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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic brutal battle sequences, and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A man is seen in bed with a woman. They are both asleep, but are abruptly waken up. We see the man shirtless and we see the woman's bare breasts briefly.
  • n the very beginning there is a drawing of King John in bed with a woman. we see her breasts partially.
  • We see a man and a woman about to have sex, the scene cuts before anything else is shown.
  • We see the man and woman kiss on several occasions.

Violence & Gore

  • There are many graphically violent action sequences. Often many times blood is seen is large amounts when people die.
  • In the Beginning four men take shelter in a castle and since three of them are Templars, King John decides to kill them in revenge. A man has his tongue graphically cut out. Three other men try to fight the King's soldiers but two die in a very graphic manner.
  • When the Rebellion arrives to Rochester, they find a group of Danish soldiers working for the King. There is a prolonged bloody fight, resulting in impalements, stabbings, and a man who is stabbed with a sword in the mouth. Another man tries to run, but gets shot with an arrow.
  • When the King arrives the war begins and there are many brutal deaths. A man has his head smashed in by a large flying boulder. There is a large blood splatter and you see the gory remains afterwards. Some soldiers are shot with arrows. A man's arm is repeatedly hacked at until it's amputated. Many people are stabbed and slashed at their stomachs resulting in large blood splatters. Men get their heads brutally beaten with hammers and axes, resulting in lots of blood and gore. A man uses a broadsword against his enemies and cuts at a man vertically through his shoulder down to his midsection. It is very graphic and the camera lingers on it for quite a while. People climbing ladders are drenched with hot oil. Some people are set on fire by flying boulders. A man has his face beaten with an amputated arm.
  • Three men are held captive by the King. Two of them have both of their hands hacked off, resulting in blood squiring from the wounds. The third man has both of his hands and feet hacked off, with lots of blood. Afterwards his body is put on a catapult and he is shot at the castle. His body hits the wall very hard and blood is seen on the wall afterwards.


  • 1 use of "shit", 2 uses of "bitch", a few uses of "ass", "damn" and "hell" and several uses of "whore."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink wine during dinner.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence and action sequences are very brutal, graphic, bloody and gory. It may be too extreme for some people. Some scenes where major characters die can be disturbing due to the nature of violence and emotional connection to them.

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