London Boulevard (2010) Poster

Colin Farrell: Mitchel



  • Gant : You really think I'm gonna to let you walk free 'round this fucking planet? It ain't gonna happen.

    Mitchel : See, what you have to understand is that if I were a gangster - Rob - you would be the first to fucking die. I wouldn't work for you. I would kill you and take everything you've got - if I were a gangster. That's why you don't want me to be a gangster. Nobody wants me to be a gangster. 'Cause I couldn't stop if I started. Do you get it?

    Mitchel : Don't ask again.

  • Charlotte : Do you like violence?

    Mitchel : I will hurt someone before they hurt me.

  • Charlotte : Do you know what a woman's for in film?

    Mitchel : Go on, then.

    Charlotte : What this job is that I'm supposed to want?

    Mitchel : I'm listening.

    Charlotte : A woman is there to get the hero to talk about himself. About his hopes, about his fears, maybe even about his fascinating, fucking childhood.

  • Gant : You know what the most powerful fucking thing is?

    Mitchel : Yeah, knowing what can go wrong. For anybody, at any fucking time. Do you know that?

  • Mitchel : Were you an actor?

    Jordan : Am. I'm resting.

  • Mitchel : Work's what you do when you'd rather be doing something else, right?

  • [Mitchel passes a revolver to Jordan] 

    Mitchel : How d'you feel about guns, Jordan?

    Jordan : My dear boy, I am a trained actor. I can feel anything about anything.

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