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High School Kids All Look About 25 On TV & In The Movies
ccthemovieman-11 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Poor "Mac;" he's getting heat from two sides. There is the cab driver/serial killer crime to solve but also a new case with a high school guidance counselor being killed. The mayor's kid goes to that preppy school so he wants that case solved now while Mac's boss is getting impatient over the cab driver.

The cab driver crime is supposedly the second half of a two-part story, but 99 percent of the time here is spent on this other new story, about the counselor who dies after someone pours acid down his throat and beats him up! Yikes! By the way, does anyone else laugh when you see these high school stories and all the kids look about 25 years old? That's really the case here, more than I've ever seen it. In fact, some of these "kids" could pass for 30. Of course, they are all spoiled snots so any one of them could be responsible for the crime.

Ironically, the killer is 30 years old! That was bizarre! Also, why do all the CSI shows almost always show everyone - except the good guys - as totally obnoxious? Wait until you see the people in this episode; it's ludicrous.

I guess the "cabbie" story will have to wait. The only shots they showed were his rear-view mirror and a cross and beads draped over it. The director showed that shot over and over. Hmmm.....now what kind of bias could that be?
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