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  • An educated man spends his days writing letters for the varied inhabitants of his small, poor, and illiterate village, in this political and social satire.

  • It was Jawaharlal Nehru who changed the name of a small town, Durjanpur, to Sajjanpur, and that was about all the change that had occurred there since then. The town still lacks adequate infrastructure, no safe drinking water; in a 24 hour period, electricity is out for almost 23 hours, and most people, even though they own mobile phones, cannot speak or write English. One of the residents, who does speak and write English fluently, Mahadev Kuswah, lives with his mother, and both run a small fresh vegetable store after his dad abandoned them when he was very young. He has since obtained a degree from Satna University, and assists residents with written correspondence for a fee. Amongst his clients are Man Singh - who wants his homicidal wife to stand for the Municipal elections; a eunuch, Munnibai Mukhrani, who also to stands for elections; a snake charmer who is trying to make a living with fake snakes and is trying to locate his father; Ram Kumar, who is in love with a widow, Shobha; frantic Ramsakhi Pannawali, who desperately wants to marry off her rebellious Manglik daughter, Vindhya, to a Saturday-born dog; while Mahadev uses his skills to break Kamla's marriage with Bansiram.


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  • After his father abandoned him as a very young age, Mahadev Kuswah, a Graduate from Satna University, operates a fresh vegetable store in Sajjanpur. Sajjanpur was originally called Durjanpur, but after Jawaharlal Nehru's visit, it came to be by it's present name.

    Like any typical town in India, Sajjanpur, too, lacks basic infrastructure, there is no safe drinking water, the nearest railway station is Gorakhpur, local politicians are uneducated, mostly school dropouts, who have obtained fake college and university degrees, and are now Members of the Legislative Assembly and Members of Parliament.

    Mahadev assists his town's residents with their written correspondence for a small fee. Some of his clients include Ram Singh, the ex-chair of the municipality, who now wants his wife, who is charged with homicide, to contest the elections, but first he must discredit her competitor, Rehmat-Ur-Nisha, by associating her and her spouse, Salim Mohammad, with terrorism, and of being members of Pakistan's ISI; Ramkumar, a Compounder, who is in love with Shobha, a widow, who lives with her father-in-law, Subedar Singh; a frantic Ramsakhi Pannawali, who desperately wants to wed her Manglik and rebellious daughter, Vindhya, to a Saturday-born dog; Munnibai Mukhrani, a eunuch, who enlists his help in contacting the Collector for police protection after being threatened and assaulted by Ram Singh for daring to compete in the Municipal elections; a snake-charmer, who uses fake snakes instead of real ones, and is anxious to locate his missing father; while Mahadev uses his skill to break-up Kamla's marriage with her Mumbai-based husband, Bansiram, so that he can have her for himself.

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