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Blumhouse Announces New Feminist Thriller Run Sweetheart Run

Blumhouse Productions and Automatik (Sinister) are teaming up again to produce a new feminist horror-thriller from writer-director Shana Feste. The film is called Run Sweetheart Run and Jason Blum, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Automatik) and Feste (Quiet Girl) will produce. Jen Besser (Boundaries) will executive produce with Bea Sequeira is overseeing the project for […]

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Shana Feste Sprints To Blumhouse & Automatik Feminist Horror Thriller ‘Run Sweetheart Run’

  • Deadline
Shana Feste Sprints To Blumhouse & Automatik Feminist Horror Thriller ‘Run Sweetheart Run’
Exclusive: Blumhouse Productions and Automatik are teaming up to co-produce the feminist horror-thriller Run Sweetheart Run, in association with Quiet Girl Productions.

Shana Feste whose latest movie Boundaries recently opened and world premiered at SXSW last March, and also wrote and directed the Sundance Film Festival world premiere The Greatest, penned the script for Run Sweetheart Run and will direct. In Run Sweetheart Run, a blind date turns violent and the woman has to get home on foot through Los Angeles as she’s pursued by her date.

Jason Blum, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Automatik) and Feste (Quiet Girl) will produce. Jen Besser (Boundaries) will executive produce. Bea Sequeira is overseeing the project for Blumhouse. Casting will begin shortly with production slated for this autumn.

Feste is represented by CAA and Sean Marks at Marks Law Group. Automatik has been behind such genre pics as Sinister 1 and 2 and the Insidious franchise with Blumhouse.
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Podtalk: Director Shana Feste & Actor Lewis MacDougall Establish Their ‘Boundaries’

Chicago – Combining an intimate, personal story with a superstar cast, writer/director Shana Feste realized a semi-autobiographical journey in her new film “Boundaries.” The cast includes Oscar winners Christopher Plummer and Vera Farmiga, as well as Lewis MacDougall (“A Monster Calls”), Kristen Schaal, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Lloyd And Peter Fonda in a road trip picture that reunites ne’er do well Dad Jack (Plummer) with his desperate-to-connect-with-him daughter Laura (Farmiga).

Lewis MacDougall, Vera Farmiga & Christopher Plummer of ‘Boundaries

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Dad is a marijuana dealer, and uses the journey to distribute the last of his supply. That means stopping by old friends Stanley (Lloyd) and Joey (Fonda) on their way to meet up with Laura’s sister JoJo (Schaal). Along for the ride is Laura’s son Henry, portrayed by Lewis MacDougall, who seeks to find his soul through his art. With a side stop at Laura
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Maddie Ziegler's Boyfriend Jack Kelly Is the "Most Amazing Boy" She Has Ever Met

Dance superstar Maddie Ziegler has even more reason to celebrate the first of every January. New Year's Day happens to be her anniversary with boyfriend Jack Kelly! And she seems thrilled this Aussie dude has danced into her life, to say the least. As far as the Internet can tell, Jack is Maddie's first real relationship. Granted, Who's Dated Who does say Maddie had an "encounter" with Dance Moms co-star Gino Cosculluela, but that was probably the kiss we witnessed on the Lifetime show. Anyway, Maddie and Jack celebrated their one-year anniversary this Jan. 1. Maddie marked the joyous occasion on Instagram, writing, "2018! Today is such a special day for us. It's been one year with the most amazing boy I've ever met. We've grown so much together, and I'm so thankful for all of the laughs and smiles together! … I've never been so happy. I love you so much. Here's
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Trailer Watch: Vera Farmiga Reunites with Her Dad in Shana Feste’s “Boundaries”


A trailer has dropped for “Boundaries,” Shana Feste’s portrait of a complicated relationship between a daughter and father. Laura (Vera Farmiga) doesn’t see her dad (Christopher Plummer) as a faultless hero or an irredeemable villain — but he’s leaning towards the latter, which is why she’s trying to keep him out of her life.

The spot kicks off with Laura proudly telling her therapist about ignoring her estranged father’s call. But Laura’s struggle to maintain boundaries isn’t limited to her interactions with her dad — her therapist notices that she’s hiding a kitten in her purse. She’s already adopted far too many cats and dogs, but she can’t say no.

It’s only a matter of time before Laura answers her father’s call. He’s been kicked out of his nursing home for dealing pot and needs a place to stay.
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Muhammad Ali's Robe from Historic 'Phantom Punch' Fight to Hit Auction Block

  • TMZ
The robe Muhammad Ali wore on the night of his world-famous "phantom punch" 1965 fight against Sonny Liston is about to hit the auction block -- but it ain't gonna come cheap! Goldin Auctions is putting the historic ringwear up for grabs with a starting bid of $75k ... but we're told the terry cloth robe with "Muhammad Ali" stitched on the back should fetch a quarter mil, at least!! It ain't hard to see why -- Ali's rematch vs.
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Klein image for Cannes Directors’ Fortnight by Richard Mowe - 2018-04-03 12:50:44

Cannes Directors' Fortnight 2018 The French Directors’ Guild, organisers of the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, today has unveiled the poster image for this year’s 50th edition of the sidebar selection.

The image is based on a photograph by William Klein who was a regular attendee of the section in its early days.

Klein who was born in New York in 1928 but has lived in Paris for more than six decades, garnered his reputation first as a photographer before branching in to film-making.

It was in 1958, Klein began to explore the moving image, creating his first Pop film, Broadway By Light, in 1958. He went on to produce feature films and documentaries including a satire about the fashion world, Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? (1966); Far From Vietnam (1967); Muhammad Ali, The Greatest (1969); and The Little Richard Story (1980). Messiah (1999), revealed on an epic scale a summary of the...
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SXSW 2018 Women Directors: Meet Shana Feste — “Boundaries”

“Boundaries: Sony Pictures Classics

Shana Feste was nominated for a Humanitas Prize for her first feature, “The Greatest,” which she both wrote and directed. She also wrote and directed Gwyneth Paltrow-starrer “Country Strong.”

Boundaries” premiered at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival on March 12.

W&H: Describe the film for us in your own words.

Sf: “Boundaries” is a film about seeing your parent for who they really are — and possibly forgiving them.

W&H: What drew you to this story?

Sf: After working on a studio film, I knew I wanted my next film to be personal. I wanted to write something that no one could take away from me — that I could make inexpensively, and find my voice again as a filmmaker. It felt natural to write about my father. When your father has been married six times, had six kids with different women, gone to prison for beating casinos,
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Lonnie Ali Says Tom Brady's No Muhammad Ali ... Yet

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_bolp3jel"]] Lonnie Ali flew into Minnesota Friday, presumably for the Super Bowl, and as good as Tom Brady is ... she clearly thinks the title "The Greatest" belongs to her late husband Muhammad Ali.  Lonnie acknowledges Tom's kind of the shiny bright object of the moment, but putting him in a larger context -- he's not at the level of Ali. She does acknowledge ... the book isn't closed yet on Brady, and he could ascend to greater heights,
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Muhammad Ali’s birthday celebrated in HDNet Movies special event

Tomorrow marks what would have been boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s 76th birthday. To celebrate, HDNet Movies are paying homage with two back-to-back features — kicking it all off at 7:15/6.15c with the 1977 biopic, The Greatest, starring Ali as himself in a dramatized version of his life. The Greatest mirrors the eponymous book and recreates some of the most important moments of Ali’s storied life, from his Olympic gold to worldwide boxing event matches like the widely televised “Thrilla In Manila”. The movie also explores his controversial conversion to Islam for the times, additionally his legal battles and extended family life. more
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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Dominating Christmas Box Office, But Audiences May Be Waning

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Dominating Christmas Box Office, But Audiences May Be Waning
In just one week, Star Wars: The Last Jedi pulled in $296 million at the domestic box office. With the Christmas weekend ahead of us, the sci-fi sequel will have no problem dominating the box office despite the onslaught of new releases that include Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Pitch Perfect 3, Downsizing, The Greatest […]

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Video Movie Review: The Shape Of Water (2017): The Greatest Romantic Film With A Fish Monster

  • Film-Book
The Shape of Water (2017) Video Movie Review, a movie directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Sally Hawkins as Elisa Esposito, Richard Jenkins as Giles, Octavia Spencer as Zelda Fuller, Michael Shannon as Richard Strickland and Doug Jones as Amphibian Man. In this video review, I delve into Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water and [...]

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‘Neo Yokio’ Voice Cast: A Visual Guide to Who Played Whom in New Netflix Animated Series

  • Indiewire
‘Neo Yokio’ Voice Cast: A Visual Guide to Who Played Whom in New Netflix Animated Series
[Editor’s note: This post contains very minor spoilers for Season 1 of “Neo Yokio.”]

Netflix has a fascinating track record with animation, taking big chances especially with adult-aimed series like “BoJack Horseman” and “F Is for Family” over the last few years. Its latest venture, “Neo Yokio,” looks nothing like either of those series — instead, it draws its visual inspiration from decades of anime as it brings us into the futuristic world created by Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

What does give “Neo Yokio” something in common with its Netflix sisters is its A-list voice cast, which features an eclectic but overall critically acclaimed group of actors, including Jaden Smith as young demon hunter Kaz, who just wants to be the most eligible bachelor in town, despite the growing sense that things might not be what they seem in this society.

Who are the other famous faces behind the scenes? Below is an illustrated guide to all of Neo Yokio’s VIPs.

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Can Netflix Crash the Oscars With Dee Rees’ ‘Mudbound’?

Can Netflix Crash the Oscars With Dee Rees’ ‘Mudbound’?
Mudbound” had hit a raw nerve. On the afternoon Dee Rees’ operatic drama premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last January, it was met with rapturous reviews and Oscar buzz. Surely, distributors would be duking it out for the rights to the picture with a sprawling cast, led by Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell and Jason Clarke.

Yet as the evening wore on, a bidding war never materialized for the epic about race and poverty in the 1940s Mississippi Delta. “I’m surprised it didn’t sell that first night,” Rees says over a recent breakfast with Variety. “Wait, what the f—? It’s undeniable. The audience is into it. What happened?” Her producers told her that maybe buyers wanted to load up on comedies first. Days passed. “Then, at some point, the rationales fall away,” recalls Rees.

Although there were a few initial offers, they were much lower than the film’s
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The Best Of The Best -The Greatest Actresses and the roles that made them great

Author: Dave Roper

Actors, Writers, Directors, they all have their part to play and all have their echelons of excellence. For every Scorsese working at the top of their game, there’s a journeyman like Peter Berg and then a hack like McG (sorry to any McG fans out there). It’s all (obviously) much the same with the greatest actresses too – some consistently hit high notes, others work faithfully but perhaps unexceptionally and others struggle to ever escape derivative and low-brow work. Here are a few who fall squarely in the first group.

Susan SarandonDead Man Walking

Susan Sarandon is often underappreciated and underrated for her versatility. Consider the contrast between her campaigning, gracious nun in Dead Man Walking, her feisty southerner in Thelma & Louise, her boo-hiss Queen in Enchanted, the comparative gentleness (but definitely not blandness) of her roles in Robot & Frank and Elizabethtown and the oomph
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Efa to honour Pierce Brosnan

Efa to honour Pierce Brosnan
Former James Bond actor will receive the European Achievement in World Cinema award.

In recognition of an extensive career both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as a producer, the European Film Academy will this year present Pierce Brosnan with its honorary European Achievement in World Cinema award.

He will be a guest at the 29th European Film Awards Ceremony on December 10 in Wroclaw.

Brosnan’s numerous film credits include The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), The Matador (2005), Mamma Mia! (2008), The Ghost Writer (2010) and The November Man (2014).

From 1995 to 2002, he starred as James Bond in Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies (for which he received an Efa nomination), The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

In addition to working in front of the camera, Brosnan launched his own production company and has produced 11 films including The Nephew (1998), The Match (1999), Laws of Attraction (2004), The Greatest (2010) and I.T. (2016).

Brosnan most recently completed production on Martin Campbell’s thriller
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Links: Separating Artists from Art, Studying Jake Gyllenhaal, Letting the Seven Samurai Go

Playlist on the complicated issues of "separate the art from the artist" in today's social media court of public opinion and 24/7 news cycles and Birth of a Nation's release

Gold Derby titles their article "Official" and then claims to have inside intel on "hints" that Silence is actually opening this year despite no poster, trailer, release date, etcetera. This is not what the word "official" means. It will only be official when Paramount makes a statement. I'm hopeful, as the film has been in post forever, but it's definitely not official yet.

Mnpp Jason offers to teach a course on "The Nudity of Jake Gyllenhaal 101" and we would like to audit the course -- Jake is always having nude breakdowns in showers.

The New Yorker has an interesting take on Bridget Jones's Baby's refusal to engage with some of the elements of the genre it helped define

Variety Carey Mulligan
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Michelle Williams May Star Alongside Hugh Jackman in P.T. Barnum Biopic ‘The Greatest Showman’

Michelle Williams May Star Alongside Hugh Jackman in P.T. Barnum Biopic ‘The Greatest Showman’
Per Deadline, Michelle Williams is in talks to star alongside Hugh Jackman in “The Greatest Showman.” Jackman will play P.T. Barnum in the musical biopic, which charts the rise of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Zac Efron may be joining the project as well in an as-yet unspecified role.

Read More: Michelle Williams Joins Julianne Moore In Todd Haynes’ ‘Wonderstruck

Though silver-screen musicals aren’t too uncommon in and of themselves, “The Greatest Showman” purports to be Hollywood’s first not based on an existing property since 1992’s “Newsies.” Michael Arndt — who won an Academy Award for his “Little Miss Sunshine” screenplay and has also written or co-written “Toy Story 3,” “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “The Force Awakens” — is on script duty. Veteran commercial director Michael Gracey will helm the project, which will feature original songs by the Tony-nominated duo of Justin Paul & Benj Pasek (“The
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Kieslowski, ‘Cat People,’ and the Coen Brothers Lead The Criterion Collection’s September Line-Up

Kieslowski, ‘Cat People,’ and the Coen Brothers Lead The Criterion Collection’s September Line-Up
September tends to be the time of year that movie studios start busting out the big guns, and 2016 finds the Criterion Collection following suit, as the boutique home video label will be releasing one of the most significant cinematic landmarks on which they’ve yet to put their stamp.

Krzysztof Kieślowski’s mammoth “Dekalog” makes the company’s September lineup something of a bumper crop in and of itself, but — lucky for us — it’ll be accompanied by an essential Kenji Mizoguchi classic, two ample doses of Jacqueline Susann-inspired campiness, some old school Coen brothers and much more. Check out the full release slate below, listed in rough order of our excitement for each title.

1.) “Dekalog” (dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1988), Spine #837

This would be at the very top of the list regardless of what else Criterion is releasing in September. One of the greatest achievements in all of film (though
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Muhammad Ali Dead at 74: ABC, CBS, Spike Announce Special Programming

Muhammad Ali Dead at 74: ABC, CBS, Spike Announce Special Programming
The late Muhammad Ali will be remembered with multiple TV tributes fast-tracked for Saturday night.

RelatedMuhammad Ali Dead at 74, One of Boxing’s Greatest Heavyweights

ABC’s 20/20, which was originally set to encore a September broadcast about O.J. Simpson, instead will air at 8/7c the new special “Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time,” taking stock of reactions from around the world to the former heavyweight boxing champion’s passing.

Similarly, CBS at 9 pm will present the 48 Hours special “Muhammad Ali: Remembering a Legend.”

Ali lost his 30-year fight with Parkinson’s syndrome on Friday, at age
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