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predictable but cute and charming enough
jimakros3 September 2009
Many people hate Lindsay Lohan.Thats a fact of life and to a point she brought this onto herself with her lifestyle and crazy tabloids.So,she's easy prey for anyone looking for anything she does which is less than great.This movie is much,much,much better than they will make you think it is.Its an average rom-com,on the weaker side but not bad at all.I've seen dozens of worse rom-coms and even more worse movies that people will call acceptable.But they don't star Lindsay Lohan. Personally i like Lindsay as an actress and especially in this type of movie where she can walk through this material blindfolded.She just has a natural gift for this type of disneyesque rom-com.She is also a doll.I don't like her tabloids but this didn't bother me in enjoying this movie. Especially at a time when,one is bombarded with all kinds of silly monster-alien-robot movies,such innocent cute movies are a breath of fresh air.
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Average movie . Wouldn't watch it twice !!!
landriau214 July 2009
Although it was nice to see Lindsay lohan again in a movie ( i like her very much ) :) : the story is kinda lame and the acting is pretty bad . Still a few laugh but overall I'm disappoint . it looked very good from the trailer .

download the screener or rent if you like lohan but don't buy it .

This movie wont 'bring Lindsay lohan career to the top ' i wouldn't have see a theatrical release . Straight to DVD is what it deserve IMO .

very average .. and the acting is pretty bad ( except Lindsay ) still better than Hottie or nottie or other Paris Hilton flick .

Its rate 4.1 right now ... it deserve it IMO . maybe a 5 max .

Nowhere near as good as Mean girl or Just my luck . This is not a movie you want to watch twice .
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Milennium Pictures should stick with action movies
Wizard-814 July 2010
In a bizarre change of pace, direct-to-video action kings Millennium Pictures made this strange little movie. The plot is ripped off from the French movie "The Closet" - in that film, a man pretended he was gay so he wouldn't get fired, and in this film, Lohan pretends she's pregnant so she won't lose her job. It still could have been funny, being able to go off in different directions, but it falls flat. It was obviously shot on a limited budget and hastily filmed. Lohan is badly photographed and seems to have been without makeup. (And her character doesn't come across as a likable person.) You get to see the shadows of camera equipment TWICE. There seems to be footage missing or that was not filmed - Lohan's boyfriend, for example, is introduced in the opening minutes, and is not seen again for a half hour! (And we never see her talking to him about her scheme.) It's also never explained why Lohan for the longest time keeps her sister in the dark about what she's doing. But the worst thing about the movie is that it's not very funny. It's surprisingly low-key, when it should have been zanier. I didn't laugh once, chuckle once, or even smile once at any of the script's situations and dialogue. Maybe I'm not the audience for this movie - it seems aimed at women - but I think its true audience will be as disappointed with this movie as I am.
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Almost Pregnant
claudio_carvalho9 August 2010
Thea Clayhill (Lindsay Lohan) is the reckless secretary of the arrogant publisher Jerry Steinwald (Chris Parnell) in the Steinwald Publishing. When Jerry fires her for an accident with his beloved dog, Thea lies and tells that she is four-month pregnant. Thea lost his parents in a car accident and raises her younger sister Emma (Bridgit Mendler) alone and can not afford to lose her job. Jerry takes vacation to stay with his dog and his brother Nick Steinwald (Luke Kirby) assumes his position and promotes. Thea decides to fake her pregnancy for a couple of more days with the support of her friend Lisa (Cheryl Hines). However her life changes for better and Thea is promoted to editor by Nick and helps him to publish the unconventional book of Suzi Cavandish (Bonnie Somerville) about pregnancy. Nick and Thea fall in love for each other but Thea does not stop the farce despite the advices of Lisa until the day truth appears.

"Labor Pains" is flawed, silly and predictable; but it is also delightful, charming, and cute and I liked this film. I am a fan of the talented Lindsay Lohan and for me it is very difficult to associate her image of sweet and gorgeous actress to her personal life of drug addicted, scandals and paparazzi. In the movie, Lindsay Lohan is very beautiful and her situation faking a pregnancy is funny and I really found this movie very entertaining. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Meu Trabalho É um Parto" ("My Job Is a Labor")
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Low-budget winner, for romcom fans; Lohan is funny and sweet, Hines is also very comedic
inkblot1125 February 2010
Thea (Lindsay Lohan) has been dealt a bad hand in the game of life, recently. After her parents were killed in an auto crash, she was forced to quit college and take charge of her high school aged sister. Since she lives in the Los Angeles area, expenses are high and it is a struggle. Thea slaves away at a relatively low-paying job as a personal assistant to a neurotic publisher. Her only allies and confidants are an associate publisher, Lisa (Cheryl Hines) and a goofy boyfriend, Miles (Aaron Yoo). But, one day, the boss' cherished pooch has an accident and the publisher leaves town to take the doggy to a hotshot clinic for therapy. Blaming Thea, he tries to give her the axe for the canine's troubles. But, thinking quickly, Thea declares that she is pregnant and, according to law, an expectant mother can't be fired during the duration. Bossman leaves in a huff. Taking over is his younger brother, Nick (Luke Kirby) who is much better at making decisions about books and sales. He also recognizes that Thea has a talent for publishing and, due to her condition, will make an excellent choice for editing a new tome on pregnancy he wants to present. Thea gets a raise and a new assignment. But, will everything fall apart when the firm realizes she's not expecting? And, does Thea have "eyes" for her new boss? This was quite a pleasant little film, made more worthwhile by the appearances of Lohan and Hines. For all her bad publicity, Lohan is a genuinely comic performer, with a dose of innocence and sweetness lacking in many other actresses her age. She does fine work here and is a joy to watch. Hines, on the other hand, is excellent at black humor and she contributes a big helping of comic edginess. The rest of the cast, mostly unknowns, are very nice, too. The settings, costumes, and production values are average, as befits a low-budget flick. Especially lacking was money for a good hair stylist, for Lohan's tresses are a messy tangle. Nevertheless, this movie is a good way to relax and have some fun after work hours. Romcom fans, take note.
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Funny! Lindsay shines here.
Davi_Silva18 July 2009
Labor Pains tells the story of a woman (Lindsay) who pretends to be pregnant to avoid being fired from her job by her mean boss (Chris Parnell). And with the help of her best friend (Cheryl Hines), she tries to keep up with the lie for nine months. Lindsay Lohan is back, and she delivers a very good performance here, this movie is very funny, i laughed out loud a few times. It's definitely not theater material but it still worth it on a Saturday night on TV with your friends, just forget the fact that Lindsay is in it, it's a very cute movie.

Now i can't wait to see Lindsay again in The Other Side, it's gonna be so much better than this movie. But this movie it's still cool to watch.

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Lindsay's Back
jorge_nital11 January 2010
Didn't expect too much of this flick, and I was quite surprised with what I found.

Of course is not the best romantic comedy ever, it has a lot of cliché situations and silly jokes, but there's a spark between actors, there's chemistry between Cheryl Hines (who is the best in this movie), Bridgit Mendler and Lindsay Lohan turning ridiculous situations into funny moments, the director found a good balance between them, making a nice and really charming movie that if you have some spare time you can check out and it's not just a total waste of time. The bad ratings must be Lohan's haters.

Someone gave Lohan another chance and she took advantage of it, it's not bad as her latest films (considering that her only good flick is Mean Girls, it's not much what I'm saying).

Anyway, I think it was a good idea to go to a more independent thing so people can begin trusting in her again. And for sure you will enjoy.
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Unrealistic and predictable but also witty and somewhat charming
musicalfreakgurl22 October 2019
It's not secret that Lindsey has had her bad days but she's actually the person who carries this movie. There are secondary actors who aren't bad either but with the script and lines, it's sometimes lacking.

While it is predictable and unrealistic there are moments where it's actually quite nice and witty. There's a Lamaze scene that I just can't get over.

If you can overlook it's flaws, it's a movie that you can enjoy.
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An "okay" comedy. Accepted. You'll laugh some times
renatomecampinas15 December 2020
It's a traditional comedy movie. It demonstrates a very big lie and nobody finds out. In other words, if you watch it, don't expect to see logic in the movie, because sometimes there is no

Lindsay Loha has a good acting but her character is a little crazy (probably to be able to make the movie fun)

Some scenes have a little of "forced humor", but in the end it completes the goal of provide a fun time

If you like simple comedies, with no commitment to reality you'll like this movie.

Great to watch on a rainy afternoon in vacation like I did 😋🏝
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I liked it
luciabcn866 October 2020
I recently became a mother myself, and so "fondly" remember being pregnant. Although i realise that this movie is about a fake pregnancy, many of the things that happen and the reactions of the people around her are realistic and made me feel reminiscent of my pregnant days. I kind of understood why she started to get into faking it. It isn't a blockbuster movie but it does feel close to home, which ironically is what the book in the movie is trying to do too, by showing a real insight into a pregnant woman's life and how pregnancy changes you. Overall i enjoyed it and did laugh in places.
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just for Lindsay Lohan
marcofilippini9430 April 2021
It is certainly predictable, banal but the charm and beauty of the protagonist make it watchable.
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Personal life and mistakes aside...
brutkopp11 May 2010
Lindsay Lohan delivers a great performance in The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and now Labor Pains. This is a REALLY smart and funny film--well worth seeing and far better than the usual comedic maternity genre. Rest of cast is excellent, as well. Haven't heard of Lara Shapiro before, but i want to see anything else she's written or directed. Gold! I have been Team Lindsay for as long as I can remember and this movie just all the more confirms my choice. This is a REALLY smart and hilarious film, I think it would have done wonders had it been given an actual theatrical run. However I love this film never-the-less. A great watch primarily for women of all ages, but it will also serve as a perfect "date night" movie. No more "Pains" for Lindsay Lohan...she is back in business!
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Impressed by Lindsay....
ifuseekkody25 April 2010
Lohan really pulls it off well in this fun, non-traditional romantic comedy. It's a smart, funny film that kept me completely and constantly entertained as it follows the story of an office secretary faking pregnancy in a desperate attempt to keep her awful but financially-necessary job.

It's a great story and keeps you rapt with unpredictable chemistry between Lohan and male lead Luke Kirby while her lie spirals out of control at home and at work as she is unable to come clean and finds it necessary to expand her fake pregnancy bump. The movie is full of great supporting roles with the likes of Cheryl Hines, Chris Parnell, and a lot of familiar faces. Really enjoyed the soundtrack and overall it was a very pleasant deviation from your traditional romantic comedy. For anyone who's ever worked a crappy job you just couldn't afford to ditch like myself, it's really relatable in a fun way and keeps you laughing as it goes. Would be a great watch for the whole family.

Being a fan of Lindsay from The Parent Trap to Mean Girls, I was pleasantly surprised to find her just as on-point as ever, despite all the negative hype of her personal life lately. She certainly seems to find herself at home playing an adult role but keeping the lovable, fun quirkiness that we all fell in love with in the first place!
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great Saturday night rental for date night at home or with the family
CarlandB13 January 2010
Lindsay is a mixed up chick but she manages to do a good job in this entertaining flick. the cast is good, and they work well together--it's always fun seeing people who clearly were cracking each other up off set too. good vibes all around even though i know Lindsay was being completely hounded by the media while they were shooting this. but the whole story works in a way--it's about a young woman trying to figure her problems out, and not necessarily doing it right the first time...a good lesson for Lindsay herself. i'd def watch this movie again, and recommend it to friends for an escapist fun and short movie. doesn't go on and on like a lot of movies tend to do these days. i hope Lindsay gets herself together and makes more movies like this. doesn't look so sure right now...
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Almost mediocre
Reaper21 November 2017
Probably best known as "Lindsay Lohan's last major role in a motion picture," this is a movie about a woman who pretends to be pregnant in order to save her job.

Because this is a movie, her "pregnancy" instantly opens up new avenues for career advancement and personal fulfillment. The third act devolves into a kind of "let's fix the situation I made so everyone can be happy" more at home in a bad sitcom than a film.

And yet, there are small kernels of interest here. There is a scene or two where Lohan's character seems to think that she's actually pregnant. Had they actually persisted with a plot along these lines, and had an adequate star and production values, it might have been a decent (or at least interesting) movie. Instead, it seems cheap and slapdash.
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geturgunsup20007 August 2009
This movie is amazing. The plot is interesting and funny and Lindsay Lohan's acting displays her prowess as a Hollywood powerhouse. Lohan's mature, sophisticated performance rivals that of Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren. Cheryl Hines's part further supplements the movie and her interaction with Lohan provides numerous laugh-out-loud moments. Lohan's acting proves she is a serious, dedicated, and extremely talented actor who deserves credit for her undeniable skill and not her public indiscretions. This movie will undoubtedly be a stepping stone for Lohan's rise to the top of the cinematic industry where she belongs.
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