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Timothy Spall: Peter Taylor



  • Muhammed Ali : [Clough, Taylor & their families watch Muhammed Ali on television]  Some fella in London, England named, some Brian... Brian Clough. I heard all the way in America that this fella talks too much. They say he's another Mohammed Ali. There's just one Mohammed Ali. Now, Clough, I've had enough. Stop it.

    Peter Taylor : Are you gonna stop it?

    Brian Clough : No, I'm going to fight him.

  • Peter Taylor : Brighton's a small club, I'll give you that.

    Brian Clough : Bloody midgets!

    Peter Taylor : But at least we'd be together! You and me, Brian. We can build them up. Make them our own, like we did with Hartlepools, like we did with Derby...

    Brian Clough : And then what? Bottle again soon as it comes to the big time? That's always been the trouble with you, Pete. No ambition.

    Peter Taylor : That's the trouble with you, Brian. Too much ambition. Too much greed, too much everything!

    Brian Clough : Yeah, you knock it, but it's done you proud over the years, hasn't it? My ambition. Without me, you'd still be in Burton bloody Albion.

    Peter Taylor : Yes, and without you, I'd still have a job in Derby! A job and a home that I love. Oh, yes, you're the shop window, I grant you that. The razzle and the bloody dazzle. But I'm the goods in the back! Without me, without somebody to save you from yourself, Brian fucking Clough, you're not just half. You're nothing!

    Brian Clough : I'm nothing? I'm nothing? Don't make me laugh. What does that make you then, Taylor? Something? You're half of nothing! Nothing's parasite! A big fat pilot fish that feeds on nothing. A bloody nobody! The forgotten man! History's fucking afterthought!

  • Peter Taylor : [embracing after being reunited]  You're only gonna fuck it up again, aren't you?

    Brian Clough : I love you, you know.

    Peter Taylor : I know. But it won't stop you.

    Brian Clough : So would you sooner go through it all without me?

    Peter Taylor : Never.

  • Brian Clough : You know he'll be making a file on us. A dossier.

    Peter Taylor : Who?

    Brian Clough : Don Revie. Prepares a file on every game. Leaves nothing to chance. Knows every opponent's formations, strategies everything.

    Peter Taylor : I've heard he's a superstitious twat.

    Brian Clough : [Ignoring him]  We grew up just a few streets apart in Middlesbrough... Close to Ayresome Park. He'll have known my street: Valley Road. Probably bought sweets from Garnett's factory where me dad worked.

    Peter Taylor : I heard he wears the same suit to every game. His lucky blue suit.

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