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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, sexual content, nudity, language and drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • 7/10
  • @ 11:30 - 12:52 mins Prison shower scene. Reyeb and Malik Djebena (un Prophete's title character) show buttocks only. Reyeb asks Malik to "suck me off" for hash. They are in seperate showers, verbal exchange takes place through stall wall. Malik is in his cell, and pictures of naked women in adult magazine can be seen. Middle of film: Malik is watching a porn dvd in his cell, you can see the porn action in the scene for several seconds. Malik is being strip searched by guards, his hands cover his genitals (although there is one glimpse of his penis), and the camera keeps above the waist for most of the scene. He does bend over for the guard and we see that from the front. @ 1:13 mins into the film, Malik is visited by a blonde from the outside, and they are shown having sex in his cell, in three different positions. The blonde is shown bouncing on his unclothed groin, he is wearing a shirt and her skirt and shirt are pulled up. We see her breasts in one scene, and in one scene he is covering them with his hands. Two scenes later, Malik is in his cell and puts in a DVD of "You Only Live Twice" and after the title runs we see Ryad has taped a party over the movie, a girl at the party shows her breasts and says "I like cock". There are numerous (too numerous to index) references to "sucking cock", and other prison-type forced and consensual sex acts referred to in the contexts of favors, punishment, or pleasure.

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • From beginning to end there are numerous references to characters being murdered, an example is several scenes involving Malik being trained to kill Reyeb with a razor, hidden in his mouth. Malik et. al. assault prisoners in the shower with makeshift weapons. Malik et. al. assaulted for his shoes in the opening prison yard scene. Luciani assaulting Malik with a spoon, pushing the spoon into his eye socket - no blood. Guards ("Hacks") storm the "Arab" cell block, beating prisoners and stripping them, performing violent searches. Malik murders Reyeb by slashing his throat, blood pumps and sprays from the neck, Reyeb lays on the floor jerking and seizing. Malik has visions of Reyeb's ghost, who inhabits his cell. These visions include Reyeb blowing smoke out of the wound in his neck, and one scene shows him on fire. Another scene is a stop motion photography bit where Reyeb and Malik are fighting in bed; there is blood and someone has a fork, but not much is visible beyond some struggling. Malik et. al. involved in a motor vehicle accident where deer are shown hit, and bleeding, and blood is shown all over the windshield and hood. Malik and Ryad assassinate thugs in a shootout, blood is shown, and several dead bodies. The instances of spoken violence are too numerous to index, for the most part there are spoken threats to life, recounts of past violence, and numerous assaults that are less severe than the scenes I have listed above. Characters are pushed, punched, stabbed, and often threaten to perform these acts.


  • 8/10
  • Un Prophete has a significant amount of profanity and crude language (depending on the subtitles of course). The word "Fuck" is used most often, followed by "Shit". The word "Nigger" is sometimes used in reference to the black prison population.
  • Suggestive racial attitudes towards Muslim men and Arabs are consistent throughout the film

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are references to Hash, alcohol, and cigarettes. Characters are shown in a few scenes injecting a drug with a syringe, smoking drugs on tin foil, and talking about doing, getting, and selling drugs. Most of the characters smoke cigarettes, and some are shown drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 6.5/10
  • The violence can be gritty, realistic, and intense at times. Malik's scenes with Reyeb, as a ghost, blowing smoke out of his neck, standing behind Malik on fire, and fighting with Malik in bed. Malik in a shootout, in a vehicle. Bullets are flying and Malik is hiding under dead bodies. He pops up and starts firing into the back of the vehicle. Reyeb's murder scene in which Malik slices his carotid artery with a razor. Blood sprays and Reyeb's body convulses.

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