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Season 3

11 Dec. 2010
Mind the Gap
Louisa frantically searches for the engagement ring that Nick gave her and convinces herself it's a bad omen. Holly decides to take a gap year from university even though she got a place at university. Minna decides to take her driving test and Marg buys the pub to stop an all-night gambling consortium taking over.
1 Jan. 2011
Laid Bare
Sean's dad dies suddenly of a heart attack and Sean finds out the truth about his dad's gambling problems. The town is subjected to a number of burglaries and Louisa suspects the local bartender.
8 Jan. 2011
Cat Fight
Deb enrages the animal lovers of Rainbows End by asking the Council to put stricter regulations on feral cats in the National Park. Louisa gets caught in a middle of the ensuing argument that develops between Deb and Marg. Louisa and Nick are asked to do counselling by Marg as part of their wedding vows. Sean and Holly suffer a crisis in their relationship.
15 Jan. 2011
Fryberg's Folly
Minna's estranged sister Frida arrives in Rainbow's End to launch her new book and sparks fly between them. Meanwhile, Holly sets about trying to save her favourite trees but in the process both she and Minna discover that it's all too easy to waste one's life living in the past. Elsewhere, Nick moves in with Louisa.
22 Jan. 2011
Insurgent Activity
Rainbow's End gets a visit from the Army. Whilst in town a member of the Army recognises Nick from his time spent in Queensland and the rumours spread like wildfire. Holly and Sean have a fight and he later turns to the army maneuveurs leader but Holly finds out. Elsewhere, Minna accuses Frida of using Holly's relationship in her writing.
12 Feb. 2011
Marg pressures Gavin into selling their business so that she can renovate the pub. At the same time, Gavin's first foray into writing doesn't get the thumbs up from Louisa. Later, he suffers a heart-attack but it does some good by bringing Marg and him back together. Minna faces court after being found driving without her license but finds an alternative to driving - an electric bike. Meanwhile, Holly and Sean try to mend their friendship and relationship.

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