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Dear lord, get over it!
sharky92521 June 2009
I have literally been forced to write a review for this because I am sick of the amount of people insulting this show for such ridiculous reasons!

90210 is DECENT. Oh my goodness, there, I said it! "You gonna punch me now?"

Sure, it's no award worth of winning show, but what type of show with teens ever does? Just look at One Tree Hill and The O.C, both are based around teens with the occaisonal adult and it's not like either of them have awards coming out their back sides.

Yeah, it's acting isn't amazing, but seriously what did you expect? I can't think of a similar show with better acting. Again, referring to other teen dramas: One Tree Hill and The. O.C, neither of them have good acting. Shows like this are like temporary soap operas and there isn't any decent actors in any of them! Why is that? Because it's so god damn unrealistic. 90210 is unrealistic, which is why you may consider the acting bad. A situation you've never thought of happening jumps out at you and you have no idea how the characters or yourself should react.

Okay, it's a remake, so what? It may be a remake type spin off show to the 1990's 90210, but it is still a different show. If you don't compare it to it's predecessor then it makes the show much more enjoyable. I'd say the remake is better anyway, it's just more up to date. I know I wouldn't be able to enjoy that out of date BH90210.

Seriously, stop comparing it to the first one, stop treating it like it SHOULD have been made to win Oscar type awards, stop complaining about the acting when you have no idea what makes a decent actor and stop the ridiculous hating for no reasons other than the fact you "hate Annie because she is annoying".
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princess_paris9619 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
after watching the season i would like to congratulate the network in producing a wonderful show. the story lines were good and very realistic and the idea of the show was good. the season finale was amazing. unlike most shows it had a mixture of things going on. and it leaves you wanting more. i admire the shows writers for using a topic that isn't very common on shows these days. silver mental illness was very well written, realistic and she was able to portray the character well. sure some bits of the show are a bit stupid like the stereotypical characters, annoying actors (shenae grimes) but considering some other shows out there, it is definitely better than most. a i am sick of watching shows based just on love. its so annoying. finally a show that has different issues as well. and most of the actors are great. Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes are the two most brilliant actors on this show.

i see how some people might not like this show and that is there opinion but to me this show is possibly the best teen drama i have seen ever.
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Same Old Same Old
sweet_hawk7310 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
OK, to me this was just too much of the same story. Obviously it is set up to be a teen drama, but the fact that they main family is once again a family from the Midwest that has been transplanted to Beverly Hills and they're trying to find their place.

Plus, they seem to have forgotten the old story lines. For those of us who are fans of the real 90210, we haven't forgotten how the series ended. I see that Kelly is back... but what happened to Dylan. The finale ended at David and Donna's wedding with Dylan and Kelly seemingly getting back together with the implication that maybe it would work this time. So now suddenly there's a new show, it's 8 years later, and where's Dylan??? Maybe they will explain that in a later show, I don't know, but that left a bad taste in my mouth. And what about Donna and David? Kelly and Donna were best friends... where's Donna? I know the story with Tori Spelling (was gonna do the show, with her character still owning Now Wear This, then decided not to because of Shannen's return) but they still need to deal with WHY Donna is not still part of Kelly's life.

I guess the bottom line for me is that it's hard to see a couple of the original characters back and not have answers to what happened to the rest.
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Come on, give it a break!
mean-girl-315 September 2009
As I see it, everyone is comparing it too much with the original series. It has not much to do with it, except for the setting and some of the original characters (that I believe were put in just to grab attention). Personally, I see it as a whole new project and I don't care much about the old one.

The first episodes started off a bit lame, it reminded me of 7th Heaven with all the we're-one-big-happy-family thing. But the last episodes got my attention back. The characters and plot developed faster, bringing speed and interesting situations.

The thing I don't like is the fact that it's all set in high school. For a few reasons: the characters don't look like they're 16 (I know, they never do, but 23-year old actors are too much for me); it's giving a non-existing picture of what it looks like in high school, it could be set in college, so that 15-year-old girls wouldn't get such a messed up picture.

I don't know, it's not that bad, for me it's another show like Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, O.C. or whatever. They're completely different, I agree, yet it's still the same: love, hatred, family, friendship etc. If you like that kind of thing, you probably won't be disappointed.
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would have been good If not for the bad writers
Necrom81 May 2009
The only reason why I gave It a 7 is because It has potential. I liked the beginning. When I first sow It at first I though that It's going to be a good series. The main problem with It is the writers. In stead of just making a good series the writers felt the urge to give the character some really weird personalities. either the are too dumb, too emotional, angry or the are just freaks. It's like the writers literally said ,,hey the story is too simple, so we should create our own awful one''. It really is sad to think If they just made a series about normal teenagers, instead of emotionally troubled ones, It would have been a pretty decent series. Hope It improves soon. Also why did they cast actors which, the ones playing the parents look 30 years, and the ones playing their kids look 20 years old?
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Something fresh, new and amazing!
rocko902 August 2009
Okay let me first start with the fact the first half of season one was clichéd, boring and dumb. So it would explain why people where bashing it when it came out.

Perhaps the writers listened to our complaints, and decided hey, let's just do what we want.

And by god, this show became GREAT! Bipolar Silver. Annie getting bitchy. Naomi's fits and her sister are just so funny! Adriana became a likable character and her and Navid make an interesting couple.

Jessica Lowndes is absolutely stunning, and Shenae Grimes is getting better and better with acting.

Overall, give it a chance and you will be surprised, it's fresh, funny and has a good dose of drama that isn't redundant but fun!
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This is actually pretty ... err... terrible!
Armin Breuer3 September 2008
I very rarely have the urge to go to the web and state my opinion about a show, whether I like or dislike it. But judging from the first two episodes I hated this OC-ized version of a 90ties classic so much that for once I did feel the urge. What can I say, in my opinion this show seriously sucks (or bites, or blows, if you've seen the first 20 seconds).

Not on all levels of course, the production values are high, the teens are all eye-candy, the sets look over-the-top rich as you'd expect... You can tell that some money went into this thing, alright. But unfortunately, the story and the characters are LAME, and the acting is mostly mediocre and partly downright terrible. And you probably can't even blame the actors for that, since the characters they are playing are straight off the teen-drama-shelf clichés. We've got drug girl, spoiled princess girl, angry-athlete-guy, look-at-me-i'm-so-rebellious-girl, rich-and-somewhat-dark-but-maybe-bighearted-guy, and then we got the too-good-to-be-true family that could substitute for the entire cast of 7th Heaven.

This show feels like its elements have been assembled in more than a hurry and stuck together with duct tape. I can't bear to watch another episode to be honest.
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90210 is amazing
degrassijesus26 October 2009
I am so sick and tired of people saying they do not like the show because is nothing like the old one... well duh that's the point of the show, and that's why I like it. I can relate more to this show, the status of what teenagers are doing is more effective, and the drama is more relatable than the other one. This is by far my favorite show on television. I like how they mix in the new characters with the old, and the old kind of stepped out of their old character and have been modified into someone relatable for adults. The drama's are exciting, and the story lines are amazing. I absolutely without a doubt love this show and if people don't like it well obviously you guys care enough to trash it, but please don't ruin it for those of us who love it :D
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Was I the only one to think something's wrong ?
Derrickku3 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well like someone said (Can't remember who) "If everything is normal it will not last"...

So OK this family moves to this fancy Hollywood neighborhood but I didn't see something go wrong. Well we can understand they're not immediately into it but it would be unusual otherwise... I don't see anything really mean and threatening to their life styles (mean characters don't count, you can just take that away by avoiding them unless there's something in the story that makes it impossible). So nothing to look forward to...

Some shows avoid that in the early episodes by taking something out of the blue and give you a little spoiler on what might happen but again not the case here.

Are they counting on the reputation of the previous one ? That would be stupid with a lot of similar things on air right now...

PS: I'm sorry English isn't my native language so be my guess to correct if something isn't clear.
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terrible...truly terrible....
Caticus Willikers10 September 2008
I gave this show a chance, I really did, but none of these actors or actresses can act. Even in the most tear-inspiring situations, I feel embarrassed for these people because they are unable to even convince themselves or even the poor audience for that matter that what they are doing is worthwhile. I liked Brenda in the original series because she could accurately portray teen angst; Anna on the other hand acts like a cheerleader even in the most dire situations. The show just keeps getting progressively worse. In the third episode, the scene between Kelly, her mother and Erin (Silver) where Kelly confronts her mother for being an alcoholic seemed entirely contrived because there was just no emotion, no depth. I would recommend that no one watch this show. I'm just going to hope that it gets ignored long enough that it is taken off the air without a fuss and then we can all forget it ever aired to begin with.
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Another Milestone on CW's Road to Bankruptcy
James Pierson18 October 2008
So it wasn't bad enough that CW lost 20% of its meager audience last year. They just had to come up with yet another brain-dead show supposedly tailored for young adults but actually talking down to them...

Guess what? CE is already down another 15% from last year's disaster ratings.

Of course, what could we expect from a network where Gossip Girl is hailed as some sort of successful model (successful how? at losing audiences?) But to go back to 90210, it is the brainchild of Rob Thomas and a couple other bad writers and is appropriately devoid of any sign of intelligent life.

The casting is awful, as befit the CW, which seems to think that young people do not care about acting ability in their actors.

Overall, a sad, sad reminder that CW needs a complete change of direction if it is to survive.
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Horrible remake of a classic prime time soap opera
ncripper66 September 2008
Where do I start ?? I live in New York City and I have seen the posters all over the train stations, on the sides of buses, and of course in the center of Times Square. From the poster of the main characters in a 90210 pool in their smoking hot bikinis and bathing suits, you can tell which direction this show is headed. It's another trite, contrived, "I have more money and a nicer car than you" type show. Oh and there's a black kid...I guess he's there to even things out.

I was a HUGE fan of the original Beverly Hills 90210. I was 8 when it first aired and I never missed an episode until the show came off the air. The characters were in their stride, though, in the high school/early college days.

Let's go back in time, Jim Walsh, wife Cindy and twins Brandon and Brenda move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills on account of Jim's job. They are humble kids and they meet up with different people in BH than those they are used to.The show builds on their "innocence" from the time Brandon's alarm goes off...they meet people who become their best friends, but slowly...things build...the conflict was believable and the acting was great, each actor really defining who their characters were.

Here's the problem with the new version...EVER WATCH DEGRASSI ??? I was a big fan of that show until the writing became a heap of corny lines. Every character is so quick witted ?!?! Maybe it's in the water, but to me it sucks. There is no reason to watch after seeing those 2 episodes. The acting is bad, the writing sucks, and the ONLY upside is seeing the reprisals of the roles of Brenda, Kelly, and Nat. Of course, they were from the original and that's why they are back, so people will watch.

I am afraid however, that this show will sink faster than the Titanic. Gossip Girl (another God awful bitch and brat-fest) is already on TV. That should be canceled already,but look for this one to get the ax first. There is no way that these stories are gonna have any kind of long term results and I think that it was a bad idea to try to ride off of the legacy of a classic show.

All in all, this is Degrassi The Next Generation set in Beverly Hills...pull the plug PLEASE.
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The N meets The CW and Fox has been by far long gone and out of control With Reality shows.
ZenaeFilmZ3 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of the original series. I grew up to that show, it was and perhaps still is a huge part of my life.

You can't judge much of a new hit Television show by the Pilot. The original 90210 series, the first few episodes had their corny lines, and things just weren't all placed together. First things first the Walsh's house had a different set in the first few episode's along with Kelly's mom being a different actress.

There's a lot to be said about this show. First of all they rushed this series to open this fall. I feel that if they had patience they could have perhaps released it in the year 2010 and well the series premiere would be on 9.02.10 but oh well, they couldn't wait two years.

A next generation television show has been created about 7ish years ago, Degrassi- The Next Generation, which is aired on The-N (a Canadian television network). I personally love that show and I feel the production value of that is a lot better than this 90210 series. Again, it's only been one episode so who knows it can grow to be even better than Degrassi. I liked how they brought the original cast members in Degrassi better than 90210. It made more sense.

For Rob Estes character, someone who was never on the original 90210 series and they mention how he used to go to Beverly Hills. I felt that was very much unnecessary.

I still think that the original 90210 cast is too young for a comeback series, it's only been 8 years. It would have been great to see their children be the new students (just like Degrassi). I don't think it makes sense how they wrote Brenda in the show. The dialog between Brenda and Kelly was awkward and "unrealistic" from the original series. It didn't make sense. Plus Kelly's sister's name is "Erin" and not "Silver".(unless I missed them say the name Erin in the show.) And they did have Andrea Zuckerman's Daughter in the show "Hannah Zuckerman" but, wouldn't Hannah be around 12 years of age? There's a few aspects of the show that has definitely been done before with Degrassi and South of Nowhere. I feel like it's lacking originality and the dialog is very corny. It doesn't feel realistic in a teenage world especially when some guy impresses a girl he just met to go on a Jet. I'm sorry but that is too far fetched and ridiculous.

Bottom line, if they didn't rush to get the series on air, the show could have been written A LOT BETTER. And I feel that they should bring back more of the original characters. The more original characters they bring the ratings will most likely go up. I do love how Nat is there but I do not care for the new peach pitt design, they should have kept the original set up. I think it's great to have new characters, but keep the old! To conclude my opinion: Will I continue to watch this series? Yes! In hopes that it will get better!
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SO Disappointed
vierstra664 September 2008
I never missed one episode of the old 90210 because it was so cheesy and great and I fell in love with the characters especially Kelly and Dillon. This 90210 sucks! All the characters are lame! No one is intriguing and wants you to watch them every week to see what happens like the old one. The best part about the new season was to see Kelly , Brenda and Nat. It was interesting to hear about what they have been doing. Like Kelly having a 4 year old child. I wonder if it is with Dillon, I hope so. All the old characters should just wait like Sex and the City did and do the original right, a couple years from now. This program will never last. It blows! Bummer!
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Really very very very awful!!!!!!
pamalj30 November 2008
Tons of teen movie & drama has been produced in the last 20 years, some of them produced good results and others not. 90210 belongs to the second category. I didn't have high expectations on this drama, first of all because it lacks of originality and almost all the remakes and spin-off doesn't succeed to get the same quality of the original (why people can't have original ideas even if they are payed to do it?!). When I see it I thought "what is it?!...a collage between BH90210, the OC and the last TDramas that have been produced in the last years? And the actors... are they really acting? Am I the only one who looks at them and see that they are stiffer than a dummy, than a mannequin" My Advice? If u want to see a good telefilm 4 teen and enjoy yourself for an evening watch One tree hill, the OC, Dawson's creek, Buffy or if u're nostalgic watch again the original Beverly Hills but pleeeease don't look at this lame show.
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nothing worth seeing
boidiva0228 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show is not so bad that it's unwatchable. But the issue is this. It's billed as a remake of "Beverly Hills, 90210" and yet it doesn't contain any of the elements that made 90210 a smash to begin with. Gone is the sly sense of humor the first show had, gone is the group of actors that fans came to love, gone are the characters that America related to. Gone are all the cheesy, yet addictive elements that made the show worth watching. Instead we have some half-baked soap opera without any of the fun qualities that made people watch the first series.

On it's own this show is not much more than a teen soap opera with it's clichéd stories (Adrianna gets pregnant), and vapid characters (Naomi)... it has nothing beneath the surface.
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It's funny how you have aged and they look exactly the same...
darkwwjd28 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
90210 is obviously a spin off of Beverly Hills 90210, a popular teen series of the 90's. Production is trying to aim at quite a few target audiences, teens, people who used to watch the original series (original characters featured), housewives (parents problems, active photographer mom), maybe grandmas (crazy grandma and friends, all the drama...)! They have done quite a bit of recycling there by including several characters of the original show, even thought they are secondary. As well as that you can find the actress who played Jessy's partner in Full House, Rob Estes from Melrose Place, the bit**y/unbearable teen from Nip/Tuck (really what other kind of parts could she play), and even an appearance of Edie's bad ass nephew from Desperate housewives...

As well as original characters, there is Erin (who became a real brunette, when she was blond in the original show like her mother and sister Kelly). There is no mention of the brother David Silver though, and Hannah Zuckermann-Vasquez (daughter of Andrea and Jessy from the original show) only appears briefly at the beginning of the first episode. The show started with other references to the original story, including a very brief appearance of Nat from the Peach Pit, and also the fact that Dixon becomes part of the report/journal team (like Brandon did), and he gets a job at the Peach Pit (Nat makes a reference to Brandon, again). But all this vanishes after the first couple of episodes.

The most ironic line of the show (to which I refer in the title) is when Mrs Wilson comments on her husbands yearbook picture showing him and Naomi's mother and mentioning how he has aged but she hasn't changed. Well, isn't that just spot on what we could say about all the former characters of the show and the actress who actually said this line? Really (apart from maybe putting on a bit of weight and giving them normal bodies) do their faces look so different?

What is shocking I think is that teens are influenced a lot by trends, commercials and what they see on TV, so is this really what you'd want your kids to see? Teens who are as skinny as anorexics (and that is supposed to be a symbol of beauty, even ""ugly"" people are ""beautiful"" in the show...), who wear Channel and other haute couture brands, who communicate only with SmartPhones, who go to fancy dinners (on a private jet) at 16, ... Those kids dress and behave like 30-year-olds (I think most of the characters are far more witty than they would be in real life). There isn't a skirt (or shorts) that is longer than the upper half of the thigh, and the heels they wear can't be good for their backs! Is this really what a teen should wear?

They also tried to kill a few birds in one stone with the character of Dixon who is one of the few black people on the show. On top of that he is the adoptive son of a white family, and his father is none other than the principal of the school... Him, the cheerleader, Navid and barely a couple more are the only non-white portrayed in the show. Does this really reflect reality? There isn't a single Asian person and yet Chinese are the most numerous on the planet... Another character who also bears all the problems is Adriana, on top of the issues she has with her mother, she gets into heavy drugs and ends up in rehab, and straight after that (bam!) she's a pregnant teen. I'm not saying this couldn't happen, but they could have spread a bit on other characters... And the most annoying is the way it is portrayed it's almost like it's a cool thing, as if it makes you somebody and puts you on the map...(I'm not saying that about the performance of the actress which fine above all compared to the rest of the cast!)

There are so many things that are wrong in this show primarily watched by teenagers that I don't know how to include everything, but I think those of you who were interested in reading this got the point. If this show is popular, maybe direction and production should rethink the contents and make it more realistic. The original show was much more, the extravagant lifestyle applied only to some and was justified by the fact that it takes place in Beverly Hills. As for the overall acting, it's hard to judge given the mediocre script. Most of them are OK except from the actress who plays Annie, her performance is really awful as she is not at all credible as a 16 year old. Even AnnaLynne McCord (who can't play anything else) fits better in her role. The cast of the original show was more charismatic, for example the equivalent of Brenda would be Annie who is quite plain to be the lead in comparison.

To conclude, fans of the original show will be disappointed, not recommended for easily influenced teenagers (plus there are better teen shows), what does it leave? Gossipy grown up women who dream of a surrealist luxurious life, you are going to love this.
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"where every story is intriguing"really?REALLY???
anne t6 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
why are people allowed to produce these kind of shows? The acting is bad. And no, it's not because they have nothing to work with, it's because they are bad actors. Age is not an excuse!If you can't act just stay home!Especially the "leading" lady, annie... The plot is awful. Just because they come from Kansas it doesn't mean they are supposed to be stupid or incredibly naive. What? They don't have cable or internet in Kansas? Are they still hunting for food, too? The characters. I don't even know where to start. Drug-abuse, pregnancy, indifferent mother, boyfriend dumping you...why isn't that girl trying to kill herself? Or better yet why isn't SHE the leading lady? Only one of those 3 should be enough to ruin one show so i don't even know why this one is still running. And even if i could ignore all those things, i can't ignore the fact that it's such a bad example for teenagers everywhere. Girls should eat more than salad, and they should not look like they just got out of Auschwitz. And why does every show concentrate on the popular kids in school when they represent only like 1% of student body? i'm not from the states and in high school we didn't have popular kids.and our lives didn't revolve around school.and it was great! I wasn't a fan of the original show (actually i wasn't allowed to watch it because my parents thought it would give a bad example) and i only saw a few episodes now and then,but comparing the two it's like comparing Sophie's Choice to American Pie.

i give this show a 3 out of 10. One star because of the pregnant girl, one because of the settings and one because the professor is cute (although totally boring...he is a character of the show after all). i would give it an extra star for brenda (once a back stabbing bit*h always a back stabbing bit*h!:D) but kelly ruins it for me (once a boring condescend princess that always thinks she knows best always a...)
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Why did they not do a true reunion show
cclifesabeach11 September 2008
Pretty much on the mark. The show is boring. I like Rob Estes and would love to see him added with a point, he was not someone avid watchers knew about. What about Tori, it was her dad's show and she was a pivotal cast member. Do a true reunion show, what this is makes no sense. The only relation is Kelly( Jenny Garth) and her sister. I was an avid 90210 watcher and when I heard about the show I assumed it was to show where they are now, not this mess of players that has no relationship to the original. I do not care about the new people unless you are going to throw in the original cast and make connections.

For example, Rob Estes could have been Steve's(Ian)cousin, you have the actress correct with Brenda (Shannon) but on the show and off her Kelly left on bad terms, why are they so nice, they can make up but there should be tension.

I was sad to here Luke Perry ( Dillon) say he had no desire to come back, seems he forgot this show is why people know who he is.

It would have been better to have a where are they now in their lives show.
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A disastrous parody on the most successful teen-oriented show ever...
pharnax21 February 2009
Being the huge Beverly Hills 90210 fan as I am, I couldn't resist taking a peek at 90210, seeing how the danish media promoted it as "the continuation of a classic". The pilot not only filled me with consternation, but along with the following episodes it also proved that humanity will never be able to recreate the beauty of classics like Beverly Hills 90210.

After watching 5 minutes of this disaster, every sane person would be inclined to immediately turn off the TV. If the excruciating embarrassment it is to witness the horrible acting performances by the shallow, stupid, inane and anorexic girls in this travesty won't do the trick, maybe the loud, monotonous pop punk soundtrack, which they never hesitate to use slam out the least bit of atmosphere, will induce a headache severe enough to help you get there.

The screenplay is infinitely worse than anything ever shown on television, with clumsy and completely unrealistic dialogue that, whenever more than one person was in scene, made me cringe. This, along with the absurd plot convinced me that this show is not meant to attract fans of the old show, it's solely made for the "new generation", therefore the slack in the acting department. Naturally should be just fine if it reaches the target audience (8-14 y/o girls), but the media portrayed it differently, hence this comment.

It's a new generation of TV, with new ideals and values to teach, in a less obvious way than the old show did, but that was exactly the beauty of Beverly Hills 90210: they didn't wrap up the points in superfluous garbage, they just delivered it as it is. Beverly Hills 90210 dealt with real teenager problems, whereas most of the issues in 90210 seems like either just reiterations of old problems or are completely insignificant. The problem is that the lack of atmosphere and character depth makes issues like abortion, adultery, drug abuse and the plain old "fitting in" difficulties seem insignificant, when in reality they aren't. That's where this show, in my opinion, fails to deliver.

Now, on to the only positive thing that can possibly be said about this travesty: the references to Beverly Hills 90210. These references are not as vague as one could have feared, and it's given me about the only pleasant experience from watching the show.

If you have seen the original Beverly Hills 90210, I strongly recommend that you avoid this show. If you haven't, I recommend seeing the old show instead of wasting your time with this wreckage.
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emc48853 February 2009
this show is so boring... the first one was so much better. shanae grimes is so obnoxious, she tries to act so innocent, and she acts like she is so cute, that everyone likes her. it's just kind of fake and hard to relate too, especially their entire family. lori laughlin has been so much better, in this show, they just rub me the wrong way or something, like they are trying too hard with it and pushing the family to make it like the old one.

jessica stroup and anna lynne mccord play much more interesting characters. or at least they act a little bit better than shanae grimes.... but even the story line is the same as everything else. pregnant high schooler, been there, done that, it's already on another station. and they've done the coke thing a million times before too.

and then there is the whole from kansas thing. didn't they try that before with lori laughlin, and she moved to cali, and it didn't work? i guess it is boring, and just hard to relate to at all. on to the next.

but then again it's the cw, so what do we all expect?
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Awful, dreadful, stupid trash.
steve-61-29348311 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I seriously urge anyone who grew up in the 1990's to not watch this. In fact, avoid it like it's the plague. Remember when we were kids and used to watch Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh duke it out on the original? Yeah this is not that. At all. Don't even waste your time.

Where as the original was wholesome, and dealt with real teen issues, and had a great backbone - this one is just overflowing with teen drama in a modern era of texting, email, Lamborghini's (Yes, 18 year old's drive Lambo's in this show), and whiny women and whiny men.

If you're looking for any show that'll give you confidence or inspire you to be a better person, like the original did, or any show that made you love ALL the cast, like the original show did - Then I'm really sorry to disappoint you.

I don't know where the writers were going with this, but it's scary bad.

Netflix is airing the original - watch that instead. It's not only more realistic, but has better acting, and better topics of interest.

This show is just garb.
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Honestly? It's terrible
personalitybabe26 March 2012
I watched for a few seasons and somewhat got sucked in with the mediocre at best storyline, but stopped watching because I realized how terrible this was. I don't understand how it's still on the air---I guess because the demographic is watching this, and I really hope they would stop, since there are much better shows on.

Here are some of the problems:

1. TERRIBLE acting. You will laugh and cringe (for the majority of the actors-- the guy who plays Navid may be an exception). 2. There are no likable characters. 3. Everyone keeps dating everyone.

If they spent less money on clothing and hair and makeup for the actors, they wouldn't have this problem.

There are shows for this demographic that have better story lines, better acting, and less bull. (Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill). This is the worst one of them all, and that's saying something.
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Where are the characters going
jessicarsnl13 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Everything that happens in this show makes me angry. It is completely unrealistic the way characters decide they are "falling in love" or "Love" one another within the same week of discovering that person. Also, people get married so suddenly. I don't care if raj is dying, no one needs to get married. Another unrealistic part of this show is how annie and dixons parents seemed to fall off the face of the Earth. Not once was their dad mentioned after he got in a divorce with the mom. Ivy also fell off the face of the earth. They can't just get rid of characters the way they do.
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What's the point?
Naenae7229 April 2009
What's the point of calling this a spin off series when it has little to do with the original series. This show feels like a rushed version of every other teen drama ever produced. Someone seems to be breaking up and hooking up with a new character every episode. There is nothing new, interesting, or original about this show. There are so many unanswered questions and the new generation is bland, boring, and irrelevant. At least with the original you got a sense of who the characters were.

The CW has fallen off ever since the merger. There seem to be no shows worth watching. I get surprised every week when I see previews for Smallville and One Tree Hill because I always forget they are still on the air.
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