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Slave Trading on the Internet in Joe O'Brien's Endure

White slave trading moves to the internet in Joe O'Brien's Endure. From the cast list, some people will recognize Judd Nelson (Netherbeast Incorporated), Tom Arnold (The Haunting of Bryan Beckett), and Clare Kramer (The Thirst). The first trailer below for Endure shows each of these actors fighting each other for the location of a kidnapped girl. Have a look at the spoilerific reel inside and look for this recently completed production to show in 2011.

A partial synopsis for Endure here:

"A young woman has been abducted, tortured and tied to a tree in the middle of an isolated swamp in central Florida. The only person who knows her location is dead. Veteran detective Emory Lane is called from the bedside of his ailing wife to the site of a gruesome traffic accident on a remote highway late at night. Discovered inside the wreckage: a photograph of a young woman
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The future of film came through Tampa at Giff (Part 1)GI

Film festivals exist to showcase the future talent in filmmaking and the Gasparilla International Film Festival (Giff) had plenty of talent on hand.  The term filmmaking covers everyone from writers, directors, producers, to actors, actresses, and production folk.  All the filmmakers that one meets at a film festival are invited to be there.  They submitted their short and/or feature films and if selected by the board for screening at the festival, they are encouraged to be apart of the festivities.  Or in Giff's case, four days of films and panels followed by kick-ass parties.   

As I received the schedule and tried to attend as many of the events possible, I was able to meet a variety of filmmakers from all over.  Most of them were kind enough to share their film and entertain my random interrogatories.  Random, due to the lack of rest my mind received while covering the festival.
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Giff micro-reviews for 'Happythankyoumoreplease', 'You', 'Endure', 'Sensored', and 'Thespians'

At the 2010 Gasparilla International Film Festival, one of the themes going through my mind was, "So many films, so little time."  Every night, the festival had at least one or two features that highlighted the night.  Screening before each feature length flick were shorts (films 20 minutes or less).  Many of those were produced right here in Tampa.  We'll get to those later this week.

Being a movie reviewer and apart of critic associations, all the new releases come my way.  What you may not know is that many of these wide releases one sees in the theater, started out in film festivals just like the ones being discussed here.  Instead of doing the usual formal review that my readers have become accustomed to.  We are giving these flicks the capsule review treatment.  Hopefully a formal review will happen if these flicks get picked up by studios for a wide distribution.
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Gasparilla International Film Festival still going strong on day 3

Everyone involved with the Gasparilla International Film Festival can pat themselves on the back, for this has been the best Giff to date.  Although everyone is having a blast and those who have attended were treated to many great shorts and feature flicks.  Many of us are waiting to finally get more than 2 hours of sleep.  Day 3 had so many wonderful activities going on which contributed to our lack of Zs.

Kicking off the day were a few educational panels at the University of Tampa.  One of them revolved around the future of Florida's film industry.  The goal is to get more projects to film and do post-production in our great state.  On the panel was State Rep. Kevin Ambler, Digital Domain Chairman John Textor, and Tampa Film Commish Lindsey Norris Guthrie along with Miami's Graham Winick who is President of Film Florida.  Representing the producers and directors were Ut Prof Tom Garrett,
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2010 Gasparilla International Film Festival: The flicks

Between 60 and 70 films from all over the world are going to be screened at the Gasparilla International Film Festival.  The biggest Giff to date is going kick off on March 18th and run through the 21st.  Sure, that's a lot of movies to squeeze in, but thankfully, we have a list to help you make your choices.  Many of these flicks have chosen the Giff to make their world premiere.  This year will once again have both feature length flicks and shorts (under 20 minutes) on display in one of three theaters (CineBistro, Tampa Theatre, Muvico Ybor).  For a complete listing, go here.  Check out the related links articles to the left for scheduling info and tickets.

Breaking News, Breaking Down

Info: Florida Premier, Award Winning Documentary f/ Tampa Reporter, Kelly Ring

This film traces the lives of journalists who have covered some of the most dramatic stores of our time.
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2010 Gasparilla International Film Festival is ready to roll

Tampa, Fl - A press conference was held today at the CineBistro in Hyde Park, by the hard-working people behind the Gasparilla International Film Festival.  The fourth annual Giff will run from March 18th through March 21st.  During that timeframe, over 70 films from are expected to be screened at the CineBistro, the Muvico theater in Centro Ybor, and the Tampa Theatre.  Digital Domain Holdings will be presenting this years event.

Overseeing this constantly growing event is 2010 Giff president Chad Moore.  During the press conference, Chad stated that everyone involved with Giff is looking to a lay a foundation for the coming years. 

"This year is about the long-term goals.  We are taking actions to set things in place to continually grow the Giff."

Also with Chad on the panel sat Ken Hagan, Chair of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.  He also shared this view on the Giff.

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