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We're reminded of "Office Space" and can truly never go on from there
StevePulaski22 June 2012
The direct to video effort Demoted brings one fantastic corporate office satire to mind and immediately suffers by comparison. That satire, of course, is Mike Judge's cult hit Office Space, a funny, poignant, and brutally honest look at inside the cubicle, observing three men fed up with their boss, their job, and every sickening event that happens day in and day out.

There are times when clearly Demoted wants to be that film. It wants to pack in relatable qualities found in the workplace, it wants to create characters that lie around your office, and it wants to make people you've seen before. The problem is that it is so textbook and underachieving in almost every field that it becomes less a relatable film and more of an envious portrayal of the life you wish was as convenient as your own.

Mike and Rodney (Sean Astin and Michael Vartan) are the office pranksters at their company, where they spend some time selling tires over the phone, but more time harassing fellow employees, mainly Ken Castro (David Cross). They have a notable relationship with the current boss, but after he dies in a night of boozing, strippers, and camaraderie, the head position is given foolishly to Castro (a name that will prove wholly fitting). He is dictative, boisterous, and sickeningly belligerent, and demotes Mike and Rodney to the secretary position - a position they sneered and mocked prior to this demotion.

Rodney is getting married and, after being put on the spotlight by her snotty father, tells her that he is getting a promotion and is a big shot at the office. It is truly inevitable this excuse will backfire, causing his marriage to subsequently go under, yet be miraculously saved in a foolish and contrived scene. It is too inevitable that Mike and Rodney will not have very much fun walking in someone else's shoes. I believe it was Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird that you can never totally understand someone until you climb in their shoes and walk around for a while. Their case doesn't seem so much like that as it seems an urgent alliance. They, then, witness all the disheartening budget cuts Castro is making and plot to stop him.

I enjoyed the first act of Demoted, stared blankly, chuckling occasionally during the second, and finally, snickered and yawned during the third. There are times when the film genuinely wants to incorporate intelligent satire and wit to its material, but it is stuck in a rut of clichés waste-deep. Astin is a fine choice for Mike, playing a simple and likable man, if a caricature, and Vartan does his best with the role of the everyman, desperately careening towards the idea of making his marriage work. But who is brought to a solid light here is David Cross's Castro, but even he feels cheated on the levels of destruction he could so helpfully bring to a comedy of errors.

And that's where Demoted flounders. Too many clichés, too many ridiculous setups, too many cheap-shots taken at decent people, too many instances that beg us to laugh, and too much suspension of disbelief that we haven't seen Office Space. Likable cast, efficiently determined script, but an execution that has direct-to-DVD rehash written all over it.

Starring: Sean Astin, Michael Vartan, and David Cross. Directed by: J.B. Rogers.
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A funny over-the-top "Office Space" type movie that is worth watching. Predictable and not original but still funny. I say B.
cosmo_tiger3 May 2012
"From now until the end of time today and everyday shall be know as secretaries day!" Mike (Astin) and Rodney (Vartan) are the best salesmen and Treadstone tire, and they know it. Being rude to everyone has become standard fare until their boss dies. When Ken Castro (Cross), who has been the brunt of their jokes, takes over he immediately demotes them to secretaries. The two realize how they have been and begin to change their ways. I will start by saying that I liked this movie and laughed quite a bit but this is also nothing amazing at all. Very predictable and pretty much a no substance movie but it is worth watching and I liked it. Think "Office Space" but a step above on the absurd scale. There really is nothing to say about this as there is really nothing to it but I again liked it and I think it is worth checking out. Overall, if you liked "Office Space" you will like this. This are worse ways to spend an hour and a half. I give it a B.
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Some tires just doesn't spring a leak...
paul_haakonsen16 June 2012
Well, "Demoted" wasn't bad, but it wasn't a whole lot of laughs either. That being said, then it must be said that the movie was actually good, nonetheless, as it had a very nice and warming story to tell.

"Demoted" is about top sales guys Mike (played by Sean Astin) and Rodney (played by Michael Vartan) working at Treadline Tires, and they are living the sweet, easy life, that is up until their boss drops dead from a heart attack, and the office 'joke' Ken Castro (played by David Cross) takes over the company. The two head ponchos find themselves demoted to secretaries, and have to deal with being lower on the corporate ranking of Treadline Tires.

Initially, I had expected more laughs from this movie, but still, I was thoroughly entertained, as the storyline was great and well executed. And the movie had some really nicely drawn out characters with lots of personality and variety. It was sort of a movie that goes to prove that the 'underdog' can achieve great things as well, and you don't have to be at the very top of the corporate line in order to be successful or in order to make a difference.

"Demoted" had some nice performances by the various actors and actresses. I personally enjoyed seeing David Cross in the role of Ken Castro, he was just great and really brought some great comedy to the movie.

As for a comedy of this caliber, then "Demoted" really doesn't bring anything new to the genre, nor does it play out anything that haven't been seen before. So it is basically straight out of the drawer material here. But it does work out well enough, especially if you enjoy these types of comedies.
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Unfunny,Uncomfortable,Unbelievably Unfunny Utter WASTE!
MyGoodWish20 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe garbage like this is still seeping out of Hollywood. It's 2012....act like it movie makers! We see you,we know who you are and we're not likely to forget the anguish you've inflicted!

This is a movie about two men that are uncomfortable insecure and unfunny and it lasts for over six hours,that's counting some recovery time. Why can't Hollywood directors find a test audience that isn't packed with immature fame worshipers so they can learn the truth about their "work" before they release it on the innocent public?

Michael Vartan does a senseless and desperate pasty naked ass scene at the end of this torture.(need I say more)Why bother,why! It's so obviously desperate and contrived you just want it to be over. Who ever thought this painful scene up should be forced to watch old Alf shows for a week.

I have to blame the director for this utter waste because all of the actors were equally self conscious and terrible,but the director actually directed them to say their awful lines with those stupid looks on their faces. One painful scene after another with good actors doing unbelievably terrible acting,I couldn't believe my eyes. What a waste!
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A good workplace comedy
zo-7483811 May 2020
This film is billed as a comedy, and it is a funny film. I didn't think it deserved some of the low ratings it has been given. There were many laugh-out-loud moments for me. I'd say, relax, watch this movie, and enjoy yourself.
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Silly just as expected
Kijofreg14 April 2019
I don't like the genre, and I didn't expect to like this, and I was right. But since it's a bit unfair to give a bad rating just because you don't like the genre, I gave it an extra star. And TBH, it could've been worse. It was silly, but not as cringe-worthy as expected. It had several really good actors (and I don't get why they agreed to this), and I was happy to find out they didn't make them over-act (too much, anyway) as I would've expected from this genre.
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Delivers the kind of laughs we need right now!
stevepat9921 November 2016
Truly bad comedies with horrid acting, bad scripts, faux humor or worse 100% toilet humor are all too common. Enter 'Demoted. Saw the trailer which out of the gate looked to be a funny tale of fish out of water as two top salesman at the Treadline Tire Co. are demoted, by their arch rival, to mere office secretaries.

Having verbally abused the secretarial staff for years our 'heroes' slowly, over time, give this movie 'heart' as they see how the 'other side' lives and works. For example, they were clueless to the fact that women are never promoted to the sales force. That as well as the issue of 'unions' and workers rights blend well as the two 'fish' learn the ways of the pond. The new evil 'boss' Ken Castro is played in awesome fashion by David Cross.

Humor meets 'heart' as our bumpkins are determined to teach a 300+ pound secretary to jog! The toilet/plumbing scene is hilarious. Yes, crude references abound but do not overshadow the mostly funny and heart felt script. Good acting all around. This is one madcap sales force you will enjoy meeting.
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nogodnomasters22 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Mike Murphy (Sean Astin) and Roddney (Michael Vartan) are two hot shot tire salesmen for the Treadline tire company. They can do no wrong in the eyes of their boss Bob Farrell (Robert Klein). They treat their fellow employees with disrespect and play nasty pranks. When their boss suddenly dies from what appears to be an overdose of lap dances, the office politics change as the brunt of their humor, Ken Castro (David Cross) has become their boss. Rather than fire these two, they are demoted to the secretaries.

After some initial friction things smooth out to where our two bad boys lead an uprising against the constant misuse and sexist attitudes of their bosses. Sara Foster of D.E.B.S. plays Jennifer, the fiancee of Rodney.

The film is crude at times, but compared to others in its genre, it is rather tame. I found the humor to be light and at times forced. The plot is predictable with much the humor is on the immature side. Too much of the movie is filmed inside a restroom.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-bombs, no sex, male rear nudity (Michael Vartan)
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A secret gem of a film
ollyrussel24 October 2014
Upon stumbling across this film on Netflix and knowing Michael Vartan from Alias I thought I'd give this a go - very glad I did. Not only was it a solid comedy film, but it had some heart too.

The key lies in a situation a lot of people can relate to. The annoying guy at work, the differences between different jobs and ultimately the redeeming quality of revenge. I haven't laughed so much since American Pie (showing my age) but it's a very good film with solid, funny writing and situational comedy. The acting is admirable, especially the comic timing from Vartan, and it's simply a fun film to watch.

If you like Office Space, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this too.
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marcresto19 April 2022
Boy gets girl boy loses girl boy gets girl back while learning a lesson 🙄

Nothing special here it's a solid 6 maybe a five.

Close the deal 🤣 And don't be a coffee bitch.
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alexisdenchel22 April 2022
I actually loved this movie because it was the rise of the secretaries. 2 sales men sexist towards women in the workplace gets demoted after their boss dies. Not only do the the salesmen see how they treated co-workers and women in the workforce but they empower their coworkers and become top dogs in the company. I loved it and gave it 10 stars. It was great to see Sean Astin in a different kind of role.
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Surprise Hit
robertjford8319 September 2017
I was not expecting much from this movie but it is fantastic! It reminds me of Office Space, and I'm surprised this is not a cult classic, as it is hilarious in parts.

Demoted's premise is fairly obvious, it revolves around the two protagonists, Mike & Rodney, who are believable and do a fine job. But for me, Kenny ("it's Ken!") steals the show. All the best jokes/ scenarios were based around him, and I would say he is the best casting of the movie.

The jokes do slow down/ wear thin in places, and some characters/ scenes I question their inclusion. I think with a better script, Demoted could have been an absolute belter, but as it is, it's still a top notch comedy. I'm giving it 7/10. Perfect to watch when you've had a bad day at the office!
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