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10 Jan. 2010
Episode #2.1
Fiona Kelly returns from London to re-open RAW and seeks out to recruit old head chef Geoff who then entices his old team back for another go at RAW. Fiona has her problems though with lease holder James and an unwelcome visitor named Kate. Meanwhile, Shane's divorce comes through and he ends up in a fight with his old school friend Jay who promptly arrests him on the opening night of RAW. Fiona also recruits former banker Dylan as her new waiter.
17 Jan. 2010
Episode #2.2
JoJo and Shane's mother Maeve comes to stay with them and causes friction. Fiona promotes Pavel to Front of House Manager but his initial managing of his new job is fraught with difficulties. JoJo and Dylan become closer. Geoff finds out that the Kate who keeps calling Fiona is her sister. Shane is bribed by Jay over his arrest record.
24 Jan. 2010
Episode #2.3
Fiona's past finally catches up with her just as the restaurant is hit with a customer with a peanut allergy falling ill. Elsewhere, Jo-Jo is in store for a surprise from Dylan. Meanwhile, Maeve gets the all clear, Jay continues to blackmail Shane and Pavel realises that his relationship with Geoff will never go anywhere.
7 Feb. 2010
Episode #2.5
Bobby and Dylan's dreams are finally realised with their leasing of an old bar. But for Geoff, who is celebrating his 30th birthday, things go from bad to worse - and it's mostly to do with Pavel and a bad review in a magazine. Elsewhere, Fiona tells Paul she cannot trust him and that their marriage is over. Jojo finds out about Jay black-mailing Shane and delivers her own justice as Dylan tells her he loves her.
14 Feb. 2010
Episode #2.6
Bobby makes a grim discovery on the day of his and Dylan's grand opening of their new bar - the previous owner Michael has died at the bar. Geoff faces his demons and makes the call to his parents telling them he's gay. And a disgruntled Jay threatens Shane after he's suspended from his job.
16 Jan. 2010
Episode #3.2
Geoff goes back to work at RAW straight after the robbery but finds the going tough and is forced to take the day off. When he returns he finds that Ray has changed his menu and sittings in order to recoup the cash taken in the robbery and that they are going to have to let staff go in the kitchen. Shane finds out the hard way that Kate only wanted a one-night stand. Ellen tells Jojo that her mum Maeve and her dad have split up. Distraught over the news Jojo succumbs to Bobby's advances in the bar after Dylan and Shane go out on the town. Meanwhile, Pavel scores a ...
6 Jan. 2010
Episode #3.5
RAW is nominated for best neighbour kitchen in the Irish Dining Awards. Kate doesn't see the fun side any longer in her relationship with Larry and goes back grovelling to Shane for a job. Jack tells Pavel that he is going to Brazil for a six-month work placement and he wants Pavel to come with him. Geoff takes his jealousy over Pavel out on the restaurant clientèle. Jojo lies to the marriage registrar and gets her wedding in two weeks instead of the mandatory three months and enrages her mother in the process. Larry tells Fiona that Ray knew who was behind the ...
13 Feb. 2010
Episode #3.6
Dylan and Jojo's wedding day draws close but will they go through with it? Ray tries to speak with Fiona about the break-in but Fiona doesn't want to hear so he appeals to Geoff for help. As Pavel and Jack prepare to leave for Brazil Fiona urges Geoff to tell Pavel how he feels about him before he loses him for good. Geoff cannot do it face to face so writes him a letter and asks him to read it after he leaves but a jealous Jack finds it and tears it up. Pavel finds out and goes to see Geoff and asks him to tell him what was in the letter.

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