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Thor Is Now Officially Marvel’s Longest Running Solo Franchise

With yesterday’s news that Taika Waititi will soon bring Thor 4 to theaters, the God of Thunder quietly slipped past a major Marvel Studios milestone. With a fourth film incoming, the Thor series is now officially the longest-running franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though he may not be as ubiquitous as Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark or Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, whose appearances in the McU have each hit the double digits, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will be the first Avenger to receive more than the typical trilogy. It’s also likely, thanks to the finale of Avengers: Endgame, that this will be the only Phase One series to continue on past Phase Three.

Both the Iron Man and Captain America movies wrapped up their storyline within three standalone movies and a few Avengers team ups (of which Thor was also a part of). Robert Downey Jr.
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The Fourth Wall Podcast: Duncan Jones Looks Back on Moon After Ten Years

Michael Ahr Jul 19, 2019

Duncan Jones reflects on his directorial debut, Moon, as the sci-fi Sundance darling receives a tenth anniversary 4K Ultra HD release.

After Moon garnered praise at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, director Duncan Jones won a BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Director, and the science fiction story starring Sam Rockwell quickly became a modern classic. Now, upon the tenth anniversary of the movie’s release, new viewers and established fans alike can enjoy the story of a lone astronaut in the final stretch of his three-year contract mining the lunar surface in a special 4K Ultra HD release available today. We spoke to Jones on The Fourth Wall podcast about what new things might pop off the screen in this high definition version of his first film.

“I hope things that are going to pop off are going to be in a good way,” he joked.
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You Can Totally See Samurai Jack Creator Genndy Tartakovsky's Influence on Marvel's Iron Man 2

I don’t know about you, but I completely forgot that director Jon Favreau hired Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky to do some storyboard work on the action sequences for Iron Man 2. This fact was brought to my attention again thanks to CinemaBlend and after watching Iron Man 2 again, I can totally see Tartakovsky's influence on the film!

I never really thought about it before, but when you watch the film with Tartakovsky's style on your mind, it sticks out like a sore thumb! The way some of the action sequences play out and the choreography are just classic Tartakovsky.

The animation director was trying to get into Marvel Animation back in 2008, but was ultimately told to get a hold of Favreau, who happened to be a big fan of his work. After they met, Favreau brought him on board! In an old interview with AICN, Favreau said:
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All 58 Marvel Movies Ranked, Including ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

All 58 Marvel Movies Ranked, Including ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’
With over 30 years of theatrically released Marvel movies, it’s always a good a time to rank ‘em all, from “Howard the Duck” to this year’s “Captain Marvel,” “Avengers: Endgame” and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.”

57. “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”

It’s just a nightmare. A total nightmare. There have been a bunch of bad superhero movies, but this one transcends bad.

56. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A totally chaotic stir fry of nonsense that tells the story of how Wolverine got his claws. Features a version of Deadpool that has his mouth stapled shut, which should tell you all you need to know about it.

55. “Elektra

That five minutes where they tried to turn Jennifer Garner into an action star really didn’t work out well, huh.

54. “X-Men: The Last Stand

Just a total mess, incoherent from the word “go.” Might have killed off the superhero genre were “Spider-Man
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Tom Holland Reveals Someone Else Played Peter Parker In The McU Before Him

Spider-Man’s introduction into the McU back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War opened up a plethora of possibilities for crossovers. A curious one that fans quickly took to, however, was the idea that Peter Parker had actually appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe many years prior.

If you’ll recall, in Iron Man 2, a young boy wearing an Iron Man mask was rescued by Tony Stark at the Stark Expo. Given that we know Peter’s a science nerd and a big fan of Tony’s, it made sense that this could’ve been him. Turns out it was, as Tom Holland has since confirmed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige considers it to be canon and that the kid we saw in the aforementioned sequel was definitely a young Peter Parker. However, it obviously wasn’t Holland playing him.

This is something the actor spoke about once
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Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe As Phase Three Ends

We have come now to the end of Phase Three for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The just released Spider-Man: Far From Home represents an end to this part of the McU and a pause before a new era gets underway. Next year will bring about Phase Four, with some very unique possibilities. As always, when a new Marvel work is put out into the world, I like to take that opportunity to re-rank the films in the franchise. Now 23 movies deep, they’re truly a force in the industry. It’s no secret that I loved Spidey’s latest adventure, but how does it stack up? Well, look below for your answer… Here is how I would rank the McU (with prior commentary), now that Spider-Man: Far From Home is out in theaters: 23. Thor: The Dark World – If this is the worst that Marvel can do, we’re in a good place.
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Shazam! Alternate Ending Replaces Superman With The Entire Marvel Family

Shazam! may not have hit the box office like a speeding locomotive, but those who did see Zachary Levi’s comedic spin on the World’s Mightiest Mortal were very vocal about its heart and charm. As of yesterday, fans can purchase the digital download of the film, which comes jammed packed with extras, including an alternate ending that swapped out that awkward Superman cameo with the whole Marvel/Shazam! family.

With its sizable cast of children actors and a reliance on family-friendly humor, Shazam! feels like an outlier amongst the films of the Dceu. In fact, when compared to the franchise flagship Man of Steel, the superhero comedy almost feels like it’s set in an entirely different universe. Therefore, it kind of makes sense that those behind the scenes wanted to end the movie with a Superman appearance – no matter how poorly done – to tie it all together.
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Justin Hammer Could Return As The Villain In Spider-Man 3

Avengers: Endgame brought back a ton of familiar faces from the McU that we never imagined we’d see again, but there’s one character from way, way back who fans have wanted to see make a return for a while now and it still hasn’t happened. Of course, we’re talking about Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer, who proved to be a thorn in Tony Stark’s side in Iron Man 2.

Sure, the sequel itself was a bit of a mess, but the actor was a hoot, arguably making Hammer one of the best of all the anti-Stark type villains. Thankfully, then, Marvel still has plans for the character, and they hope to bring him back into the McU sooner rather than later, from what we’re hearing.

So, where could Sam Rockwell happen to re-emerge? Well, we previously reported that a Thunderbolts film might be in production,
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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Composer Michael Giacchino Leading 7th Annual ‘Musical Anatomy Of A Superhero’ Comic-Con Panel

  • Deadline
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Composer Michael Giacchino Leading 7th Annual ‘Musical Anatomy Of A Superhero’ Comic-Con Panel
Exclusive: The Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel is making its way down to San Diego Comic-Con for the seventh year in a row, and the film composer symposium is not only upgrading from the Hilton Indigo Ballroom to Ballroom 20, but Up Oscar winner and composer of The Incredibles and the latest Spider-Man franchise Michael Giacchino will be this year’s guest moderator.

The composer panel will take place on Thursday, July 18 at 11:30 a.m., and this year’s dais of film score-smiths includes Pinar Toprak (Captain Marvel, Krypton), Benjamin Wallfisch (Shazam, Hellboy), Sherri Chung (CW/Wbtv’s upcoming Batwoman, Super Girl), Blake Neely (Batwoman, The Flash) and Christopher Lennertz (Amazon’s upcoming series The Boys, Agent Carter).

As is tradition with Musical Anatomy of a Superhero, fans will get to see unseen footage of upcoming projects like Batwoman and The Boys. The event is produced by Costa Communications and sponsored by Ascap.
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Nat Takes A Ride Through Budapest In New Black Widow Set Video

We’re now less than two weeks away from the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and once Peter Parker’s latest solo outing has completed its journey to theaters, the next McU movie on the agenda will be the long-awaited Black Widow solo flick. As it stands, Marvel Studios remains stingy with the details on the upcoming prequel, but with filming now underway, fans have recently been getting a steady stream of set material to pique their curiosity.

Just take this newly surfaced video, which features Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double on a motorcycle. The footage was reportedly recorded in Budapest, a city that holds mysterious significance in McU lore. Specifically, Natasha Romanoff and her friend Hawkeye have long referred to the Hungary capital as the setting for an important event, and the fact that Black Widow is shooting in the area has given fans hope that we’ll
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Ray Winstone Joins Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Ray Winstone Joins Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ (Exclusive)
The Departed” star Ray Winstone has joined Marvel’s “Black Widow” standalone movie, sources tell Variety.

Stranger Things'” David Harbour and “Midsommar’s” Florence Pugh are also on board to star alongside Scarlett Johansson. Cate Shortland has signed on to direct from Jac Schaeffer’s script, with Kevin Feige producing.

Marvel had no comment on the casting. The film is currently in production in London.

Plot details for the standalone “Black Widow” pic are unknown, though it’s expected to follow Marvel’s other films that focus on a single hero as an origin tale. Winstone’s role in the film is also unknown.

Since Johansson first appeared as Black Widow in 2010’s “Iron Man 2” and with the more recent increased attention on women-led films, there’s been a push from Marvel fans for Black Widow to get her own origin movie like every other Avenger. With the
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Kevin Feige Teases Big McU Revelations In Black Widow Movie

Fans were crying out for a Black Widow solo movie for years, with its continual omission from the McU line-up causing much annoyance. Now, we’re finally getting one, though it comes in the strange situation of the world watching the character dramatically die in Avengers: Endgame just two months ago. As such, it’s all but confirmed that Black Widow will be a prequel.

This fact makes its early inclusion in Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 somewhat confusing. After all, since her first appearance in Iron Man 2 audiences have come to know Natasha’s history and character very well, so what new ground can a prequel really cover? Well, Kevin Feige recently spoke to io9 and was asked just that and proceeded to lay out his thinking about what they want to accomplish:

“There’s a method to the madness. There’s always a method and doing things in an
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Mythbuster Adam Savage Goes Viral for Building a Real Iron Man Suit That Flies — Watch

Mythbuster Adam Savage Goes Viral for Building a Real Iron Man Suit That Flies — Watch
Adam Savage, best known as the former co-host of Discovery Channel’s long-running science and technology series “Mythbusters,” has gone viral for building his own bulletproof Iron Man suit that flies. Savage and his team used a 3D printer and other technological innovations to build the real-life superhero armor. The video of Savage’s efforts, published online by CNET, has earned over 2.3 million views in its first two days online.

Iron Man last graced the big screen in this year’s record-breaking tentpole “Avengers: Endgame,” which served as a swan song for the character. Iron Man/Tony Stark was played by Robert Downey Jr. since the 2008 “Iron Man” movie, which kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Savage’s real Iron Man outfit resembles some of the prototypes Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark was working on in “Iron Man 2.”

The last time time an Iron Man suit made so much
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Here’s How Keanu Reeves Could Look As The McU’s Namor

One of the most notable heroes from the Marvel canon who’s yet to appear in the McU is Namor the Sub-Mariner. Despite being one of the comic book universe’s oldest characters – dating back to 1939 – the mutant monarch of Atlantis hasn’t ever had a movie made about him. But it’s looking like his time is about to come in Phase Four.

Rumors suggest Namor could go toe-to-toe with Wakandan king T’Challa in Black Panther 2. If that’s the case, Marvel will need to start looking for the perfect person to play the part. Maybe someone like Keanu Reeves? Not convinced? Just take a look at this incredible artwork which imagines what the John Wick star could look like as the commander of the oceans, courtesy of Reddit user Mandal0re:

Incredible Fan Art Casts Keanu Reeves As Namor 1 of 2

Click to skip

More From The
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Why Filming in Monte Carlo Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Home to the super-rich, the Monte Carlo quarter of Monaco has a long tradition as a filming location for projects that want to convey the glamorous lifestyles of the wealthy elite.

Just 1.24 miles across (about half the size of New York’s Central Park), Monte Carlo has nevertheless squeezed in an array of high-end productions, such as James Bond films “Never Say Never Again” and “Golden Eye,” “Ocean’s Twelve,” “Iron Man 2” and TV drama “Riviera.”

Many of them come for iconic Monte Carlo locations such as the Casino de Monte Carlo, the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo and Casino Square, while taking in the yachts in the harbor and making the most of the approximately 330 days of sunshine on the French Riviera.

“Monaco adds a natural and inimitable touch of glamour and luxury to all films,” says Axel Hoppenot, exec VP of sales and marketing at the Monte-Carlo
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Stan Lee May Cameo In Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

Going back years, it’s become expected that True Believers be treated to a Stan Lee cameo whenever the latest film based on a Marvel property hits theaters. Granted, it hasn’t happened in every instance, but we’re all guaranteed to smile whenever “The Man” suddenly pops up as some random character. Whether it be in a production from either Disney, Fox or Sony, there was always a chance for the legend stopping by.

Unfortunately, the recently released Endgame was the last cameo Stan was able to put in before his untimely passing. Still, the possibility remains that we may see him once the much buzzed about Marvel’s Avengers video game drops next year.

While speaking with creative director Bill Rosemann, Gamespot asked him whether Lee’s virtual counterpart will appear in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ interactive adventure just as he did in Spider-Man’s Playstation 4 opus. Although
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Narrowing it Down: 11 Great Movie Scenes Set in Corridors

Juliette Harrisson Jun 10, 2019

Some of the most memorable movie sequences take place in the most unremarkable of locations: a simple corridor. Here are our favorites...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

One of the thrills of seeing a movie in the theater is seeing huge, expansive action scenes play out on the big screen. But sometimes, the best way to ratchet up tension and produce a truly memorable sequences is to set it in a small, narrow space instead.

If you’ve seen John Wick: Chapter 3, you’ll know that some of the most impressive fight scenes take place in the narrow spaces of a library or an antique store (that is a use of a book we had not previously considered).

It prompted us to celebrate some of the greatest scenes in the movies set in the confined spaces of corridors and hallways. It’s notable that
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Marvel Studios is remastering all of its movies in 4K

4K collectors itching to get their hands on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe catalogue will no doubt be excited to hear confirmation from Marvel that the studio is currently working on remastering its earlier titles in the ultra high-definition format.

“We are going to remaster all of our films in 4K,” said Marvel producer Victoria Alonso during an interview with Collider. “We’re in the process of doing that, so it’s all happening.”

With the release of Captain Marvel later this month, thirteen of the first twenty-one McU movies will be available in 4K, while Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, and Thor: The Dark World are rumoured to be receiving 4K releases this year (along with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home).

That will leave just three movies unavailable – Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange – and while Alonso didn’t offer up
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Jon Favreau Eyes ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Oscar Nom for Robert Downey Jr.: ‘He Has My Vote For Sure’

IndieWire awards editor Anne Thompson has already gone on record calling Robert Downey Jr.’s Oscar chances for “Avengers: Endgame” a long shot, but one industry name already beating the drum for the 54-year-old actor is Jon Favreau. The filmmaker started the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008 by directing Downey in “Iron Man,” and the two reunited for its 2010 sequel “Iron Man 2.” Favreau has also acted opposite Downey as Tony Stark’s friend and personal chauffeur Happy Hogan.

“He has my vote for sure,” Favreau recently told Variety. “I think he was able to discover and explore dimensions of the character over the course of many, many films, which is a bit of its own category. But I have to say that if you look at, especially how it began and how it ended in his performances between the first one and ‘Endgame,’ there was a really thoughtful arc to the character,
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Marvel Fans Want Old Man Steve To Take Over Stan Lee’s McU Cameos

While Avengers: Endgame served as a rousing finale to Marvel Studios’ 22-film Infinity Saga, one couldn’t help but feel a small moment of sorrow when Stan Lee’s final cameo flashed before our eyes. The legendary comic book creator passed away last November, having shot a few extra scenes a couple of years prior. Now that co-director Joe Russo has confirmed the cameos are over, fans are pushing for Chris Evans’ old man Steve Rogers to take up the mantle.

Having appeared in all 22 McU films since Iron Man in 2008, as well as nearly every other Marvel property – from Fox’s X-Men movies to Disney’s animated series and even the Netflix shows – it’s going take a while to get used to not seeing Smilin’ Stan pop up for a quippy one-liner. Over the years, some have argued that Lee’s cameos took them out of the cinematic experience,
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