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Rage of the Mummy Trailer Unwraps the Horror [Exclusive]

Rage of the Mummy Trailer Unwraps the Horror [Exclusive]
Were you just as excited about Tom Cruise's The Mummy as we were, before it came out? Only to be let down in a big way? Well, the answer to all our ancient monster prayers have been answered with Rage of the Mummy. It may not have such a big budget, but what it lacks in production value, it's making up for in sure Mummy fun. Though Universal's Dark Universe take on The Mummy left a bad taste in our mouth, this thriller looks like the prefect antidote.

Straight from the shlock vaults comes Rage of the Mummy! The story boiled down to its very essence follows a three thousand year old mummy who takes vengeance on a group of occultists that decide the best thing in life to do is rob his tomb of mystical relics. That's where they make their first mistake!

Rage of the Mummy
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Indie Spotlight: Never Let Go, L.A. Macabre, Burning Dead, Knock Knock

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes a trailer for Never Let Go, new episode details from L.A. Macabre and How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, the short film Knock Knock, a Q&A featuring The Walking Dead‘s Amber Dawn Fox, and much more:

Never Let Go Trailer and Premiere Details: “Here is a sneak preview of what’s up for grabs at the Berlin Film Festival later this week – Howard J Ford’s (Director/Producer Co-Writer of ‘The Dead 1&2″) latest epic Never Let Go. Shot in Morocco, Spain and the Us, the film tells the story of Lisa, a single mother (played by Angela Dixon) who takes the law into her own hands to get back her abducted child. The completed film will screen at Cannes Market in May.

Howard Ford said today:
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'Live-In Fear' Casts Actress Arielle Brachfeld

Actress Arielle Brachfeld has been cast in the upcoming film Live-in Fear.

Brachfeld, who is presently hard at work making a name for herself in the horror scene, has been cast as Mallory, a girl with self-destructive habits who is struggling to deal with both an abusive relationship and demonic possession. Known for such horror-filled film-capers as Evil Deeds 2, as well as underground indie classics like Return of the Ghostbusters, the vivacious Brachfeld has this to say about her career to date:

“A Colorado native, Arielle has had wonderful success in Los Angeles. She has carved out a place for herself in the horror community through lead and supporting roles in projects directed by James Wan (Saw, Insidious) and Mike Mendez (Grave Dancers, Mega Spider). Arielle has even been featured on TMZ as a scream queen. She also has an impressive portfolio as a model, having led campaigns for Adidas,
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The new wave of fan films

A couple of clicks away on the web are scores of films made by fans – by turns hilarious, ingenious and ambitious. Lurking among their makers might be Hollywood's next generation.

Many still regard them as flatulent waste products of the socially deficient unemployed-layabout community. In most cases, they're pretty much right. But it looks increasingly likely that some of the amateur fan films that pervade YouTube and other online broadcasters will one day be cherished by movie-lovers as the formative works of the next generation of cutting-edge film-makers.

The idea of the fan film – an amateur, not-for-profit work inspired by a commercial movie, TV show or comic book – isn't new. Even before science fiction conventions in the 1970s began to provide sizeable audiences for homemade homages to much-loved sci-fi/fantasy franchises, teenage movie geeks such as Hugh Hefner and Batman fan Andy Warhol were finding their film-making feet making short
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