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Tampa Bay Times
Sure, it's silly without shame, and predictably sentimental. But Zookeeper is the most thoroughly enjoyable movie for the entire family in theaters right now. I can't believe I just typed that about a Kevin James flick with talking animals.
It's not the romcom that's so entertaining, anyway; it's the slapstick.
Orlando Sentinel
James takes his comic lumps like a man. His Griffin suffers injuries and indignities and lets us laugh at him as he does. No matter where the script wanders and where the direction founders, at some point, James' comic instincts take over. And this time, they don't let him down.
As a study in insanity, Zookeeper is mildly interesting. But as a kiddie comedy, it's something to watch only once the little ones have worn out their "Dr. Doolittle" DVD.
It's stupid, then it veers toward the absurd, but with James at its center it remains sort of sweet throughout. You can't hate James or the movie; both are just sort of dopey but well-meaning.
Boxoffice Magazine
Almost totally devoid of charm and genuine laughs despite the presence of star Kevin James and a wonderful veteran voice cast for the creatures.
Although one would never have expected to find her in a film like this, Dawson, by dint of enthusiasm, is the only actor who rises above the material with her dignity intact.
Ultimately, it's a marketing pitch in search of a movie that proves punishingly flat.
Slant Magazine
It's monumentally terrible. "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" now has competition for worst picture of the year.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat this: Movies don't have to be this bad.

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