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Sex & Nudity

  • Two woman are bound and chased with their shirts open exposing breasts. Woman changing but covers her breasts with her hand.
  • A woman's shirt is ripped open exposing her tits. The killer is apparently horrified of them and reacts like dumbass
  • A topless woman runs from the killer
  • A woman's dress is torn off by the killers exposing her tits

Violence & Gore

  • A girl gets her face hammered and smashed on the ground.
  • All violence os done in a terrible way. Super fake and definately not gory at all
  • A man's face is ripped open. Very badly done
  • A man is shot in the leg and chest
  • Previous kills from other films are shown. Horribly done "violence"
  • A man is shot in the neck
  • A man drills into a woman's neck and pours blood in a cup which he forces another woman to drink
  • A woman axes another woman to death
  • A man is shot in his side
  • Some people are shot and killed
  • A bunch of innocent trees are shot and killed as all the people in this movie apparently have no idea how to use modern firearms
  • A woman is butchered to death. Severely stupid "gore"
  • Two dumbasses "fight"
  • A man's head is split in half. Looks like cabbage


  • Jesus's name is used in vein
  • SOB and Sh*t are used
  • An f bomb here or there
  • Oh my god is said a bunch
  • Use of g*ddamn

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man smokes a pipe
  • A man smokes a cigar

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The killer sounds like he might have autism. Such bad acting
  • All the "gore" is so badly done. This film cannot be taken seriously. Maybe if you're 5.
  • The only frightening thing about this movie is that Perez might make another one of these bs stories. Please for the love of all that is horror films stop!

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