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Season 4

19 Sep. 2011
Beckett fights for her life after her shooting while the 12th precinct gets a new tough captain, Victoria Gates.
26 Sep. 2011
Heroes and Villains
Sex offender ex-con Tyler Faris is found in an alley, cut in half by a sword. Faris' victim claims that a man in a superhero uniform saved her. Even Castle doesn't recognize the uniform, which is eventually identified as Lone Vengeance, the hero of an Internet site authored by Sean Elt, a pseudonym. Actually, several people prance around New York in Lone Vengeance suits. The team investigates them and Tyler's enemies, such as his former employer Tony 'The Butcher' Valtini, thus proving to Captain Victoria Gates her lack of confidence in them is unwarranted.
3 Oct. 2011
Head Case
Gunshots, a fleeing van and a massive blood pool all point to murder, but when Castle & Beckett arrive at the crime scene, they discover that it lacks something - the victim! The investigation leads to the cutting-edge world of life-extension science, a cunning high-tech researcher, and a sleazy porn mogul who invested in a modern-day "fountain of youth." Meanwhile, Alexis finds out whether she got into Stanford.
10 Oct. 2011
Kick the Ballistics
Student Jane Herzfeld was fatally shot with the Glock service pistol stolen from Detective Ryan by serial killer 3XK. Her ex-boyfriend, Finn McQueen, has an alibi. Phone records show she was in contact with undercover narcotics Detective Seth Carver. He had forced her to inform on Chinese mob boss Clifford Lee by acting as a tutor to his son, Ben. Castle ingeniously finds some missing links through prison records.
17 Oct. 2011
Eye of the Beholder
Jealousy arises when an insurance investigator helps the team.
24 Oct. 2011
Castle and Beckett confront the possibility of paranormal foul play when a world renown ghost hunter is mysteriously murdered while investigating a haunting at a legendary New York mansion.
31 Oct. 2011
Cops & Robbers
Castle and Martha are held hostage during a bank robbery and Beckett has to try to get them and the other hostages out.
7 Nov. 2011
Heartbreak Hotel
A hotel-casino co-owner from Jersey is found murderer. The boys go to Atlantic City to investigate "and have Ryan's Bachelor party", while Beckett stays in New York.
21 Nov. 2011
Kill Shot
A case involving a sniper brings back memories for Beckett of her own shooting.
5 Dec. 2011
Castle and Beckett wake up handcuffed together in a locked room with no memory of how they got there. Their colleagues try to retrace their steps and find them.
9 Jan. 2012
Til Death Do Us Part
When a Lothario is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim's mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Their investigation leads to a shocking twist that threatens to disrupt Ryan's wedding with Jenny.
16 Jan. 2012
Dial M for Mayor
When a woman is found murdered in her car, Beckett and her team's investigation leads them directly to City Hall... specifically to the Mayor, Robert Weldon, who happens to be a friend of Castle's, which could also jeopardize Castle's continued involvement with the NYPD.
23 Jan. 2012
An Embarrassment of Bitches
Dog trainer Francisco Pilar is murdered after naming Best of Show at a dog show. Castle gets the Labrador he was training temporarily adopted as team mascot, and his nose proves quite useful. Airhead reality TV star Kay Cappuccio, seen leaving Pilar's room, has a motive, but was he or she spied on by the camera planted in the dog's collar. And why is there a customs undercover agent?
6 Feb. 2012
The Blue Butterfly
Castle senses a diary of a P.I from the 40's found in the effects of a murdered modern-day treasure hunter is the key to finding the Blue Butterfly, a blue-diamond necklace. The team works out the story situated in 1947 in the same, now derelict, music club, involving murder, gangsters and theft, they work out the true parts and identities of culprits and victims.
13 Feb. 2012
The department's reputation is damaged after a convicted murderer escapes custody and steals all the evidence the police have on him, and Castle and Beckett must team up with the CIA to catch him before he kills again.
20 Feb. 2012
Castle and Beckett race to find the "Linchpin" in order to stop the first domino in a chain of events which will plunge the United States into war.
27 Feb. 2012
Once Upon a Crime
Women are found dead, dressed as fairytale characters. An event years ago that led to a death connects all three women.
19 Mar. 2012
A Dance with Death
During recording of TV show "A Night of Dance", spoiled-rotten rich girl Odette Morton, who made it to the semi-final, is murdered in her easily accessible dressing room. Suspects include a previously knocked-out candidate who is now automatically restored, the presenter and someone he had a secret with. But evidence shows Odette's has a big secret of her own that she recently shared with some people from her past, which includes another murder.
26 Mar. 2012
47 Seconds
The FBI commandeers the NYPD detectives for little more than leg work after a bomb explodes during an anti-globalist demonstration. Castle is asked by Captain Gates to help out by using his speed-reading ability and attention to detail to sifting through mountains of witness depositions. This helps the 12th precinct team get on the right track after the FBI concentrates on the wrong suspect.
2 Apr. 2012
The Limey
A devilishly handsome detective from Scotland Yard teams up with Castle and Beckett to find the person responsible for the murder of his friend's daughter. Also, Castle and Beckett suspect Nigel, the Deputy General at the British Consulate, is up to more than just ambassadorial balls and diplomatic luncheons. Meanwhile, Lanie convinces Beckett that she needs to make a move on Castle before it is too late.
16 Apr. 2012
Castle finally gets Beckett, who admits so only in therapy, she may have made him wait too long when he teams up for an investigation with her colorful colleague detective inspector Ethan Slaughter, a cowboy style bulldog, who was assigned multiple decapitated Jamaican corpses from the Irish Westies gang member Brian Reilly's maverick son. Although uncomfortable with the ruffian style, gentleman sleuth Castle proves his value while they discard a simple gang war and focus on newcomer Cesar Vales's Mexican gang. Castle not only repeatedly appeals to his former team, ...
30 Apr. 2012
Undead Again
Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a man covered in human bite marks apparently caused by a Zombie attack.
7 May 2012
The murder of a Latino army veteran ex-con, ex-Lobos-street gang member quickly links to a break-in in the late captain's home, to steal only and all his old police files, and yields the fingerprints of the sniper who nearly killed Beckett. Castle realizes continuing the investigation will draw him back and probably cost her life by squashing his deal with deep throat. Her refusal to back down causes a break up with Castle, and Gates suspends both her and Esposito for continuing an unauthorized investigation in a case assigned to another NYPD team. Now Beckett commits...

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