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Awesome suits
MR-ODIN24 February 2020
This movie contains some throughly enjoyable moments that are on par with some of Downey Jnr's highlights as Tony Stark. The relationship between Pepper and Tony is taken further and built upon brilliantly in this movie. It contains some really cool and innovative action scenes which are taken for granted now. However the poor villain, a pattern in Iron Man Solo Outings, and the lack of direction meant this is easily the poorest Iron Man Performance. It's still an entertaining watch but you wouldn't be wrong if you skipped this movie when rewatching MCU Classics.
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A Nutshell Review: Iron Man 2
DICK STEEL29 April 2010
Downey Jr continues his smirky role as the playboy and laissez-faire persona of Tony Stark (no Downey Jr, no Tony Stark I'd say!), now facing a life-threatening intoxication situation, and constantly having to deflect the US military's interest in and compelling him to turn over the Iron Man suit. Then of course there's the romantic angle with Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts who gets expanded screen time here, to whom he hands over Stark Industries to by appointing her CEO. I had enjoyed all the scenes between Paltrow and Downey Jr as they shared great chemistry, and didn't mind that the film took the pause from the action to throw the spotlight on this. In fact, Stark is pretty much the Santa Claus in giving away things, having to face his mortality and to put some business continuity plans into motion. A little too bad that the scene in the teaser trailer highlighting the banter in the plane didn't make it to the final cut.

But all work and no play makes him a grumpy soul, so enter Scarlett Johansson as Natalie Rushman, his new sexy private secretary from the legal department who is more than meets the eye. Johansson has now proved that she's got it in her to be in an action film, and her limited action scenes here will surprise and leave you breathless. Mickey Rourke seem to have picked off from his Wrestler role in playing the Russian villain Ivan Vanko, riding on the parallel and theme of Fathers and Sons, whose father was seemingly played out by Howard Stark, and is finding it apt to finally take it out on Stark Industries using similar technology the earlier generation developed, and now backed by sugar daddy industrialist Justin Hammer, played by Sam Rockwell. Rockwell plays the classic business rival bitterly humiliated by Tony, and from observing Ivan's potential, decided to bankroll the Russian's capability for the US military. Hating a man in common make for strange bedfellows indeed.

Cameo wise, there's Stan Lee if you can spot him in a brief moment, probably his easiest and non event-filled one to date given he's just standing around, Samuel L. Jackson continuing his role as Nick Fury of SHIELD, now assessing Tony Stark to determine if he's indeed the man they need for his top secret boy band, Gary Shandling as the senator pursuing the weaponization of the Iron Man suit for the military, and of course, director Jon Favreau himself who continues his role as Stark's chauffeur Happy Hogan, and you can tell his acting itch from his expanded role in getting in on the fun rather than just solely standing behind the camera.

But of course the tongues will wag whether Don Cheadle can pick up from where Terrence Howard left off. Whatever the reason may be for the latter's departure, he will likely be kicking his behind now for leaving the project. That anticipatory look Rhodes had in the first film at the metal suit worn would bring a smile to any fanboy in the know of what would be the next logical step, and frankly speaking I would have enjoyed some continuity here. But having a different actor in a role done by someone else in a preceding film isn't something new, and Cheadle stepped in confidently from the start, helped by the script which puts it in point blank terms that he's there now, and they should move on. Well said, and great job on being War Machine, in a best-friends-temporal fallout subplot which accounted for the action at the midway mark.

Justin Theroux, who wrote the screenplay for Tropic Thunder, took over the scriptwriting for this film, doing the narrative justice with plenty of fan-moments, and oh-not-so subtle merchandising opportunities that Tony Stark would be proud of. The excellent casting has the brilliance of Theroux's story to thank for in keeping the many subplots in check, making Marvel fans happy through the plenty of easter eggs peppered around, coming up with an intoxication of a different sort for Tony Stark to deal with and a chance for him to go back to the drawing board, getting his hands dirty with the building of something.

Action-wise, yes there is only a handful of them, but each of them brought something to the table in terms of excitement, thrills and spills. The special effects and graphics here were one up against the previous film, and it was a definite visual feast especially when suits got up against suits, warranting a second look at the film just to catch everything that's happening at the same time. The finale was a full 30 minutes worth of action end to end and features the Iron Man-War Machine tag team up, which served up a lot more than what we've all glimpsed from clips here and there. Singapore, this is yet another opportunity to be proud of with our compatriots also involved in the visual effects department, ala Kick-Ass.

Iron Man 2 is set to convert the non-fan, and is crafted so that newcomers to the hero could jump right into the fun without needing to watch the first one (why haven't you!). For Marvel fans though, you have Jon Favreau to thank for whetting all our appetites in making this film the teaser to the other upcoming Marvel films such as Captain America, Thor, and I will be right there to holler Avengers Assemble! when the time comes. Stay until the end of the credits for a scene which will make you salivate. A-One!
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Really good sequel
masonsaul21 November 2019
It isn't as good as the original but Iron Man 2 is still a really good sequel. Robert Downey Jr. once again gives an incredible performance and is extremely charismatic. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell all give great performances. Jon Favreau's direction is really good and it's consistently funny. The CG is impressive and the music by John Denney is good. However, Mickey Rourke is wasted as a forgettable villain and the final battle is a little short.
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Pleasantly Surprised
ccthemovieman-19 October 2010
I was pleasantly surprised with this, thinking that it's probably another sequel that doesn't match up to the original. I was wrong; I thought this was better, a more likable and entertaining film than the first! Of course, it helps to know in advance that the "hero" ("Ton Stark," played by Robert Downey) is even more obnoxious in this film. Knowing that, I didn't let that bother me and just enjoyed the good acting in here and the excellent special-effects.

Mickey Rourke ("Ivan Vanko") is almost always interesting to watch so I enjoyed his role, too, even if I had a hard time understanding his Russian accent.

The story is, yes, sophomoric but most action films today are. Just enjoy the funny lines, CGI, the pretty women (Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johannson) and wild heroes and villains and you should get your money's worth out of the viewing. See it on Blu-Ray and you'll enjoy it that much more.
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Acceptable sequel packed with frantic action ,thrills, moving scenes and dazzling production design
ma-cortes27 June 2011
A well-intentioned and interesting plot based on the characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby , following the events developed in ¨Iron Man I ¨ and repeating the main actors . Because of his superhero alter ego, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) must contend with deadly issues involving the government, his own friends and new enemies . With the world now learns of his dual life as Stark is submitted to the armored pressure from the government, the press, and the public to share his technology with the military , being only helped by SHIELD agency formed by colonel Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) . Unwilling to let go of his invention, Stark, along with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side , must forge new alliances and battle evil enemies as Vanko (Mickey Rourke) and Justin Hammer ( Sam Rockwell). Heroes aren't born !. They're built !. Get ready for a different breed of heavy metal hero !. Prepare for heavy metal! Even heroes fall !. Unleash the power behind the armor !. It's not the armor that makes the hero, but the man inside !

Nice performance by Rober Downey Jr as superhero Iron Man, the billionaire inventor named Tony Stark who faces powerful enemies . This spectacular comic-book movie contains fantasy , noisy action, humor , romance , thrills and is pretty entertaining. This is a dynamic, fast- paced and fun movie . Full of action , it's complemented by exciting images, thrills and breathtaking scenes , including groundbreaking computer generator special effects . The picture relies on terrific flying sequences , rousing fighting , and relentless pursuits . The attractive story is made believable and the script has more pace to it than former film titled ¨Iron Man I¨ also directed by Jon Favreau ; both movies result to be an intense variation on Stan Lee's comic book creation . Our superhero, well incarnated by Downey Jr dons splendidly the metallic armor , the reason for he can be identified the rest of his life as Iron Man and he deserves credit for remaining true to character . Breathtaking array of technical effects with impressive set pieces illuminate the Iron Man's full-blown adventures . The amazing plot is pure entertainment and with screenplay by actor/writer Justin Theroux , based on characters created by Stan Lee , as usual appears in a brief cameo . Overwhelming production design , though full of digital effects with impressive scenes and portentous fights . Rousing musical score fitting to action by composer John Debney and colorful cinematography by cameraman Matthew Libatique .The motion picture was professionally directed by Jon Favreau , an ordinary secondary actor who triumphs as fimmaker with ¨Zathura¨, ¨Elf¨ , ¨Iron Man I¨and of course in this ¨Iron Man 2¨ .This big budgeted movie was compellingly made by John Favreau , directing brilliantly this superhero story . Subsequently , Favreau shot other spectacular and family movies with similar technician and artistic style : ¨Jungle Book¨ (2016) and ¨The Lion King¨ (2019) . Rating : Interesting and passable sequel .
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Pretty good sequel that's entertaining, explosive and sexy.
blanbrn9 May 2010
"Iron Man" is not my favorite superhero(that place goes to Batman)nor does he rank ahead of Wonder Women still Tony Stark is an interesting cocky sucker of enough character to watch. As "Iron Man 2" for a sequel really delivered. As director Jon Favreau once again kept the action rolling with special effects and kick ass action sequences. Once again Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark former weapons mogul turned special agent Iron Man. This time his challenge is a Russian villain named Ivan(Mickey Rourke fresh off his classic performance in "The Wrestler") who wants to destroy the world with his new chemical and high tech weapons. And Sam Rockwell struts as a money hungry arms dealer.

Returning is Gwyneth Paltrow as Tony's girlfriend now company CEO. And to spice up the picture a real treat of eye candy is Scarlett Johansson as Natasha who's sexy as hell! She becomes a new superhero! Really this film is a showcase for cutting edge technology that shows human inventions. And it was nice to see a cameo by Bill O' Reilly too. Overall this picture is a good treat of action and explosive technology. Probably a watch for any comic book fan.
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An exhilarating and funny superhero sequel.
khanbaliq211 June 2010
Iron Man 2 is a fine sequel. Almost the whole cast returns intact, and director Jon Favreau has more screen time in his role as Happy Hogan. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is riding high after the events of Iron Man (2008). He has become famous worldwide, and he re-institutes the Stark Expo. But problems begin to pile up. Another wealthy industrialist wants his Iron Man technology. Then a new villain appears. Stark's relationship with his assistant Virginia Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is also expanded upon. There's a lot going on in the film, but its rather weak script hurts it for sure. Mickey Rourke as the villain Ivan Vanko stands out. He's more menacing than Obadiah Stane was in the first film. Vanko's first encounter with Stark leads to a thrilling fight scene. Unfortunately Rourke's character isn't fully developed. This is a problem with other characters in the film as well. Vanko is a memorable villain but if Rourke was given more screen time and his character had more of a backstory I'm sure he could have been even more memorable. Still, Rourke tried to make his character as complex as he could.

The film's special effects are excellent. Some of the time, however, they're used on shootouts and explosions that don't produce much excitement. There's a lot more humour this time around. I was smiling or laughing during most of the film. Scarlett Johansson as the beautiful Natasha Romanoff gets to show off some impressive martial arts moves. It's rather funny afterwards because no one else can fight like her. Overall, the film is not as good as Iron Man. Still, it's an entertaining summer blockbuster and the performances are solid. I wasn't expecting much from the film but was pleasantly surprised. I recommend Iron Man 2.
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Very entertaining, much better than I thought it would be!
Gordon-1130 April 2010
This film is about Tony Stark's fight against the US government and a man who wants revenge for what the Stark family did to his father forty years ago.

I found "Iron Man 2" very entertaining! It alternates between adrenaline and mischievous scenes. Scarlett Johansson is a great addition to the story, I was impressed by the way she pulled her character off. Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke also gave amazing performances.

I was particularly impressed by the fights at the end. The fighting sequences are cool, and all the action happens against a visually spectacular expo. I think "Iron Man 2" is worth watching just for the ending alone. I think "Iron Man 2" is great entertainment, and it's even better than "Iron Man".
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tedg18 May 2010
Common sense hits the front office at Marvel's adventure in movie-making. Until now, they've just made bad films. Bad.

The basic problem, I believe, is that the rest of the world is out exploiting the third dimension and Marvel insists on making flat movies. Even Spidermen, where the character lives and fights in space was flat. All of a sudden, Marvel and ILM wise up. This not only matches but excels what we have at this time in terms of complex three dimensional motion.

The camera flies. Objects fly and the two weave in ways new to us. The camera is usually placed in some relatively stationary place to allow you to see what is going on. That place is removed from the action. Sometimes the camera becomes or emulates a POV of a flying or moving object as if it is in the action — or perhaps a character. The game in this new future is a matter of combining the two so that it has the properties of both, but is neither.

Done well, it generates pure cinematic excitement. Done well, it overwhelms everything else and thrills because it is so otherworldly. It is done well here. Done well. And it doesn't have to be used to cloud deficiencies elsewhere. All is at least competent and some things: Downey, Rockwell and the production design are excellent.

This dimensional thing is done so well that it is mirrored elsewhere. Stark's computers have a hand and voice manipulatable three dimensional, haptic, multiaffordance holographic interface. The motion is less important here than the notion of projected dimensionality. His nemesis? Well, he manages an entire army of drones by a single QWERTY keyboard and a DOS-like display. The contrast is, I think a deliberate thing. They would have pimped up Stark's machine anyway, but having the contrast is a subtle narrative reminder of the difference in dimensionality of the thing.

Oh, it is also mirrored in the two women. One is a lighthaired, ponytailed redhead who never leaves the plane. The other is a fiery darker redhead with wild hair (in her real persona) who in a remarkable fight scene is profoundly three-dimensional.

Samuel Jackson has decided to do anything, work anywhere, take any pay cut to be the face of the master organization that watches us. I think he knows that this legacy will live for generations, planted in juvenile minds eager for explanatory conspiracies. These theories for some reason rarely are discarded as kids age. It is his face now that is often associated with the leader of the new demigods the genre is creating. Smart building of intellectual property for someone with limited range.

Downey. What a guy. Let's hope he takes some of his power to create projects that matter in some way beyond merely thrilling by advancing the craft of seeing.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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I thought the sequel to Iron Man was a blast
Aaron137513 May 2010
This film did almost the same amount of business as the first film, but a lot of people consider it an inferior film. I am not one of those people, I actually think it is just as good as the first film. The first film had a bit more polish, but this one had more bang for your buck as the last action sequence in this film has more action than all of the cation scenes in the first film put together. They did recast Rhodes in this film substituting Don Cheadle for Terrance Howard, but quite frankly I thought it was an improvement. Cheadle just has a better presence than Howard and though they recast the role because Howard wanted more money, I think it worked in favor of the studio because Cheadle is a better actor. All the other primary players are accounted for as Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow is back as Pepper Potts. The two do great as a very eccentric pair and I thought Mickey Rourke as the villain was an improvement over Bridges in the first film. I just am not seeing what others saw that make them say that this film is a worse film than the first one.

The story has a man in Russia with ties to Tony's father blaming the Stark family for all the misery that he and his now dead father have had to endure. He designs his own reactor and a pair of whip like weapons. Meanwhile, Tony is having problems as the U.S. government wants the Iron Man suit and the reactor in his chest is killing him at a rapid rate. So, thinking his time is limited, Tony goes crazy trying to live every moment as if it was his last. This leads to him to giving away his possessions, wearing his Iron Man suit to his birthday party and driving a race car. It is during the race that he first comes face to face with the new villain Ivan Vanko. Vanko is stopped by Iron Man, but his stay in prison is shortened when Justin Hammer, who is desperately trying to design his own Iron Man suit springs him in the hopes Vanko can create him the suit he yearns for. Tony soon gets information on a way to save himself and it all culminates at an all out battle at the newly opened Stark expo.

The movie to me was fun as they brought back most of the cast and as I said, I thought the one they had to recast was an improvement. Also, introduced in this film is Natasha Romanoff who gets to showcase her skills a bit in this film. A lot more than Hawkeye would get to showcase his in his first appearance in the first Thor film. I enjoyed the Iron Man suitcase armor in the first fight with Vanko and I liked how Vanko looked in that fight as well. Something primal as a man with just a couple of whips and slight enhancers on the body trying to challenge the hero.

Once again, not sure why this one is thought of as inferior. Tony was dying, that is why he reverted a bit to the jerky out of control self. He was just trying to enjoy his last days. I heard a lot of complaining that the final fight with Vanko was not long enough, but that was only one portion of the final action scene. Before that you had Iron Man being chased by drones while Romanoff was kicking butt at Hammer industries and then you had Iron Man and War Machine fighting against the horde of drone robots. Like I stated earlier, this final action scene was long and had a lot going on. The humor was still good and there was still heart to it. To me, this film is just as good as the original and the action was actually better.
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Iron Man 2 is Totally Worth it.
BwSwim10 May 2010
For some reason this movie had not been getting the greatest critic reviews. I do not understand that at all. I thought the movie was very enjoyable and a successful sequel in the series.

For anyone who has seen the first Iron Man you can expect much of the same in this movie. Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark like he is meant for the part. He has the same sarcastic wit and self-confidence that is evident in his other movie roles. Gwyeneth Paltrow, as Pepper Potts, has a comes more to the forefront in the sequel. I also personally love that Jon Favreau is the driver for Stark/Potts, and that he gets into the action a little bit. You have to respect the director for that, even though Jon has done plenty of acting himself.

Normally in when they replace someone in a sequel with a different actor/actress I am very upset. However, Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2 as War Machine/Lt. Rhodes made me happy. This is similar to what happened with Maggie Gylenhal in the Dark Night.

Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury has a bigger role, and it leads all the viewers into wanting The Avengers movie to come out immediately. Scarlett Johansson also showed up with some impressive stunt work, along with her always gorgeous looks.

All in all it was a well done sequel. The plot is not too convoluted to follow. The new villain, played by Mickey Rourke, is very impressive and fun to watch. The action scenes are all entertaining but they do not completely drive the movie. The only thing that I wished for leaving the theater was a longer final fight scene.

Also, make sure to watch after the credits!! It is short, but worth it.
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EVERYTHING you would want in a movie and much more!
MovieMystro27 April 2010
The makers of this film held nothing back. When it works, as it does here, it rekindles even a cynic's movie love. So kudos to Downey, Paltrow, Cheadle, Scar-Jo, Rockwell, Rourke and especially Favreau. What a film! It is a sight to behold. Every scene was captivating, whether it was full on armor action or the charismatic "down time" delivered by the best cast possible. Isn't that what movies are suppose to be about? It's good to see the response to the movie has been, for the most part, positive. I've noticed that sometimes expectations are unreasonable or some fans are too attached to their comic book preconceived notions. (X-Men and Wolverine fans I'm looking right at you!) Iron Man 2 stayed close enough to its roots and I hope most judge it as a film first. If you do, I'm almost certain that everyone will enjoy it as much as I did.

It easily fulfilled and then exceeded all of my expectations. The only thing I worry about is that they may be setting expectations for that Avengers movie too high. How can it possibly live up to the standard these movies are setting and setting up????? Iron Man 2 is EVERYTHING you would want in a movie and much more! It is a special treat when a sequel reaches up and delivers an excellent film that you thoroughly enjoy as much if not more than a beloved first installment. It truly feels like they just paused and kept telling the same story but with more of an edge. Hopefully, they can do it again and skip that third movie curse. Think of it as another installment and they'll be fine. Fitting Avengers in to the mix is even more fun to think about but I heard that Favreau will be involved with that as an executive producer. So, I'm not worried. In the meanwhile, we can all enjoy this film because it stands on its own but as a great part of a running saga.
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Marvel fanboys strikes again
Seth_Rogue_One20 November 2016
Yet another ridiculously high rated Marvel movie, we get it Marvel fanboys you just love it when a new Marvel movie comes out, so much that you forget any flaws in it and give it a 10 or a 9 anyways.

But come on seriously? Wouldn't you rather they spent a little time at actually writing a somewhat decent script and making it a bit more entertaining than to praise EVERYTHING they do to the skies just because you want a new chapter in the Marvel universe?

Cause this is NOT a good movie, 35 minutes of decent at best action and 85 minutes of nonsensical blabber.

Mickey Rourke was the only highlight in this movie, the scene at the racetrack with him was really cool but then he just became a wasted opportunity just like the rest of the movie.

A really boring turd of a film.
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And that's coming from a neutral viewer:Iron Man's astonishing return!
drakula200530 April 2010
At first, when a heard about a second installment, i thought, i was unsure in it, because Jon Favreau is relatively new on the director's chair, so could he pull of another classic superhero movie?The answer is simple-YES! I saw it in its opening day and the theatre was full.I went along with a few friends, and all of them loved it!Here are some things, we all agreed we liked.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT:It was pretty good in this movie-making aspect, although it is an action movie, there is some quite exciting development, especially the leads.Don Cheadle made a perfect substitute of Terrence Howard, and looked pretty good in the movie.So did the Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlet Johansson's heroines.For me, Scarlet is one of the most gifted and talented and in the same time, the most beautiful actresses in the last decade and even more.And last, but not least, of course, the Iron Robert Downey Jr., making one of his unique, specifically for him, roles.He is smart, funny and in the same time, well, action hero type of guy-he adds so much to this otherwise, stereotyped role.Sam Rockwell was a little irritating, but that's what his role is supposed to be, and to those who have doubts, yes, Mickey Rourke made a decent and interesting role again.

TIMING:Almost perfect, except, maybe, the opening credits and a few over timed scenes afterwards, everything was alright and on the perfect spot.

PLOT/STORY:I finally can say it-YES, the day has come.A day, where superhero movies haven't got just CGI, put a pretty decent story, attached to the normal amount of CGI.Well, hard to say normal, a little bit over-the-top, but nonetheless fun, when you get use to the headache.The humor was perfect, brilliantly touched to the smallest line.And most importantly-it's not that predictable-i don't mean the ending, but the development, leading to it.Excecutet skilfully, when looked from this point of view.

CGI:10/10, nothing else to add.Believable Flawless.Perfect.

With no big flaws or plot holes, very funny dialogue, skillful acting and good directing, Iron Man is definitely the best movie of the year so far.The perfect blockbuster as well.I'm glad a saw it, and if the first one didn't made me a fan, this one did.I can't wait to see it again.Cheers to Iron Man Amazing! I would've given this a ten, but with some very few weaknesses, i'll lower this a little, although it did make me a bigger fan than before...

My rate: 7.5/10
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It just has an energy to it that can't quite be described in words!
Hellmant14 September 2010
'IRON MAN 2': Five Stars (Out of Five)

Like many second films in popular fantasy / action franchises (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK', 'THE DARK KNIGHT', 'SPIDER-MAN 2', 'ALIENS', 'TERMINATOR 2', 'X-MEN 2', etc.)'IRON MAN 2' takes what worked about the first film and totally ups the ante and creatively expands on the characters and drama of the first film to probably it's emotional and entertaining peak! It in many ways blows the first film out of the water. Although the action is a lot less frequent than you might expect, from a big superhero blockbuster extravaganza like this, when it does happen it's breathtaking; the race-car fight scene, which happens about a third of the way into the movie, is so cool it's mind-blowing and it's also emotionally intense (It's one of the raddest scenes I've ever seen in a movie and the rest of the movie never quite tops it; so the climax does happen pretty early on but that's OK, there's still plenty of quality movie left even so).

What's best about the movie is not the action though it's the character drama and dialog; it would be a crime if this thing doesn't at least get an Oscar nomination for best screenplay, although I'm sure that's a crime that will most likely be committed (Robert Downey Jr. also unarguably deserves a nomination for his acting performance as well though). The movie is jam packed with some of the most witty clever dialog and interesting character development I've ever seen in a blockbuster like this! The whole thing is a very complicated psychological character exploration, all revolving around the most fascinating superhero character to ever hit the big screen; the eccentric somewhat mad genius that is Tony Stark (once again insanely but amazingly portrayed by Downey Jr.).

The film centers around Stark's battles (not with bad guys and world threats, but) with health issues (he's being poisoned to death by the machine he created, in his chest, that initially saved him), alcoholism, a Government that wants to take control of his technology for what they say is the good of the country and his overall fight to keep his sanity dealing with all this stress. Throw in Sam Rockwell as an impressively portrayed billionaire tech rival and Mickey Rourke as a soft spoken madman bent on revenge against the Stark family, who he blames for stealing his father's ideas, and you've got a complete circus act of oddly interesting characters. There's also Don Cheadle cleverly taking over the role of Stark's best friend James Rhodes (although Terrence Howard in the first film was better), there's a little Samuel L. Jackson being cool like always and there's some more Jon Favreau (more than the first film) that adds some nice comedic touches. There is a very sexy Scarlett Johansson playing another super hero named 'Black Widow' but the female characters are a little underdeveloped compared to the men.

You can tell it was written by a man (actor Justin Theroux who's only other writing credit is co-writing 'TROPIC THUNDER', another Downey Jr. scene stealer); the women dialog is mostly important plot advancement stuff but with the guys 80 percent of it could have been tossed and the plot would have been intact but it's just so natural and entertaining; like real people shooting the breeze! That's the brilliance of the film! Favreau has also come pretty far as a director; he's much more polished now and knows what's most important to the film. The whole movie just has an energy to it that can't quite be described in words. It's an astonishing film going experience if you really like film!

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Great beginning and end, not so great in the middle
Velociraptor25629 April 2010
At its high points - the first act and the climax - Iron Man 2 is actually better than the first film. Everything up to and including the action scene in Monaco is just great fun to watch: the action, the character interactions, and of course Robert Downey Jr's wonderful portrayal of Tony Stark. And the action scene at the end is pretty epic.

The problem is, the film just stops being so much fun in-between. In a large proportion of this time, it's either going too slowly with little happening that's exciting or even particularly interesting, or it's providing some silly moments like Iron Man lounging on a giant display donut. To be fair, there's no problem with the many subplots this movie has: they all blend together quite smoothly.

The acting in this film deserves credit: almost everybody does a great job. Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow are just as entertaining as they were in the first film, Jon Favreau gets more to do as Stark's chauffeur, Don Cheadle is actually a little better than Terrence Howard as Rhodie (again, maybe because he has a bigger role), Mickey Rourke portrays a decent but overall ordinary villain, and once Scarlett Johansson is allowed to do something substantial with her own action sequence, she's well worth watching. The only weak link is Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer, who gets quite annoying after a while.

Overall, Iron Man 2's slow middle section prevents it from being better than the first film as a whole, which is a shame considering how brilliant the beginning and end segments are.
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Another magnificent superhero sequel.
Romarth28 April 2010
Reading Iron Man 2's plot summary, things sound bleak for our characters. But not at all. This is a breezy, light-hearted, inoffensive affair that saunters at a magnetic pace, with emotional discomfiting a far thought. Which is pretty refreshing, to say the least. In fact, Iron Man 2 is the complete of antithesis of recent comic book movies. For one, it certainly isn't darker than its predecessor, absent its slow-burning first half and latched-on social commentary. It also gives itself the poetic license to stretch credulity. This is a movie about a man who flies around in metal suit, blasting away multicolored-haired Russians with electric whips. Realism simply doesn't apply, and thankfully director Jon Favreau and writer Justin Theroux take affectionate liberty with the bonds of belief. Yes, Ivan Vanko can secretly build super technology unbeknownst to his suppliers. And yes, the only way to incapacitate a drunken Tony is to beat the crap out of him in a Iron Man suit. No complaints here!

Iron Man 2 is also very much Iron Man's superior, although partly by default. The first movie was stuck with a pedantic origin story. However, the sequel had no shortage of possible paths to take. Which did it choose? The way you should always go; the road of characterization. Rather than tediously expand upon its universe, Iron Man 2 simply reprises its dramatis personae and sticks them into situations graver than before, upping the ante but reiterating the overall heart and spirit of its predecessor. The characters are well-etched, each snappy exchange rendered with a mature pathos that contrasts with the spurious scenarios that they feature in between of. Iron Man 2 could easily be called a comedy, but the naturalism of the comedy is seamless; you get the sense that it would be impossible to write this movie without having these vibrant characters joke and jeer.

To bring the clever screenplay to life is the phenomenal cast. Robert Downey, Jr., as always, is effortlessly captivating. Charisma defined and an scandalously unsung master of versatility (he's not just playing himself, people!), it's no breaking news that he's still one of the most watchable actors ever. He is the perfect Tony Stark, and a more-than-worthy representative of the thinking man's action star. His chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow as the pragmatic Pepper Pots is electric, and she too turns in a fine performance. Wistful, but by no means a damsel in distress, she is probably the realest character.

The baddies, just as essential as the hero, don't disappoint either. Another wrong from last time round successfully remedied is the lack of genuinely menacing villains. Jeff Bridges honored us with his always-welcome presence in Iron Man, but his warm affability was anything but menacing. This time, however, Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell (oddly, both novices to blockbuster attention) are on duty, offering more than enough bang for your villainy buck. Rourke as Anton Vanko/"Whiplash", supplements a composite of the unintentionally hokey showman, supercilious mastermind, and the seemingly unstoppable behemoth. This effectively fends off one-noteness, and Rourke perfectly embodies the duality of Vanko's deceptively boorish visage and surprisingly vast intellect, while still indulging in the welcome irreverence that comes with the comic book villain (his Russian drawl is humorous but gives him an otherworldly conviction).

Rockwell, on the other hand, is flat-out comic relief as Stark's weaselly rival – though not necessarily a threatening one – Justin Hammer. He is excellent in the part; an absolute delight to watch, whether irascibly mugging in a loss for words with his insubordinate partner Vanko or, in one of the movie's best moments, shamelessly accolading his own (faulty) inventions with juvenile zeal.

Unfortunately, with all these characters butting heads for screen time, co-stars Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson as Tony's pal Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes and eventual partner War Machine and alluring temptress of a new assistant Natalie Rushman, respectively, are given the short straw. Both are more than able of carrying a scene, but while the script lavishes Tony with many moments in which to brood his way into some fine character development, and to convey Pepper's many grievances, neither supporting character is as lucky. Cheadle's moments of potential are all obstructed by the War Machine suit, and everything otherwise requires him to lucidly voice reason as a foil to the devil may care Tony. Johansson is a non-event, her Natalie Rushman an amoral nothing role, and her Black Widow guise is not so much daring femme fatale as listless sex symbol. She acts as merely a vessel for fan service, be it in her skintight suit for the general audience or that she represents another stepping stone to an Avengers movie for esoteric comic book fans.

The movie is inter cut between the scenes of terse characterization and octane action. The latter is a dizzying combination of rapid vicissitudes and toe-to-toe skirmishes, high on CGI, low on genuine peril. In fact, Iron Man 2 could quite possibly have been a masterpiece of the genre had it lived up to its first forty minutes of exuberance and intrigue. But once the clumsy pugilism of Iron Man and Whiplash takes place, the movie falls flat. The power play is nonexistent, because it's hard to believe anyone could stand a chance against ol' Shellhead. And if no sense of alarm can be conveyed when Iron Man is caught in an unusually melee showdown, the flight sequences leave no impression. Yes, the special effects are astounding, but it's all for nothing if there's no dramatic undercurrent.

Otherwise, please, don't mistake my raving for fanboy hyperbole; Iron Man 2 is great. It's well-written, well-acted, and simultaneously a loving throwback to comic book norm and a break from recent tradition. It's a rare occurrence to be thankful for, because God knows if this follows the superhero trilogy formula, the third one will suck. Which would tragically make this movie's thrilling departure from cliché null and void.
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Possibly Better than Original!
g-bodyl30 September 2010
I went in the theaters with an open mind ready to expect the best and that is what I got. Iron Man 2 is just as good maybe even better than the first one. Robert Downey Jr is superb as Tony Stark once again. I also loved the performance by Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. I didn't expect much out of him. And of course we all know why Scarlett Johansson is here.

This movie takes place right after Stark becomes public. He has to deal with the government who wants to take his suit and Whiplash who wants to kill him because of his father, Howard.

I loved everything here. I enjoyed the action, the chicks, the cars, the special effects, and much more. The only thing I really hated was that Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard. I love Cheadle's acting but Howard was perfect in the first one.

Overall, this is a fantastic sequel. I hope they make Iron man 3 and I can't wait until the Avengers in two years. I rate this film 10/10.
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Complex but FUN..... Believe The Hype, GREAT film.
sidfargas4 May 2010
Iron Man 2 delivers action with great emotional moments and a movie that lives up to all the hype it has generated. It hits a high standard of excellence by combining humor, a complex plot, breathtaking action sequences, a heavy dose of self discovery and realization, betrayal, forgiveness, love and puts it all together in one amazing package. All too infrequently, a much hyped blockbuster hits the mark with such power that it resonates above all others. Iron Man 2 is such a movie. Much like the first film, it's truly deep and complex but sacrifices none of the fun. The inner turmoil worked well, the beautiful thing is that we can relate to each character, especially that of Tony Stark. Stark's indomitable charm mixed with his flawed character makes this hero more interesting then most. Mark my words; Iron Man 2 is a movie people will be talking about all year if not for years to come. Iron Man 2 delivers action with great emotional moments and a movie that lives up to all the hype it has generated.
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Excellent again
andro-dolic1 May 2010
I am big lover of superhero movies and I really enjoy in them and it looks like I found myself in them . I like when I see Batman,Spiderman or maybe Iron Man . I was very surprised when last year I read article in newspapers that in 2010 is coming Iron Man 2 . This is one of the most expected movie in this year . I am surprised with more one fact . Why is movie coming a week earlier in Europe than in USA . I decided that I will watch this movie because I expected it so long . Then I saw trailer in cinema and I knew that it will be something spectacular . I was so excited and I didn't want to miss it .

When I saw this movie I knew it that I can't be disappointed . Whole first impressions were great and I thought that I will again watch one masterpiece . This movie is something what I can't miss . There are maybe few things which made this movie a bit worse but I don't mind it .

Jon Favreau directed this movie and he acted Happy Hogan . His directing is always full of imagination and great sense for entertainment . His funny appearance entertained me . I can still say that he didn't screw this serial . I can also say that his directing was completely different from first one because from one simple movie we got one big astonishment . I knew that i can't be disappointed with his directing . I can still say that his connecting of every part was on higher level and he got the best from whole cast .

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man was again excellent . Looks like he is enjoying in acting of this superhero . I can see that he isn't missing chance of his life because now he showed how he can be so good . Actually I like his performance from Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man . His sense for fun and great action made this movie great . I couldn't believe that from one I can say boring acting to great relaxed acting . He is again showing simplicity of one superhero . He was so realistic .

Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko was great . No matter what I liked performance by Jeff Bridges but Rourke was definitely better . He made this movie great . His damn good performance deserved award "The Best Villain in 2010" . I can say that every his appearance was superb . If someone made this movie more amusing than first that was him . I think that he is definitely great choice by Jon Favreau . His convincing acting and something what is called sense for acting was great . I can see that he was on level .

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts was again in one difficult role and she acted her role the best that she could . I can see that she was on level maybe sometimes she had some failures but again something what we could see in first part . Her role was difficult but she found herself in it . Maybe she wasn't the best part of movie but I can't say that her performance is bad . She sometimes was in some her world but good performance .

Don Cheadle as War Machine or Rhody was pretty convincing . His acting was in some cool style and I was fond of it . He surprised me so much because I didn't expect strong performance by him . There were so much parts when he was on level . I was surprised because he made big progress because of weak performance by Terrence Howard in first part . He was also great choice by Jon Favreau . I think that this movie is really better made .

Scarlett Johansson as Natalie Rushman was pretty good . She had good performance no matter what her appearance was based on her beauty what is definitely truth . Maybe sometimes she had some downs but many times she had her ups . I was very surprised because she was in some hand entertaining . Her movements were good and every scene was delighted with some her sense for appearance . I think that she is so good actress .

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury wasn't so good but he had a style . He is definitely valuable actor and you can see how his sense for acting .

I think that this movie was the best of superhero movies .
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A Pure Masterpiece!
sacflyzone29 April 2010
This is, without a doubt going to be one of my top 10 movies of 2010, quite possibly the number one film. I really can't see anything that could possibly top this film. One of my favorite movie going experiences EVER. I was thrilled with Iron Man back in 2008 but this takes that experience and adds to it. I'm so happy to report that unlike other sequels made only for a cash grab, Iron Man 2 delivers on every front possible. There is no doubt why IM2 will be the box office smash of 2010. With good reason, the film is well worth the price of admission, more so then any movie I've seen in years. Director Jon Favreau has done it again, with great style and flair. The new actors are injected perfectly. Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell and even good old Garry Shandling are exceptional. We all knew Scarlett Johansson could handle the sex appeal but she's especially good as Tony's new assistant/SHIELD operative. Don Cheadle trumps Terrance Howard's Rhodey in every way. I'm also relieved to report that Robert Downey Jr. and Gwenyth Paltrow are even more amazing in their lead roles. They've really grown in to embodying these wonderful characters. What many don't realize but soon will is that this film has tremendous depth. The lead characters all respond to turmoil and are fleshed out beautifully. Judging by the commercials, people may expect wild action but they are going to be pleasantly surprised at the complexity and depth of the film itself. What only adds to the experience is the fact that they managed to deliver fun in to the equation. This masterpiece is one of those rare summer event movies that really does deliver something for everyone.
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A Festival of Special Effects, Explosions and Shattered Glasses
claudio_carvalho26 September 2010
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) discloses to the world that he is the Iron Man and the senate presses him to deliver his technology to military purpose but Tony refuses telling that he has brought peace to the world. Meanwhile, the evil Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) surprises the world attacking the Iron Man in Monaco with his armored suit. Ivan is arrested but Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) releases him simulating his death. Meanwhile Tony is depressed expecting to die sooner and Lieutenant Colonel James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (Don Cheadle) steals an armored suit from Tony and brings it to the army. The high command delivers the technology to Justin Industry to weapon the armor and Ivan builds an army of remote controlled suit of armors.

"Iron Man 2" is a festival of special effects and shattered glasses. The hero Tony Stark is an unpleasant and arrogant character and the film is recommended for fans of Transformers and explosions. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Homem de Ferro 2" ("Iron Man 2")
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Iron Man 2 Review
Al_The_Strange6 May 2015
In the first Iron Man film, we saw an arms manufacturer develop a conscience and become a hero trying to clean up the mess his company left behind. A follow-up was inevitable, and Iron Man 2 would continue to track Tony Stark's moral journey through even more highs and lows.

Among the high points of the film, Iron Man confronts a new villain that pops up out of the blue, who trashes some race cars and sends them flying down the track. The film's climax pits Iron Man against a whole contingent of drones, before Iron Man and War Machine team up in an explosive all-out fighting sequence. All this action is really cool, but the film still dishes out plenty of amusing banter and interesting thematic material to keep everything even.

Unfortunately, the film suffers a few low points. In spite of the dramatic issues the film tackles, the pacing is not always perfect; scenes in-between the action can be a hit-or-a-miss. This is because the film juggles a lot of different things in its plot. It is notable how the film continues to track Tony Stark's growth, for even though he embraced a new identity as a hero, he still has his ego to contend with, and it gets him into all kinds of trouble in this film. These scenes do dig up significant levels of conflict, and ultimately, it presents a compelling account of how Tony's obsession with technology and fame gradually erodes his soul and isolates him from the people around him. However, the film also tosses in other random elements - including a Russian bad guy who has no real relevance to the story's main conflicts, and some random scenes with Black Widow and Nick Fury that only serve to whet audiences' appetites for 2012's Avengers. In spite of these haphazard plot points, the film doesn't necessarily congeal well, making for a rather uneven story.

Fortunately, the film looks good, with decent photography and editing. Robert Downey Jr. continues to excel as the main character, while Gweneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson are all fun to watch. Mickey Rourke has some cheesy parts (especially with his "I vant my boid" line), but I think he's good most of the time. Writing is okay, but probably could have used more refinement. This production features good-looking sets, props, costumes, and special effects. John Debney's music score is pretty awesome.

Iron Man 2 is decently-entertaining and its story has a few significant points to make, but it is rather mixed, and it has led many viewers to regard it as an inferior sequel. Regardless of its issues, I find the film perfectly enjoyable.

4/5 (Entertainment: Good | Story: Mixed | Film: Very Good)
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One of the most enjoyable films I've ever seen
socrates9921 May 2010
You need very little persuasion to fall into this movie's utterly entertaining world. I really can't imagine anyone not liking it. Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sam Rockwell in particular all put in near perfect, memorable performances. But it's the very well written story that carried the day, for me. It's not real deep but it's not mere window dressing either. What would Ironman do if requested to give his technology to the military? And how would he handle toe to toe competition? And there's more, but it's better you see it rather than hear about it.

John Favreau is clearly gaining in skill and ambition as director while still being willing to feed our male fantasies. Scarlett is a great example as the lithesome Natasha Romanoff. No graphic novel could ever match her role for visual female sumptuousness and sheer beauty. You'll wish there was more of her though wisely Favreau leaves you slightly frustrated.

All in all a fun movie way beyond my expectations. But I'm glad I'm not Favreau. What could he do to top these two movies?
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great stuff
disdressed1222 May 2010
i had high high expectations for this film,since the first one was so good.i'm happy to say i wasn't disappointed.there is more going on this one that much is certain.Sam Jackson returns as Nick Fury head of Shield in a expanded role.Mickey Rourke plays a baddie(with relish and gusto)Scarlett Johanssen's character is underwritten and underutilized,which is unfortunate,because the character is rife with's hoping they remedy that situation in the upcoming avengers film.Sam Rockwell has an interesting role.Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard as Lt.Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes,and i have to say,i think he is a better fit.and of course Robert and Gwyneth return as Pepper and Tony.and we finally get to know Pepper's actual first name.for me,Iron Man 2 is a 10/10
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