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  • When three curvaceous babes, stripper Trixe, business executive Hel, and the feisty ex-con Camero, arrive at a desert hideaway to steal a stash of diamonds from an underworld kingpin, things quickly spiral out of control. Allegiances are switched, truths are revealed, criminals are unmasked and nothing is quite what it seems as the fate of the world is precariously balanced among this trio of sexy femmes fatales.

  • Three bad girls travel to a remote desert hideaway to steal $200 million in diamonds from a ruthless underworld kingpin.


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  • Three very different young women; a down-and-out stripper named Trixie (Julia Voth), a violent, drug-running killer and ex-convict named Camero (America Olivo), and a corporate powerbroker nicknamed Hel (Erin Cummings), arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort massive booty, worth over $200 million in diamonds, from a ruthless underworld kingpin. None of the three women are who they appear to be, and they all have an ulterior motive in looking for the stolen loot. All of them are lesbians, although it is strongly implied that Trixie is bisexual.

    18 hours earlier, it is revealed that they have kidnapped a gangster called Gage (Michael Hurst) whom they hold in the trunk of their car and they try to force him to reveal where the treasure is buried. He refuses, believing they will kill him anyway, but Hel promises he will not be harmed. But after he grabs Trixie and tries to use her as a hostage to escape, Camero shoots Gage dead, against the wishes of Hel. Camero tells Hel that she made no such promise to Gage personally. His cell phone rings and they believe Gage is connected to the notorious Pinky. An almost legendary figure Pinky is a sword wielding killer.

    Things become more complicated when a police officer arrives. Hel, Camero and Trixie hide the body in the car trunk and are able to convince Deputy Fuchs (Ron Melendez) to leave. Unknown to them, five nights ago, he was in the audience when Trixie performed as a stripper to seduce Gage.

    While digging for the treasure on the grounds, Camero asks the girls about the best sex they ever had, believing it tells her something important about their character. Trixie tells about having a bisexual three-way at a local carnival, or having sex with a guy in an Amish buggy. Hel refuses to talk, but hints that it may have been with some woman (which implies to be Camero). Camero admits her best sex ever was with a female circus contortionist three months ago, and she did not even know her name. During a water fight, Trixie falls onto something in the sand, they dig but instead of treasure they find a dead body.

    They are interrupted by Hot Wire (William Gregory Lee), a man from Camero's past whom (in more flashbacks to a year ago) where Camero murdered several of his henchmen to steal drugs rather then pay for them. He and his S&M Asian mistress Kinki (Minae Noji) forces them at gunpoint to dig for the treasure. Deputy Fuchs returns and there is a gunfight which Hel ends with a high powered machine gun found earlier in the nearby trailer and guns down both Kinki and Hot Wire.

    Camero becomes angry and jealous when she finds Hel and Trixie in a sexual embrace and reveals that she and Hel used to be romanticaly involved when they shared a cell at the state prison several months ago (shown in another flashback) when she was locked up for a series of crimes and evading Hot Wire. It was Hel who persuaded Camero to team up with her and Trixie to find $200 million in diamonds. When Camero becomes too out-of-control, Trixie and Hel are forced to subdue her and tie her up next to the captive Deputy Fuchs while deciding what to do with both of them.

    Hel is revealed at this point to be an undercover secret agent reporting to a man called Phoenix (Kevin Sorbo), the dead body found in the area. She is on a mission to retrieve a dangerous nano-swarm weapon. Hel finds a concealed bunker full of goods stolen from Pinky including the weapon, the diamonds, and a beautiful sword. Camero thinks she is being double crossed and fights Hel for the diamonds. Camero overcomes Hel, sets fire to Trixie and various barrels of flammable liquids in drums, and leaves her chained up while driving off with the diamonds. Hel frees herself, and using the super machine gun, is able to fire a rocket and blows up the car Camero was escaping in.

    Hel explains her mission to Trixie and admits that although she is a goverment spy, her love for Trixie is true. Camero returns and has becomes increasingly unstable due to her speed-pill poping. After shooting Trixie in her waste, Camero again fights Hel and manages to stab her and then strangle her, leaving her for dead and moves to kill Trixie. As Trixie will not fight back, Camero attempts to rape her, but stops when she sees a tattoo just below Trixie's navel and realizes Trixie was the mysterious contortionist from her past. (By this time, the joke has become hysterical as all three women have had sexual relations at one point or other with each other; Camero and Hel five months ago, then Hel and Trixie in the present, and Trixie and Camero three months ago).

    Before she can kill Trixie, Camero is shot in the back and killed by Deputy Fuchs who has survived the explosion. Suddenly, Trixie rises and kills him using a hidden throwing star and reveals to the seriously wounded Hel that SHE is Pinky, and was behind the whole setup, which was to retreve her special broadsword used to kill people, as well as to just to mess with people and have her fun. Trixie/Pinky then leaves behind Hel, and escapes in a passing limo with the diamonds and her beautiful sword into the afternoon sunset.

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