real charmer.
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Smart, Funny Movie!!
PhantomAgony21 November 2010
It is incredibly refreshing in this day and age to come across a comedy that doesn't rely on bathroom/sex humor, dropping curse words or stupid humor for laughs but actually presents an intelligent, smart, witty film with a great premise and even better character dynamic.

Wild Target is a clean cut, hysterical movie that is about an accomplished hit-man (Bill Nighy) who has been hired to take out a beautiful con-woman after she's outed for an art scam (Emily Blunt) but ends up becoming her protector instead. Rupert Grint plays the lovable role of Tony who ends up getting caught in the hijinks when he's in the wrong place at the right time - the dynamic between the 3 lead characters (played by Blunt, Nighy & Grint) is nothing short of entertainment. They become a sort of pseudo family unit that provides adorable moments and of course, laughs.

Eileen Atkins plays the hit-man's (Nighy)supportive mother who is proud of all the people her son has killed. Afterall, he was just following in his Father's (her husband's) footsteps and expects her son to produce a child that will take over the family business.

Martin Freeman plays the new hit-man hired to take out Blunt's character once Nighy, the original hit-man, becomes her protector and botches the job.

This movie is a great film that offers up genuine comedy throughout its entirety. My only gripe is that it was just an hour and a half long because I could have easily watched the 3 leads interact for another hour.

9/10 & I recommend this film to anyone who wants a good laugh and a smart movie.
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I was laughing hard the entire time and it's a fell good movie till the end. Watch it, it's truly worth it.
saadgkhan27 August 2010
WILD TARGET – CATCH IT ( B+ ) Wild Target is quirky little fun; I had great time watching it. It was really funny and hilarious. I always love smart movies where the characters are not trying to be funny but the situation and dialogues make it funny. Bill Nighy as a Hit Man is amazing, it was so good to see him under play the character and bring the smartness and sharpness to it. Emily Blunt is so radiant, the moment she comes on the screen the whole screen just light up. I truly love her and this time she was really hilarious. She looks gorgeous as always and her chemistry with Bill Nighy and Rupert Grint is startling. Rupert Grint is breaking off the Harry Porter fantasy genre and it's the right type of role for him. He was funny and completes the wacky trio. Rupert Everett and his team were good. Overall I was laughing hard the entire time and it's a fell good movie till the end. Watch it, it's truly worth it.
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Excellent Acting
graestella12 September 2010
From all concerned. Bill Nighy was fantastic and Emily Blunt was a suitably sexy foil to his outdated chic. Stirling support too from the usual ensemble cast of British supporting stars. This kept me amused on a long flight when 3 other films, I won't even mention, to avoid promoting them one iota, bored me rigid. Yes it was pretty corny but it doesn't pretend to be anything else. Two of the other films were US made RomComs. How predictable they are and how badly directed, really stood out badly when compared against this well crafted piece of work. Also predictable I don't recall seeing this advertised anywhere. But not for accidentally finding it on an airline I would never have discovered it.
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A wonderful farce
buzzbruin5 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film because my wife didn't want to see the film about the Hiker who cuts off his arm. I knew nothing about yet it was a great surprise. I belly laughed and laughed out loud constantly It has a superb cast right down to the smallest character, just like the old wonderful Brit comedies. It moves at a brisk pace and is not too long. It is underplayed by the cast to a superb degree. It is about a stone cold hit man who has inherited the job from his father. He is also criticized by this mother. There is no real violence. A lot of people are killed but the results are not shown. It reminds me of the great farces of the 30s and 40s. who ever wrote this film is a real talent and the writing is dead on. One of the big surprise of my film life. It is in release only in independent or art houses, but don't miss it!!
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funny, entertaining, fresh, and hilarious
faradums4 November 2010
I really enjoyed this movie. Everyone should watch this movie.

The story was about professional killer who's ordered to kill a thief girl. Simple story with brilliant wrap up. Full of laughs. I laughed many times, I guess. Their expressions were very funny. And of course I can say Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, and Rupert Grint acted very well. Also Rupert Everett, Martin Freeman, Gregor Fisher, and Eileen Atkins.

I know Rupert Grint from Harry Potter. But since I don't like Harry Potter, so I don't really watch it. But I can say he did very well for this one. I guess he would have a great future career, especially in comedy.

This definitely would be one of the most favorite movies on my list. I watched this many times.

Funny, entertaining, fresh, and hilarious. Go watch the movie. Worth seeing.

And they had nice movie soundtracks BTW :-)
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British Comedy: A Genre
gradyharp3 April 2011
WILD TARGET is a fine example of the way British comedies are made to succeed: take a good script (this film is based on the 1993 French film "Cible émouvante" by Pierre Salvadori and adapted for the English version by Lucinda Coxon), A director who knows how to pace fun with action (Jonathan Lynn), and cast it with character actors of the caliber of Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, Rupert Everett and Eileen Atkins and the result is bound to be sophisticated farce. It works every time!

Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) is a 54-year old professional assassin from a family of professional assassins (the matriarch is Louisa Maynard played to a fare-thee-well by Eileen Atkins) who is unmarried and therefore is leaving no heir to the heritage of his family. Victor never misses his target - until he is paid to assassinate the kleptomaniac/con artist Rose (Emily Blunt) who is in the midst of swindling the wealthy Ferguson (Rupert Everett) with a fake Rembrandt self portrait. Rose has her style and as Victor attempts to carry out his assignment he is thwarted by an innocent kid bystander Tony (Rupert Grint) who makes a shot Victor can't ignore - perhaps this ad is the heir apparent to Victor's solitary life. In a series of fun twists and turns Victor is taken in by both Rose and Tony and the chase between the trio and the henchmen of Ferguson is on. Yes, the shenanigans are funny and the cast is terrific in tossing away hilarious lines of dialogue, but true to British form there is also a series of sidebars that are carefully written to give the story a fine sense of human interactions. Well worth a visit.

Grady Harp
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Made for Each Other
claudio_carvalho18 July 2016
In London, the fifty-four year-old professional killer Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) is a lonely and methodic hit-man that comes from a lineage of killers and lives in the country. He is considered the best and most expensive killer in London. When the thief Rose (Emily Blunt) lures the powerful gangster Ferguson (Rupert Everett) and sells a fake Rembrandt to him for 900,000 pounds, he contracts Maynard to kill her. He follows Rose and fails in his attempt; but soon he feels attracted for her and spares her life. Meanwhile Fergunson sends his two bodyguards to kill Rose in a parking garage but Maynard saves her helped by the car washer Tony (Rupert Grint). Maynard feels potential in Tony and invites him to be his apprentice and Rose and Tony believe he is a private detective. They flee from the bodyguard that has survived and Maynard decides to protect Rose and Tony. Soon Victor is pressed by his mother Louisa Maynard (Eileen Atkins) that is worried about her family reputation while Fergunson hires two sadistic killers to hunt rose and Victor down. But Victor and Rose seems to be made for each other.

"Wild Target" is an entertaining and funny action movie with hilarious scenes of black humor. The sequence with the parrot is the beginning gives an introduction of what the viewer may expect from "Wild Target". In this genre, British cinema is unique and the plot makes laugh a lot. The gorgeous and sexy Emily Blunt is excellent in the role of a thief and Bill Nighy is very funny in the role of a middle- aged hit-man near retirement. Eileen Atkins steals the show in the scenes she participates. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Matador em Perigo" ("Killer in Danger")
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Perfect aim
synevy24 December 2011
Most British crime/ comedy films are full of quick takes, occasional twists and turns, precision and attention to detail, in my opinion. I'd put Wild Target amongst the movies that represent that kind of style.

Bill Nighy brings up some classy-ness to his character. A well trained assassin who thinks it's time to retire but that doesn't happen as easy as he'd wish. What's been happening for quite a time now is that very very good and young actors are coming up the big screen surface. Emily Blunt is one of them and does a pretty good job as the attractive thief. Rupert Grint's supporting role is fresh, funny, more mature and just a little bit different that the one we've gotten used to in Harry Potter.

Of course i can't leave out the music. Beautiful tunes of all kinds in addition to the sunny scenery of Isle of Man. Not a great movie hit, as far as the plot concerns, but it was a fun film to watch.
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A handsome chunk of British black humour
perkypops22 June 2011
Bill Nighy is brilliant as the professional assassin in Jonathan Lynn's wonderfully dark and wicked "Wild Target". Ably supported by Emily Blunt and Rupert Glint this is a very funny story about Victor Maynard the "best" hit-man there is. From the moment we find out his seventh birthday present from his father was a gun alarm bells ring and they do not stop when his next target is the decidedly wild target of Emily Blunt's Rose.

The characterisations are so beautifully and brilliantly rendered and developed throughout this film that it reminded me of the farce once commonplace in British theatre. The comedic timing of the main characters and plot events are superbly rendered in a movie with many laugh out loud moments.

I'd also like to mention Gregor Fisher's rendition of the rather unfortunate Mike which is a work of art. His performance is worth admission price on its own.

So a film to thoroughly entertain your laughter muscles with. A very worthy eight out of ten.
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Smiled throughout
cmbzurz16 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I'm 3 pints to the wind (high ABV), it's New Years Eve, and I just finished watching this. Regardless, I love Brit Chit - Father Ted, Doctor Who, The IT Crowd, etc, (in general), so... Having established that, I LIKE THIS MOVIE! Bill Nighy makes me laugh with a subtle expression. Emily Blunt? I love her and I want her. (but not in a stalker way, lol) She's just so friggin sweet. Rupert Grint was very likable and (I expect) should continue to have a fine career. The other Rupert and Doctor Watson (u know) were good bad guys. Sufficiently despicable. And Mom? DAMN! Thank goodness she isn't mine. Maybe I'm prejudiced because I identify with the "older" dude getting the fine young babe (partial spoiler), but I thought it was a well paced, good, light-hearted comedy.
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The story isn't entirely new but still it's a good movie.
Will345124 October 2010
Wild Target delivered most of the things I expected from it. Its quick, light and cool. It gave me a great time. As I said the story of this movie is not entirely new the main plot to be precise but it has fresh comedy elements in it and all of it was executed pretty well. It got little bit slower as it was going toward the end but after that it recovered very quickly and ended in no time. I am not familiar with Jonathan Lynn's work but now after watching this movie he's likely to become one my favorite cool comedy directors.

The actors of Wild Target did what their roles required from them, none of them tried too hard nor they did their roles without any preparation. Bill Nighy is a great actor, he earned my respect long time ago. He can certainly do better than what he did in this movie at any given day but like I said he delivered what his role required from him. Rupert Grint did his job well, he proved that he can also do other roles pretty well. Emily Blunt is as usual looking very beautiful, hot and charming, it was a joy to watch her. Rupert Everett, Martin Freeman, Eileen Atkins, Geoff Bell also did their job pretty well.
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