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(I) (2011)

Johnny Whitworth: Vernon



  • Eddie Morra : What's it called?

    Vernon : Doesn't have a street name yet, but the boys in the kitchen are calling it NZT-48.

    Eddie Morra : The boys in the kitchen? That doesn't soud very FDA approved.

  • Eddie Morra : [voiceover]  Okay, so what do we have here? Some unknown, untested, possibly dangerous drug. Scammed out of some unidentified lab somewhere. Given to me by a highly unreliable guy I hadn't seen in years.

    Vernon : So, you want some more?

    Eddie Morra : Yes, definitely.

  • Vernon : So, Eddie, you are interested after all.

    Eddie Morra : That stuff's amazing.

    Vernon : Works better if you're already smart.

  • [Describing NZT-48 to Eddie] 

    Vernon : They've done clinical trials and it's FDA approved.

  • Vernon : You know how they say we can only access 20% of our brain?

    [Vernon points out the NZT pill on the table] 

    Vernon : This lets you access all of it.

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