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MPAA Rated R for pervasive language including sexual references.

Sex & Nudity

  • Strong sex references.
  • Probably the tamest out of the Trilogy including Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead
  • Mild sex references.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary for a british comedy
  • A man says that he may have gotten a woman pregnant because "she was two weeks late" (referring to her menstrual cycle).
  • Three women dance suggestive in schoolgirl outfits and kiss three men as they dance on them; one of them swallows a man's wedding ring.
  • There are no sex scenes and the only nudity is a man's buttocks
  • A man's nude buttocks are shown for three seconds as he proves the existence of a scar of his.
  • The f-word is used nine times sexually, and there are two sexual hand gestures.

Violence & Gore

  • Strong fantasy violence.
  • All the violence is comical and over the top, there are scenes of violence but it's done to human-like robots with blue blood so no actual gore is seen.
  • Frequent strong violence in the second half, however all the blood is like blue paint and only the robot/aliens are injured.
  • A human-like robot's head is smashed open, and blue liquid pours out from it in a blood-like manner.
  • Many scenes of limbs being torn off, head smashed open, being cut in half or smashed through things, but this is all done to alien/robots and they can re-attach their limbs.
  • The blue blood/liquid is sprayed all over the characters in a comical fashion.
  • Some humans are thrown about and punched but none of them suffer bad injuries.
  • A man smashes his head into a wall 11 times to prove that he is human.
  • A man dives of a wall onto a car and the windows smash; he appears to be seriously injured but is actually fine.
  • In the middle of a dramatic argument, a man's bandaged arms are shown with a hospital bracelet on his wrist, implying self-harm and/or a suicide attempt.


  • Frequent swearing throughout the movie
  • Very strong language.
  • 3 uses of "cunt", about 52 f-words, and several uses of milder language such as "shit" and "cock".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The plot of the movie revolves around five men attempting an epic pub crawl. Naturally you see them drinking a lot.
  • Implied mild drug use
  • Most of the film is set in various pubs and people are seen drinking, a few are seen drunk.
  • Some people are seen smoking in the background.
  • Some references to marijuana (shown onscreen for about 15 seconds total) and an ex-drug dealer is seen. They ask him for marijuana but he refuses, saying that he no longer deals drugs.
  • Some men jokingly make a hand gesture to their friend snorting cocaine in the bathroom; later when a policeman arrives, the man checks his pockets and says, "Oh, never mind, I did it all in the services."
  • A main character is an alcoholic, shown in a help circle once in the beginning of the film. It is also said that he once overdosed (this is not meant to be comical).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Out of all the films in the cornetto trilogy, this one is the most tame.
  • Moderate comic threat, horror.
  • Not a scary film, but a number of intense scenes.
  • The way the robots look may scare some children, as they have blue beams of light coming from their eyes and mouth
  • The violence is rather intense, however it is all presented in a highly stylized and comical manner and all done to robots that look like humans with blue blood. This may still scare younger children though.
  • 15: very strong language, strong fantasy violence, sex references.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are some dramatic scenes during the end of the film involving arguing (not meant to be comical) and a man's bandaged wrists are shown with a hospital bracelet, implying self-harm and/or a suicide attempt.

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