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As a nation, I thought we loved to build people up and tear them down??? Why are these two still here???
davideo-27 July 2008
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

As if their torturous 'fly-on-the-wall' programmes weren't excruciating enough, everyone's favourite cut price Sonny and Cher now think they have what it takes to present their own show. Well, needless to say, they don't. They might as well have done some more fly-walling, because the result is much the same, as they interview similar C list (at best) nobodies, asking their inane questions and getting similarly stupid answers. The tack factor is reliably high, with such segments as 'show us your tats', and more of the show is spent backstage than in front of the audience, on account of how few guests actually want to appear on this. Oh well, at least there's the ad break. NO STARS
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Utter drivel!!!!!!!
Simon Rodgers14 August 2012
I can't believe that a chat show of this nature was ever commissioned! It is utter rubbish! It really is an embarrassment for all concerned and this can be seen by the level of celebrities which come on the show. Just a much of C-list ones, if that! That's when celebrities are there at all.

In a one hour show, they feature a lot of behind the scenes stuff and this is quite clearly because not enough guests will come on the show to fill up the whole hour's worth. Thank God they have commercials as well, otherwise, who knows what other rubbish they would pack in? The part called Get Your Tats Out was a little interesting though different people competing to see who has the best tattoos. Some of them were really good, however this feature just isn't enough to save the show.

Can't Katie and Peter get the message? They're well past their best (which wasn't that good to start with), if you can call it that! Were there only three programmes made? Hardly surprising, is it?

Sorry for the rating of one, I wasn't able to select zero.
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