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Actually a decent watch
elizaandrews12 April 2021
So I watched this the other night in the early hours, good storyline, the main lead actors did a good job with what they had, (especially box) you can actually imagine something like this happening, theres one scene that made me feel sick (involving a child) which is something I cant stand seeing in movies, but it's good when a movie can play with your emotions , so to say its low budget they did a good job, it's not a second view movie but its definitely worth a watch once, 5.5 out of 10 from me.
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Surprisingly, not that bad.
Patient4446 April 2021
Well, lets take in consideration the budget, the cover, the name of the movie and be honest, does anyone expect a masterpiece?

It surely is not, yet, it is a slasher with a plot, character development, bound with a little torture porn, mixing all together and giving us the final product . It is working, does deliver on some levels, doesn't overstretch, only 78 minutes and you genuinely understand what's happening. Now I am not a fan of these kind of productions, but I think everyone involved in the making of the movie did a pretty good job. I have no real complaints, because the movie doesn't take too much time to start developing its action and also it ties all lose ends.

A simple and effective little movie, that proved budgets can be overrated sometimes. A slasher that I don't see becoming a cult following in the future, and most likely will pass unnoticed, but strangely enough, it is better than a lot of such views I had recently.

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Underwhelming and flawed Australian indie serial killer effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder13 November 2021
Attempting to get by in life, a worker at a local slaughterhouse is tasked with bringing a new recruit fresh off parole up to speed at the facility, but when they eventually start to get into trouble with others they resort to murder and other forms of retribution leading to a shocking series of crimes.

Overall, this was a pretty underwhelming genre effort. Among its good qualities is the storyline work where, as a build-up of the relationship between the two that eventually leads into far darker and crueler actions the more time they spend together, this has a lot to like. Seeing their lives in the slaughterhouse and how they are treated there with the other workers bullying them and treating the two like outcasts based on the belief of how weird they come off to the others is done at such a point that there's an easy throughline to their later work as serial killers taking them out in quite cruel manners. Giving this one quite a lot to enjoy when it shows them killing and carving up victims with their skillset as a butcher, there are some pretty graphic and brutal murders that are carried out which gives this a couple of positive aspects. That said, there are some problems with this one. The main problem is that the film seems to jump the gun with the serial killer aspect since it's an immediate jump to that solution to their problems rather than doing a gradual build-up to these antics. Since we get so little info on the guy before the incident that starts them on their killing spree, everything stands out even further in regards to the absolute over-the-top nature of the two immediately landing on killing to get through those who they distrust. As well, with a real lack of interest in who they are since neither men are that interesting or charismatic before they start killing the film is a slough even at this length which is a bit of a problem that this kind of film. Combined with some unneeded and obvious padding to get this stretched out to the paltry running time it has to begin with, there's not much with this one.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
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