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Worst Movie of 2009
trollmasterflex6 October 2009
Having read the book a couple of years ago, I followed the movie's production blog with great excitement.

Tucker mentioned possible Oscar nomination for the script, more than $200M at the box office and revolutionizing Hollywood.

I walked into the theater with 2 other male friends in late 20s - both lawyers, one of whom actually went to Duke. We'd been in the bar for an hour before hand so in merry mood after several beers. One of the guys just picked up the bar girl he'd been after for months, so cause to celebrate. I love independent movies. Edgy scripts. Darkness and the anti-Hollywood approach. Swingers is one of my favorite comedies in the ilk. The perfect movie for the perfect evening ...

There were 4 other people in the cinema. Hmmm. It did not seem to bode well.

And the movie begins. I began with a grin on my face, prepared to laugh my ass off throughout.

About 40 mins in, I was still waiting to laugh. One of my friends, who hadn't read the book, was yawning. Two of the others in the cinema got up and left.

So, let me cut a long story short: Poor script. Underlit. Cheap grain. Little empathy for any of the characters; no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The story arc fell totally flat. I could live with all that if the thing was actually FUNNY. Alas, I managed a couple of forced chuckles.

We left the cinema with me having to apologize to my friend for having put him through the boredom. We should have carried on drinking in the bar instead of wasting our time on this film.

Tucker tipped this as a classic of our time. I'm not even sure it would have merited a straight to DVD release. He said it would top The Hangover in both acclaim, artistic merit and box office. Half a billion dollars later, wide critical and audience reception, and marked as one of the best comedies of the year, if he'd put that sentence in the script, it would have been the funniest line in the whole movie.
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A movie about a complete douche-bag for douche-bags
monolithichex9 June 2010
I think I chuckled once so that explains the two stars. Other than that, it's a movie about a total douche-bag who's told he's a douche-bag, realizes he's a douche-bag, thinks about not being a douche-bag but, in response, only amps up his douchiness.

Mind you, my critique of this movie isn't a critique of Tucker Max- I hadn't heard of King Douche until shortly before viewing this movie. The movie is poorly written, poorly paced and, generally, poorly acted. It hints at redemption but instead sees the opportunity as a chance for another half-wit joke.

On the plus side, a movie like this can serve as a useful metric for people you know and/or have just met- If they like this movie, or Tucker Max, then you'll know said person is a douche-bag.
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Shock comedy without the comedy
HiJon891 November 2009
I had a chance to hear Tucker Max talk about the movie at a screening and he seemed quite confident that it would surpass Wedding Crashers as the highest grossing comedy of all time. After seeing the movie, it became quite clear that he was completely delusional. The movie has poor dialogue, a poor plot, and mediocre acting. I spent a little while trying to think of a redeeming quality, or any basis upon which I could recommend the movie to other people. I came up empty-handed.

If you are a huge Tucker Max fan and feel the urge to see the movie, just re-read the book. If you see the movie, you probably won't leave the theater as a fan anymore.
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major rewrite needed
totalfailure13 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
here'e the thing - the movie is billed as a comedy but actually felt a bit like a horror movie. the male characters, are, well, very creepy. now, i've read tucker max material years ago on the web. it was funny stuff. but this movie...

it seemed like these guys were getting ready to kidnap and rape a girl for a protracted period of time before killing her. they were downright threatening and brutal to the various females they met. i got as far as the bar/roadtrip scene before i just had to turn it off.

if this were rewritten as a horror movie, about some psychos looking to brutalize a college girl, i would have stuck around. but the movie is trying to get me to like these protagonists, and i just can't do that.

also, it was totally unfunny. not a real joke or setup in the whole thing.
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So what if they're smart?
Brianlodge5 October 2009
The lead characters of this movie are smart - this much is readily apparent early on. I get it.

What I don't think anyone involved in this movie gets is that "smart" and "not funny" are not mutually exclusive.

The characters in the movie are smarter than the people they encounter - great. How do they wield it? By lording it over them; it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Only someone extremely insecure would take pleasure in this. Descriptions of the Tucker Max character as being a sociopath are not an exaggeration. The problem is that - unlike No Country for Old Men or The Shining (also featuring sociopaths)- this is supposed to be a comedy.

In addition, for all the talk of the realism of the dialog, it just sounds fake. All the clever diatribes and snipes one after another just seem like things you wish you'd said after the fact.

Movies are supposed to be about escape and I just couldn't relax into a world where this guy gets away with so much crap and basically walks away unscathed, having learned nothing.
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Bad Movie, Bad Script
van36726 October 2009
"I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" is a poorly scripted R-rated fratboy comedy based on Tucker Max's book of the same name.

The movie is based on the so-called "true" stories of Tucker Max's book. The problem is that it is now coming out that these stories are likely not that true (and heavily exaggerated) and cinema exposes the weak storytelling of mishmashed comedic moments shoehorned into a script that is designed to glorify Tucker Max - the character and the author - at the expense of drama, comedy and internal logic.

The one positive note would be the quality of the acting. The lead characters are well cast and deliver the material sincerely - the problem being that the material is weak.
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Painful to Watch
j-taylor815 October 2009
I can only assume that the people that defend this movie loved the book and consequently went in with rose-colored glasses. Having personally only had the "benefit" of skimming the book picked up from a bookstore clearance table, I can only judge this product as a standalone product: and it's awful.

I'm tempted to blame the actors, but it's only because almost every character in the movie is just so unlikeable. Not in a some roguish, incorrigible way as I think the filmmakers would have you believe - just genuinely despicable people. This gross misstep has to fall on the shoulders of the writer(s) and director. I have never seen a movie where anyone that has an ounce of integrity or shows a sign of a moral compass is depicted as the bad guy and gets brutally shot down every time.

I can appreciate a good antihero; it's just that even the "worst" of them usually have some kind of vulnerability or we at least understand their motivation or there is a foil to their character to show them the way or there is a "real" bad guy to root against. Unfortunately, the Tucker Max character is so irredeemable that by the end of the movie there is nothing he can reveal about himself that justifies his malice.

This is in addition to the fact that the movie is ugly to look at, lacking the production values of most straight-to-DVD movies (which I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell should have been).
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The Battlefield Earth of Comedy
MarkPlatt25 September 2009
This movie was absolutely hysterical. Remember when Alan accidentally gave his friends roofies thinking it was Ecstasy…oh Sorry about that, I was accidentally reviewing "The Hangover," which is what "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" is without the funny, wit, good writing, and personality. I want to do a compliment sandwich with this movie, but the reality is that I cannot give any because there's none to give. So I'll just get into it: This movie is bad. Not offensive bad. Let me repeat: NOT OFFENSIVE BAD. Bad bad. This is the Battlestar Gallactica of comedy. The plot is hackneyed and worn out and executed poorly. The characters are so boring and mundane. There's no character development. There are attempts at it, but it falls flatter than William Hung's face. Remember that William Hung reference folks, because it's as obscure and obsolete as the jokes in the movie.

The lighting is poor. The acting isn't dreadful, but there are scenes in the sandwich added for comedic effect which don't further the plot at all (The breakfast sandwich scene is just one that comes to mind.) The characters are so incredibly unlikable, and the ending with the bouncy castle is so pathetic and ridiculous that it just is assumed that the writers threw it in there for some kind of absurd monkey shenanigans value. Skip this movie, it isn't even pirate worthy.
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Beyond Bad
Greatornot12 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What were they thinking? This film was basically a ripoff from "The Hangover" and loosely from all those other 'men sowing oats before wedding' flicks. I understood the premise and accept it. Sometimes you eat the lion and sometimes the lion eats you. This time , I was eaten. This film was horrible . Tucker, our main character was an obnoxious fool, but what is worse, he is an unfunny, obnoxious fool. The same old recycled gags; Bathroom sounds,handicap humor, fecal matter, misogyny etc. Where as "The Hangover" was excellent and yes even tastefully done with funny, original material. This film was not. As the film progressed toward its conclusion, Tucker was supposedly redeemed, but he was still an obnoxious clod that one could not root. Basically, He is Ferris Bueller raised by outlaws. Somehow, he convinces his friends to go to a town 3 hrs away to visit a special strip joint. Of course , one of these suckers is the groom. I do not want to give away the whole film, only suffice to say Tucker was not a good friend or even human being for that matter. Blaise acting performances, bad direction and the worst humor, translate to an absolutely awful rating and even worse viewing experience.The only good thing I can say is that I did not pay for this; Although time being money, I wasted an hour and half of my life.
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Horribly Unfunny
damian-5027 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. It's a cookie cutter story, with clichéd and overused jokes.

The script is terrible and the direction is even worse. The basic premise is 3 friends go on a bachelor party. One guy hates women, but finds love by the end of the movie. The groom is basically just there. Finally, Tucker Max alienates his friends, but makes them love him again after giving a toast at their wedding.

Maybe the movie wouldn't have been as tedious to sit through if the jokes wouldn't have fallen so flat. The Drew character says 90% of his lines into the air and some of the lines were groan-worthy.

There's nothing redeeming or entertaining. For a movie that's supposed to shock the audience, it mostly just bores.
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The worst script ever
meghanbrough11 June 2010
I watched the movie because a friend of a friend knows Tucker. I could have shot this person in the head after having watched this. Thank God I didn't pay to watch it. There is a reason the movie was not nominated for Oscars or only grossed a little over 1 mil....it sucks. The funnier part was when I actually googled the making of the movie and I've never seen someone referred to as a "douchebag" so many times in my life. I have to wonder though how some guy that looks and acts like he just rolled out of bed thinks he knows how to become a screenwriter after reading books for 6 months. That's even funnier and well, explains a lot. If he's the best technical writer this man (tucker) knows, I won't even attempt to read HIS books. Poor advertising or marketing?? How about poor writing, producing, directing, and movie in general...
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Sooooooo not good
connernobles11 February 2010
I read somewhere that the writer of the screenplay of this movie (and author of the book on which it was based) claimed that this film was going to be better than "The Hangover." That made me laugh more than any part of this movie did! WOW, this was a genuinely non-funny movie. When I first began watching this film, I had missed the opening credits, and title even, so after 20 or so minutes, I had assumed a slasher was about to start picking the characters off, one by one. When I finally realized that wasn't going to happen, I thought "where the hell is this going, and when am I going to want to laugh at SOMEthing??" I never did. I only found out after viewing the entire thing that it was based on a book by the same name, and that apparently the book was a big hit. It must have been a big hit with GUYS only, that's for sure; and guys with very low standards and misogynistic / toilet humor.

In summation: better than "The Hangover?" REALLY?? That movie was hilarious, and this one made me kind of be embarrassed to part of the same human race that would find this film funny......
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Fun movie
ChrisMY200112 February 2010
I'm not really sure why this movie is being reviewed so poorly. People are complaining about not liking the characters, that's the idea you are supposed to not like them. Let's not forget the "poor" lighting, I've never been to a bar or strip club that is lit up with bright lights. Yes this movie is similar to The Hangover but is based on a book that was written a couple years ago. I watched this movie with my friend On Demand on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning I went out just to buy it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who watches movies for the enjoyment, not the lighting and likable character. It's just a good, dirty time.
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Simply not funny...
eschma3112 November 2009
I was compelled to make an account on this site to write a review after reading the three most recent reviews for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Those three reviews were far more amusing than the movie itself. If they were fake (as I suspect)...nice. If they were genuine reviews...what is wrong with you? I'm not going to write an extensive, piece-by-piece review of this movie, because this is all you need to know: It really isn't funny. When I saw the movie, there were perhaps ten people in the theater. I do not recall hearing a single laugh from anyone. I was sincerely amused only once; I mostly just forced chuckles at things that I recognized from Tucker's book and web site--things that were infinitely more funny to read about than to see on screen. For whatever reason, Tucker's stories just do not translate well to film (or he did a very poor job of translating them to film). My one friend who came with me to the movie said, "It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be." I would be embarrassed recommending this film to anyone. I still think Tucker's web site and book are pretty funny, but if you want to be entertained, don't bother with the movie version of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.
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Good movie, but with wasted potential.
duke39622 January 2010
Overall, I enjoyed this movie. I have read the book and have been a fan for quite a while now, and when I heard there would be a film I was very excited. That being said, I'm going to do the ultimate evil of comparing the movie to the book. I thought Dan's character was spot on and well drawn, while Drew's attitude may have been a little extreme, and Tucker just seemed slightly "off" somehow but overall a good representation. Some of their antics were quite hilarious, but the main problem I had with this movie was that so many lines were quoted directly from the book (and sometimes out of context), so I already knew exactly what the guys were going to say. I think if they hadn't tried so hard to stick to the exact wording some of the dialog could have been improved or expanded upon. It was a fun ride though, and Tucker even ended up learning a thing or two, which I'm not sure I can say for his book counterpart! If I was the director I would have spent more time telling other stories from the book to help establish the characters, and then move into a condensed version of the film as it is for the second half. If that had been the case, I probably would have given it 9 out of 10. People who haven't read the book probably feel thrust in the middle of something they don't quite understand, and may not want to understand. I feel that it was a good movie, and very funny, but with a slightly different approach it could have been an awesome movie.
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You will either love it or hate it
newyorkjetsfan29 September 2009
After having read many reviews for this movie, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very polarizing movie. You will either love it or hate it.

I fell into the former category. The best quality of the movie is authenticity, as it feels very real unlike most comedies (The Hangover). I enjoyed "The Hangover" very much and thought it was funny, but some of things that happened in it really took me out of the movie. It was just one ridiculous thing after the other, which is fine, but it is refreshing to see an authentic movie like IHTSBIH. This movie has tons of quotable lines, and I would recommend it to everyone. It's just an extremely funny movie. Some people go into the movie with preconceived notions of Tucker as an douche bag and it doesn't allow them to look at the movie objectively. Go into it with an open mind and you will not leave disappointed.
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Seemed like amateur hour
barnstormer-219 October 2009
This is not a terrible movie, but it's not very good either.

I have not read the book but I have read and enjoyed the stories from Tucker's website in the past.

That said I was expecting more from this movie. There are some very funny moments but for the most part it was just boring. Pacing was the biggest problem with this movie, parts of it just plod along without anything happening that moves the story along. I honestly think this could have been made better but cutting about 15-20 minutes out of the film - of course by then the whole thing would have been about 45 minutes long.

There are some funny scenes but the rest just seems to be filler material. For instance, the first bar that Tucker and his pals visit and then walk out of - what was the point of that whole scene? It did not develop the story at all and should have wound up on the cutting room floor.

The movie, as a whole, seems to lack polish. As I said, cut about 15-20 minutes out of it and things would have been improved greatly but it would not have been long enough for a feature film.
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funny...and I'm a girl
gOldeelOxxs19 January 2010
I really enjoyed this movie. Even though it's a "guy" movie I still laughed throughout. I have no earthly idea how it only has 4 stars...which makes me think I really can't trust the overall average ratings on IMDb. I really thought it was a honestly good script. The story was pretty good, although I can see where people are saying it was like the hangover -- but what I don't agree with is when they said it wasn't funny. I didn't realize that is where the story was going (the hangover) while the movie was on until I read these reviews. If the stories are true from his book though, who is copying who? I don't understand all of the hate votes here, but I would like everyone to know this is honestly an incredibly funny comedy.
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Very little similarity to the book
zcool20049 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure if it was tamed down from the book to prevent an NC-17 rating, or to create scenes that mirrored the successful formula for college/bachelor party films (Hangover, Road Trip, Crashers) but I read the book and this movie contains maybe 10% of its content. It really just focused on one road trip, no Miami restaurants, no Texas ranch & crazy dog, no California job fiasco, no mention of the famous Tucker Max death mix, much of the film was new material. IHTSBIH was actually an amalgam of previous films of this genre. I suppose the misogynist-but hilarious rapid fire bar scene dialog between Tucker and the ladies did contain text taken from certain passages, but I didn't see the book as one story, much less Tuckers. Although the acting is quite good and energetic, essentially the film fails because of that reason. It is all over the place. The Visine story was NOT in the book and ripped right from WC. Clearly this movie was cut in post production by nervous editors attempting to follow the footsteps of previous hits, consequently it lost all its original freshness & originality. Big disappointment.
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I hope they serve beer in hell
md_62620 February 2010
"Brilliant, smart, funny and great writing with appealing characters" are not anyway to describe this colossal flop of a film. How could anyone screw up what could have been such a good movie, after all his book was a "New York Times Best Seller". I read the book and was slightly more than pleased of what I had read, all while thinking "what a great movie this could be" and "maybe if a movie comes out, it may end up being one of those extremely popular, high grossing cult films that every college kid has in their DVD collection!" Pleased, the movie comes out and I have a beer in hand and ready to watch what could be the best comedy ever. WRONG! This movie was loosely based on the book, and I use the term "loosely", loosely. I found myself yelling at the TV "when the heck did that happen in the book?" Tucker. Listen up. If you are going to try making a movie titled the same as your hugely successful book, why not try using some elements from it. I am not surprised Tucker Max spent 7 or so million dollars making this movie and it didn't even make 2 million on the big screen. I don't think it's enough of a loss. Maybe after giving Tucker that much deserved punch in the scrotum I will calm down and feel better about hour that hour and forty-five minutes that I'll never get back.

Mike D
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Not a comedy and Tucker Max is an Ahole (in this movie)
barry_mckendrick21 January 2010
Not a comedy - nothing like how it is sold by the trailer. Nothing like 'The Wedding Crashers' or 'The hangover'. Not a chance in hell of repeating their success. If the movie character Tucker Max is a reflection of the author then he really should get into therapy - not funny, nor a good writer. Read some comments about good dialogue - absolutely not - sub, sub, sub kevin smith, even more sub-level Tarantino. Not even the type of dialogue that you wish yo';d said, it's just not good. The author seems to think that portraying himself as an ahole pushes the envelope and displays something or other - not so - this was achieved so much better by Campbell Scott in Roger the Dodger. The problem with this movie is - it's just not that good - derivative without adding anything, an anemic copy of much better movies. In fact the only relatively decent scene's are when the Tucker character is off the screen. This isn't so bad it's good - it comes across as a waste of time and talent. the vote of 3 is for the actors (not the one playing Tucker) who are pretty good (and badly served by mediocre scripting).
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A Better Movie than People are saying, worth price of admission
blackknight762 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As a big fan of Tucker Max's bestseller of the same name, I decided to throw caution (a 4.8 rating on IMDb) to the wind and went to see the movie adaptation of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell this afternoon. I figured that the movie probably was not as bad as people were saying, and that the rating on that site was probably inaccurate between the many Tucker haters/fanboys who voted (which is definitely the case, over 50% of the votes on that site are either a 1 or a 10).

However, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

The movie does not do anything groundbreaking with the storyline, Tucker (Matt Czuchry) drags his best friends Dan (based on book Character Goldenboy, played by Geoff Stults) who is getting married, and Drew (based on character SlingBlade, played by Jesse Bradford) 3.5 hours away to a strip club in Salem the night that Dan's devoutly baptist mother-in-law is coming into town to finalize the last of the wedding plans, for the event that is only a week away. After a night of debauchery between bar hopping, and the ridiculous club, "Avarice", Dan finds himself in jail and caught in a lie by his fiancée. When it comes out that Tucker only forced Dan into a lie to cross an achievement off his sexual bucket list, Dan cuts Tucker out of his wedding.

The movie, for obvious reasons, has drawn a lot of comparisons to the Hangover, but the comedy is completely different. While the Hangover is almost completely physical comedy, IHTSBIH is very conversation based, except for one infamous scene in a hotel lobby that fans of the book will remember fondly.

Czuchry does a solid job as Tucker, although his personality doesn't match as I thought it would. Through reading his book and hearing him before, he seems more laid back while his character in the movie is very excitable and jumpy at times, though Max may have wanted that difference between him and his character for the movie.

Bradford's depiction of Drew is excellent, and very true to the Slingblade character from the book. His one liners are great, and his deadpan delivery works very well most of the time. I actually think he overacts at spots that makes the delivery of some of the jokes a tad awkward (an example of this is his line in the trailer where he says "if it doesn't have a price, it's probably worthless"), but most of the time he's spot on.

Geoff Stults is probably the most consistent actor of the three, as Dan. He is very solid throughout, and his seen inside the jail is very, very funny.

The two lead actresses, Keri Lynn Pratt as Kristy, Dan's fiancée, and Marika Dominczyk as Lara (a stripper who ironically develops into Drew's love interest) both play strong roles and help balance out the male leads, and reel in their personalities.

The movie is definitely not flawless by any means. Some of the lighting is off, and there are spots where the low budget definitely shows through. The most troubling part of the film, for me, were spots in the second half where transitions from scene to scene were very muddled, leaving me at spots to wonder where characters were. It only occurred after the three characters split following the morning after the bachelor party, and doesn't kill the movie in any way, but it does leave something to be desired. The final scene flows well though, and has a great cameo by actual Tucker Max, where he gets a mic ripped from him by movie Tucker Max, who then gives a joyously ironic speech. It's quite well done. Max's co-writer, Nils Parker, also makes a long cameo as the strip club's emcee.

Overall the movie might not be the best comedy of the year, I thought that The Hangover was better, and I laughed more as I watched Transformers 2, both about how bad the movie in front of me was, and at myself for actually paying to see that pile of crap, but it was definitely worth the price of admission. The reviews are severely underrating I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, the movie deserves much better rating as well as ticket sales compared to what it is getting.

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Very funny guy's movie
yaoxin111117 January 2010
Used to be a loyal follower of IMDb ratings, this is the title that makes me think twice about trusting popular vote. I don not understand where the angry ratings of ones come from. I've laughed and enjoyed myself watching it, and from what I see, the movie is also certainly not moral-less or meaningless. I've not read the novel to say if the movie is a good reflection of the novel. But it's certainly worth watching. Contrary to the angry reviewers, very subjectively, at least an 8 out of 10! (I was tempted to give it a 10 to offset the bad ratings, yet I decided not to.) I'm running of things to say to fulfill the 10 lines review requirement...just wanted to keep it relatively short and perspective.
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A More Intelligent "Hangover"
tom-140515 January 2010
I went into this movie having no idea who Tucker Max is, or having any idea what the movie was about, and what I got was a great surprise. I'm not a huge fan of "The Hangover" but I thought it was definitely enjoyable. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell takes the basic hangover idea but tones it down to a realistic, but that much more satisfying level. I can see myself and my friends in each of the characters, so it was very easy to relate to.

The humor is fast paced and witty, I found myself laughing out loud at every line Drew's character said. The guy who plays Tucker does a great job, he's very likable and a very good actor.

If you like your movies a little more intelligent than The Hangover, then see this one, it doesn't disappoint. As drinking/party movies go, this one is now at the top of my list.
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This is really just a very funny and entertaining movie.
Waanders8831 January 2010
To start off, this is not the next masterpiece of the year, although I bet none of us is expecting it to be. All I can do, is to be fair with you and simply state that this movie left me with a smile on my face. The movie takes a slightly more serious approach than your typical "American Pie- like" movies, and actually makes quite some sense. Yes, it tends to be over the top some times, but it is really just a good portrayal of the different characters most group of friends have and the way they react under different circumstances. The movie did not contain any weird plot- holes that seriously bother me, and I think its creators did a good job on walking the fine line between absurdity and familiarity to make a believable entertaining movie, with more depth than one would actually expect.
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