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"RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest"

Boom! Studios' "RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest #1, now available is written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Jorge Coelho, with covers by Nimit Malavia and David Rubin:

" a provocative vision of a future where justice is crowd-sourced -- and lethal, it's been decades since the 'RoboCop' program first began.

"Corporations have taken over the schools and the government and law enforcement is the biggest private contract of all.

"Traditional police forces no longer exist as all citizens are encouraged and rewarded to spy on their neighbors. 

"There is only one authority on the streets: 'RoboCop'..."

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"RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest"

Boom! Studios' "RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest #1, available April 11, 2018, is written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Jorge Coelho, with covers by Nimit Malavia and David Rubin:

" a provocative vision of a future where justice is crowd-sourced -- and lethal, it's been decades since the 'RoboCop' program first began.

"Corporations have taken over the schools and the government and law enforcement is the biggest private contract of all.

"Traditional police forces no longer exist as all citizens are encouraged and rewarded to spy on their neighbors. 

"There is only one authority on the streets: 'RoboCop'..."

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Full Release Details for Scream Factory’s Of Unknown Origin Blu-ray

He stayed home during his family's vacation to work, but businessman Bart Hughes (Peter Weller) might lose his mind instead in 1983's Of Unknown Origin, coming to Blu-ray this May from Scream Factory with a new 2K scan from the interpositive and several new bonus features that have now been revealed:

Press Release: When not mired in the corporate rat race, Wall Street executive Bart Hughes is king of his sleek Manhattan brownstone … until he finds his castle under siege by the most determined of home intruders. Forced to enter a rat race of an entirely different sort, Bart takes a stand, with his survival and sanity at stake. Making its Blu-ray debut May 22nd, 2018 from Scream Factory, Of Unknown Origin also includes a number of bonus features, including a new interview with executive producer Pierre David, a new interview with writer Brian Taggert, a new interview with actor Louis Del Grande
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RoboCop returns to comics with Citizens Arrest, check out a preview here

RoboCop returns to comic books this coming Wednesday courtesy of Boom! Studios, which launches the new series RoboCop: Citizens Arrest. Check out a preview of the first issue here…

Brian Wood, the visionary writer behind Dmz and Briggs Land, and Jorge Coelho (Venom, Rocket Raccoon) present a provocative vision of a future where justice is crowdsourced… and lethal.

It’s been decades since the RoboCop program first began. Corporations have taken over the schools and the government—and law enforcement is the biggest private contract of all.

Traditional police forces no longer exist as all citizens are encouraged—and rewarded—to spy on their neighbors. There is only one authority on the streets: Robocop.

Robocop: Citizens Arrest #1 is out on April 11th, priced $3.99.

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"RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest"

Boom! Studios' "RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest" #3, available June 13, 2018, is written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Jorge Coelho, with covers by Nimit Malavia and David Rubin:

"...when 'Alex Murphy', the original 'RoboCop', appears to side against 'Ocp', news reports appear that call into question if he's a risk to the public, or if 'Ocp' needs to take drastic measures..."

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Netflix’s The Mechanism Premiere Review: A Spiritual Successor To Narcos

Right off the bat, it’s clear just how much DNA Netflix’s The Mechanism shares with one of its biggest hits, Narcos. That’s not only because the new series is a densely plotted South American crime drama carried along by an ever-present voiceover, but also because it boasts José Padilha (RoboCop) as its creator. Padilha, of course, directed the first two episodes of Narcos and serves as an executive producer on the series, which makes the structural and narrative similarities between the two shows much more understandable. It feels less like a bald-faced attempt to duplicate another program’s success than, simply, one good turn deserves another.
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'The Mechanism': TV Review

Netflix has always had a soft spot for the success of Brazilian director Jose Padilha's Narcos, because it set in motion one of the streamer's ideals: international production and content that could be made and exported all over the world, but was essentially homegrown.

It's no wonder they returned to the prolific writer and director (7 Days in Entebbe, RoboCop) for the sprawling, eight-episode series The Mechanism, about massive institutional corruption in Brazil's government, industry and, effectively, endless interwoven connections on both sides of the law. Based on not only a true story but an ongoing corruption case that is still...
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Comedies Reign as Kim Kardashian Boosts ‘Flower’ and ‘The Death of Stalin’ Tops Tepid Specialty Box Office

Comedies Reign as Kim Kardashian Boosts ‘Flower’ and ‘The Death of Stalin’ Tops Tepid Specialty Box Office
Holdover “The Death of Stalin” (IFC) led the way as the specialized market transitions to post-awards season titles. Its second weekend was at the level of “Wind River,” the last specialized success without an award-season boost ($33 million total).

This is balm for art houses starving for new product after the long run of awards titles has run its course. Wes Anderson’s “The Isle of Dogs” will be next up among hopefuls to equal its success.

Still, the weekend yielded two new limited openings with better than expected results. “Flower” (The Orchard) with rising star Zoey Deutch as a lively Valley Girl showed some initial New York/Los Angeles success despite mixed reviews. And “Keep the Change” (Kino Lorber) in a single Manhattan theater delivered a decent first weekend result.


Flower (The Orchard) – Metacritic: 51; Festivals include: Tribeca 2017

$57,851 in 3 theaters; PTA (per theater average): $19,284

The queen of social media
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Hunter’S Blood (1986)

In the grand tradition of Deliverance (1972), Rituals (‘77), and Up the Creek (1984) comes Hunter’s Blood (’86), a backwoods hicksploitation actioner that more than gets by with a cast handpicked by the B movie gods and a script wittier than it has to be. Who says the outdoors hold no charm? (Well, normally that would be me.)

Based on the novel by Jere Cunningham (who later wrote the story for Judgment Night, which is just the urban version of the same tale), Hunter’s Blood was released by Palace Pictures in the U.K. in September, and picked up by Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures for release stateside in January of ’87, where soon after it was destined to languish on home video shelves, with store clerks puzzled as to where it should be stocked. (By the by, I always saw it in the Horror section, where I think it rightfully belonged.) Hard
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Review: 7 Days In Entebbe, Sympathy for the Terrorist(s)

Recognizable actors always help a film to secure financing and may increase the interest of potential audiences, but they often work against the aims of a film based on real-life events. That may be especially true for films that endeavor to dramatize events that took place more than 40 years ago, as in 7 Days in Entebbe, which is based on a hijacking and subsequent rescue attempt in the summer of 1976. Directed by José Padilha, known for action thrillers like Elite Squad (2007) and RoboCop (2014), as well as the startling Bus 174 (2002), the film effectively recreates the insane rush of the hijacking and the building tension that surely must have swamped the terrorists and their victims as the real-life drama played out...

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SXSW 2018 Review: Upgrade is a Gritty and Stylishly Ambitious Sci-Fi Actioner

Leigh Whannell has been one of the leading voices in modern horror ever since Saw arrived on the scene in 2004. For his second time taking the directorial reins, Whannell ventures into the realm of science fiction with Upgrade, his beautifully brutal action flick that turns Logan Marshall-Green into a living, breathing weapon hell-bent on revenge after an accident and a run-in with some hired thugs leaves him paralyzed and grieving his wife, who is killed by the group of unknown assailants.

Clearly influenced by films like The Terminator, Videodrome, The Matrix, RoboCop, and there may even be a little bit of Johnny Mnemonic in there as well (hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?), Whannell transports us into the future where technology has taken over nearly ever facet of our lives, but Grey Trace (Marshall-Green) still clings to his analog-loving existence by working on classic cars and expressing his
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Movie Review – 7 Days in Entebbe (2018)

7 Days in Entebbe. 2018

Directed by José Padilha

Starring Rosamond Pike, Daniel Bruhl, Lior Ashkenazi, Eddie Marsan, Ben Schnetzer, Nonso Anozie, Denis Ménochet, Brontis Jodorowsky, Zina Zinchenko, Mark Ivanir, and Peter Sullivan


Inspired by the true events of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight en route from Tel Aviv to Paris, and the most daring rescue mission ever attempted.

All three movies inside of 7 Days in Entebbe are intriguing, but director José Padilha (most known for directing episodes of the hit Netflix series Narcos and infamously responsible for helming the unnecessary updated version of Paul Verhoeven’s classic sci-fi sociopolitical satirical masterpiece Robocop) is apparently completely oblivious as to what to home in on. Call it an identity crisis as the script from Gregory Burke fails juggling three different perspectives; a World War 2 guilt-ridden radical left-wing German couple carrying out the true story based 1976 Air France flight traveling from
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Vin Diesel Now Confirmed to Star in R-Rated Comic Book Movie 'Bloodshot'

Update: Vin Diesel has now been confirmed to star in Bloodshot, a sci-fi/action movie based on Valiant comic books, per Deadline. Dave Wilson remains on board to make his directorial debut, aiming to make a franchise starter in the tone of 1980s monster hits like Robocop, The Terminator and Total Recall. Production is scheduled to get underway in July. (Original post follows.)   While his Fast and Furious costar Dwayne Johnson is currently having huge success at the box office (and will soon be detouring with a Fast and Furious spin-off), Vin Diesel is looking at his own potential next franchise. The star of such continuing series as xXx and, in vocal form, Guardians of the Galaxy could reportedly add another comic book role to his docket...
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Vin Diesel is Officially Set To Star in Bloodshot

A couple of months ago we learned that Vin Diesel was in talks to join Sony Pictures' feature film adaptation of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot. The movie is set to be directed by Dave Wilson, who is Deadpool director Tim Miller's partner at Blur Studios

Diesel is said to take on the role of Bloodshot, a super-soldier created by the secret government organization Project Rising Spirit when heHe was brought back from the dead through the use of nanotechnology and suffering total memory loss, Ray struggles to reconnect with who he was while learning what sort of weapon he has become, with the help of a group of other augmented combatants called Chainsaw.

Bloodshot has powers of regeneration, technomancy and meta-morphing, which was made possible through nanites that were injected into his blood. 

The film is being written by Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and the studio is looking to develop
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Vin Diesel Is Bloodshot in Valiant Comics Adaptation

Vin Diesel Is Bloodshot in Valiant Comics Adaptation
Vin Diesel has finalized a deal with Sony Pictures to star in their adaptation of the Valiant Comics movie Bloodshot. The studio has set Dave Wilson, co-founder of Blur Studios alongside Deadpool director Tim Miller, to take the helm, making his feature directorial debut, working from a screenplay by Oscar-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (Arrival). This new report claims this project will have a tone similar to 1980s tentpoles like RoboCop, The Terminator and Total Recall, with the studio hoping to spawn a franchise.

We reported in January that Sony was eyeing Vin Diesel for Bloodshot, but now the deal has been finalized. Bloodshot is a pivotal character within the Valiant Expanded Universe, which centers more on ordinary people in extraordinary situations, rather than heroes with super-human powers. Bloodshot was created in 1992 by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton, which was an immediate hit with readers upon publication. The comics center on Ray Garrison,
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It (2017) Actor Jackson Robert Scott to Play Key Role in New Horror Film from Orion Pictures

You may know him as Georgie, the boy who talked to Pennywise through the sewer drain one fateful rainy day in Derry in the new It movie, but Jackson Robert Scott is wasting no time taking on other roles in the genre, as the young actor will play one of the lead roles in an untitled horror movie from director Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) and screenwriter Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train), which is in development at Orion Pictures:

Press Release:Los Angeles – March 2, 2018 — Orion Pictures announced today that breakout star Jackson Robert Scott will play the young lead in Nicholas McCarthy’s upcoming untitled horror film, formerly known as Descendant, the announcement was made today by John Hegeman, President, Orion Pictures. Scott, most recently seen as Georgie Denbrough in the blockbuster Stephen King adaptation of It, joins previously announced Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black
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Gaming Tech Review – Bittboy Mini-nes “300 Games in 1”

Villordsutch reviews the Bittboy Mini-nes “300 Games in 1″…

Recently I was given the chance to try out the Bittboy, a palm-sized device that sings back to the classic days of the Nintendo GameBoy. As a fan of all things 8-bit or less (on occasion) I wanted to see what a device that claims to cram up to 300 games inside its little shell, including classics like Super Mario and Double Dragon, can achieve.

Arriving in box that again harks back to the Super Famicon days, this micro device appears with nothing more that an smiling plastic cover, a Usb charge cable and Av Leads to connect it to a television. There is also a battery included, though with only a minor charge the first step is to putting some juice into the device before it can be properly booted up.

Once fully charged, which took an hour if that, I managed to
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Oscar Week: Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill in ‘Darkest Hour’

Chicago – He has been cleaning up in the preliminary awards so far in 2018, and he’s an odds-on favorite to take the Oscar for Best Actor on Sunday, March 4th. Veteran actor Gary Oldman donned make-up and found the right accent to portray Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour” (also nominated for the Best Picture).

The title refers to one of the most challenging moments of Churchill’s career. Newly minted as Britain’s prime minister in 1940, he faces the onslaught of Adolf Hitler’s attack on his homeland, including the surrounding of the British troops at Dunkirk. Gary Oldman embodies the pugnacious bulldog that characterized Churchill at the height of his power, including the soaring rhetoric that strengthened the morale of the British people.

Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour

Photo credit: Focus Features

Oldman was born in London, studied acting with the Young People’s Theatre and made
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Netflix releases new trailer for crime drama The Mechanism

Ahead of its arrival on Netflix next month, the streaming service has released a second trailer and a piece of key art for the crime drama series The Mechanism; take a look below…

From acclaimed director José Padilha (Narcos, Elite Squad 1 & 2, RoboCop) and prolific screenwriter Elena Soarez (Filhos do Carnaval, Eu tu Eles, Casa de Areia) comes The Mechanism, a thrilling, character-driven original series inspired by real events in Brazil. This fictionalized story explores how a small group of dogged investigators comes to discover the inner workings of a monstrous corruption scheme and the impact their pursuit has on everyone involved – including themselves.

The series stars Selton Mello (Ligações Perigosas, Meu Nome Não é Johnny, O Palhaço) as Marco Ruffo, a retired federal police deputy obsessed with the case at hand; Carol Abras (Avenida Brasil, Se nada mais der certo, Perto de qualquer lugar) as Verena Cardoni, Ruffo’s gutsy mentee; and Enrique Diaz (Justiça,
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‘Defective’ VOD Review

Stars: Colin Paradine, Raven Cousens, Ashley Armstrong, Dennis Andres, Jamie Tarantini, Nick Smyth, Ry Barrett, Andrei Preda, Christopher Spaleta, Erin Stuart, Neil Affleck, Diana Goldman | Written and Directed by Reese Eveneshen

Well well, it would seem that someone has been watching a little too much RoboCop (or maybe read too much Judge Dredd?) and decided that they had an idea for a sequel, expanding on the concept of the Ocp and the police state they wanted to bring in with the Ed-209 bots… only no-one would a) let them make a sequel; and b) no-one would give them a budget to make a film anywhere near as good either.

So what do we end up with? Defective. A film that loving lives up to its title.

In the near future, the corporation S.E.A., has implemented North America’s first and only police state. Uniformed, anonymous Preservers of Peace investigate, judge,
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