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Silver Age fantastic!
Baseballhead28 December 2008
I've been a fan of the Batman for 25 years, and got to experience first-hand the evolution of the character from campy cultural powderpuff to Dark Knight. As great as the change has been, sometimes it's necessary to stop trying to out-Frank-Miller the character. (Just look at what they did to the Spirit. Awful.)

The new "B:B&B" is a clever, fun, and completely refreshing take on Dark Knight and the DC Universe, using Silver Age-style artwork and contemporary snappy patter. Special kudos go to whomever is in charge of the music: rousing, brassy big band numbers that add to the show's flair. The new takes on classic characters like Green Arrow and Aquaman (the best take on Aquaman in television history!) is a double scoop of goodness.

Batman is, first and foremost, a comic character, and comics are, first and foremost, supposed to be fun. This series is *FUN*, a real blast to watch. If you can't handle the change, there's a half-dozen other anti-hero animated Batmans to sate your appetite. But you'll be missing out on a whole other dimension of the character. Highly, highly recommended!
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An Entertaining Show
gotendbz-222 November 2008
This show is excellent entertainment suitable and aimed for kids. It pairs one of the most popular and greatest superheroes of all-time with some un-recognized (but good) B or even C level Superheroes that never get much attention. While I like Tim Burton's Batman, love Batman: The Animated Series and love Nolan's Batman, This is not dark, gritty, and doesn't have an amazing awe-inspiring story, but it's it not trying to. This is not the tragic, mob-boss/realistic villain fighting, detective Batman. This is a lighter but not ridiculous (Batman & Robin), superhero Batman. The animation is different than other prior DC Comics cartoon, but it's good, smooth animation.

So, If you want something dark, gritty, and thought provoking like The Dark Knight or Batman The Animated Series? Go watch TDK or TAS. This is entertainment, and some good entertainment at that. I would rather have good, pure entertainment than a failed attempt at another dark Batman.

Fanboys need get over it and stop being whiny baby-men. Remember, there's always that off button on the remote.

That's all I've got to say about that.
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This show is great!
BrenSchaeppi3 January 2009
This is a great show! I love how it adds very under-appreciated superheroes like green arrow. The comedy is hilarious especially in the blue beetle episode. Although it is not as good as BTAS I still like it for different reasons. Overall it is a fun goofy show in the style of the old Adam West batman. I hope this series will catch on and go for many seasons. This show is great because it allows people to be able to watch a family friendly batman show. This show also has some very great and colorful animation unlike any other show on cartoon network. It has great team ups with lesser known B level superheroes like blue beetle,plastic man,green arrow,and red tornado. It's nice to know cartoon network finally has a new good show going for it!
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Someone still giving super heroes a new life in animation.
dstager-113 June 2010
I have to give this show very high marks for creativity and it rightfully has an honored spot in the DC Universe of things. Printed comic books today seem so unreadable and different from the days when these DC heroes were created. However, what we see in this show is more like the super heroes we know. In fact the show pays homage to so many heroes and characters and images from the Golden Age era to the modern era, it's pretty obvious that the people involved with this are passionate - the very element missing from printed comic books today.

The Bruce Timm versions of Batman, Superman, Justice League/Unlimited etc., set a very high standard for writing and voice acting. I won't say this is better only that it is different, but well done in the same way. It's extremely hard to make a show like this for kids and yet still satisfy the long-time fans like myself. I can only say that the creators have satisfied this long time fan. They have struck just the right balance here.

It is particularly creative they way old and obscure characters are properly developed and good stories are written around them. Fans will also appreciate the images and references from every single version of Batman from every media where he's ever appeared. Well done. These small things are invisible to kids but recognizable to the baby boomers.

I really hope the next series is "World's Finest" which was the Superman/Batman comic from days gone by. "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" is like a good comic book from the days when comic books were good.

If only someone would pay as much care and attention to the Marvel stable of heroes in animation as the creators of this series are doing with the DC stable. The only thing I took a star off for was because several voice actors, including the lead, are not speaking in their natural voices. Of course some actors, i.e., Corey Burton are skilled character voice actors and do great work here. I suppose we can all get spoiled with Kevin Conroy's Batman from the earlier shows - and he does make an appearance here as an alternate universe Batman.

I do not know if the alternate universe story lines used in this series originate from modern comics -- but they are certainly adapted to great effect here and are the best of the bunch as far as the episodes go. I think the idea of the bad guys being good guys and the good guys being bad guys in alternate universes is done so well and develops the characters so creatively -- I just can say enough good things. Who would not be intrigued by "The Red Hood" -- a heroic version of the Joker? The minor heroes like Aquaman are likewise three-dimensional.

It's worth a season pass on your Tivo for sure. Great work being done with this material.
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Thank You Jesus!
donovan00079 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show! No it's not Batman: The Animated Series-- why? because that's already been done, and doesn't need to be done again.We've enjoyed the doom and gloom of Batman, but it's time for a change. This a fun, fresh, exciting take on Batman that we've never seen before.

Batman The Brave and the Bold gives us a fun, exciting, adventurous. Just look at the awesomeness of episode 2: Plastic Man, Gorilla Grodd,Dinosour Island-- Yes, GORILLAS RIDING DINOSOURS happens! How cool is that! Batman The Brave and the Bold is not the definitive Batman cartoon, but it certainly is a good time for fans of all ages.
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New and Improved Batman
david92911 March 2009
This cartoon is absolutely fantastic and mind-blowingly good. Sadly, it isn't Batman: TAS, but it doesn't pretend to be either. Instead, it is a perfect blend of modern and retro that doesn't take itself too seriously but is clearly articulate and deliberate.

One thing I really love about the new Batman are the different characters involved in the series: Aquaman, the Atom, Green Arrow, Tornado, instead of the usual suspects. The story lines are also very different and very charming. Another positive note are the little mini-intros before the credits roll that allow viewers to broaden their exploration in the world of the Dark Knight.

The only reason I'm not giving this wonderful cartoon 10 out of 10 is because it doesn't at all attempt to incorporate Bruce Wayne. I think there could be plenty of opportunities to include something with the comic and clumsy Bruce Wayne that the story writers probably intentionally left out to further the dichotomy between this show and our old and beloved Batman: TAS.

Awesome show. Watch it without thinking about Batman: TAS. 9/10.
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wonderful deadpan parody/hero adventure!
SAJV_Lady12 February 2009
I am having the best time watching this show! I have seen 4 episodes so far (Evil Beneath the Sea, Fall of the Blue Beetle, Eyes of Despero, Journey to the Center of the Bat). The show is so much fun and very funny besides! I love Batman's deadpan delivery of perfect hero-of-few-words lines. Aquaman's larger-than-life god-hero with his inane re-tellings of his own adventures really cracks me up! The stories are lively and interesting with more supernatural elements than I would expect in a Batman story. While several of the characters are familiar (Aquaman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man) there are many inventive heroes and villains unfamiliar to me.

I came to IMDb to see who was responsible for the wonderful tone of the show (i.e. "Who writes this stuff?") in order to check out their other work, but there are so many people involved I can't tell.
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Something to watch with the young 'uns
hythlodayr-110 January 2009
Grab a healthy snack and get ready to enjoy a lighter and zanier Batman.

There are a few things that set this show apart from prior shows & cartoons: The show manages to balance a "fun" atmosphere without becoming campy, its often in the first-person narrative (Batman's), and the focus is exclusively on Batman in-costume.

In short, this is a character that enjoys what he does and whatever personal life he has is besides the point.

If you're looking for an operatic interpretation of Batman then prepare to be disappointed. However, if you're a fan of the character then this is a perfectly reasonable way to introduce your children to a beloved character.
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Adam West Revived!
laura Kl21 March 2013
This show is awesome. It is campy, clever and just plain silly. Just like the old Adam West Batman show used to be. This cartoon was such a refreshing change form the over abundance of the dark brooding batman shows lately. They bring in those silly characters you never see in the darker batman. Which is AWESOME! Characters like Aquaman, Plastic man, The Blue Beetle, etc... Even Batmite!. This show needs to come back in a major way! not enough people have given it the chance it deserves. This is silver age Batman. Something some people who like the boring old dark knight series may never get. Batman the campy version is just plain ridiculous fun!!!
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Bold, one of the qualifiers fitting BBB
antoinecatry11 February 2009
The fan I am agree with the different points of view developed here, on the positive and negative sides and in my opinion, the positive slightly takes over. The show is a good surprise because it enables us to see Batman in totally new situations, not only lurking in the dark for the criminal element to rise. Hell, criminals don't always come at night ! In day or at night, in space, on earth and in the sea, why not ? After all, superheroes with or without superpowers were meant to define a modern day mythology, so why should they stick to our or their own particular and gloomy reality ? Batman is a true demigod devoted to justice in every one of its forms, I like the idea of him facing up new challenges, honing his capabilities beyond human perfection everywhere for the cause : as a member of the Green Lantern Corps, as a ghost striving to reanimate his earthly envelope, as a knight in medieval times. About his side-kicks, I particularly like Deadman and Wildcat because of their relative proximity to the universe of Batman in the comic book. Anxious to see Bronze Tiger and the Terrible Trio ! The introduction independent from the rest of the episode reminds of the good old James Bond series. The change of tonality is apparently consistent compared to The Batman, and it was on purpose, contrary to the works of Glen Murakami or Joel Schumacher. This show is an opportunity to rehabilitate old foes from the 60 (a similar choice is being made in the books, King tut recently appeared in Batman Confidential), as well as give more solidity to other DC heroes, it also brings a bit of detachment and lightness from all the darkness of the character, which I like most of the time, but that has gone too far now. A refreshing change.
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Not the best of Batman, but not bad either... in fact it is quite good!
TheLittleSongbird18 April 2010
As a 17 year old female, I grew up on Batman, I love the Tim Burton movies, adore the animated series, liked Dark Knight and SubZero and sort of enjoyed Batman Forever. Batman and Robin though disappointed me, I know it is rather clichéd dragging this film down through the mud, but I was disappointed in how unintentionally camp it was.

Batman:The Brave and the Bold is not the best of Batman, but that doesn't mean it is bad. In fact it is quite good. While lacking darkness and sophisticated edge, it is fresh, fun and exciting. The animation style is well above average with interesting character designs and fluid colour, and the music is rousing and fun. The story lines do hold interest, the characters are great especially the villains even if Batman isn't as dark and brooding as I have come to remember him by and the voice acting is expressive and dynamic. Overall, a fun show, might be disappointing for Batman enthusiasts but for those who want a change for the better this is for you! 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Creative, fun and refreshingly different. Highly recommended
OleFr-Skj22 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think much of Batman: The Brave and the Bold when I first heard of it. To me it looked exactly like what the dimwitted fanboys ended up accusing it of. My interest was sparked, however slightly, after catching a few episodes, though. I felt I could appreciate what the show was attempting to do; namely it's showcasing of lesser known DC characters like Bluebeetle and Red Tornado.

It was glowing recommendations from various sites that finally persuaded me to give the show a watch, and I can safely say that I haven't had this much fun watching a cartoon in quite a while.

So, what exactly does BBB hide under its campy exterior? Well, first of all a sharp and quite sardonic sense of humor that is more than likely to elicit quite a few chuckles out of you. It takes advantage of the inherent camp that some of its characters provide, and combines it effortlessly with sharp dialogue and great character gags.

And let's talk about that, too: BBB provides some of the best characterizations of lesser known DC characters you will ever get the pleasure of seeing on the small screen. Of particular note is their take on Aquaman: A boastful, bombastic and neverendingly optimistic hunk of a man that treats every day as a new escapade of heroic exploits (even to the point of naming every adventure with a grand title like "Plague of the Planet Master" or "The time Batman almost died"). Not only is he by far the highlight of the show's comedy, but he also manages to contribute meaningfully in several episodes. Finally a cartoon that proves once and for all that Aquaman does not, in fact, "suck".

Other personal highlights include Jamie Reyes; the Blue Beetle. While the contemporary cartoon Young Justice did an ultimately better job delving into Bluebeetle's mythology, I find myself enjoying this particular characterization immensely. Bluebeetle is by far the one hero on the show that I've invested the most time into finding out more about. And I give this show my thanks for introducing me to this particular character's quite fascinating mythos and powerset.

Overall, the show pulls few punches with the amount of characters it throws around. Practically every episode has Batman partner up with some new character from the depths of the DC comics universe, and the vast majority of them are done quite well. This goes for the villains, too although I admit I didn't much care for their interpretation of Martian Manhunter or The Joker. But hey, you're not going to please everyone.

Another highlight of the show is its general tone and feel. Before anything else, BBB is pure, unspoiled, exhilarating fun the likes of which I haven't been able to enjoy in quite a while. Made in a similar style to old-school action-adventure, BBB will keep you thoroughly entertained throughout its 22-minute run. This is not even touching upon the music, which is usually quite well composed and performed. A few songs appear in the show, of particular note Vigilante's big, booming country ballad to Batman titled "Gray and Blue". And of course, Neil Patrick Harris as the musical scourge The Music Meister.

If I did have some criticism, they would have to be about some hit-and- miss episodes and slight character issues. But overall, BBB is creative, fun and a refreshing change from the brooding, dark Batman that's figured so prominently recently.
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Batman is everything for everyone
engremore23 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I've been reading comics for over 40 years, and in that time I've seen Batman portrayed in many ways, both in comics and other media. I've seen him light, I've seen him dark. I've seen him whimsical, I've seen him serious. I've seen him brilliantly utilized, I've seen him squandered and pandered. "Batman: the Brave and the Bold" is a case of respect for his legacy.

"Brave and the Bold" was a long running comic series that featured team-ups, often between characters who ordinarily wouldn't be found teaming up. In this case it's "Batman and...". While visually stylized after a solid silver-age (50's and 60's) version of the character, they've blended in touches of the more modern hard-nosed version in personality.

As far as the DC mythos goes, this is actually one of the few places you'll see animated versions of many characters, including the Metal Men, the JSA, Batmite, and Plastic Man, amongst others. The writing sways from adequate to pitch perfect, imbuing each character with a distinct personality, and relationship to Batman.

The structure is fairly standard: pre-credit wrap up (kind of like a Bond film, where Bond is already up to his neck in something before the opening credits, usually unrelated to the primary storyline), credits, then the episode, thus allowing two team-ups per episode.

I, for one, am going to be very sorry to see it go (a new computer animated Batman series is in the offing, and word is that B&B is ending).




Some things to watch for, particularly in the 3rd season:

  • A musical episode, featuring Neil Patrick Harris voicing the lead villain.

  • Aquaman as you've never seen him before - as a laughing barrel-chested braggart who thinks everything is OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Aquaman, sent back in time to defend earlier incarnations of Batman, lamenting "But I wanted to fight Romans!" (spoiler: he DOES get to). This episode also lifts from "The Return of Bruce Wayne" series of comics, featuring various "Batmen" of the past.

  • A Batmite episode where he tries to do a makeover on Batman, and you see a variety of Batman styles, including the Frank Miller version.

  • A pre-credit "Life with the Currys" - Aquaman and Family in a vintage sitcom, with their irascible neighbor, Black Manta.

  • A Superman team-up, with dozens of references to actual Silver Age Superman comic covers (I particularly liked the bit where he picks up Kandor, the shrunken city in a bottle, and shakes it like a snow-globe).

  • "Batman's Strangest Cases" hosted by Batmite, and featuring a perfect animated version of Wally Wood's "Batboy and Rubin" parody from the pages of MAD back in the 60's. An adaptation of one of Kuwata's "Bat-Manga" stories done in 60's anime style, complete with awkward dubbing. And they close with "Scooby Doo meets Batman and Robin" - not the original Scooby Doo episode, but done in the exact same style, with Superfriends versions of B&R, the Joker& Penguin, and to keep it modern, Weird Al as the celebrity guest in peril. Watch for Batmite to break the 4th wall a few times, including pointing out that people weren't allowed to throw punches back then, so he remedies it, and you are treated to Scooby and Shaggy joining in the donnybrook.

  • a brief appearance by Wonder Woman, complete with Lynda Carter's WW theme-song.
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It's Batman, and its not badly done
mhfca7 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I purchased the first THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD with Batman in it, so I've seen it all. The B&B stories were rarely, if ever, part of the continuity, so you fanboys whining about it destroying the mythos can get don't have Clue One what the mythos really is.

Bader, doing his "Hoss Delgado" voice, is an inspired voice casting, though its not likely we'll see Bruce Wayne in these episodes. So far, I've not been disappointed with the other voices we've heard.

The take on Aquaman is probably the most brilliant freakin' original take ever of one of the more dull characters in the DC Universe, and to have him show up as guest star *twice* made it all the better.

I am still chuckling..."A Hero Doctor!!!" Elongated Man and Plastic Man were never in a comic story that I recall, yet Ralph and "Eel" were played out with truly beautiful humor given the contrasts between the comics and this show.

The only "down" moment was the Outsiders; I didn't see that as an appropriate intro of the three characters, especially Katana and Metamorpho. OTOH, this isn't the same strict interpretation DCU we've come to know, so someone else may see it as great.

But even my elderly father, who read his books as a kid, thought the casting for Wildcat was absolute perfection and has started watching in hopes of more Golden Age heroes appearing.

If you only go back as far as the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, don't bother watching it, because you just won't "get" what the show offers.

But if you know of the earlier books, or survived the Mike Sekowsky era, you'll likely agree that this is a pretty good effort.

And curse George Lucas to Hellywood for refusing to make BLACKHAWKS.
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Not West, nor Keaton, Conroy or Bale...
oldschoolfan1 March 2010
"Batman-The Brave And The Bold" is the newest entry in DC's and Warner's collaboration to bring the Caped Crusader to live on the television screen.

At first I thought the show was a stupid drawback to the 60s with a pseudo camp commentary in it. I was not convinced by the artwork or the shallow story lines.

Then I realized: You are 30 years old and you have known Batman for your whole life. You know what? We are not the target audience for this show.

It is a show designed for children and what a better way to introduce the DC Universe to them?

The show is light-hearted without being to naive, it is funny without letting the characters look ridiculous and it shows a deep understanding of the DC Universe's more minor characters.

If you are a fan of the DC Universe you need to check out this show. You will find delight in the characterization of each character, of the way they act in relation to Batman and how Batman responds to them.

The stories are not overly complex, but keep their surprising twists that helps to let you enjoy the whole 25 minutes of an episode.

The design is very retro, inspired a lot from the 60s show (outrageous gadgets and pay attention to the "mimic" of Batman's mask) without ripping it off.

The best example is Batman's voice: I love Kevin Conroy as Batman, but Diedrich Bader delivers the one-liners in Brave and the Bold with the same ironic honesty and competence that Adam West voiced his Batman with, again without ripping him off.

But the character design is beautiful throughout. I like that the Joker actually looks exactly like his first incarnation by Bob Kane or that Khamandi (who? yeah right) has actually that Jack Kirby style look to him.

This show may be simple, but it is the heart, love and understanding of it's sources that makes it so damn likable. This is what a re-imagining should be: Staying true to the sources, without being a slave to it, bringing in a fresh style and new ideas and knowing exactly what it is.

And I like the idea that today's kids go on Youtube 2.0 or whatever in 20 years and discover this show again, just like my generation did with the old Adam West show. And I hope that they will get the same fond memories of it.

To all the established fans and to future generations of Bat-followers:

Highly Recommended!
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Fun series that's a real -killer- (3 dead so far)
eebdb25 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well, the "dark" fanboys who are dissing this show seem to be unaware of the fact that at least three characters have been killed on the show already. Batman's parents (in the freaking Christmas episode!) and a hero who shall remain nameless.

Look, chumleys, it is entirely possible to be both lighthearted and hard-core at the same time, if you know how to play it. Eisner's Spirit had both humor and grittiness, light-hearted banter one minute and then the comic relief kid arranges for one of the female villains to be machine-gunned to death by the police after she learns the Spirit's secret ID (in the classic "Death of Autumn Mews" story arc, which that jackanape Miller should have used for the movie)! As for this show, I love that it revives the Sprang Batman without the excesses of stupidity that Joel Schumacher put into his movies.
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A return to pre-Dark Age comics
David Edward Martin6 December 2008
I'm still ambivalent about this series. Frankly, I do not see why anyone except Bruce Timm is allowed to be anywhere near a DC superhero, especially Batman. I found "THE Batman" an abominable waste of time and money, at least until they producers got smart and hired Timm's staff to rescue their show.

Okay, that said, I'm willing to give this a shot. For starters, it's a pleasant evocation of the late-Silver Age, early-Bronze Age comics series THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Although the series had started off as a generic adventure anthology, by the mid-60s the comic had settled on a format of Batman paired with a different guest each issue. (WORLDS FINEST was the monthly Batman-Superman team-up.) The stories were a good way to give a spotlight to lesser characters and to give Batman a different style of story. Robin almost never appeared in this series. Ironically this series was responsible for the revamping of Batman into the character we now know, when artist Neal Adams was able to make aesthetic changes through this series that he could not make in the main books DETECTIVE COMICS and BATMAN. When fan reaction preferred Adams' B&B look to that of the the other books, the other books finally gave in and we finally had the rise of "The Dark Knight."

The art style of the animated B&B is a pleasant surprise. It evokes the distinctive style of the great but under-appreciated RAMONA FRADON, the woman Darwyn Cooke copies, and the great but quirky DICK SPRANG, with aspects of Paul Dini's inimitable designs.

The storytelling is aimed at a younger and definitely non-cynical audience. I have no problem with that. This is a Batman who is well-established in his world, who is comfortable with his role, and is looking to expand his legacy by interacting with others. Depending on the status of the guest, the interaction can be that of mentor-student or that of equals.

In brief, this is a really good 1960s-era TV series crafted with modern budgets, skills, and sensibilities.
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This is the kind of show that nearly destroyed the Batman mythos
middtenn2 January 2009
The campy writing of this series with the impossible tools, cars, and action sequences make this show deserving of only one season. There is a proper way to portray the Batman in a kid friendly way that does not bring the horrible Batman of the 1960's back.

The characters are two-dimensional and unbelievable.

If you want this type of writing watch the Power Rangers. This type of writing is what nearly destroyed the Batman mythos.

DC should shelve this garbage and hopefully it will be just an ugly blemish.

Children deserve good writing, otherwise garbage in and garbage out.
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The Show is creative but weak
gatorduk22 November 2008
I love the idea. While it is different from the comic, I like the Batman and "B" list combo hero. However, using the voice of "Hoss Delgado" as Batman is weak. I love Deitrich Bader as a voice actor.... but not as Batman. Especially not after Kevin Conroy built-up such an amazing version of Batman. But most importantly.... comic book fans around the world want the 1960's Batman to die. We do not want to expose our kids to it. We didn't like it when Joel Schumacher tried to resurrect the camp of the TV series, and I do not like it now. Bruce Timm created an amazing archetype for batman. The Brave and the Bold style is trying slide in on the cape of "The Secret Saturdays" TV Series. The style is fine for the "Saturdays".... but Batman deserves much more than that.
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looks like batman is the one of the most adaptable characters in the superheroes history
sakerwaleed9718 January 2014
for starters, i know that a lot of people hated this show, and it's obvious why, unfortunately, they missed on a lot of fun, this show is a homage to the older silver age DC comics(the brave and the bold comics), the cool thing about this show is that it delivers a LOT of characters, in fact: it is the show that showed the most team ups and characters in DC's history, so , if you are saying that this show is not batman and batman the animated series is batman, go f--- yourself, because in fact this is the batman that was before in the older decades, the show knows what its doing and that's great, its all about action and beating the bad guys for 22 minutes which is fine, as long as it enjoyable, one thing that made me really like this show: THE ART STYLE, isn't it damn cool, awesome, high class, and original, i really, really do like the animation style, now the cool part is that there are just great awesome episodes for batman, like the chill of the knight, the knights of tomorrow, call of the speedsters, and others that are just one of the best batman episodes i have ever seen because of their creativity ,now here is the question:is it better than batman the animated series?the answer is..............i cant find an answer because they are very different and both of them are true to the characters origin, but batman TAS will win because the majority of the good episodes and stories are more, all in all, its a really enjoyable show that is just so cool that they went this far with batman with surprisingly really nice, funny results.!!
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Good light-hearted superhero cartoon
schuylang111 January 2014
I was not sure what to expect when I first started watching the show. I knew that the cartoon would not have a dark version of Batman, like in Batman: The Animated Series through Justice League Unlimited, which is what I prefer. This cartoon may be an even more friendly take on Batman and the DC universe, but I enjoyed most of it. I actually enjoyed Aquaman more than Batman in this series because of his humor. My favorite episode is Chill of the Bat! in which Batman confronts the murderer of his parents, Joe Chill. Chill of the Bat! is the only darker episode of the series. I didn't rate this a 10 because some of the dialogue and episodes are just too out there, as in too kid friendly and corny.
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1950's Cartoon Zaniness
JoeB13125 March 2009
If the Animated Series of the 1990's hearkened back to a darker Batman of the 1940'sw, TBATB hearkens to a Batman who is more kitschy, more science fiction, more zany that was Batman in the 1950's and 1960's.

Batman has always had an interesting history, the emblem of his publishing house. In the 1940's, he was the symbol of Detective Comics, an offshoot of the rather violent crime comics of the period that came under fire in the 1950's. Then he mutated into a strange Science-fiction character. As DC assimilated more diverse comics in other genres, Batman found himself teamed with disparate characters in attempts to boost their numbers.

This series goes retro in their portrayals- We see the Flash and Green Arrow of earlier days, combined with the modern Hispanic Blue Beetle and Asian Atom.

If I have a complaint with this series, I ask where are the female heroes and villains. I think so far, we've seen only a handful.

Update- I'm taking back some of what I said. The show took a lot of really bizarre turns in the later seasons, and kind of ruined many of the characters. Not to mention a lot of episodes with death in them. Did you guys forget you were writing a show for CHILDREN?

It is obvious the creators are fans of the website, even taking some of the bizarre covers and working them into story lines. Do they not realize these were examples of BAD comic books?
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Batman returns to TV with a new animated series
PyTom8311 June 2009
After what must have been almost a year off of TV (actually only a few months), Batman returns to the mini-world of television with a new animated series. Let's just get this out of the way, this is not Batman: The Animated Series. Hell, it does not even try to mimic the former. This Batman is a whole lot less serious, and has an assortment of sidekicks including Blue Beetle and Green Arrow. There is also the return of huge gadgets and talkative villains and it tries to emulate the Superfriends art style. Though, the throwback animation style does fit in with the story they are telling.

While this series is obviously intended for two year olds, I've quite enjoyed the first few episodes. It wasn't too cheesy, but had its screwball moments (most of it takes place in space in which apparently Batman can breathe quite freely) and the show has potential with the ability to pull in a variety of characters from all over the DC universe. Also, the actor who played Batman is already miles ahead of Rino Romano.

The longevity of the show is in question with the lack of creativity. This is the type of show that can start falling back on the material they are actually trying to parody.
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Batman fans should give this show a chance
ooface23 January 2018
I understand the appeal of Batman: TAS and the Nolan Trilogy. But if you are a true Batman fan, I'd suggest that you should give this show a chance. The idea of Batman making jokes, or his villians describing their evil ambitions as: "Those years in jail kept me from achieving my own greatness.But when people hear how I used a kite for my fiendish revenge......I'll be the most famous kite-related person in history(instead of Ben Franklin)."(KiteMan to Batman and Plastic Man) might be anathema to many Batman fans,like me, whose first introduction to Batman was the legendary 1992 animated series. However, this is a good show in it's own right. If you still have doubts, and are able to laugh at your own nerdiness, I'd recommend episode 19 of season 1: Legend of the Dark Mite which was written by Paul Dini, one of the writers of Batman:TAS.
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Batman team ups with different heroes
DCfan12 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I recorded episodes of this show when I started Year 10 and finished it in April 2015.

I have to say this show is funny, light-heart-ed and not just your typical Batman cartoon. But with team-ups.

I would defiantly recommend this show to the new generation of DC fans and old as well.

If you say this show can't be serious I would check out the episode "Chill of the night" that is definitely one of the darkest episodes.

Only if Justice League Action and Teen Titans Go! were like this they would be likable shows.
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