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tristan_1926 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers

What an intense and visceral episode. Gordon Smith is a genius. From the beginning scene with Nacho on the run, right up until the end, the audience witnesses a cinematic feat. From the little details, and even when watching the Jimmy and Huell storyline, the tension is tangible.

Of course, the ending scene is an absolute wonder. Nacho goes off in all his glory and offers a monologue as gripping as Chuck's Chicanery moment. Varga is the one who knocks. He puts the whole blame on himself and channels his inner Tyrion (see GOT S4E6). Kim got to shine in Bad Choice Road. This moment is Nacho's trial.

Gus is phenomenal, as all the actors. You know Bolsa is going to survive, due to his Breaking Bad time, but you genuinely feel he could die at that moment. Like... how is this even possible ?

Gordon Smith, Dave Porter, Peter Gould, Vince Gilligan, and co... Hats Off !

You can't forget Michael Mando's astonishing performance. The scene he had in this episode, in which he calls his father for the last time is one of the saddest scenes of the show... Thank You Michael !

Plus, Jimmy is left with a dilemma and yet another choice in his life. Being a rat and giving up information on Lalo or being a friend of the cartel. Fantastic storytelling.
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Paper beats rock👍👍👍
bosporan26 April 2022
A tale of consequential choices.

Nacho must decide how he is going to use his knowledge of Gus, Hector and Lalo to leverage best advantage. Mr McGill begins to question his identity facing the incompatible dichotomy of the cautious, amiable Jimmy and the audacious, selfish Saul.

A fabulous performance from Michael Mando (Varga) emotionally portraying his difficulty on the run and the intractable dilemma he faces. An excellent episode, the best of the season to-date.
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hotrobinproductions26 April 2022
It's amazing in every way you would imagine but in every way you wouldn't expect it. The writers have always delivered. This season is shaping out to be one of the greatest seasons in tv show history. This episode was very emotional and intense. The set pieces built up before it are welcomed but this one delivers on those set pieces. Very surprising, emotional and compelling. Characters are sticking more to their own strengths... which is this Rock of a foundation this show has created, you start to see it all crumble down into a "hard place" and this "rock" can symbolize a lot of things... it's Kim is turning herself into this figure Saul isn't used to and it causes him to end up in a "hard place" emotionally if you will... same can be said with the "hard place" nacho is in. And maybe the fact that Gus is the rock. He's always been the man pulling the strings, setting the puzzles up for his magnum opus and it feels so amazing and poetic to watch the puzzle pieces fit in this world. Truly Amazing on every level.

Pros: Performances, acting, script, cinematography (that opening SHOT was beautiful with the camerawork and a perfect intro to an amazing episode) emotionally gripping, screenplay, plot, dialogue

*Highlights* NACHO!!!!! & Kim, cinematography (blue rose.... Not a spoiler) & last but not least the closure.

Cons: we have to wait next week for the next episode :(

P. S: For what The Godfather Part 2 was for The Godfather Part 1 is exactly what Better Call Saul is for Breaking Bad.... That's if this is the rate that they will deliver up until the final episode... And then of course The Godfather Part 3 was enjoyable but not as razor sharp perfect like I & II..... & that my friend, is your El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie lol.
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Michael Mando Kills It In This Episode!
MamadNobari9726 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
And unfortunately, kills himself too at the end, and puts an end to the debate and anticipation of all of us about the fate of Ignacio "Nacho" Varga. What a great sendoff to a great character with one of the best character developments in TV history.

So most of my reviews that I do about shows or movies are spoiler-free and I try really hard not to spoil anything and only barely hint at the spoiler that happened. But how can you even review this episode without not talking aka spoiling about the best part of it? I was gonna title this "Prepare Tissues", but that's a really obvious spoiler and people will know exactly what I'm talking about.

I gotta say, I haven't seen Michael Mando in many other media other than Far Cry 3 and Spider-Man Homecoming, but I can easily say that this episode's performance of him is the best performance he's ever done, even in the whole of BCS! He's so good in this episode that he made me get emotional and on the verge of crying for him in the scene he calls his dad. The scene was just gut-wrenching.

He's the star of this episode and made me forget what even happened with Kim and Saul... Oh, that lawyer lady found out that Jorge De Guzman is actually a Salamanca and Saul is probably a cartel lawyer. And then we have Kim telling Saul not to be a snitch, which is a really important moment in Saul Goodman AND Kim's arc, but I really can't think about anything else but Nacho. Oh, and we also have Huell back! Yay! I wish we get Bill Burr for the last time in this universe too?

They actually took a character that we thought is gonna appear just a couple of times and disappear, a standard thug that Mike will reprimand a little and he'll go away, just a cliché one-off character, and turned him into a relatable character that you care about as much as you did with Jesse and you want him to succeed, even though you know everybody around him will survive for Breaking Bad to happen, and he probably won't make it. Which unfortunately happens and I don't think there was another way, he was going down no matter what. But he did die fighting and on his own terms, and he died as a loving son trying to protect his father.

His death is probably one of the saddest scenes in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and I don't remember crying this much in Better Call Saul, other than those sad scenes where Chuck was being a C word to Jimmy, which is the whole first 3 seasons.

Every scene of Nacho, from the beginning to the end is so tense that my heart was racing at the end. These showrunners are so good at making scenes so intense.

The scene of him going into the oil tank trailer and actually having to submerge himself under raw oil was so intense and so disgusting at the same time. I don't know how he even survived being down there for so long, let alone not getting poisoned or going blind. Those scenes are masterfully done and the oil looked so realistic, I applaud the team that worked on this.

The scenes leading to the final scene of this episode are also so tense because we as the audience don't really know what's gonna happen or what they're planning. We do know that he's gonna rat another guy, but we don't know how it's gonna go and also what he planned with Mike. Was he supposed to kill Bolsa and Mike covering him? It doesn't really matter because he would've gone down anyway and there was no way he was gonna survive, so it's the best end for him.

His monologue to Hector and basically shting on him was one of the best dialogue scenes in both shows, and it was even better in my opinion than the "say my name" scene. It was so powerful, satisfying, and sad at the same time and was acted phenomenally.

He terrified Gus in his last moments, he drew blood on Bolsa, he crippled a Salamanca, and in the end, he protected his papa with his sacrifice, RIP to one of the most badass characters of the Breaking Bad universe.

All in all, this is one of the best and the most emotional episodes from this universe and Michael Mando shines in this episode and gives his best performance yet. Everything in this episode was top-notch and perfect.

And if they're killing Nacho as early as in the 3rd episode, I'm wondering what mind-blowing things they have up their sleeves that we're gonna witness in the next 10 episodes.
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Great Episode on Character.
Adam-0926526 April 2022
So far the strongest of the first three episodes. Silent yet intriguing, i really like what this series has built up to in terms of character. I'm feeling excited for this season so far but at the same time i'm feeling sadness. This episode had Nacho written all over it, a sudden character we can all feel a connection to. I felt like i was on the run with him, with hardly any background music the tone made each of his choices seem that much more nerving.

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Ozymandias of BCS
matiasbockerman26 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
That was some emmyworth acting there. Am i dissapointed that they killed him? Yes I am, but that was like Omg-they-killed-Hank level of dissapoint: BSC is once again proved it can stand for it's own, not in the Shadows of Breaking Bad Ozark final season is coming in a few Days: it is gonna Be tough Competition between of these two series... Omg what a death! Top five deaths in history of television.
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Whoa.....hold on a minute! What!? WTF? seriously, what?
marveller-6626 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Easily, one of the top 10 best episode of Breaking Bad Universe and the best episode of BCS. I mean......honestly, what? The writers of this franchise, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, could anyone top these people in amazing writing? Fav scenes' Critical Breakdown, the first act, 10/10, Nacho's talk with Gus and Mike. Then, Suzanne figuring out Jimmy's connections to the Salamancas gave me chills, i don't know why maybe it's because we're getting so close to the convergence point of Breaking Bad. Second act - 9/10, the Key replication! And then there was....the final act - 11/10. What an ending for one of my favorite character. In one of the most ANTICIPATED moment of fate for a TV character, he goes out at his own terms, like a KING!!! What a performance, man! Just enough with this. Best show streaming right now and one of the best TV show ever made. 9.9/10.
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Emmy Prediction Here...
pkhall127 April 2022
...annnndddd the Emmy.......... for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Drama Series.....goes to... Michael Mando for his portrayal of Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul!!!!!!
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Pivotal point in Television
cuddlesatusc26 April 2022
This series is without a doubt going down as the most under appreciated show of all time. This hour is a full on character renovation, eventually reaching a catharsis for the character (I won't mention who). I'm still in shock and I will be for the next coming week. To think this is only the third episode of thirteen total and it's one of the best written of the entire series so far. Major props to Gordon Smith's writing and directing. The opening scene all makes sense at the end as a beautiful portrait of Nacho's character: In a world saturated of evil, he's the only one trying to do good.
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First Bittersweet episode.
TXPatriot7026 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I know they have to start shedding characters to explain Breaking Bad but three episodes in? I'll never be the same but all good things must come to an end.

This episode made me realize Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, between BCS and BB, have created the very best cold openings in television history. Some are intense and some are calmly intense like tonight's.

They have also created a way to allow all the "back up singers", if you will, to have their moments in the spot light by showcasing them and thoroughly developing their characters and never leaving them hanging out to dry. Characters such as the Kettlemans, Huell, Nacho and even the NMU student filmmakers and skateboard twins to name a few. Every last one are memorable characters that have had their fair share of water cooler discussions the following day(s).

There will NEVER be shows like BCS and BB ever again and as much as I'll miss them Gilligan and Gould did a fantastic job by making these shows so good you can revisit them whenever one needs a fix. And thank you for knowing when to quit and not over staying their welcome which preserves their legendary status.
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Thanks for the spoilers
mjb30108625 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
You should not be allowed to put R. I. P in your review headline it's a blatant spoiler and now I know Nacho is going to die so thanks. I have reported the one's that put it in their headlines.
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Hitchcoc29 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This is Nacho's show. He has been caught in a world where there is no answer. That's what happens when a person we love is put in danger. Because we are fragile as human beings, we can be exploited by pure evil. The final few minutes are as intense as any I have ever seen. Even though he is going to die, Nacho gets to lay it all on the line and move out with dignity. When he recovers from hiding in that oil tanker, there is a light that shines and he is ready for his personal finale. Jimmy and Kim continue trying to screw up Howard's life. Kim has slid into La La Land and Jimmy hasn't the courage to push her ideas aside. But the whole business seems trivial against the backdrop of the family war.
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Never seen anything like it
zain_ahmed26 April 2022
Not gonna spoil it for anyone but this could be one of the best if not the greatest episodes of the whole breaking bad franchise. I am seriously speechless. And this is only episode 3.
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DjDarkrai1026 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Nonstop tension for the entire episode, with one of the best endings in the breaking bad universe.

This was an amazing episode and I cannot wait to see how they top it in the coming weeks. Stellar writing, directing, cinematography across the board and easily the best of the show up to this point.

That ending man I'm not ok.
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"there are good deaths, and there are bad deaths".
shroomanp27 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
For me, one of the stand-out actors of this show has been Michael Mando, and his performance as Nacho has been riveting- you literally cannot take your eyes off him whenever he's on screen.

His quietly intense portrayal of what- we all knew- would be a doomed character, has been nothing short of brilliant.

If he doesn't win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor, then there really is no justice in the world, and I for one hope he goes on to bigger and better things- I shall certainly be watching anything else he appears in, regardless of the genre or role.

An almost perfect episode, from the writing and acting, to the cinematography and editing, it had tension and drama in spades, and if the rest of this season is only half as good, then Better Call Saul will be one of the few spinoff shows in history that surpasses its originator.

Adios Nacho, a via con dios.... A gut-punching 10/10 🍄
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If you think that it doesn't get anymore brutal than breaking bad, you're absolutely wrong.
yhoha_200126 April 2022
The last bit of this episode was one of the best acted bits of the whole breaking bad/ better call saul universe. The writers have outdone themselves and did manage to make more brutal than ever.

Top notch writing, cinematography & acting. Absolutely can't get enough of this show.
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Wow! Just wow!
awesomness-9474826 April 2022
Without spoiling anything, I can say that I haven't loved and episode of Saul this much since Chicanery. The acting is top-tier. I honestly am at a loss for words still. Vince Gilligan is an artist and this is his masterpiece.
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How can a prequel be so intense?
lovemichaeljordan26 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
How can an episode be so intense when we already know how the story unravels? I don't know but the writers have yet again knocked it out of the park. Great episode with phenomenal acting from Michael Mando (Nacho).

The show is taking a darker and more serious turn. It's starting to feel more like Breaking Bad (in a great way). Can't wait to see the rest of the season!
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Spoiler free review
thomasibach25 April 2022
Not only a great episode, but a great tribute. Even after the first two episodes, which were good but could be seen as lacking for those expecting a heart stopping pace, I was sure this would deliver. Of course it's not without its faults.

Despite what many would consider to be a copout, I felt the way they handled a character in this episode was fitting to their arc, although I'm very sad to see the bittersweet payoff.
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Not expecting one this good so early
OnlyAtJMart26 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoilers for this show, and Breaking Bad* (I don't know why you would watch this without having seen Breaking Bad first, but I don't want to spoil anything, just in case)

Wow! I am almost speechless. Nacho was probably one of the most resourceful, determined, smart, and admirable characters in this show, and this episode cemented it. So many things pointed out that this episode was his last, the call to his father (very reminiscent of Hank's last call to Marie in Breaking Bad) ...his last meal that Mike brought him. I think Mike has seen many characters die, but Nacho was one that really looked like he has great respect for. This reminds me of when Mike lost respect for Walt in Breaking Bad. When it was time for Walt to go, he slipped out of it by having Jesse kill Gale. Which goes even further to show why he had such contempt for Walt, like "why are you still alive when so many better men accepted their fate, and did it honorably?" The writers and Gilligan did so well with this one. Nacho selling that Gus didn't have anything to do with it, to protect his father, by telling Hector what he did, wow! I just hope they do something to get Mike on Gus' side (and vice versa), as he was happily loyal to him in Breaking Bad. They seem at odds with each other right now considering all he's asked of Mike, and how much Mike seems so disposable to Gus if he doesn't act accordingly. Gus is more loyal to Tyrus right now than Mike. I hope they do something to change that, before the season is over, otherwise that will stand out more than how old Giancarlo Esposito looks in a prequel. Not as bad as Todd's appearance in El Camino though. Still, there are things you can't do anything about with actor's appearances, and they don't have the budget for deaging. The show more than makes up for it with great writing.
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Asking forgiveness through the phone
radhakrishnanak26 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
His death was in his own hands, Nacho definitely deserved the death he always wanted. Either way the guy who put hector on chair,the guy who did all of it to earn respect from the cartel, the guy realise his won't have time to spent with his father, Dies with honor that he betrayed the whole Salamanca fanilr.
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On Per With Bagman And Bad Choice Road
iamsankho26 April 2022
This episode has to be in the top 3 episodes of BCS ever. Visually stunning and One man stole the show-Michael Mando. His dialogue delivery was too good. With each episode, it has started matching the last season of Breaking bad. I hope they maintain the level- most probably they will. We are in for a treat here.
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This episode made me & my mother speechless !!!
adriano-4001227 April 2022
Michael Mando you're the man. This was an excellent performance by him. I knew it somehow, but never expected that way. Nacho's decision was such an honorable act to his character and what it stands for. I'm just blown. Wow !!! What an episode !!!
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Spectacular Episode
qbrtmgy26 April 2022
This season is so well written and filmed. A lost art in this day and age. We will miss BCS after the season ends. The characters are as complex as the storyline. The tie ins to Breaking Bad are so well done and not condescending to the viewer as so many shows tend to do.
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Story of a Sharp, Shapeless Shard
greggwager26 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The story commences slowly, with the camera searching an area of desert seemingly untouched by humans. It could be five years into the future; it could be 500.

A single blue blooming flower memorializes something. When a rainstorm begins, the drops of water hit a piece of glass, washing away caked-on dirt with musically percussive pings.

The shard forms no particular shape. It's even difficult to see at all.

It's not like someone threw a bottle into the desert and smashed it into pieces. You can barely make out that it is something unnatural in the middle of the overgrowth.

For the first five seasons of Better Call Saul, a character named Ignacio Varga got into adventures as a soldier for the Salamanca family. He hires Mike to kill Tuco, but Mike puts forth a more difficult but better plan. Don Hector tries to force Igancio, known as "Nacho," into using his father Manuel Varga's auto upholstery business to smuggle in product from Mexico. Gus Fring ruthlessly gives Nacho threats of harming the father in order to make him into a spy.

In the end, Nacho becomes a Judas by allowing a team of assassins into his boss Don Eduardo's compound. As a result, Nacho agrees to die giving a false confession in exchange for the safety of his father.

But Nacho has one last moment of dignity, embellishing the plan to kill him by somehow breaking free of his zip tie and threatening Don Bolsa, while he tells off the Salamancas once and for all. We don't see how Nacho breaks free; we only see blood starting to drip off his fingers, as if he were clutching something sharp.

Then we see the bloody shard on the ground, exactly where it was during the opening shot of the episode. It's as if the creators of Better Call Saul had this episode in mind all along when they inserted Nacho into the series.

Best thing I've ever seen on TV.
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