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  • When brought together at a family event, two exes find themselves oddly attracted to each other after ten years of divorce. Although the couple think that this affair will stay in a different state, it brings itself back to their own city and disrupts their personal lives. While the couple still maintain other romances, they cannot help but to continue with their affair.

  • When attending their son's college graduation, a couple reignite the spark in their relationship. But the complicated fact is they're divorced and he's remarried.


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  • It's Complicated: Jake (Alec Baldwin), a divorced lawyer, married to a younger wife (Lake Bell), has a son, Pedro (Emjay Anthony) still feels affectionate to ex-wife, Jane (Meryl Streep), who is owner of a bakery shop.

    The films starts off with a nice view of a neighborhood and the view of the ocean. We are then bought to a house party. Jake (Alec) proposes a toast to his friends' anniversary (Ted & Ally). The four talk momentarily about their son's graduation, and then Alec's young wife (he divorced Jane, played by Meryl Streep, 10 years ago) walks towards them. Jane seemed shock the way Agness approaches the group and the lack of clothing she had on. Jane leaves as Agness walk towards Jake; they exchange a few words of meeting up in New York at a hotel. Jane and Ally, to much dismay talked about Jane's divorce as they walk towards the door and how Ally didn't seem to feel comfortable around the sight of Agness. As Jane closes the gate, Jake turns around just in time to take a glimpse of Jane, letting us know that he still has feelings for her, although they've been divorced ten years.

    We then follow up to Jane's middle child, Gabby (Zoe Kazan) who is moving out of the house. The oldest daughter, Lauren (Caitlin Fitzgerald), and her fiancee Harley (John Krasinski) assist Gabby as Jane arrives home. Although reluctant to let Gabby move out of the house, she agrees. Lauren teases her mother, saying she must be lonely and afraid to sleep alone. Jane denies that, saying "One of you is always moving out". Harley: "They just grow up so freaking fast." Lauren: "Mom, you should get a dog." The couple leaves and Jane walks into her kitchen, and reminisces about the many memories with all her children at home with her, now all grown up.

    The following day, at her bakery, Jane's friend Peter brings along another architect (Steve Martin) to show blueprints to remodel parts of her house. They talk briefly before she remembers she has an appointment with a doctor. As she leaves the office, the elevator stops on the Fertility Center floor and Jake walks in.

    That night, Jane and her friends enjoy laughs over dinner. They recommend Jane should find a date, rather be semi-miserable at home. The next day, at New York, Jane's family all meet up with Luke, the youngest son, one last night before graduation. They book a hotel (mentioned earlier at the house party). The kids leave to a party, leaving Jane in the hotel. Again, Jane gets in an elevator, this time with a random couple hugging and kissing. She decides to go to the bar and grab a drink. Coincidentally, Jake is there and they talk. He tells her that he is "flying it low" because Pedro has a stomach flu, so he is free for the night. Jane asks when was the last time they were together, he says 1999. Next thing they're having a good time on the dance floor and they go back to the hotel room. They do their thing and Jane felt horrible; drunk and half realizing she had just slept with her ex-husband. Jake says "This is amazing, we just had a great time" as Jane is leaning on the toilet, throwing up and regretting it. During the graduation, the whole family is together and the kids were excited to see their father Jake, despite the divorce. At lunch, the family is having dinner and Jake flirts with Jane, and proposes a toast to Jane, however the family thought it was suppose to be to Luke's academic success. They take it and drink. Gabby properly finishes the toast to Luke.

    Adam (Steve Martin) drives his Audi to Jane's house to talk about the project of modeling her home. In his car, he is listening to a CD, lecturing on divorces. He sees Jane jogging, calls her and she apologizes for almost forgetting the appointment. She gets in the car and hears the audio and Adam, embarrassingly tries to turn it off. As he finishes talking about the blueprint, Jake arrives in his Porsche. They introduce each other and Adam leaves. Jake goes inside for "coffee", which actually turns out to be more flirting and another sex affair. Once again, Jake is happy and Jane is dismayed for being a "mistress" (all in a fun, comedic way). He claims fate brought them together again and that he is a walking cliché, father to a kid in kindergarten, but they're all grown up. That night, Jane's three closest friends talk over wine. They all notice Jane is acting differently, more energetic. She tells them she's been having sex and having an affair with Agness's husband, Jake. The four ladies all get excited and accepted the fact that Jane is having an affair with Jake. They all hate Agness, and one observes "Karma is a b-tch").

    Her energetic passion moves along to the bakery. She tells her bakers to make the breakfast menu more lively. SHe then receives a phone call from Adam, whose waiting at her house for another appointment. He set up a chunk of land with different color tapes and a ladder acting as stairs to the second floor. All this is just a preview of how Adam is going to fix the house. She receives a call from Jake, but doesn't answer it. That night at Jake's house, we see him leaving a message for Jane to pick up her phone. He is in the bathroom with the water running, to prevent Agness from hearing. Pedro, being a nosy brat, asks Jake why he was "showering" with his clothes on. Agness comes in and Pedro snitches, but Jake leaves without getting caught. He drives over to Jane's house. Meanwhile, Adam is having dinner at her house. They talk and Jake spies on them through the kitchen window, then accidentally falls. As Adam leaves, Jake knocks on the door and says, "Oh Em Gee <omg>, I thought he'd never leave." He grabs her and flirts. Jane says "it's Nine o'clock, shouldn't your wife be concern?" He reaches for her delicious dish and goes to the bathroom. He is sitting next to the bathtub eating her lavender ice cream, while she baths. He takes out marijuana and asks if she remembers the old days, when they would smoke and get high. But that night, Jane tells Jake she has changed, but he insists and puts the marijuana in the sink's cabinet, saying one day they will smoke it together for old times sake.

    The next morning, Jane meets her psychiatrist, Dr. Alan. She asks if an affair is okay. He sees her condition of affair as a good way to reconnecting with Jake, so suggests she continues. That night she arranges a candle-lit dinner in hopes of being back with Jake as a family, which Jake agrees happily over the phone. He was at the fertility center when she called. They meet up in the same hotel the same afternoon, to Harley's surprise while having lunch with Lauren. He kisses her, trying to distract her from noticing Jane and Jake getting into the elevator and kissing as the doors close. In the room, Jake faints and a doctor goes up as Harley sees this as well. Jake tells the doctor he is taking "Flomax" to reduce constant urination. In return, it decreases his semen. (He tells the doctor due to to his decrease in semen, it isn't good for his wife, which Jane thinks is the reason for the fertility center, but actually Jake was saying it to her. Both the doctor and Jane were surprised, but Jane agrees to follow the story and says she prefers lots of semen, all in which the doctor said "wow" as if it was a competitive matter to please a women.)

    That night, Jane prepares the special dinner for Jake, making his favorite dishes and picking a nice dress. Jake at home, anxious to leave the house, grabs his phone and walks to the bathroom. Agness notices the phone and grows suspicious, preventing him from calling Jane. She tells him to put Pedro back in his bed, and takes off her shirt, saying she is ovulating, compensating the dinner arrangement which Jake had thought was able to attend, since Agness was going to a party, but canceled due to ovulation. Jane drinks a glass wine walking around with the food getting cold and she waits for Jake, unknowingly of the situation. Jake seemed distressed as he sets Pedro in his bed and puts his hand on the boy's chest. At this moment, Jake feels torn apart from two different families. He goes over to Jane's house the next morning, hoping for forgiveness, but Jane ignores him as if he wasn't there. The kids are happy to see him and ask if Jane will be coming to the party with dad. She says "No, I have another date with Adam." to much of Jake's surprise, so he leaves the house since he couldnt stay over because of Agness.

    Adam and Jane's relationship grows stronger. They have dinner together and one night, she takes him to her bakery to make croissants. They flirt and eventually Adam was going to ask if he could kiss her, but she already kissed him. Afterwards, Adam drives her to Luke's party and before they arrive, Jane takes the marijuana that was supposedly meant for Jake and her to smoke, decided to smoke it with Adam. He was hesitant at first, but let in. Luke's friend walks by and asks, "Who brought the reefer?", unknowingly Jane and Adam were smoking behind the shrubs. They go inside and dance/laugh. Adam sees Jake at a table, glaring at him with Jane, enviously. He walks over and asks if he can talk with Jane for a second. Jake takes her to the bathroom and confess his love for her. He realizes she was high and she admittedly said she smoked the reefer with Adam instead. Jake gets annoyed because it was meant for him and Jane, but he takes it from her just as Harley opens the door and sees them together, again this time, but smoking the reefer. Harley was going to leave them two alone, but Jane intervened and asks him to take a pull, which at first he didn't want to, but took a big pull. The three walk out and Adam is dancing with Agness, and Jake dances with Jane, which Agness sees and gets emotional and a bit upset, now that the secrets revealed. She sees Jake happily dance and smile affectionately at Jane. Jake was just about to kiss Jane, but she turns away and tells him that it's over and stop this affair immediately. She walks towards Adam. Jake sees Jane smile happily as she approaches Steve and feels sad, as Agness is across the room staring at him, which he doesn't notice.

    The following morning, everybody is drunk. Harley is wearing female pajamas, Luke forgot what happened last night. Gabby yawns, just as she asks, "What is dad doing outside?" Jane walks out and Jake approaches her. He told her that he left Agness that night, for good. He really loves Jane and wants to live here again, since he has no where to go. The kids come out to see whats going on and sees the truth that although the parents are divorced, Jake wants to be back again. Luke wants Dad to stay for the night, which Jane didnt allow but the kids really want dad back home so she allows him to stay. That night, Jake is at the dinner table devouring the delicious food Jane made. The kids stare at him with smiles. Jane however, isnt at the dinner table, but upstairs video-chatting with Adam over the computer. Jake decides to run upstairs, as she's in the bathroom. He takes his clothes off and lays on the bed. The computer is on the bed, which Jake doesnt realize Adam is watching. But both Adam and Jane went to the bathroom, so Jake adjusts the computer as Jane walks out and screams, Adam comes back and sees Jake's private area and yells all different kinds of things. Jake surprised gets off the bed and turns around to pick up his clothes, only to moon at the computer (Adam). The kids run to the room and asks whats going on. Jake confesses that he left Agness for their mother. They have been meeting secretly since New York, and having an affair. The kids, shocked asks Jane if this is correct, which she agrees to. Gabby asks if they're going to be back together, which Jake says yes they will, but Jane strictly says, "No, we're not going to be together again." Adam hears this and immediately turns off this computer, which Jane sees. The kids, all upset and emotional deprived, leaves the house. Jake, astonished and rejected packs his bags and drives off. That night Jane sleeps outside the pool area, staring at the full moon, realizing the mess she has gotten into- an affair with Jake and a growing relationship with Adam, it's complicated.

    The following morning, Jane arrives at Adam's office and apologizes. Adam tells her that her divorce isn't officially over. He sees the love that Jake is expressing towards her is real. He continues to say that, it's best if he discontinues to meet with Jane, incase of getting into a serious relationship. He wants to resolve this situation simply by leaving her and allowing her divorce with Jake to heal. Jane asks if he will continue with remodeling her kitchen, but he says he might let Peter fill in the job instead. She becomes speechless and walks out. She drives home and sees Jake sitting on a swing outside her house. She sits down with him and they talk. Jake says he loves her and doesn't regret a second chance. Jane smiles and says the same. It starts to rain, but we just see the rain hitting the swing they were sitting on. The camera then focuses on a group of men outside, huddle under a tent discussing the project. Jane walks outside in hopes of seeing Adam, but doesn't. However, he pops out from the crowd and tells her, "Its a lucky day to construct in the rain." She smiles and asks the group if they want coffee. They all walk inside the house as Adam walks with her and asks if she has any of those double fudge chocolate cakes in her house. She laughs, saying "You love that stuff, don't you?" The credits roll.

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