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Excellent: The MI Series Still Going Strong
ccthemovieman-115 June 2012
This was a fun movie to watch; much better than I anticipated. Usually sequels have totally run their course by the fourth time, but not so here. In fact, this might even be the best of the Mission Impossible films.

It has a good mixture of interesting action scenes, suspense, drama, humor, great scenery of Venice, Italy, and fine acting. Nothing is overdone to the point of being too much and, as most MI films go, it has the normal espionage-type intrigue to figure out.

It's just plain entertaining. Kudos to all: the director, the actors and the special-effects and cameraman. A superb job done all around.
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If you can't enjoy this ride then entertaining you is a mission: impossible.
pjvanes697 December 2011
"Mission Accomplished"...

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the forth film in the franchise (though first not to acknowledge its place in the title) and sees Tom Cruise reprising the leading role of the globe-trotting super spy Ethan Hunt. Throughout the series Hunt has evolved from team player to lone wolf and now in Ghost Protocol he must become a true leader of a team that, for the first time, he didn't choose.

The film blasts off into overdrive from the minute the gates open and rarely lets up, it's one hell of a ride and there's enough action and gadgets here to please any fan of the spy film genre. The plot is fairly straightforward; the bad guy obtains the key to the ultimate weapon and plans to destroy the world with it. Hunt and his team, working without the support of the IMF, must stop him at all costs. It has enough twists and turns to keep you engaged but it never gets so complicated that you risk getting lost while you're immersed in the mind- blowing stunt sequences. One thing fans of the series will probably notice this time around is that Hunt is more 'human' when it comes to the action than he has been in most of the previous outings. Not everything goes to plan and if he gets hit or falls down it hurts. Sure he's still a super spy and can do things most mortal men would never try in a million years but the added vulnerability and consequences of those actions gone wrong lifts the film to a new level and is one of the reasons it kept me on board all the way to the end.

If there is anything about this film that let me down a little it was the absence of a true 'super villain' like we had in MI3. Yes there's a villain and yes he's dangerous but there is something missing. I guess I could put it this way – there is no, Joker to Hunt's Batman. In MI3 things get very personal between Hunt and Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and that jacked up the menace and intensity of the conflict to a level you'd expect to see in the ultimate villain but in M:I-GP that level of personal rivalry between protagonist and antagonist was a bit lacking. It's not that Michael Nyqvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) didn't deliver a good performance in the few scenes where he interacts with Cruise, it's just that there are so few of these moments that he is, in many ways, almost like another one of his own henchmen and I mistook him for other characters on a few occasions.

Personally I felt a greater presence and sense of danger from the female assassin, Sabine Moreau (Lea Seydoux – Robin Hood), a beautiful yet malicious woman with a cold heartless gaze, completely devoid of compassion. In my opinion she'd have made a much better leading villain, especially as her actions do personally effect one of the team, but despite this little hiccup there is certainly more than enough obstacles to keep Hunt and his team busy and the audience well and truly entertained so this is really just nit-picking on my part.

After the relative disappointment of the second Mission: Impossible film, first time feature director J.J. Abrams (of TV's ALIAS and Lost fame) injected some much needed heart and soul into the third installment, expertly balancing a romantic subplot with the high-octane action sequences all fans demand of such a film. Although Abrams was not going to direct the fourth film it was reassuring to see that he was still involved as a producer so I had relatively high hopes that Ghost Protocol would live up to MI3 and I wasn't disappointed.

Like MI3 before it Ghost Protocol's director's chair is filled with another first timer of sorts and like the previous chapter that 'gamble' has paid off. Although Brad Bird is not a first time feature helmer this is his first foray into the world of live action so he might not seem to be the most obvious choice but there was never any doubt from either Abrams or Cruise about his talent and potential to deliver a great film. Bird's impressive previous credits include The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille (the last two having won Academy Awards for best Animated Feature Film). Like Abrams, Bird has also had great success on the small screen as an executive consultant on the Simpsons and I've been a fan of his work since chancing upon Family Dog (from Spielberg's 'Amazing Stories' series) in the early 90's.

Simon Pegg (Paul) reprises his role as Benji Dunn from MI3, the computer whiz behind all the action. Dunn has now graduated from a 'behind the desk cameo' to a fully qualified field officer and as a result gets a much beefier role in this mission becoming one of Hunt's rogue team. Pegg's natural comedic timing and likable charm adds a much-needed element of lightheartedness to the franchise that could have easily backfired had this role been miscast.

Rounding out the new team are IMF agents Jane Carter (Paula Patton – Deja Vu) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner –The Hurt Locker), and both actors deliver solid performances. Carter is as sexy as she is deadly and Patton slips between these two persona's with ease while Brandt hides a secret past allowing Renner to show a vulnerability we're not used to seeing in the roles he normally plays.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol delivers exactly the type of entertainment action fans crave and as a result it is perfect popcorn movie. If you don't enjoy this ride then entertaining you is a mission: impossible.
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A fun, enjoyable action flick
Marc Unknown4 December 2011
I attended a VIP screening of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol last night at the Darling Harbor IMAX Theater in Sydney, Australia. Before the movie started, there was an introduction by Director Brad Bird, and by actor Simon Pegg where they shared how much they enjoyed making the film and shooting scenes in the IMAX format.

I won't get into the story too much as I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but the basic plot is that the Kremlin in Russia is bombed by a terrorist group and IMF is framed for it. Because of these actions, the president decides to activate Operation Ghost Protocol, which essentially means that the entire IMF organisation is disavowed, meaning Ethan and his team are on their own, and like the tagline says "No Plan, No Backup, No Choice".

The story I found to be quite solid. Nothing groundbreaking but enough to keep the interest of your average movie-goer.

The performances were generally good all around. Simon Pegg was enjoyable as Benji and Tom Cruise is always great as Ethan Hunt. Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton also gave some great performances.

The action sequences are where the film really shines. Not all scenes were great, I thought the bombing of the Kremlin used some very fake looking CGI which made it more humorous then intense. Also, some scenes seemed a little too far-fetched and made me think that Tom Cruise must be made of steel or something. But if you try not to look into this too much, then chances are you will enjoy the action. The fight scenes were done very well, incredibly brutal and realistic looking. The sound for this film really helped as you could almost feel every punch and kick as well as the explosions. The greatest scene for me was Ethan climbing the hotel in Dubai, the worlds most tallest building. Shot in IMAX as well, I almost felt like I was right there next to Ethan looking down from above. Huge credit goes to Tom Cruise for performing this stunt himself!

Overall, I found the film very enjoyable. I enjoyed it a lot more than the 2nd and 3rd entries, but the 1st has always been the best one for me. I would have given this a perfect 10 but it loses 2 points for the some of the action scenes being a bit silly and unrealistic.
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A Potpourri of Vestiges Review: The Action flick of the year, should you choose to watch it!
Murtaza Ali16 December 2011
The long wait is finally over as Tom Cruise finally returns to the celluloid to reprise his epic role of the enigmatic IMF agent Ethan Hunt. The brilliance of Mission: Impossible III was marred by the infamous sacking of Tom Cruise by Paramount's owner and movie mogul Sumner Redstone, who blamed Cruise's bizarre sofa-hopping TV antics, and intransigent support of Scientology for movie's relatively poor show at the box office that resulted in losses of up to £75million in revenue. The sordid incident ensured that the wait for the next installment of the franchise had to be a long one. The half a decade lull that ensued saw Cruise's career sunk to a new nadir with movies like Lions for Lambs (2007), Valkyrie (2008), and Knight and Day (2010) failing to impress at the box office, while his contemporaries and coevals continued to tumble records at the box office, attaining new heights of fame and stardom. It is indeed ironic that Cruise's most impressive show in this interim has been his well-disguised cameo in Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder (2008) in which he plays a the foul-mouthed, hot-headed, half-bald studio executive. But, every coin has the other part that completes the picture. While the things have been going a bit rough on the professional front, Cruise's personal life has finally been witnessing a much needed sense of calmness and stability. Such stability on the personal front can often lift a person's morale providing him with a sense of rejuvenation that can help him fare well in all the facets of life. Tom Cruise's rejuvenated self is pretty much apparent in the latest installment of the MI franchise, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Ghost Protocol takes the viewer on a roller coaster of a ride from Moscow to Dubai, all the way to Mumbai, never allowing a breathing space, keeping him on the edge of the seat throughout. MI – GP is indeed the quintessential action extravaganza that the ardent lovers of the genre perpetually anticipate to devour upon in order to satiate their ever growing hunger for unremitting action and adventure. Ethan Hunt is back in all his glory with some newly added dimensions to his old daredevilry that had established him as the greatest contemporary to Ian Fleming's larger than life human incarnate. As seen with Bond in Casino Royale, the key men behind the MI franchise have made conscious efforts to make the caricature of Hunt more vulnerable to danger and crises, and hence more human. MI – GP delivers everything that an action-movie lover craves for: suspense, intrigue, passion, daredevilry, razzmatazz, and much more. The adrenaline filled action is well complemented by the dazzle of the geeky gadgets on display and it is this synergy that makes MI – GP an incredibly sublime experience. The tremendous reputation that the high octane franchise carries meant the newly appointed director Brad Bird—mostly renowned for his animation flicks The Incredibles and Ratatouille—had his work cut out for him. Brad Bird has indeed been up to the task and has lived well to the expectations of Cruise and the entire production team led by J.J. Adams, who directed the third movie of the series back in 2006. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is packed with a plethora of action sequences that includes a shootout in Budapest, an escape sequence from a Moscow Jail, a sandstorm chase in Dubai, and a classic brawl in an automated parking garage in Mumbai. However, the sequence that stands out is the one in which Tom Cruise climbs the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa by clinging to it from the outside using suction gloves, giving the Spiderman a run for his money.

After the splendidly executed siege of the Vatican in the third installment, Ethan and his IMF team are on the lookout for some classified information pertaining to a Russian extremist Kurt Hendricks, which takes their quest to Kremlin. The covert mission goes awry as their plan is sabotaged by the personal intervention of Hendricks, which turns the tables on Cruise and his team rendering them sequestered and helpless. The questionable events that unfold at Kremlin, forces the US President to invoke the Ghost Protocol leading to the disavowal of IMF. Ethan and his team, which includes the computer geek Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), agents Jane Carter (Paula Patton) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), despite their severe handicap are the only hope left at preventing the diabolical duo of Hendricks and his stalwart Wistrom from fulfilling their demonic mission of global destruction through a nuclear war. Simon Pegg as Benji is spot on with his persiflage, and his nonchalance adds a much needed levity to the otherwise tense plot. Paula Patton as Jane Carter is a treat to the sore eyes: her imperial gait, upright posture, predatory agility, dusky complexion, steamy mystique, athletic built, curvaceous figure, and apparent haughtiness make her an object of envy for males and females alike. Her ethereal presence undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. The introduction of Jeremy Renner as William Brandt adds another layer of intrigue to the plot of MI – GP. Brandt's enigmatic part allows Renner to depict a wide array of emotions that his previous roles couldn't offer. The over-hyped inclusion of veteran Indian actor Anil Kapoor in the MI – GP cast is undoubtedly movie's greatest disappointment, especially from the perspective of Indian cineastes, as the actor fails to make an impression during his ephemeral performance.

Overall, MI – GP has managed to raise the bar for the Action genre. Indian movie-makers, who have recently started to delve into the genre, can look to take a note or two out of MI – GP in order to iron out the usual glitches. Despite the occasional lack of coherence in the plot, MI – GP works quite well at almost all the levels and promises to be a great entertainment. 8/10

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It is PROTOCOL to watch it!
devopamb14 June 2012
YES! Finally a good no-nonsense Cruise starrer action thriller. No lovey-dovey stuff like the last one, no attempts to show how charismatic Ethan Hunt is neither are there any obvious attempts to portray how cool he is. A good old action movie with Tom Cruise doing what he is known for best: Action!

This one's got everything an action thriller could ask for; guns, flying fists, explosions, cool gadgets, sexy cars, the occasional unanticipated startles, hot chicks, sandstorms, jumping off tall buildings (I think jumping off tall things has always been an MI trademark), also the very much needed occasional comic relief, very occasional (which is good). And this one actually has a decent enough story!

Every single actor in the movie has acted brilliantly. Paula Patton was very natural in her acting, Simon Pegg (the Hot Fuzz guy) was hilarious as usual with his well timed one liners and Jeremy Renner was surprisingly good! (all 3 part of Ethan Hunts team). Not to mention Anil Kapoor!

Oh and Anil Kapoor! Obviously he has been the talk of town for this movie. His character in the movie and his acting (however little its duration) has been spot on and he delivers on the character. His part in the movie will certainly be one of the highlights when you leave the theater. Oh and the portrayal of Mumbai has been quite unique indeed.

I won't spill the beans on the story but I am sure you know the gist of it from the trailers, a certain KABOOM'ing of the Kremlin puts Ethan Hunt in a tough spot and he is being chased down by Russians for something he hasn't done, so he needs to set it right and the only way he can do that is by starring in this awesome movie.

All in all Ghost Protocol is hands down the best one yet from the Mission Impossible series mainly because it is different from its predecessors (thank GOD for that). It is jam packed with action from the very first scene till the last and is filled with insane stunts, gadgets, car chases (sweet ones). It is fast paced and has a good enough story with a script that will keep you in the loop. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout and not give you a seconds stare away from the screen. The audience actually went "what? Not NOW!" when the interval screen came up! Yes, it was THAT good.

Well done Cruise.
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Ethan Hunt is Back in Action ...
Prince AJB17 December 2011
... and he's climbing the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai. Not only he's ascending the super-tall structure, he's going to infiltrate the Kremlin in Moscow, chase people in a huge sandstorm, and of course ... save the world.

The story: the IMF is accused for bombing the Kremlin, although they were not actually the perpetrators. Due to this, the IMF is shut down and "Operation Ghost Protocol" is launched with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), Jane Carter (Paula Patton), Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), and William Brandt(Jeremy Renner), a group of 4 people being what is left of the IMF. Together, they find that there was another person behind the bombing code-named "Cobalt" and he has a plan to ignite a nuclear war which he believes would begin the next stage of human evolution.

From beginning to end, I was hooked by all the action scenes. The action scenes and all the moves are spectacular. The hand-to-hand combats, the chase scenes, the gunfights are very well-done and spectacular. The cinematography was excellent and one of the best in years.

Of course, the Burj Khalifa scene was the trademark of the whole film. Ethan Hunt climbing the Burj Khalifa was thrilling enough. But with a limited time, having trouble going back down, and running around and swinging around the structure just quickens the pace of the story and makes the scene very stylish. This scene is just outstanding and will be one of the highlights of the film.

The acting was very well-done. After 5 years of absence in the series, Tom Cruise still got his spy skills here. Paula Patton's bad girl character is very well-played. Simon Pegg as the clumsy-but-genius Benji Dunn was amazing. Jeremy Renner as the so-called-analyst-but- actually-IMF-agent William Brandt was stunning and great. The performances of the actors/actresses are very strong and convincing.

I love the technology used in this film. They are just unreal. A device that lets you float using magnetic attraction. A device that copies the scenery behind and displays it into a screen that allows you to deceive other people who are looking at the screen. A suit that turns into a casual jacket when you wear it inside-out. All of these devices are creatively made and looking at them being operated is just so fun. And be sure to see the amazing BMW Vision (a futuristic, BMW concept car) in a scene set in Dubai. (Also, this movie is keen about BMWs.)

The mission tactics are also ingenious. The tactics are very smart and are very entertaining. How they create diversions in the most unlikely situations and the scenes involving the composition of a plan keep the film in a constant quick pace and increases the suspense of the film. When they take their tactics into action, that's where they get more interesting.

The comedy here adds up the fun in this film. Sometimes, prolonged scenes of action are just too noisy and make the movie feel plain. But not here. The comedy scenes here act as intervals between so we don't always see long, noisy, and bloated action scenes (major trouble of "Transformers") and make sure that we have a perfect dose of both.

All these elements are very well-done and balanced and together form a suspenseful, fast-paced, and thrilling, yet funny action ride worth to experience. I think we should thank genius director Brad Bird for successfully revitalizing the movie series. This movie is just brilliant and I think it's because of Bird's genius directing.

Final Verdict: With fast-paced directing by Brad Bird and exciting action sequences, yet with funny moments, this movie is a thrilling ride worth to experience.

Rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading my review on "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol". I hope this review is useful.
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Mission Impossible to Resurrect Franchise: Solidly Accomplished
theycallmemrglass9 December 2011
Saw this at a London IMAX press preview screening.

Clearly JJ Abram's mission impossible, should he choose to accept it, is to lead a talented team to resurrect a declining franchise and re-ignite it with renewed vigour and a very high dosage of fun and entertainment.

I'm glad to say, mission highly accomplished.

Brad Bird's first time direction of real actors (must have been a shock when they talked back at him) exhibits the same zestful energy and fun that we got from his animated films such as The Incredibles. Though not with the subtlety of his Iron Giant but this is Mission Impossible, so we cant expect that kind of subtlety here.

Story is outrageously OTT and thats how it should be for a franchise that violently throws plausibility out of the window with much deliberation. Not much else to say about the story apart from the fact that it can easily be translated into a Bond movie. We're in that kind of villainous territory here and it is fun.

The action sequences are inventive, relentless, fun and tense. Some scenes are filmed in IMAX format and when seen on an IMAX screen, are breathtaking and immersing.

As well as Brad Bird's energised and retro direction, the cast really sparkles too. Cruise rocks as an action stunt hero. In fact more so now than he ever did. His traditional self stunt work in this series continues to impress particular in his skyscraper scenes. There is also more playfulness and assuredness in a role he has now worn into nicely. Simon Pegg gets a delightfully big promotion to join Hunt's team making us laugh throughout the movie. And Paula Patton adds an elegant sexiness to the MI team missions. Another new addition to the team, Jeremy Renner also gels smoothly into the squad.

This film has drastically rejuvenated the franchise that I now highly anticipate further adventures of Ethan Hunt and his new vibrant team, equally or even more so than the next James Bond movie.
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Bigger, better, Mission: Impossible
carry-9218 December 2011
I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise as a person and that sometimes influences my opinion on a film. Even with this point in the back of my mind I must say that Tom Cruise still got it. He's a fantastic actor who doesn't even chose to have a stunt double in MI4. I couldn't even think of trying some of these. Now to the main film. You may think it's going to be just like all the other action movies and all the other Mission: Impossible parts. But with every new part of the series it gets even more spectacular: the equipment is beyond imagination, the locations are mind blowing, the secret plans are super clever, the characters are cool and smart. Also the trailer was that good that I just wanted to see this at the movies and couldn't wait for it to be released. I haven't seen any MI film at the movies and this was definitely a great decision. The best action film in years.

I'm giving it a 10/10 because there was nothing I didn't like about this movie and it was worth every cent!
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Mission Impossible at its best!
Charlie Picart11 August 2015
The first half of the movie is probably the best action movie of the last 20 years. It is intense, well shot, engaging and absolutely stunning visually. The stunts and action set in Budapest, Moscow and Dubai and are absolutely fantastic and make the movie. Unfortunately the movie slows down greatly in the second half of the movie (or is it two thirds/one third?) in Mumbai and loses itself in some common genre traps: too much explaining stuff that doesn't make sense and some fairly 'average' action. It's a small gripe, probably half explained by the fantastic beginning of the movie. The cast is the best of the series: Jeremy Renner is a good addition, Lea Seydoux is a pretty cool villain and the female lead whose name escapes me is somebody I wish I would have seen in another movie? And Cruise is Cruise, he's the man in this saga. A great movie overall, well done Brad Bird!
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Mission: Impossible to watch
critique9924 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
*** Spoilers ahead ***

From the awful opening scene with Josh Holloway from 'Lost' hamming it up, you're wondering if this is a joke scene. Maybe it's a "Turn off your cell phone" bit. No, it's not, you're just at the beginning of a two hour odyssey of extreme Dell server maintenance.

Having read the general hyperbole for this movie, it's stunning at how thin the plot is and how pointless each action sequence is. This is not Bourne or Bond. If you're looking for a tense build up to all-out global nuclear war, you're better off checking out Wargames (1983). If you're looking for scene after scene of running and looking for codes then get in line here.

If you missed a car tumbling over Ethan Hunt in M:I3, don't worry, you can see it right here in M:I4. If you missed any previous server room break-ins, don't worry, M:I4 brings you not one but two of them. If you love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you'll love the fan and the tube scene, except Jeremy Renner doesn't know he has to burp! Oh those fizzy lifting drinks are trouble!

This by-the-numbers action flick gets tiresome very quickly as clichéd character back story is spoon fed to us at regular intervals with plenty of explanation. A lost unrequited love? Check. Guilt over an innocent's death. Check. Said lost love resulting in a ten second girl fight? Check. Futuristic super-car that turns up out of nowhere? Check. Character that is pivotal to the first scene and then turns up later for no reason to no avail? Check. The list just goes on and on. It's all mix and match character tropes, did the writers phone this in?

Simon Pegg's character has no back story other than pre-existing in the M:I universe and being English.

Even the nemesis of the entire operation has fairly little screen time or motivation other than being evil and mad. MAD I say! It might have worked for The Incredibles, but this isn't a cartoon. This lack of realism pervades the whole film, the police never show up, America lets a missile get within 500 ft of a West coast city without launching a full on retaliatory strike. Did they not watch Dr. Strangelove?

The classic Mission:Impossible mask reveal is a really weak one too. Secondary bad guy turns out to be oooooOOOoooo...... the other bad guy.

Spy movies need to have unseen before, secret spy gadgetry right? Well hold on to your socks because M:I4 brings you GPS navigation, chain mail and magnets, a USB memory stick and a reversible jacket, casual on one side and Russian formal on the other. OK, the magic gecko gloves were new but they're no exploding chewing gum.

Brad Bird and J.J Abrams must have a "Get out of jail free" card because if anyone else produced this movie it would have been savaged. Savaged in the same way as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, yet it will find the same audience and make lots of money.

On leaving, someone said, "Wow that was intense." Intensely boring you mean. In what's supposed to be a breath of fresh air in the action genre, this feels like a boat load of the same. Cruise fans should just watch War of the Worlds again or even the first Mission: Impossible

A word of warning, if you see the IMAX version with the 6-minute Batman preview, it only highlights the massive drop in creativity and originality that you're about to watch.
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Disappointing due to hollow screenplay, incomplete IMAX and primitive plot
ionov18 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A very much expected X-Mas premiere disappointed me very much.

The plot is primitive, except for the first 15-20 minutes most actions are predictable with virtually no drama. Action scenes are made with some care but are very mechanical.

The Burj Dubai (Khalifa) was where we expected some stunning blood-freezing action and there it was the action but blood did not freeze... The Moab scene in MI2 was one -- I clearly remember the cinema audience holding their breath, and one cannot stop comparing these two...

Those who go to IMAX version will be specifically disappointed when they realize only few sequences are filmed in IMAX format whereas during the rest of the movie you see coarse film grain and other low-res artefacts of a regular movie format blown to a huge IMAX screen as ... Why is that, dear Tom & Brad, the budget did not allow more?

In the absence of real or virtual drama the whole thing becomes flat and boring -- I wish they considered hiring Robert Towne again, for example... .

It is not very often that some characters are so irrelevant to the plot that а movie could live without them. Despite superb acting of Mashkov (russian cop Sidorov) I really miss why this character is in the movie at all ! Take him out and... nothing changes !

Paula Patton (Jane) - I am sorry but Jane is as "persuading" in the role of a field agent as Halle Berry was in JB Arctic story.

I'd better stop now and will not go into smaller details (read- spoilers). The nice side is that at least some of the sequences ARE filmed in IMAX, the opening soundtrack seems to have been re-recorded and is excellent, there are some nice areal IMAX shots of Dubai and Mumbai at night. Most of Moscow seems to have been shot in Prague or Wroclaw and does look very fake.

What else - Tom plays as he usually do but because of the primitive plot and dull screenplay there is nothing left to remember or comment. Knight & Day is what You remember, not MI-4.

I personally believe any review/rating higher that 7/10 for this one is a 90% fake ("stimulating") whereas 8-10/10 ones are 103% such.
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Pretty terrible
taz_z16 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I for the life of me cannot understand all the positive reviews for this film . The action was OK , the plot was completely non-existent as was the villain. Personally the first mission impossible remains the strongest in my view and the 3rd in the series whilst being far from a classic was passable mainly due to Phillip Seymour Hoffman (I will not mention the second for obvious reasons!!).

The film starts off well enough and after a high octane prison break our familiar hero Ethan Hunt is whisked into another impossible mission which results in his and his IMF team being disavowed (already sounds like familiar territory) . Along with Cruise Simon Pegg returns and is solid enough providing the comic relief they are joined by Jeremy Renner who feels vastly underused and lost in this material which is quite frankly beneath him. The gadgets become exceedingly ridiculous as the film goes they are used so much they fail to impress at all.

The last third of the film is where it really falls away completely and the final scene with cruise and Renner where a ludicrous sub story involving Hunt's supposedly dead wife is resolved feels so contrived and clichéd I was praying for the credits to roll.

Personally Mission Impossible 4 is indicative of the blockbuster action film today (barring a few eg Dark Knight), lots of product placement and ipads but zero substance and originality .
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The best 'Mission Impossible' yet is also our pick for the best action film of the year
moviexclusive14 December 2011
Summer is usually the time for big loud action-packed blockbusters like this, but let us tell you right at the start that none of the bombast we've seen this summer compares to what lies in store for you in the fourth big-screen adaptation of the 1970s television series. This is hands-down the best action film this year, boasting some of the most exhilarating action ever captured in a long while. It also restores Tom Cruise's marquee value as an action star, and we dare attest that any naysayer to Cruise's ability to resurrect the franchise he almost drowned will be silenced once they see what he does on screen.

Indeed, the last 'Mission: Impossible" from 'Alias' and 'Lost' creator J.J. Abrams was then easily the best of the series- though all that positive word about it couldn't quite triumph the bad press surrounding its star and producer Cruise's erratic behaviour. So 'MI3' ended up hitting a nadir for the franchise at the box-office, and Cruise's star wattage has never since fully rebounded. Trying to restore its lustre wasn't a mission impossible, but it was going to be an uphill task as well- if not only for the fact that it had to better J.J. Abrams' solid work.

That gamble has however paid off with an unlikely bet- choosing animation hero Brad Bird from 'The Iron Giant' and 'Ratatouille' to make his first live-action film. Bird is also of course the director of Pixar's 'The Incredibles' and there is certainly the same pulsating energy running through every frame of 'MI4'. From the very beginning, Bird places his definitive stamp on the series with a classy opening that sees IMF operative Ethan Hunt breaking out of a Russian prison. That sequence, which combines Dean Martin's 'Ain't That A Kick in the Head' with Steve McQueen's 'The Great Escape', is carefully executed and fluidly filmed- and both are signature attributes of Bird's style throughout the movie.

No 'Mission Impossible' film would be complete without the exotic locales, fancy gadgets and big explosions- but there is a certain finesse by which Bird assembles all these elements together into one package. So even as the setting moves from Russia to Dubai to Mumbai, even as the gadgets grow increasingly fanciful (one especially nifty device is a nifty retina-based mirror-like screen) and even as the explosions get more colossal (how about blowing up the Kremlin?), Bird never lets the adventure get frenetic, alternating confidently between quiet tension and full-blown action to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Riveted is what you'll be as Hunt and his team infiltrates the Kremlin to steal some classified intel about the Russian extremist Kurt Hendricks (Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist from 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'), then hoodwinks two sets of bad guys just one floor apart atop the Burj Khalifa, and then races against time literally in the crowded streets of Mumbai to stop Hendricks from precipitating an all-out nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Each elaborate setpiece is in itself a spectacle, and watching them unfold one after another quite simply takes your breath away.

But the most awe-inspiring- and worthy of singular mention- setpiece is Cruise's vertiginous climb up the glass exterior of the Burj Khalifa using suction gloves. It is Cruise himself way up on the 130th floor, and the authenticity of it shows in every second of Robert Elswit's breathtaking cinematography that is enough reason alone to catch this in IMAX. It is even more heart-stopping than you can imagine, not least when Cruise is left dangling with just one glove after the other malfunctions. Nothing else quite comes close to the sheer dizzying excitement of this sequence- not even the intensely gripping race- against-time climax with a good-old fistfight between Hunt and Hendricks in an automated parking garage.

Yes, Cruise isn't one to rest on his laurels, and at the age of 49, the extent to which he commits to perform the stunts in this movie by himself is simply amazing. When he is not attempting some death-defying move in the air or for that matter on the ground, Cruise uses his immense charisma to deliver a slickly captivating performance as the leader of the disavowed IMF. He also enjoys great chemistry with his supporting players- the tech whiz Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), the tough sexy female player Jane Carter (Paula Patton) and last but not least the enigmatic analyst William Brandt (Jeremy Renner). The banter between Cruise and Pegg is particularly enjoyable, the source of most of the movie's comic relief.

Their wisecracks may at first seem at odds with the gravity of the situation at stake, but ultimately these lighter moments provide a light zesty touch that ensures the movie doesn't sink into its own self- seriousness. Besides these instants of levity, the script by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec works hard to spin an intriguing espionage plot amidst the action set-pieces that harks back to the Cold War- though admittedly their most glaring failure is in creating a more compelling villain than simply another madman bent on world destruction. They fare much better drawing links between this instalment and J.J. Abrams' last, especially in explaining Hunt's absence from duty as well as Brandt's mysterious past.

Still, story isn't its strong suite, and Bird knows that well enough to keep most of his cards close and revealing just enough clues to keep his audience hooked. But the 'Mission Impossible' films were always going to be about delivering thrilling blockbuster entertainment, and it is in this regard that Bird truly shines. To say that the action on display is exhilarating is merely an understatement, and let us reassure you that the extra bucks you will shell for an IMAX ticket is worth every additional cent. It is quite simply the best 'Mission Impossible' entry yet, and the best action film you'll ever see this year.
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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Tyler Olson22 June 2012
This fourth entry breathes fresh life into the Mission: Impossible film Franchise. The original 1996 Mission: Impossible was a promising start, and now 15 Years and four films later, I'm happy to say that Tom Cruise has still got it. This franchise - unlike most these days - has still got its edge, and isn't showing any signs of losing it or wearing down. I could definitely see another episode being produced in the future. And we have Tom Cruise to thank for all of that... because he is, after all, the man who has carried these films. Cruise has not only starred in them all, but he has also been very involved on the development and production end, receiving billing as co-producer on all installments. Overall, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL offers lighter adventure - perhaps on a bigger scale than any of the previous films - and also features a stellar ensemble cast, and some of the best popcorn entertainment in a while.

Now pushing 50 years old, Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, sporting his M:I-2 Haircut, and looking as young and in shape as ever (and I say that having a staunch record of unblemished heterosexuality). He is complimented by a very well-cast team of agents. This team is better than any of the others Hunt has everworked with. It includes Chief analyst William Brandt (portrayed by rising star Jeremy Renner... nominated for an Oscar 2 consecutive years in a row for his performance in the films THE HURT LOCKER & THE TOWN IN 2010 AND 2011), a likable and easy-to-relate-to character, who also has a secret....Jane Carter, (portrayed by the lovely Paula Patton) another new addition to the team, who is tough and attractive. She's not only great as eye candy, but she serves as an integral member of the team.... Returning from his small part in M:I-3 is Benji Dunn (portrayed once again by Simon Pegg). His role has been expanded as he is now a field agent. He provides a lot of laughs and comic relief....This time around, Ethan Hunt leads this team of IMF agents as they try to prevent nuclear war with Russia.... That's the basic premise: If you want more plot details, see the movie!

I had the pleasure of seeing this film in I-MAX, during its limited I-MAX run, and I've gotta say - The I-MAX does very effectively enhance this movie, especially during one particular scene midway through the film, which has got everyone talking...

This film draws from each "Mission" blending the best ingredients from each one. Ghost Protocol, while lighter in tone feels closer to M:I-3 than to any of the others...Not surprising considering its scored once again by Michael Giacchino (Medal of Honor, UP, Lost, Star Trek, Super 8)and produced by M:I-3's director JJ ABRAMS (Alias, Fringe, Lost, Star Trek, Super 8). Its also like M:I-2 in that it features an unrelenting amount of action/stunt work......and Tom Cruise with long hair again...It even echoes the TV Series, because it has some of the same musical cues, and really makes the mission a TEAM EFFORT.

Now Ghost Protocol is less story driven/character focused than M:I-3, even if only slightly so. It really isn't too heavy on story, but does have a decent amount of character development, especially once it really gets going. I felt like we really got to know Ethan Hunt as a human being in M:I-3. This is true in Ghost Protocol, but not so much as in M:I-3. Some may say Ghost Protocol lacked a strong villain, like Owen Davien in M:I-3. While that's not necessarily a fault, I will say that it would have been nice to see another great villain coming off the heels of M:I-3.

One thing I love about these movies is that each one is so different from the last one. Each one has a different director, and therefore a different style, feel, and flavor. Brad Bird, known for his work in animation, helms Ghost Protocol. He was an surprising choice, considering he'd only directed animated films (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille) prior to accepting, but definitely a great choice.

Overall, M:I-4 is great popcorn entertainment. It has going for it some really awesome action sequences - one in particular that's truly remarkable, and an outstanding ensemble cast. Its definitely worth seeing in theaters, and owning on DVD/BluRay. One of my top favorites of 2011 and perhaps my favorite Mission: Impossible when its all said and done!
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Weak plot and screenplay...watch it if you're easily amazed
sarosh-mohammad18 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'll skip the details about the plot because you'll find it elsewhere and go straight to the weaknesses.

There is no doubt that the Mission Impossible series has always been an out and out action series and you never could expect anything more than that. However even going in with the same expectations I must say I came out disappointed. A lot of people will tell you that the action scenes were amazing and indeed they were. I can imagine how much hard work went into making those shots possible like the one on the outside of the Burj Khalifa and the one in the parking lot in Mumbai. But there is a fine line between making amazing stunts and making improbable stunts and MI4 erred on the wrong side more often than not.

I can start by pointing out things that Tom Cruise did that would even make Batman proud, for example falling from a good 10 feet and hitting your face onto a steel bar and coming out unscathed. there are many more but I don't want to point them all out and look like Im nitpicking.

Coming to the story line I must say I actually groaned when I figured out this would be yet another "Russia attacks US with nuclear missiles because of some misconception" kind of a story. Also there wasn't enough detailing given which left holes the size of craters in the plot.

On the plus side however is the cinematography which is spectacular. From Kremlin to Dubai to Mumbai, the cities have been captured beautifully which made it feel more like a Travel show. the acting is decent too.

However I must say I did not watch it on an IMax screen and I guess that did take away some charm.

So finally I'd say you can watch it if you're easily amazed. But honestly I'd watch the Bourne series again instead of MI.
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This franchise will self-destruct in - ooh, there it goes now!
NitrousMcBread17 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Some fella wants to blow up the world, or something. We don't know why, but it doesn't matter, 'cos it's that guy from the Millennium films, therefore your argument is invalid. No explanation is needed.

And now Tom Cruise is driving his amazing flashy Xenu 500 to some posh European cocktail party - or something - where all the doors have been unlocked by that British dweeb who used to be funny. We don't learn how he was able to do any of it, but no explanation is needed because OMG did you see that car.

Now let's pause briefly for another snippet of a weird, uninvolving and unresolved subplot about the wife... and straight back to Tom, faffing about on the outside of a big building, scampering around with a pair of customised washing-up gloves. Snore.

No-one looks to Mission Impossible films for detailed character studies, but there's literally nothing here to make us understand the motivations of the baddies or care on even a shallow level about the goodies. This is a crack-force team of androids for whom nothing seems much of a challenge. They have carbon-fibre bones which cannot break, and an electro-magnetic forcefield which repels bullets. And they're not programmed with personalities.

Tom Cruise is a strange one. He makes these hugely narcissistic films but doesn't seem to be offering any performances worthy of his own faith in himself. He polarises public opinion and doesn't have the broad groundswell of support to be able to afford to churn out such a lazy film at this point in his career.

Nice sandstorm though.
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Fourth entry of the Mission Impossible series filled with thrills , twists , turns and lots of action
ma-cortes4 March 2015
The undercover unit comes back into action with several fine spectacular scenes . The crack undercover agent Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) is again called back into action by IMF staff , his assignment is a crucial mission to take some nuclear artifacts . The outfit formed by stalwarts specialists (Paula Patton , Simon Pegg ,Jeremy Renner) execute a dangerous operation in the Kremlin , Moscow . But the IMF is shut down , forcing the President to invoke Ghost Protocol , when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin , causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name . Meanwhile, Ethan and his undercover bunch try to discover who set them up . Ethan and his group pursue the main suspect , Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist) , to Dubai where carry out dangerous capers .

This energetic movie packs unstopped action , hair-raising suspense , exciting thriller , frenetic pursuits and lots of violence . Well made high-tech hijinks and full of breathtaking set-up with impressive images . Tom Cruise performed the sequence where Ethan Hunt scales the outside of the Burj Khalifa tower himself without the use of a stunt doublé , the Burj Khalifa tower is the tallest building in the world , it is the Armani Hotel Dubai , the first hotel designed and developed by Giorgio Armani . During the filming of production, Tom Cruise did the majority of his own stunts including the skyscraper sequences to show the audience it was actually him ; this would allow director Brad Bird to have more capabilities with camera angles & not having to hide the fact it is a stuntman doing the stunts . The film contains an interesting as well as twisted story in flamboyant treatment , worth two hours'time, written by Josh Appelbaum & André Nemec and based on the vintage characters by Bruce Heller . Lalo Schifrin's classic score television is again well reused here , at a much higher decibel level and adding a stirring soundtrack by Michael Giacchini , fitting perfectly to action . Fascinating and luxurious cinematography by excellent cameraman by Robert Elswit . As usual, Tom Cruise co-executive produced , along with J.J. Abrams , Josh Appelbaum , Bryan Burk , David Ellison , but not the usual Paula Wagner ; in fact this is the first Mission: Impossible film not to be produced by herself . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Brad Bird , though this is his live-action directorial debut . He's a successful producer , writer and director with a lot of hits such as ¨Ratatouille¨ , ¨Iron Giant¨ and ¨The Incredibles¨ . Rating : Better than average and well worth seeing . The tale will appeal to Tom Cruise fans and unstop action movies fans. The film made $693 million at the box office worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing installment in the franchise ; it also surpassed War of the worlds (2005) to become Tom Cruise's highest grossing film as of 2012.

Other installments from this popular and successful series are the followings : ¨Mission : Impossible¨ by Brian De Palma with Tom Cruise , Ving Rhames , Jon Voight , Henry Czerny , Kristin Scott Thomas , Vanessa Redgrave Emmanuel Beart , Jean Reno ; ¨Mission : Impossible II¨ by John Woo with Dougray Scott , Thandie Newton , Richard Roxburgh ,John Polson , Brendan Gleeson ; ¨MI 3¨ (2006) by J. J. Abrahams with Philip Seymour Hoffman , Ving Rhames, Maggie Q, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and in preparation ¨Mission : Impossible V¨ (2015) by Christopher McQuarrie with Jeremy Renner , Simon Pegg , Ving Rhames , Rebecca Ferguson , Sean Harris , Alec Baldwin and , of course , Tom Cruise .
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MI-4: Toilet Protocol (w/ spoilers)
dezell62 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Easily the worst in the MI franchise. It's movies like this that make me wonder how movies ever get made. The story is a badly regurgitated Cold War plot that requires the ghosted IMF team to stop a Russian physicist trained in special forces martial arts from acquiring nuke launch codes and starting Armageddon.

Apparently, since the global economic downturn, a spy organization as sophisticated as IMF doesn't have the budget for foolproof self-destruct phones anymore. The newly assembled ghost IMF team is comprised of incompetent misfits;

Ethan Hunt - As every super hero since Superman and Batman can tell you, personal relationships can be difficult, particularly if you choose a "civilian" (non-super hero) to be your spouse resulting in every demented supper villain coming after them as a means of striking at the Achilles' Heal of the super hero - Duh. Ethan was well aware of this danger since MI-1 when Kittridge used coded news footage of his aunt/uncle being arrested to uncover his location. Everything that Ethan hunt did was pointless; he saved a fellow Russian prisoner as future collateral for contacting a Russian connected with black market weapons - unnecessary and he probably could have gotten the same information from a Google search. He infiltrated the Kremlin as an aged but youthfully well built Russian general and failed to prevent a national disaster, resulting in an annoyingly re-occurring cat-and-mouse chase with Russian intelligence. Lastly, he has a wife that he can never talk to - huh?

Benji (the tech guy) - is plagued by delusions of grandeur and suffers from AADD. Even when presented with the opportunity to go undercover in Russia, Benji just can't manage to shut up, even though his "English" mutterings might just give away the fact that he is not a Russian officer. Every gadget this guy touches malfunctions. Apparently, the American version of James Bond's "Q" leaves much to be desired.

Agent Carter - after leading a failed op that resulted in the death of not only her key agent, but apparently a secret love interest, she battles with a schizophrenic bout of manic depression. When ordered not to kill potentially important sources of information what does she do - she kills the important source of information (instead of properly incapacitating them - what, no knock out serum?). During her one important mission to seduce an Indian mogul, she displays a neurosis that oddly proves sadistically seductive. The goal is to procure his coded access to his satellite in order to prevent the Russian physicist from transmitting his launch codes. Which they ultimately fail to do. But thankfully there is always a backup shutdown switch in a briefcase!

Agent Bradt - another failed agent whose covert mission to protect Ethan and his wife while on vacation ended in a muddled cover-up operation to disguise Ethan's wife' witness protection plan as a faked death. Otherwise, he is utterly useless in preventing his boss from being killed or bad guys getting lose.

Bottom line, the story was underwhelming and lacked a clever/complex layered story, and was instead a sappy, corny, comedic parody of previous MI films. So, if you are expecting hi-octane drama, nail biting suspense, and memorable acting, skip MI-4 and see War Horse.
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I could be sent back to boot camp for this review
A_Different_Drummer12 July 2016
A MI movie starring Cruise co-produced by Abrams and directed by (OMG!) Brad Bird should be a no-brainer.


It should be one of the best films of all time and we the viewing public should be grateful it was made in the first place.

But this reviewer begs to differ. Respecfully.

Great opening sequence. And although the remainder of the film is technically perfect and has some of the best special effects ever put on film, the rest of the movie fails to live up to the opener.

You ask why? Because of the mechanical plot, the lack of humanistic connection, and shallowness of the villain (who best resembles the shape-changing robot from Terminator, has only one purpose, keeps popping up, never changes tempo or facial expression and has almost no dialog).

Lets drill down a bit deeper to see where they went wrong? The original TV series (yes I saw them all, I am old) had a plot device which worked at the time. No matter how carefully the IMF plan was, something always went wrong at the last minute.

This astonishingly over-written film has taken that single trope and used it in virtually every scene!! The entire film is essentially about carefully laid plans that do not work.

This is not the way to build a successful film.

This entry, in spite of the talent behind the camera, is not one of the best in the series.
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Film of the year. Believe it.
markdroulston14 December 2011
Is there anything Brad Bird can't do? Interest was certainly high when it was announced that the animation director would be making his live- action directing debut, choosing to tackle the third sequel in the Mission: Impossible film series. Brian De Palma's first, while it hasn't aged well, is a tense 70s style thriller, John Woo's M:I 2 increased the action but lowered the intelligence, and in 2006 JJ Abrams reinvigorated the franchise with the exciting and highly enjoyable M:I 3. But all of the previous films have been completely left in the dust by Bird's Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, a strong contender for film of the year and perhaps one of the finest action films ever made. To have pulled off such a feat is somewhat remarkable for Bird. While certainly an immensely talented director (best known for The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, two films which would rank highly on any respectable list of greatest animated movies of all time), the ability to transfer his skills to live-action on the scale of M:I – GP with such flair sets him apart as a filmmaker with immeasurable gifts, and one of the most interesting directors working today.

So what is it about M:I – GP that works so well? Tom Cruise, returning as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, once again puts everything he's got into his role. This franchise is clearly Cruise's baby, and the famously passionate star characteristically doesn't shy away from the more perilous stunt work. The level of commitment shown by Cruise is staggering, whether he's clinging to the side of the worlds tallest skyscraper (130 floors up!), or throwing himself down several levels of a parking garage. Say what you will about his eccentricities, but the man takes a pounding at every turn of this film only to rise and face down the next challenge, the very definition of a fearless performance. Also of note is Simon Pegg making a welcome return in a much larger role than the last film, and his wisecracks and facial silliness provide much needed relief from the relentless suspense of the narrative. The story is somewhat familiar as Ethan and his team fight to stop a psychopathic genius (Michael Nyqvist) hell bent on starting world war three, but what could be a fairly standard affair in less capable hands is turned into something wonderful by Bird.

As you can probably gather, the real star of M:I – GP is Brad Bird. From a dialogue perspective, the film is surprisingly minimalist, as the director boldly lets his spectacular visuals speak for themselves, rather than relying on too much exposition from his characters. Likely because of his background in animation, where the visual style comes literally from the hands of the artist, Bird's compositions and framing are so meticulously crafted, particularly in some of the more pulse- pounding set pieces. The aforementioned skyscraper climb is one of the most exciting sequences I have ever seen in a film, but it's merely one of several fantastic scenes constructed by Bird and his team. Even in the quieter moments, seemingly unimportant small gags (Hunt shedding a disguise for example) add so much to the film, like the delicate icing on a huge, many-layered cake. As welcome as a new animated film from Bird would be, the astounding quality of M:I – GP suggests that anything he chooses to do from this point will be hotly anticipated. Whether his Pixar compatriot Andrew Stanton can pull off the same transition with next year's John Carter remains to be seen, but for now, Brad Bird seems to be a director who can do no wrong.

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A pretty poor effort
evan_harvey17 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
How on earth did this get 8.1 on IMDb? I have no idea. Admittedly I haven't paid much attention to the series since the first one, so I assume they've dropped the serious side and tried to go action-comedy, ala The Evil Dead series.

So where does it go wrong? Firstly, the mix of comedy and seriousness is like oil and water. A film like True Lies did it well. Even though the stakes were high, the underlying comedy was well played. In Mission:Impossible 4, there's a weird mix of slapsticky humour, and serious action film violence. It doesn't work very well. Think Mission Impossible 1 crossed with Shaun of the Dead. To be fair, there's a few funny moments, but they're few and far between.

The plot is awful. I have no idea why some random guy decided to start World War 3. There's some weak justification given, but it doesn't make sense. Apparently the bad guy is insane, and that's reason enough. I mean, hey! Why waste time actually telling a coherent story? The dialogue is okay, but the pacing and scenes are shambolic. There's no tension (as befitting the brink of World War 3) in the film.

The action is okay. There's some explosions, the tallest building in the world and so on, but it's all pretty rushed and weak. Due to the fact that the writer decided not to have a decent storyline, everything the team does seems poorly planned and haphazard. There are no twists in the story, and no suspense. Because the audience is never really sure what the stakes are, it makes for a dull film. The characters are worthless, and there's no audience connection to them.

Cruise is in pretty uncharismatic mode; Pegg is miscast (well, no, Pegg is a great comedy actor, but more correctly the role is miscast); Renner is dawdling in the corner; the other cast members are mostly just going through their paces. The bad guy is okay, but he's largely just an after-thought.

I knew that the film would suck; I was just surprised at how much it sucks. The writer was very lazy on this one. The direction is competent without being great.

4 out of 10. I wouldn't even bother til the DVD is off new release and in the weekly aisle at the video store.
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Should have called it "Stunts and Special Effects " Pt 4
BigWhiskers9 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In the way of movies - MI4 Ghost Protocol is another in a long line of let's fill up the screen with as much crap as we can . Busy does not mean good - it's boring. The same jump off a rooftop, car chases, crashes , fights , etc etc etc. MI4 tries so hard to take itself seriously but instead ends up one long car chase so to speak. Tom Cruise does his usual look at me I'm trying to be cool act which is about the same thing he does in every one of his movies. His team of agents also does the we look cool so watch us do these cool things . The plot if there is one about the Kremlin being blown up is boring - I fell asleep halfway through and wanted to just go home. The backers of this series are beating a dead horse trying to milk whatever else they can get out of it no matter how bad the script is or how long in the tooth Cruise gets . Sad thing is ,this movie will make money because Cruise's name is attached to it. Too many fanboys out there who don't care if a movie sucks as long as their boy or girl is in it will plunk down the bucks to see it over and over. 1/10 -Bomb
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Mission: FAILED
chewline-tv2 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well... Where do we start...? The biggest thing I'd like to know, is whose idea was it to make the Mission Impossible franchise into a cheap slapstick comedy?

Cruise does not seem to sit well with the role of Ethan Hunt this time, in this format. He just never looks comfortable with the amateur comedy routines with his fellow cast-mates. It's just a bad, cheesy film. It lacks sophistication; no charisma; the action is B-movie-ish from start to end and style makes all the gadgets seem rather pathetic. There's just no depth to it at all.

After the smooth style of the third instalment, this one drops the baton spectacularly. It feels dis-jointed and never finds a flow which could pull it all together. Even the music doesn't seem to work. You're just left not caring whether this new band of jokers fail/succeed, live or die.

Very poor attempt.
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I Have No Words, But I'll Try
alan-51-11197414 March 2012
I really don't know where to start with my criticisms of this godawful movie.

Let me start by saying that I want to suspend my disbelief when I watch something, try as I might I failed with this one.

I think the main problem might be that I'm not 13 any more.

It seemed to me like a big budget live action version of Gerry Anderson's "Stingray", minus the submarine but with all the crude racial stereotypes. Whilst I loved Stingray as a child, that was the mid 60s.

If I have to deal with the facts here goes. The movie seems to exist in a pre-911 bubble (perhaps pre-90s bubble) where apparently an agent can have millions of dollars invested in order to break him out of prison and then have a choice about whether he wants to accept a mission.

There's an unfortunate death due to someone looking at their iPhone. At that point I was obviously supposed to sympathize with the murdered not the murderer but alas no.

The prison guards appear to be dressed in the uniforms of Russian submariners, I thought that clue might lead somewhere but apparently no, someone just felt that it makes them look more Russian.

I have to stop there because this post would end up being too long. There are just too many holes, too many racial stereotypes, the sleazy Indian was a particularly unpleasant highlight... but wait... there's also the cold and calculating Swede (who appears to have a German name).

The cast have zero on-screen chemistry, the set action pieces are nothing new, the plot is ridiculous, the script is retarded, the score is predictable, the editing is lazy and even the product placement fails.

Simon Pegg is good though, essentially adding the same lightness to the movie that he did in Star Trek.

Tom Cruise, even though he was at the center of most of the action seemed almost invisible. Like a poorly rendered CGI recreation of himself.

I think even if I was 13 I'd feel cheated by this very expensive stinker.

It's "Team America" without the satire.

I'm not a hater, I wanted to like it, I failed. I really could go on but I feel there's no point. This movie made me feel diminished as a human being.

The studio and Director really think we're THAT dumb. The box office takings and IMDb rating prove that we are.
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The Thrill's Long Gone.
en_blanche23 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched 'M:I Ghost Protocol' this afternoon. At the end of the movie, I thought, 'are you kidding me?' The plot wasn't well written. There were too many useless characters. And the mission couldn't be considered impossible at all.

"There's a Russian police who was chasing Ethan, accusing him and his organization for the bomb in Moscow. IMF was shut down. Ethan and the other 3 formed a team. They had no support and less tools. They were expected to stop a nuclear war and to prove that they weren't responsible for Moscow bombing." ---which sounds quite difficult and interesting to me. But in this movie, everything was so unbearably easy.

Giving Ethan's team tons of hi-tech tools, They could go in and out every building in the world. They could destroy the buildings' properties or hack their system without being noticed. Without being noticed? that sounds unbelievable, does it not. Oh, yes, villains. There were only 3 villains (fewer than Ethan's team) with, no hi-tech gadgets, even no bodyguards. They shot people but police never came. Simply unrealistic. And let's just forget about the Russian police sub-plot which was considerably meaningless.

M:I Ghost Protocol is somehow watchable so I gave it 5 stars. Although, in fact, I was very disappointed for it couldn't thrill me at all. If anyone asked me 'was the movie good?', I'd say---FORGET ABOUT LOGIC and it'll worth your while.
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