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  • When multi-millionaire Winston Thorpe suspects his exotic and beautiful wife Indigo of having an affair, he hires Angus, a gritty private eye, to follow her and get the proof he needs to take action. But when Indigo learns early on that she's being followed, she makes a counter-offer that Angus can't refuse: help her leave the country in return for half the worth of her husband's $20,000,000 Faberge Winter Egg. Then both men become suspects for the murder of Indigo. Who is the player and who is being cold played?

  • Winston Thorpe suspects his wife, Indigo, of having an affair. The obsessive millionaire hires a slimy Scottish private-eye, Angus Stewart, to tail his wife and get the proof he needs to take action. But Angus and Indigo form a romantic alliance right after she agrees to steal her husband's Imperial Egg and give Angus half its worth. Angus agrees to help the oppressed Indigo "disappear", but the new lovers get careless and Winston starts finding evidence that link the two together. He soon finds the proof he needs to take deadly action of his own.

  • A multi millionaire suspects his wife of having an affair. He hires a private eye to tail her but they form a romantic alliance of their own and plot to steal the husband's 20 million dollar Imperial Egg.


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    Insecure rich man, winston thorpe, is psychologically abusive to his wife, indigo. He buys "the imperial egg" at an auction for $20 million, outbidding "Santiago", a rich Argentinian who flirts with Thorpe's wife after the auction. Thorpe hires a private detective to tail his wife for evidence about the affair between Santiago & Indigo. The wife immediately identifies the PI, approaches him, tells the PI that Santiago is gay, befriends the PI, and enters into a plot to leave Thorpe, stealing the egg before leaving. During this time, scenes with Rafael, the Thorpes' gardener, putting a needle into Indigo's arm (multiple occasions, insinuating a drug problem) are interlaced. Country Club acquaintances, who have seen Indigo having dinner with the PI alert Thorpe to the relationship between Indigo & the PI. That, plus Thorpe having previously found the PI's dog tags in Indigo's bedroom, convince Thorpe of the affair. Thorpe hires another investigator to put a spycam in Indigo's bedroom, which records the PI & Indigo engaged in sex. Thorpe takes a trip to rome, but goes home early, & sees the video (no audio). Indigo insists on leaving the egg, has the PI pick up the passports they set up previously, after which the PI gets attacked by someone he owes money to, & loses the passports, next scene is Thorpe & the PI both at the station, being investigated for the death of Indigo, during which it is revealed that a painting, a dagger, and the egg have been stolen. Both are let go for insufficient evidence, Thorpe first, who follows the PI to his house. then Thorpe goes home & digs a grave on his own property, returns to the PI's house, kills him, & takes his body back to the mansion & buries it. The police show up after Thorpe has showered, eventually finding the body, bloody clothes, and a bag with needles and blood bags in it. Then scenes are displayed in which Thorpe deduces that Rafael helped Indigo take bags of blood (not giving drugs), & frame the PI and Thorpe both. After Thorpe is arrested for the murder of the PI, scenes show Rafael & Indigo on a plane, both with the egg, then ends at some resort, with Rafael getting paid hundreds of dollars by a man, who is revealed to be Santiago, and indeed having an affair with Indigo.

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