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16 May 2008
The Bigelows
Jim Bigelow is the all-American single dad raising his five sons, ranging in age 7 to 16. The Bigelow Six live in a two-bedroom, two-bath mobile home in Palmdale, Calif. The guys are a tight knit bunch, but there's one big problem. There's nowhere for 10-year-old Jake to sleep, so he has to spend nights at his grandma's. Jim recently changed careers to become a teacher so he could be closer to his boys. He even coaches them in sports. Jim's dream is to one day be able to give his sons a home they can all live in together -- a log cabin.
23 May 2008
The Tylers
The Tylers are a family of three living in Sylmar, California -- mom, her fiancé, Ken and her son, Tim. Angela has a house full of antiques, but Ken and young Tim would rather use the china cabinet to store Harley Davidson parts and Hot Wheels. As Angela puts it, they are stuck ... in a world of inherited furniture and a 1973 mobile home that's falling apart.
30 May 2008
The Schmidts
The Schmidts are a blended family building a life in a multi-colored mobile home that once served as a daycare center.
6 Jun. 2008
The Fricks
The Fricks are big advocates of living green. They insist energy-efficient mobile homes are the wave of the future. Andreas and Katie met on
13 Jun. 2008
The Furrers
The Furrers are a funny, quirky, upbeat family. Their mobile home is 40 years old, but when they moved in 21 years ago, they never dreamed they'd be sharing it with a former owner.
20 Jun. 2008
The Talcotts
Bonnie Talcott bought what she could afford - a mobile home in Thousand Oaks, Calif. She has a long-term boyfriend who stays with the family part time, but it's tough because there is a real lack of space.
11 Jul. 2008
The Edwards
Sabrina and her husband Donald have been married 10 years but have been separated by the sea for nearly five years because Donald is in the Navy.

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