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Very Likable Movie
kimi_layercake13 August 2010
"Extract" works well with a majority of its audience. Reason is clear...the cast is very good, story is not boring or cheap; comedy is neither vulgar nor downright stupid; at ~90 minutes it doesn't bore anyone and it has a happy ending!!! Cast wise, a very good job. Jason Bateman plays the sex-deprived businessman role very well. Mila Kunis looks hot throughout the movie and that's exactly what her character was all about. Ben Affleck has a small but a very funny role. JK Simmons hardly does anything wrong about his acting. Others are good in their context.

The best thing about "Extract" is that the humor is maintained throughout the movie. It's neither cheap vulgar comedy nor downright stupid comedy. The comedy is an elaborate mix of these two poles and that's why this movie is like able. All the characters seem to be performing on a high wire and carry themselves very naturally. There is never a dull moment taking into account the short running time. Besides, the soundtrack is so cool. Really lovely songs.

Overall, "Extract" is a good movie. Can't say it's a very good movie, but still I can guarantee few smiles for sure.

My Verdict: 7/10
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Character First, What A Novel Concept
colinrgeorge30 May 2010
In some sideways alternate universe I'd like to believe Mike Judge is a Judd Apatow or an Edgar Wright, which is to say a modern comedy director whose upcoming projects are actually followed with any degree of anticipation. Of his two previous live-action films, "Office Space," for its flaws, has a special place in my heart and I appreciated "Idiocracy" more than most. So along comes "Extract," a subtle, straightforward comedy about the little things in life. You know, inane neighbors, workplace politics, sexual frustration, male gigolos, and horse tranquilizers.

Okay, maybe it's not all that subtle, but "Extract" is less boisterous than Judge's previous films while retaining their biting, sardonic banter and oddly believable caricatures. Probably the reason the director's work hasn't caught on with mainstream audiences is that their stories and characters are always paramount to their gag writing, which in turn gives them a comparatively low joke-per-minute ratio.

The plot itself isn't as interesting or ambitious as "Office Space" or "Idiocracy" respectively, but the terrific casting and low-key performances keep "Extract" charming even when its story falters. Particular scenes and sequences sag around the middle of the film, and the plot lines never dovetail as well as they probably could, but the narrative, while simple, is strong enough to shield the film from ever becoming an outright bore.

Judge's respect for his storytelling transcends the temptation to pack the film with gimmicky gags or disposable pop culture references, which is refreshing in comparison to the blisteringly unfunny and now highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time, sequel green-lit, "The Hangover." Jason Bateman of "Arrested Development" fame returns as another corporate mogul, though of considerably less affluence than Michael Bluth, and the role, unsurprisingly, fits like a glove. It's not exactly a retread for the actor either, who exhibits an empathetic vulnerability that hasn't existed in his previous roles.

"Extract's" Joel Reynolds is an interesting antithesis to Michael Bluth in that he offers a completely opposite take on the pragmatic modern businessman. Michael is a man who assumes his hardest work has yet to come, where Joel considers his dues paid, and at the outset of the film, is looking to sell his plant and embrace an early retirement. Joel is indicative of Mike Judge's greater analysis of the American working class, and reminiscent also, though not in a derivative sense, of Peter, the protagonist of "Office Space," in that both characters long for a life outside of the workplace. Michael Bluth wants to work; Mike Judge's characters have to work.

The rest of the cast, including Mila Kunis as a con-woman catalyst, J.K. Simmons as name- challenged manager, and Ben Affleck as a worldly hipster doofus, all perform admirably. "Extract" is its cast, and there isn't a bad performance in the bunch.

Judge's latest is a film that really needs to be taken on its own merits. It's a warm, entertaining if unambitious film that may not be as funny as some expect, but is never unfunny, if that makes any sense.

If you're not laughing, it's because the film isn't trying to make you laugh, which is almost a foreign concept in modern comedy and sure to leave some audiences cold. That being said, there isn't much reason to rush out and see the film either. If you're interested in something (somewhat) more mature when "The Hangover 2" hits theaters, "Extract" will make a pretty good rental.
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A different type of comedy
Gordon-1113 February 2010
This film is about an extract factory owner who encounters problems with his family life and in the work place.

Though the delivery of the film is a little flat, the plot does offers engaging moments that makes viewers care for the characters. Though "Extract" is marketed as a comedy, it is not a film that makes you laugh out loud. Instead, it makes you smile when you appreciate Joel's series of unfortunate situations. Many scenes give just the imagery of what is happening, but does not spell it out. For example, the two shots of the wife tying her trousers gives viewers an idea what is being conveyed, in such a subtle manner that is seldom found in comedies. Some people may think "Extract" is a bore, but I do not think so.
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A comedy that really doesn't know what kind it wants to be.
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises4 September 2009
Awkward situational humor has really been the staple of all of Mike Judge's films and TV ventures (besides the immortal Beavis and Butthead), and his latest effort, "Extract", is really no different. The viewer, I'm guessing, is supposed to laugh at these situations and just take it from there, allowing the actors to feel around. This takes the emphasis off the actors and more on the story, and therein lies the problem. "Extract" is a comedy built for one thing and written for another, and in the end, it becomes a mildly, yet forgettable movie.

"Extract" is so obviously written to be the next "Office Space", which will forever remain Judge's crown jewel as far as films go. The situations are awkwardly funny, yet there really doesn't seem to be a balance to most of it. Judge's newest is rather repetitive in its approach - Joel goes to work, is unhappy. Joel comes home, is interrupted by his annoying neighbor. Joel goes to the bar. Ben Affleck says something witty. Mila Kunis looks hot. The film continues down this path aimlessly, not really offering to build up any suspense as to what could happen with our characters, until a really useless event in the plot causes the movie to end. It experiments with a bit of character development in the lead role of Joel, but everyone else is either a cliché, someone who is not worth developing, or a plot device.

You'll notice that I said the film is written to be an awkward situational comedy, and it clearly is - however, the comedians cast in parts are not really meant for these kind of roles. For some (Jason Bateman, Dustin Milligan), it works and they fit their characters well. For others (Mila Kunis, Clifton Collins Jr.), both actor and character seem out of place, like they belong in a more slapstick or more vulgar and/or stereotypical comedy. The real plus comes from Ben Affleck, who is hilarious just about every time he graces us with his presence, while Kristen Wiig is VASTLY underused. Clifton Collins Jr. is great as well, while Mila Kunis is almost as out of place as she was in "Max Payne". If anything, this film has the most random cameo of all time from Gene Simmons.

Maybe Judge has lost his touch, though I doubt that, because he has a great cameo in the film as well...but his writing is done in a way that it feels like he's building up to one huge punchline that never comes. Don't get me wrong, most people will have a few chuckles and smiles at "Extract", but with Judge's name on it, you'd expect it to be a bit better than the occasional laugh and grin. It doesn't know whether to be absurd, as some characters and jokes are, or the awkward comedy that Judge is so great at doing.

To put it simple, "Extract" lacks the strength of plot, relatability, and character development that Judge's previous works have had. Joel is no Peter from "Office Space". Ben Affleck's character, an obvious rehash of Deidrich Bader's character from the same movie, is the one saving grace, and even he isn't good enough to stop this from becoming nothing more than a mediocre comedy that's best saved for a DVD rental.
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Great fun!
orangeisthenewawesome7 September 2009
I went in to see this movie with pretty low expectations after having read the tepid reviews here and seeing the film only got 63% on rotten tomatoes. I was really pleasantly surprised! First of all, Jason Bateman is awesome and his strength and performance really carry this film. There are a couple of memorable supporting characters but for the most part I felt the actors playing the supporting characters could have been better. Ben Affleck is amusing. Kristen Wiig is a great foil for Jason Bateman.

The story is fairly simple but eventful and effective. I laughed out loud several times. The running time is perfect at 90 minutes. Overall, my husband and I loved this movie and were very entertained. I recommend it.
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Even a mediocre Mike Judge film is entertaining ............
merklekranz23 September 2010
Mike Judge has a knack for creating memorable characters. Once again he has put together characters that a lot of people can easily relate to, and that is the strong point of "Extract". What is missing here is an outrageous script like "Idiocracy". Jason Bateman plays a very sympathetic boss of an extract company, and as his troubles mount with his wife and business, you sincerely feel for the poor guy. Unfortunately, "Extract", while well acted, featuring some very colorful characters, lacks the bite of "Office Space" or "Idiocracy" If you go in expecting hilarious, you will be disappointed, but if you look beyond his previous films, the movie might be better appreciated. - MERK
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Light, funny film
Rick-346 September 2009
OK, so it's not Office Space.

Extract reminds me of "Fierce Creatures", another film that had the terrible burden of trying to live up to a previous film made by the same people that achieved genius-level. Well, it seems that making a great comedy can be like waiting for a lightning strike.

Extract is not at the level of Office Space, but it's still very funny. Jason Bateman plays Joel, the owner of an extract factory ('extract' is in flavoring, like vanilla extract). His sex life has become non-existent, and some problems are arising at the workplace. He's tempted by the arrival of a gorgeous temp (Mila Kunis) who also happens to be a thief and con woman. He finds himself hanging out at the office with his buddy Dean (Ben Affleck) who advises him to hire a gigolo for his wife. This sounds like a terrible idea until Dean gives Joel a horse tranquilizer, which seriously impedes his judgment.

And much hilarity ensues.

The cast is terrific, including those named above and Kristen Wiig as Joel's wife; JK Simmons as Joel's partner; Dustin Milligan as Brad, the gigolo; and David Koechner as the neighborhood bore, Nathan. Gene Simmons has an excellent small role as Joe Adler, a local ambulance chaser who advertises on bus stop benches.

The film takes some unusual twists and turns and on the whole offers a lot of laughs. It does not hit the heights of Office Space, but after the dreadfully dull Idiocracy, it makes for a nice film.
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Not as funny as Office Space. Too uneven and unfocused.
Nighthawk13 January 2010
One of my favorite comedies is the cult film Office Space. Mike Judge directed Office Space as well as Extract. I had fairly high expectations for this movie hoping it would be as enjoyable and entertaining to watch as Office Space. Unfortunately, I was let down by Extract after viewing it.

The movie has a few funny moments, but I didn't think it had enough. Ben Afflek gives a mildly amusing performance as a pot smoking stoner. Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis are alright, but nothing special. I can't say the movie was all that memorable either.

Ultimately, Extract is too uneven and unfocused to be called a success. Fans of Office Space and Mike Judge may want to watch Extract out of curiosity. It's not that great, but it is passable.
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An amusing comedy. Don't expect Office Space.
bramb6007 September 2009
Extract is the new comedy which is written and directed by Mike Judge from who made some films that weren't too successful such as Office Space and Idiocracy. They have both became cult hits on DVD but they were both flops when they were originally released. I loved these films just because of how truly hilarious they are. You can imagine that Extract would be no different.

The basic plot is about Jason Bateman's character who owns a factory where they make Extract and he wants to sell it. After an accident occurs, the company might get sued which would bankrupt them and he wouldn't be able to sell the company. There's a subplot involving Jason Bateman having problems with his wife not sleeping with him played by Kristen Wiig from SNL, so Ben Affleck who plays his bartender friend convinces him to hire a gigalo to sleep with his wife, so that he could cheat on his wife with Mila Kunis's character, guilt-free. We also know that she's a con artist who is trying to get the company sued.

The plot of this movie is quite a mess. Some parts could have definitely been cut down and others could have been expanded on for this to be a much more effective comedy. I thought anything involving the gigalo was hilarious and that includes the actor who played the gigalo and Ben Affleck. Both of their deliveries really help to sell their lines and most of the times that I would laugh in the film it would be to these two. J.K. Simmons was also very funny as one of the factory workers who couldn't remember anyone's name.

I still think that Mila Kunis didn't even have to be in the movie and she just expanded the plot. She could have at least had a smaller part involved more in the gigalo plot rather than a whole other subplot about her blackmailing the company. If we would have seen more of everything else, it would have been a stronger movie.

Jason Bateman was basically just playing the straight man. Also I thought that David Koechner played the part of the annoying neighbour perfectly. Every time he was on screen, it looked like he was making everyone uncomfortable and I was constantly cracking up at that even there wasn't anything too funny about his lines. Him and Ben Affleck probably made me laugh the hardest.

I don't think Extract can actually be called hilarious, in fact it's even somewhat disappointing for a Mike Judge comedy. I have to admit that it was very funny, but it was probably more amusing than hilarious. It's just not going to be groundbreaking like Office Space was. It does work as an interest companion piece to Office Space but it is no where near the quality.

I have to give Extract a 7.5/10. It was very funny, but it had the potential to be better. Still, this is a slight recommendation or at least a rental and it is still worth seeing because it's still far better than some of the other comedies that are coming out these days.
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an unbiased review: Excellent film
starlit-sky20 September 2010
I claim that my review is unbiased simply because I didn't know anything about the director. I read all the negative reviews and see that people are frustrated because they compare it to his earlier works which are supposedly funnier.I must confess that I didn't know anything about the director, The Office Space, etc. That's why I had no expectations. I didn't expect this movie to be funny either. OK, so it is not funny in a way like a comedy sit com is funny, jokes are not laughable. This movie has dark humor; it is situations and what happens to people that makes it comical and even tragic.

Main character, Joel, is the owner of an extract factory that he built from scratch with hard work. He is having some marital problems; his wife is not having sex with him anymore. In the meantime, a young, attractive temp, Cindy, gets hired as an employee. Joel turns to his bartender friend, Dean (a very comical role by Ben Affleck) for advice who talks him into hiring an amateur young stud, Brad, to seduce Joel's wife. If his wife gives into temptation then it is only fair for him to do the same, a seemingly logical way to guilt-free cheating.

I really enjoyed this movie and it somewhat reminded me of American Beauty (maybe because it was about problems of classic suburban families). It successfully portrays flaws of people, such as prejudice, sexual temptation, addiction, greed, ambition, career aspirations, and being intrusive, and most of all, miscommunication. I am really sorry that people didn't enjoy this as much as I did. If you can view this without any expectations you may find that is a quite remarkable film and definitely deserves a rating higher than 7.
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Vincentiu2 March 2015
one of film about crazy situations from everyday life. crisis- in personal life and business- of an ordinary guy, interests of a seductive young woman, gallery of stupid/crazy/hilarious characters, a too good friend, an accident and a business in fragile balance. result - a series of scenes who seems be from known cultural areas but enough cool for amusing only. the great virtue - choice of cast, each of actors remains a nice surprise. a comedy like many others. interesting for the easy manner to identify yourself with Jason Bateman 's character and for Ben Affleck strange character who reminds a not rare type of friend.
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jdesando2 September 2009
"OK, so I'm a bit of a character." Dean (Ben Affleck)

Just mention King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, or Office Space from creator Mike Judge and you'll get reactions of awe for his "characters"-- their iconoclastic, offbeat humor. The setup of Extract is eccentric enough to fit those social comedies: an artificial flavoring factory filled with oddball assembly workers and an accident where one of them loses a testicle.

But writer/director Judge can't fully match the promise of the premise as he tailors only a few scenes to his brash humor: for example, three men on a bong is smart on several levels, especially the timing and Jason Bateman's laid-back factory-owner Joel, who doesn't fit the smoking scene but whose droll responses to Ben Affleck's New -Age bartender are quite funny.

Bateman's everyman persona holds the cast and story together as well as he can in spite of the many slow scenes and repetitious comedic bits such as the nerdy neighbor (David Koechner), who appears too many times in an annoying bit about The Rotary Club, and the testicle motif.

Underneath the shallow humor lies a commentary worth attention—the plight of the factory workers waiting for a company to be sold with few places for them to go. Seen from management's point of view, they are racist slackers who can compromise their own well-being by damaging production at will. With the humorous daily shenanigans of those line workers halting production for various petty jealousies and intrigues, Extract is not a bad commentary on the vicissitudes of factory life for management and workers.

Joel's vacant sex life--his wife, Suzie (Kirsten Wiig) is not responsive-- heightens the social commentary concerning the trade offs of the American dream that needs tending 24/7. But I stretch to make something out of the weak end of summer film fare. Extract is simply an extract of the larger comedic genre which will have to wait for fall to be adequately seasoned.

I hope.
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I'm still trying to Extract this from my memory
thesar-222 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly don't think I've ever laughed less in a comedy than Extract. I mean, I seriously can not remember once that more than a smirk appeared on my face.

The ads didn't help me see this in theatres, nor the Mike Judge name attached, despite he made one of my all time favorite comedies, Office Space. In addition, even though I love Jason Bateman and J.K. Simmons, they weren't a draw for me. I simply waited for video and a recommendation from a friend.

On the flipside, I can't say this movie was horrible; it just wasn't at all good nor funny in the least. I almost forgave the blatant character rip-offs from Judge's other comedy, Office Space – they even had the same mannerisms and lines! But what I couldn't forgive is the wasted talent and time the main stars are throwing away.

Take for example, Bateman, who had his comeback a few years back with films like Hancock and Juno, and granted with fame, comeback heroes generally will just make about anything for attention and a buck. (Uh…Travolta? Battlefield Earth, Michael, or just about 70% of anything past Pulp Fiction.) Next, we see the strikingly gorgeous "Meg" Kunis. She's only going to look like this for so long. Pick smarter scripts, even comedies. And definitively don't drive down MeganFox Lane. Finally, J.K.'s forgiven as he seems to be always that "number three or lower" cast member, despite the fact he's always good.

A quick snip of the plot line: Phoned-In Bateman stars as Joel who built his extracting business from the root up and apparently read on people he hires. The typical worker humor scenes ensure and Joel wants to sell. A scene, I'm guessing to be funny (and even if it were hilarious, it was ruined by the trailer) has idiot coworkers causing an accident, deformation and as usual, without remorse, one of my pet peeves –even when its fictional. Oh, and in addition, Joel's not getting any at home and spends more time bromancing Dean (Affleck of all people.)

To confuse the plot more… (stop here – seriously, slapstick comedies such as this need to keep it simple. Once you go past 3 or more subplots you lose your target audience as well as any sign of a box office. Extract's no exception.)…they throw in a pool-boy-prostitute in which they don't even cover up the Desperate Housewives rip-off, a bunch of drug scenes (that Bateman did NOT take advantage of for potential comedic scenes) and a lone criminal who's trying to, well, extract as money as she can from a company run by monkeys and injured worker who mimics most primates.

Will it all work out in the end? Who really cares? When it ends you'll probably spend more time shaking your head than laughing. Especially that off-wall ending.

A movie this solely reminded me off, despite the stolen Office Space characters, was the 150% better Election. Watch that movie. Even after a decade, Election, with a lot of the same principals but much more smartly developed, holds up extremely well. I can imagine this one not only forgotten soon, but simply disappearing.
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What Happened?
rasa067 September 2009
WHAT HAPPENED? I love mike judge. He is comic genius with Office Space, Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill. There was no plot to this movie and it was slow. At times it reminded me of Very Bad Things... not the great movie part, the part like knowing something horrible is going to happen and you can't do anything about it, but it never did... nothing ever happened.

There were places the plot could have gone and the movie would have taken a much better turn, it didn't happen. It was just not well though out or developed. I really didn't like any of the characters, which is a shame. This had a pretty strong cast. It was all bad script. I stayed thinking it would get better. It didn't. Don't waste your time.
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feels like a failed pilot episode to what would make a bad sit-com
StarkTech13 September 2009
The most unremarkable film of the year that really can't even be labeled as a comedy. I'm shocked because I'm a real fan of King of the Hill and I absolutely adore the entire cast. This is the prototypical example of a film's trailer being FAR better than the film itself. In fact, if you've seen the trailer, don't bother watching the movie at all. It deserves no more of a person's time than a cliff notes, abbreviated recap. The entire running time feels like a failed pilot episode to what would make a bad sit-com. Barely a chuckle in sight, nothing particularly funny or rememberable at all with even Mila Kunis' amazing beauty wasted and held in check.
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Great Hard Working Boss with a Bumbling Crew suffers from a cold wife meets up with temptation in the form of a criminal drifter. Ain't funny McGee.
Namlexa19 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Inspired by the wit and ingenuity of Office Space, I ignored the negative reviews and the wife and I plunked down twenty bucks to see this today. Andrea fell asleep midway and she got off better than me. Jasop Bateman tries very hard and Ben Affleck, almost unrecognizable, actually becomes a believeaable character, his best work. And yes, best casting choice Mila Kunis, the criminal drifter, is as convincing as she is beautiful. But the setup, the story and the script go no where and are about nothing. We are to believe that this great boss, poor soul who managed to build a major industrial company would return to the betraying wife who had sex with the pool boy 15 times?! Neither witty nor logical or, sad to say, worth being made. In these truly treacherous times, when brilliant indie films cannot find a taker (at any and every film festival!), that someone with millions said OK holding this dross in his hands is almost as unbelievable as the movie itself.
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Not funny and Boring
scottyc348 February 2010
I know that like 90% of reviews for anything online are either a 1 or a 10 and I don't want to appear to fall into that trap. But I really don't have a choice. This is literally the least funny "comedy" I have ever seen. My wife (who is a huge Office Space fan) and I actually turned it off after about 45 minutes.

I think the worst part is it so transparent in what the creators expect you to think is funny. I'm sure I was supposed to love the annoying neighbor, the gigolo and the old white lady who works at the plant, but they were not funny and got annoying by the second scene they were in. I'm sure I was supposed to be totally shocked and entertained by Bateman and Allfeck's ridiculous conversations about hiring gigolos, beating off and drugs - but I wasn't. It even managed to make the dad from Juno not funny - and I love that guy in pretty much everything he's in.

Please believe me when I tell you that I, and my wife who was predisposed to like this movie, sat stone faced for 45 minutes before turning it off.

OK, on second thought I'll give it a 2. It was really too inconsequential to make me angry enough for me to give it a 1.
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A stupid business owner deals with all the stupid people around him while making stupid choices of his own
drosent1057 November 2011
An utterly stupid movie about how utterly stupid and meaningless most peoples' lives are. The people who made this movie under the pretense of a comedy ended up making a tragedy. If this is the state of American cinema, then we are doomed. There are some movies that are so bad that they are worth seeing simply for their shock value as to how bad a movie can be. Bu then there are those that make you feel like you have completely wasted your time. Like you have just lost an hour and a half of your life that you will never get back and you feel gipped and taken advantage of. This is one of those movies. I can't imagine spending money to see this (it was a library rental) otherwise I would have lost not only time but hard earned cash as well.

There are no redeeming qualities to this piece of trash, except for, and this is a big maybe, Gene Simmons (former member of Kiss) in a ridiculous cameo. He was a caricature when in Kiss, and a caricature now. But at least he knows it. The other actors, decent actors, have no excuse. C'mon people, we can do so much better than spending millions making movies like this. Bad jokes, bad plot line, bad stereotypes, etc.

Or maybe it is the end of civilization and there's no turning back. Shame on the actors for buying into this wretched script. You have been warned.
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Not Judge's best,but still elicits the laughs
KUAlum2622 September 2009
The reviews have been kinda cool,but having seen this movie not too long ago and having enjoyed it,I think I can give this a basic approval. Basic approval.

Joel(Jason Bateman,making good on practically every protagonist role he gets anymore)runs a food flavoring extract company in Texas(city non-specific)that he created and he's reached a placid stretch where he's bored with his work,stressed-out by his underlings and woefully un-fulfilled with his marriage to a stay-at-home free-lancer(Kristen Wiig,very good). He takes out his malaise and peeves on a hotel bar tended by his oily,"feeling' no pain" dude named Dean(Ben Affleck in arguably one of the more loose,incognito roles of his career;when I first saw the trailers,I thought he was Adam Sandler!)whose laid-back,answers-for-everything mien balances Joel's straight arrow personage.

When a diligent but trying floor worker(Clifton Collins jr.,also unrecognizable,though that's kinda his MO)is seriously(YOUCH!!)hurt on the job,his absence,coupled with the appearance of a hot but delightfully sociopathic drifter named Cindy(Mila Kuniz,out of rhythm with this film in a character that definitely could've been better written)as a new temp,sets events in motion that are going to seriously muck up not only Joel's sedate life but also that of his company,which seems to be on par with being bought out by General Mills.

Writer/Director Mike Judge places an interesting and funny film that doesn't seem to be interested in finishing,or filling out the characters and/or situations of the story,and thus falls short of previous efforts(Office Space and Idiocracy). Practically every character besides Joel is left open-ended:the button-down assistant manager played by J.K.Simmons,the wife,the injured worker in question,the unctuous neighbor played by David Koechner and the grifter hottie herself in particular. Granted,a quick comedy(roughly 90 minutes)that plays for absurd events that mull out of mundane occurrences(Judge's specialty,more out of shows like "Beavis and Butthead" and "King of the Hill")is probably going to have one-dimensional characters,but it still feels like this film was somewhat hurried. A little more exposition and maybe an awkwardly pinned ending might've improved the quality of this film.

Still,the lines and some of the performances--the guy who plays the stutlifyingly dumb young Lothario who is hired to seduce Joel's wife is particularly mint,complimenting Affleck's inspired turn--make this movie easily enjoyable. Practically all of the events and characters seem to mirror,to some degree or another,Office Space,with the outcomes and general tome much tamer and less overall cutting than the previous film. To me,there was enough of the spirit of the previous to make this one work,even if it wasn't as declarative or distinctive on its own.

Judging from the crowd--or lack thereof--at the showing that I saw and the dwindling numbers at the box,I'd say that this is definitely worth a look either on DVD or on cable. If you dial down your expectations from previous Judge creations,one who goes into seeing this shouldn't be too disappointed.
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"Extract" Lacks Flavor.
zardoz-135 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The best comedians do not laugh at their own jokes. Instead, they let the audience laugh. The new Mike Judge movie "Extract" qualifies as the kind of low yield humor movie that maintains a straight-face throughout its 89 minutes but lacks a tenth of the humor as "Idiocracy." Judge looks like he told everybody to behave like nothing funny was happening in his absurdly insane bit of nonsense. Nobody gives a bad performance in this comatose comedy.

"Extract" is neither a laugh-out-loud comedy nor a "Beavis & Butthead" wet dream. The scenes are subtle with humor. The characters are complete cretins, from the protagonist Joel (Jason Bateman) who owns and operates a flavor extract factory with the most nitwits that you will ever see. Judge treats Hispanics exceptionally well while he is not so sympathetic whites. Into the marginally sane world of Reynolds Extract comes sassy Cindy (ass hot sexy Mila Kunis)who looks like she walked out of a wet-dream and knows it. The first scene where Cindy sasshays out of a guitar shop with a $3000-plus electric guitar while two smitten sales clerks are away getting her another guitar is a hoot.

"Extract" is largely a hoot itself but it doesn't like to toot its own horn. Ben Affleck, who seems to be taking time off from starring in movies to playing supporting roles, is Dean, the best friend that Joel has and can trust. Dean is a bearded bartender who tries to help Joel solve his problems with controlled substances, like horse tranquillizer and marijuana. He takes Joel to see one of his stoner buddies who smokes pot out of an eight-foot bong. It seems that Joel has not been getting laid by his frigid wife who puts on the sweat pants at 8 PM and refuses to give it up. Clifton Collins, Jr. is cast as Step, an incredibly idiotic redneck, who loses a testicle in a hilarious factory accident that plays out like a Rube Goldberg stunt. The plant itself is basically a convey belt run factory with employees putting bottles of extract into boxes and moving them around the premises with a fork-lift.

Kristen Wiig is Suzie, the wife of the protagonist, who does the moronic pool cleaning stud fifteen times. Initially, Joel pays Brad (Dustin Milligan) to have sex with Suzie while he tries to score with Cindy. Actually, Cindy is scoring with Step and trying to get him to sue Joel and his company for restitution for his lost testicle. "Kiss" vocalist Gene Simmons plays an accident shyster who represents Step it in his law suit against Reynolds' Extract. The funniest guy in "Extract" is David Koechner as Nathan, an obnoxious neighbor that Joel and Suzie struggle to avoid at all costs. He means well but he is a complete nincompoop. Don't leave your seat until you have seen the two scenes during the ending credits. You may smile a lot, occasionally laugh, but you will not laugh out loud.

"Extract" is nowhere as much fun as "Idiocracy" was.
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Ishtar Part 2
mindseyestudios11 September 2009
Ever wondered just how you too can flush away an hour of your life? Simple! Just view Extract... Those who believe this film, and I use the term lightly, is a cinematic wonder wouldn't know a great or even semi-decent movie if it fell from the sky, landed on their face, and began to wiggle. I honestly had to return home as quickly as possible and shower this feature from my body - truly my very own "Crying Game" moment. Why spend $10 watching Extract when you can just stay home, place your left hand into a blender, and experience the same amount of pain for free? If I were Mike Judge, I'd just move to Guam and finish out his life producing documentaries about transsexual midget prostitutes and the women who love them because a film writer he's not.
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Very disappointing...
DrunkN_M1 November 2010
I was pretty surprised to see this movie get a score in the mid 6 level, I would've guessed 4 or 5. I watched this movie only because (a) it was on late night on cable and nothing else to watch, and (b) it was from Mike Judge. I'm a big fan of Office Space, but maybe that was part of the problem, that I was expecting something of that caliber. This is definitely not up to par, I think that any of Office Space's worst jokes is easily funnier than one of Extract's best jokes, if there is such a thing. Where to begin...

I am also a fan of Justin Bateman, he was the man on Arrested Development, and had a couple of other good roles lately, but really he just flat out disappointed in this one. No emotion whatsoever guy. Mila Kunis was equally disappointing, though it was mostly her character / story and not her acting, it basically went no where. The story is awkward and trying to be funny, but, I dunno... the best analogy I can think of is having a magician on stage pull a rat out of his hat and expect an applause afterward, only to hear crickets instead. The only possible reason I can think of to recommend this movie to someone, and mind you this is a pretty sad reason, is to watch Affleck play a mildly funny / not-give-a-sh!t type of character. Couple of chuckles, but nothing great.

Last but not least, a couple of comments to others from reading the forums: 1) I cannot possibly imagine why anyone would want to watch this more than once, 2) Seeing people defend this movie, claiming that they are either too dumb to "get it" or that the movie must be made for people of higher intellect.... seriously? This one?

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Constant Smirk Movie
dasoulchild29 January 2010
Does Judge constantly have to be compared to previous masterpieces? I thought the movie delivered what it was supposed to: Awkward comedy. I loved the Arrested Development vibe Jason Bateman brings to everything. I had a constant smirk through this whole movie, it made me laugh out loud several time, kept me interested, and I could definitely watch it again.

Wiig is excellent in this, her regular sense of humor is very evident in this film.

If we're comparing it to Office Space, this is like it in one main theme - a comedy that is also a window into real relationships..how they really work. Cheating doesn't always mean the end of a relationship, and real relationships can work through a lot before giving up. I thought the movie was refreshing and PAINFUL - which is a favorite breed of comedy for me. (IE Farrelly)

I have extremely particular taste in movies, especially comedies, and I thoroughly enjoyed this.
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A perfect adult comedy.
DarkVulcan2916 September 2009
It's nice to see Jason Bateman in a leading role for once, although he was the lead in TVs Arrested Development(2003-2006), but for a while on film, he was mostly the other guy or the friend. Like in such memorable films The Sweetest Thing, The Breakup, Juno, The Kingdom, State of Play, and some not so memorable like Mr. Magoriums Wonder Eporium and Hancock. But in Extract he really shows he can be funny without trying to be funny.

Joel(Jason Bateman) is a owner of a power plant called Extract, he employees don't respect him for a second, and despise the very sight of him. Things at home are not much better, has he tries to avoid an annoying neighbor named Nathan(David Koesner). And he feels his marriage to Suzie(Kristen Wiig) is slowly crumbling. Joels only joy of the day is his best friend Dean(Ben Affleck who got his look from Tommy Chung) a hippie bartender who he likes to hang with. But then a co worker has a painful accident on the job, things soon get real interesting when the beautiful Cindy(Mila Kunis) comes to work there, and Joel is quickly smitten by her. And soon more funny turn of events will quickly ensue.

I like this film, it is one of a few R rated comedies that does not half to rely on gross out gags, or overbearing vulgarness. Jason Bateman really made this film work, as a everyday man who gets himself in funny situations. Ben Affleck was alright, but he just wasn't has funny as Bateman was. Mila Kunis character could have been written a little better, not that she was bad, they just could written more for her to do. Kristen Wiig was alright also. I liked Extract more then Office Space.
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Mike Judge's patented brand of intelligent insanity comes through again.
Mr_Censored11 September 2009
From the mind of Mike Judge ("Office Space") comes "Extract," a movie about the mundane daily struggles of Joel Reynolds (Jason Bateman). Joel is the owner of a flavoring extract plant where he is forced to babysit his mismatched and unmotivated employees and dreams of the day he can sell the company off and stop working altogether. His wife, Suzie (SNL's Kristen Wiig) sits at home, depressed and lonely, while Joel struggles to make it home before the eight o'clock deadline when she puts on her sweatpants and all hopes of coitus are squashed. A con-woman (Mila Kunis) comes into the picture, hoping to capitalize on a pending lawsuit against the company as well as catching Joel's eye. Not knowing what to do, he turns to his drug-peddling bartender friend (Ben Affleck) who in turn suggests he hires a gigolo to have an affair with his wife so he can go forward with his own affair, guilt-free.

If it sounds ludicrous and over-the-top, it is. Mike Judge's films always have a way of spinning everyday-life situations in the wildest ways. What starts out with the best (well, sort of) intentions quickly spirals downward into a mess beyond repair. Like "Office Space," "Extract" is Judge's version of what happens when the everyday, working-class man gets bored and decides to do something about it. Is it meant to be a cautionary tale or simply a social commentary? Whatever the answer, it works on both levels. You'll laugh at Joel's misfortunes while a little part of you feels sympathy knowing deep down that he is simply a nice guy gone wrong and that things like this (although not as extreme) could happen to any one of us. That sort of twisted reality is what makes a good Mike Judge film, and no doubt, this is another of his that is destined to become a cult-classic.

Thankfully, though, the movie isn't so wacky that it loses its humanity. Despite some odd performances in the film, achieved brilliantly by Affleck, David Koechner and J.K. Simmons (who, with his bald-head, somewhat resembles a character in one of Mike Judge's cartoons) and the outrageous events that unfold, the film still keeps its heart firmly in place. Granted, you won't laugh as thoroughly as you might during other comedies, but during Judge's fourth feature-length film, you'll squirm enough in your seat during the awkward moments to know that you were delivered a solid story with real characters and humor derived from their pain and suffering. "Extract" is, at the end of the day, an intelligent, hard-working and quirky little comedy that will no doubt find its audience in the years to come, much like "Office Space." Unfortunately the film isn't doing so hot right now (debuting at #10!), so I urge you to go to the movies and give it a shot. I promise, you won't be sorry.
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