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21 Jul. 2008
The First Barbarian War
It is 113 BC. The Cimbri smash through the northern imperial border to threaten Rome. Gripped by terror, Rome turns to General Marius, who will transform the Roman army and shake the Republic's political foundations to the core.
28 Jul. 2008
When Roman generals Pompey and Crassus lead their mighty legions of soldiers and mercenaries into the lands surrounding Italy, neither anticipates the turmoil caused by one bold mercenary.
4 Aug. 2008
Julius Cesar
Julius Caesar attempts to annex Gaul and build his reputation while the empire churns with civil war.
11 Aug. 2008
The Forest of Death
As the Roman Empire expands its reach into what is now Germany, its legions are faced with ferocious Germanic tribesmen.
18 Aug. 2008
The Invasion of Britain
It is 47 A.D. The new emperor Claudius is considered by many to be the village idiot. He can only hang onto his throne by waging a spectacular conquest.
25 Aug. 2008
The Dacian Wars
Despite many successes, the multitude of military campaigns begin to take their toll on Rome's finances.
1 Sep. 2008
Rebellion and Betrayal
Marcus Aurelius inherits the empire at its peak. The imperial boundaries stretch from the Irish Sea to the sands of Syria. But the greater Rome grows, the bigger a target she becomes.
8 Sep. 2008
Wrath of the Gods
In the beginning of the 3rd century, Rome is in crisis. Ravaged by civil war and foreign invasions, it now faces an even greater challenge in the new religion of Christianity.
15 Sep. 2008
The Soldiers' Emperor
Near the end of the 3rd century, civil war has torn the empire apart and left its borders vulnerable to barbarian invasion. Romans living on the eastern and western frontiers, far from Rome, are left to defend themselves.
22 Sep. 2008
The civil wars of the 3rd century are finally ended by Emperor Diocletian. In the eastern court and army of this powerful emperor, a young Constantine receives the training of a future leader.
29 Sep. 2008
The Barbarian General
By the end of the 4th century, Romans and barbarians live together uneasily, a situation that often explodes into violence. When Emperor Theodosius enlists the Goths as mercenaries, he relies on his trusted general to lead.
6 Oct. 2008
The Puppet Master
In 450 A.D., Rome is a mere shadow of its former self. Now, Roman rulers are at the mercy of their barbarian invaders, offering them power and territory in exchange for peace.
13 Oct. 2008
The Last Emperor
In the middle of the 5th century, as the Empire fights a losing battle against its formidable barbarian opponents, one Roman named Orestes finds service in the court of Attila the Hun.

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