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Makes Tamil Cinema International
rsprasanna-119 July 2009
There is a difference in screenplay structure and narrative flow between a typical Tamil film and an international film like 'Acchamundu Acchamundu'. The film is a rarity in Tamil screens - no high sentimental drama, no fussy over the top acting and staging. Just a simple, neatly made film that you will love to watch.

This is a slice-of-life film that looks at the life of a cosy little family made up of Prasanna, Sneha and their kid. The movie is brilliant when it shows the chemistry between the lead pair, and their interaction with their kid is very natural. The director scores with his nuanced handling of actors, and the dialogs are very witty and crisp. The first half of the film is a breeze, as it is filled with such nuanced tit bits of life of a Tamil family in the US. Very enjoyable! I am glad to see Arun Vaidyanathan bring back the smacking wit and brevity of Sujatha to Tamil cinema. 'A Touch of class' which is much needed in today's times of blood thirsty heros, and gory killings in the name of 'realistic' cinema.

Prasanna and Sneha have acted very well, living heir characters and doling out a controlled, under-played performance. John Shea plays a pivotal character, and I will let you see what he does, as I do not want to reveal too much.

Over all, a commendable effort at taking Tamil cinema to the global arena. Camera and sound design are top notch. Production design is neat. Music is sufficient.

I heard the film has won "Best film" at the New jersey film festival and was invited to the shanghai Film Festival in June 2009. I can see why. :)
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Out of your comfort zone
sharansrinivas-g17 May 2011
AA satisfies the needs of a film student. It is an odd one when compared to the current stream of commercial cinema. An independent, bold approach to one of the lesser known social evils, AA is a rendition that will last in everyone's minds. With pedophilia as the theme, Arun Vaidhyanathan introduces Robertson (Shea) as a cunning man. We all know that Robertson is the central character of the film. Even though the story deals with the family mostly, they are just another victim in line.

However, don't overwhelm yourself about the film. It is an ordinary thriller which serves lesser thrills than the usual Tamil horror films. Independent films are the need of the hour. And AA best fits the category. Think out of the box and Tamil Cinema goes global.
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A Tamil film with international standards
chandran-dinesh21 February 2010
So i finally got to watch this much talked about film and i was pleasantly surprised. The last few films which won appreciation from the public for some reason disappointed me including the much hyped Subramaniyapuram. But i really enjoyed watching Achamundu Achamundu. Kudos to debutant Arun Vaidyanathan. I finally saw a film without unnecessary songs and dances. I like how they don't have a separate comedy track like most tamil films. The sarcastic humor in the dialogues were a very good touch to this realistic film.

John Shea as the psychopath is very convincing and menacing. Prasanna and sneha put up a great show. Music by Karthik Raja is apt. Overall a very good movie watching experience.
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