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MPAA Rated PG for some sequences of scary action

Sex & Nudity

  • A young male owl flirts with a female owl, and married owls embrace a couple of times.

Violence & Gore

  • Kludd falls into fire to his death.
  • Two owls fight with talon slashing, wing flapping and head-butting until one holds the other on the ground, a fire starts, the two owls tumble off a ledge and fall through the air, and one grabs the other in mid-flight (his feathers are blood-stained) and throws him (he appears to take a last breath, falls motionless through the air and we understand that he dies).
  • Two owls fight with talon slashing and one is thrown to the ground.
  • Owls attack what they think are other owls but they turn out to be decoys, and the owls fight with bats, slashing and screeching (we hear talons striking) and the attacking owls are caught in an energy beam that makes it impossible for them to fly.
  • An owl is attacked by several bats (feathers fly and we see the owls wings stained with blood).
  • A Tasmanian Devil attacks two owlets, it snarls and bares its sharp teeth, its eyes glow red, and pins one owl to the ground, but it and the other owl are swept into the air by two other owls.
  • An owl lunges toward another owl that is pinned against a large rock and it is impaled with a flaming stick (we hear the owl sigh and see it slump over onto the ground dead).
  • We see a few quick glimpses of a battle scene while we hear a description of the action that shows an owl wearing a heavily armored mask and metal talon covers and we hear a loud screech as it swoops down toward its victim.
  • A large, blue energy web glows and flashes as an owl carries a piece of metal toward it (the owl appears to be feeling pain from the energy beams), and a bat screeches and takes the metal from the owl.
  • A small bird is thrown into the air and several owls chase it; the owls fly into each other trying to beat each other to the bird and one grabs it in its talons.
  • Large, masked owls chase two young owls, and they fly through a narrow passage where the large owls get stuck.
  • Several crows chase and peck several owls and snatch a lute where a snake is hiding; the owls pursue and retrieve the snake unharmed.
  • Several owls throw rocks at bats.
  • Several owls carry owlets (we see their frightened expressions) in their talons and fly a great distance; one owl breaks free and falls toward a waterfall before being snatched up again.
  • An owl grabs a snake in its talons and thrashes it, then throws it on the ground pronouncing it "lunch."


  • One use of the word "Hell".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Near the beginning of the film, some young owls are attacked by a Tasmanian Devil. They do escape, only to be kidnapped by evil owls.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Kludd falls into fire to death.
  • Two owls fight and one is thrown into limbs of a tree a couple of times where a raging forest fire burns; the wing of one of the owls is broken and when the limb that is holding him breaks he falls into the fire below and dies (he calls out for help on the way down).

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