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Well worth expanding your mind for
TheLittleSongbird11 November 2017
Saw 'Doctor Strange' (although fairly late perhaps) because of liking the cast a great deal, who can argue with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, and having liked a lot of what Marvel has done, something that one doesn't see people saying a lot here.

'Doctor Strange' is not a perfect film, but to me it was a thoroughly enjoyable one and is one of Marvel's best. Lets begin with the things that from personal opinion didn't quite work. Rachel McAdams does do a good job with what she has, but the character was underused and underwritten. Her screen time, while essential, was not large and her development was sketchy at best. Strange mastering magic does happen too fast, didn't buy how rushed that aspect was, and while there are a lot of fun and witty moments a few jokes felt random and out of place (i.e. Beyoncé).

However, the cast are a major asset. Had reservations about McAdams's character but not with her performance. Benedict Cumberbatch really makes the interesting title character his own and knocks it out the park. The standout of the rest of the cast is Tilda Swinton, wonderfully mysterious as the film's most interesting character and played with relish by her.

Chiwetel Ejiofor has a charismatic intensity and Benedict Wong has fun and enjoyed his chemistry with Cumberbatch. Do think that the villain Kaecilius could have been explored in more depth, but Mads Mikkelsen is intriguingly menacing.

The story, making the most of a great innovative concept, is never dull and is told with absorbing atmosphere, exuberance and very rarely sacrifices coherence or credulity. There are some really interesting ideas here, explored with thought-provoking intelligence. The action excites and thrills, as well as being visually stunning, instead of being drawn out even though quite long the climax is great fun to watch (or at least it was to me).

'Doctor Strange's' script has emotion, wit and tension and although he doesn't have the character growth one would like Strange is a well realised character and Cumberbatch has a lot to thank for that. The music score has great intensity, rousing excitement and nuance and Scott Derrickson clearly engaged hugely with the material.

Where 'Doctor Strange' is particularly good is in the production values. It's very stylishly shot and edited and handsomely mounted in production design but it's the incredible special effects (particularly jaw-dropping in the climax) that take centre stage.

Overall, while not quite finding it a masterpiece of film-making and having a few problems with it 'Doctor Strange' was a thoroughly enjoyable film and among Marvel's best. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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The Doctor Is In
bkoganbing13 August 2017
One of Marvel Comics great superheroes finally gets his turn at screen immortality. Doctor Strange who has a manner similar to the TV doctor named House is a rather self satisfied and smug individual. He's a genius and he makes sure everyone knows it. But one night he's involved in a serious automobile crash and his physical body fails to heal entirely. He's left with a palsy that makes being a surgeon out of the question unless you mean tree surgery.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor John Strange and like Tyrone Power in The Razor's Edge he goes to the mystic east to find healing with the Ancient One, a gender bending guru played by Tilda Swinton. He learns a lot about the metaphysical nature of the earth and how worlds co- exist in the same space and how some chosen few like he's been chosen are guarding the portals between those worlds. When those worlds are open it can get real messy.

There are times where the plot gets a bit vague and I guess you have to have been a Marvel Comics fanatic in order to get a lot of the subtleties in the story. Something I do not claim to be.

Doctor Strange did get an Oscar nomination for Visual Effects and we'll no doubt see a sequel if the demand is there and the money is right.
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Fresher than most
Leofwine_draca21 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The latest Marvel superhero origin tale, this explores the character of Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon who loses his dexterity in a horrific car accident. He travels to Kathmandu in order to train spiritually in an attempt to fix his broken body, but instead he finds himself joining an order of mystic monks in their battle against a renegade. DOCTOR STRANGE stands out from the overcrowded market thanks to the emphasis on astral projection and spirituality, which I found generally interesting. Cumberbatch is a likeable hero and the supporting cast much better than usual for this kind of film, with Mads Mikkelsen standing out as villain. The film is inevitably dominated by CGI action but it feels fresher here than most, and it generally stays character-focused to keep the viewer involved.
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solid introduction
SnoopyStyle6 May 2017
New York neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is brilliant and arrogant. His only friend is ex-love ER doctor Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams). He gets into a car wreck damaging his hands. He is told about Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt) who recovered from unrecoverable spinal damage. He is directed to Kamar-Taj. He finds The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and Master Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who teach him about the astral plane and the infinite dimensions. Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) is a former disciple of the Ancient One and has fallen under the influence of Dormammu of the Dark Dimension.

This is the latest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dr. Strange adds the strange side to the comic book franchise. Cumberbatch fills out the role. Every role is well cast. Even Tilda Swinton seems fitting in the otherworldly role. The CGI is brilliant. It is Inception plus. The battles are compelling without being confusing. Surprisingly, there is also humor. This is a solid addition to the MCU.
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the actors
Kirpianuscus17 February 2019
The cast was the lead motif, in my case, for see this film. It was the first Doctor Strange I saw. I am not fan of Marvel universe - I am too old. east European, the culture of cartoons super-heroes remains too far by me. The second motif was the resurrect of memories about Oriental techniques of spirituality. And, sure, I repeat, the meet of Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Cumberbatch is a a good prize. I do not know if it is a good or a bad movie. The special effects, like in case of each blockbuster, ignores the answer . It is a firework. Seductive for a precise target. Far to be convincing. Nice. And...chaotic. So many flaws, so beautiful colors . And biology. And a lot of good intentions. A work more by computers . Like so many. But nice. For the work of actors reminding the existence of story.
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Marvel keeps dishing these out
Horst_In_Translation31 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Doctor Strange" is an American movie that runs for under two hours slightly and was released this year, 2016, very recently actually. The writer and director is Scott Derrickson and after making a handful of films for horror film fans, here he enters the world of superheroes, namely the Marvel Universe. And this will without a doubt turn into Derrickson's most known work to-date. No need to mention all the other characters who already got their own films or were in the Avengers movie as you probably are aware of them anyway if you consider seeing this one. Obviously, Marvel is not running short of these and I am sure Doctor Strange will not be the last guy entering the scene. The title character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch and there are more fairly famous names in the cast. You can check out the list to find out who exactly appeared in here. Actually, I myself thought Stuhlbarg's character would turn into some kind of antagonist judging from the early scenes but he was just a mean to show the character development towards being a nice guy for Cumberbatch's character. Speaking about him, you could call him a mix of Dr. House, Sherlock and a superhero eventually I guess. Other than that, the film also makes parallels to stuff like "Inception" or "Doctor Who".

The way how you see this movie will have a lot to do with how much you like Cumberbatch. I personally think he is a very overrated actor who does not have half as much range as people make him out to have plus his approach to very different characters looks almost always the same. And this movie here is no exception either. Let's be honest: The first half hour of the film is Cumberbatch channeling his Sherlock 100%. But away from him and let's look a bit at the film in general. Stan Lee has his cameo as usual and the main antagonist is played by Mads Mikkelsen 10 years after he gave another very memorable villain performance in a Bond movie. But sadly, his turn here offers very little in terms of memorability and this has mostly to do with how forgettable and generic the character was written. Mikkelsen still makes the most of it. In terms of the plot, a bit of it is predictable (Swinton's character's fate e.g.), but not everything. These two hours definitely also have many lighter moments, but there aren't many that are working out from a comedy perspective. One exception would be the name confusion between hero and antagonist or Cumberbatch mentioning his astral body. McAdams was part of several of these comedy moments and she definitely elevates the material, but seriously Cumberbatch is so bland and has no comedic talent at all and his always-the-same tongue-in-cheek approach becomes stale and cringeworthy quickly. Most of the scenes intended as somewhat funny to create a balance with the more heavy material aren't working.

Eventually, this film here is a decent watch for comic book film fans, even if there are many weaknesses included. Still, the story is solid for the most part and some of the scenes and characters are also memorable, even if there was nothing really new or innovative in here that you haven't seen in Marvel films in recent years yet. The film also offers some of the best in terms of special effects, but for real film lovers like me it's difficult to really appreciate these if the story is a bit flawed. I'm curious what you think about the film's comedy. As for me, I definitely prefer the darker, unfunny approach to superhero films, but this is not the one taken in the Marvel films and this should not come as a surprise to anybody anymore. Besides that, I don't think Cumberbatch was ideal for the part. Most of the other actors are though and I am a bit surprised how many English actors are in here. What else can be said? Oh yeah, at the end there is already a bit of a teaser about Strange and Thor working together on a future project and this is probably the next film we can expect where the focus is on Thor, his dad and once again the brute brother Loki. Finally, one more word on this one here. They really tried to make it different compared to other Marvel films with all the intellectual, the doctor, the scientist references, but it's not working out. The only effect it had on me was that I was wondering where are the other heroes when the world is in danger. Besides, the time references (and how crucial it was at the end) felt a bit random. Clumsy references to watches just aren't enough to make it work in the long run. I see this film has received many strong reviews and receptions so far and I am a bit baffled by that. It is a solid film, but there is not a single aspect that stands out and even if these two hours flew by quickly, I don't think it will get people interested in superhero films if they did not like them before already. If the latter is true, however, then you can check it out and I recommend the watch.
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The Protectors of the Mystic World
claudio_carvalho12 February 2017
In New York, the arrogant Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a talented neurosurgeon with a huge ego. After a car accident, Dr. Strange damages his fingers and loses control of his hands. The surgeon Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), who was his lover, tries to help him. But Dr. Strange unsuccessfully spends his savings searching an experimental treatment for his fingers. When Dr. Strange learns that the paraplegic Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt) walked again, he seeks him out and he says he was healed in Kamar-taj. Dr. Strange travels to Katmandu where he meets the sorcerer Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and is introduced to The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). She discloses the astral plan and other dimensions to him and explains that Earth is protected in the mystical plan by three Sanctums (in New York, in London and In Hong Kong). However, her former protégé Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) has summoned the powerful demon Dormammu, from the Dark Dimension, and wants to destroy the three Sanctums with his minions to let the Dark Dimension, where time does not exist and anyone can live forever, to rule the world. Will The Ancient One, Dr. Strange and Mordo save the world?

"Doctor Strange" is another entertaining film with another Marvel non- popular hero. The witty story is well developed, presenting Doctor Strange to the audience. The scene where Mordo delivers a piece of paper to Dr. Strange with the wi-fi password is hilarious. The cast is also excellent. But the top-notch special effects are amazing. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Doutor Estranho" ("Doctor Strange")
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Not so deranged
Prismark101 November 2016
Marvel takes another risk with making a movie with one of their relatively lesser known characters. Benedict Cumberbatch uses his Sherlock skills to make the egoist Dr Stephen Strange to be likable.

He plays a cocky, brilliant neurosurgeon whose hands are shattered after a car crash. He travels to Nepal and to a secretive temple called Kamar-Taj headed by the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) where he learns mystical skills and magic when he broadens his mind and accepts his part in the multiverse.

Marvel Studios gets all trippy with multicoloured Salvador Dali inspired sequences that also owes a lot to Christopher Nolan's Inception of folding cityscapes.

The plot is perfunctory though. Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen made up to look like a glam rock star) is a former student of the Ancient One, who believes there can be eternal life and the Celtic Ancient One has been holding out as to her real source of her powers. He makes a pact with an entity from the dark dimension that wants to destroy the planet.

There is something Harry Potter like about this film, especially as some of the scenes were filmed in London. There is a nifty sequence with the Cloak of Levitation that has chosen to be with Dr Strange.

Solid support from Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo who teaches Dr Strange to fight and Benedict Wong as the protector of the ancient books. Rachel McAdams plays Christine Palmer, a fellow medic and love interest of Dr Strange. McAdams incidentally appeared in the Robert Downey series of Sherlock Holmes films.
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Distracting, with impressive effects; but no more than just an okay film
bob the moo29 March 2017
Another Marvel film. It doesn't matter how many well regarded subtitled films I have in my queue, or how much I suspect that any given Marvel movie will have the same strengthens and weaknesses as the others I've seen, I will watch these quite quickly when they are available to watch at home. That includes characters I have never heard of before, such as Ant-Man, and this one. The plot here sees a talented surgeon get in an accident, lose full control of his once talented hands, and seek out some power that may be able to cure him. That power turns out to be much more than this, and soon he is fighting pan dimensional forces to protect Earth from destruction.

There is plenty here that reminds you that you are part of a massive franchise of films, although to be fair Doctor Strange bares that weight pretty well, and mostly it just focuses on what it is doing and not so much on having a lot of connections to these other characters. Watching it as its own film, there is quite a lot to enjoy. The high-profile cast for instance; they bring a lot of quality even if some of them have little to do, and/or caused controversy by their casting. The special effects are probably the big thing though. Not only are they technically impressive (like almost all big blockbusters) but the nature of them is quite pleasing in the way it twists the world around. They are not enough to carry the film, but they do make a mark. Finally, the light humor works well, and helps it not take itself too seriously.

Sadly, outside of the cast and effects, what we have is an origin story for a character I have no reason to be interested in. The effects may be impressive, but they also limit how I could connect to the action. It all plays out with noise and movement, but the familiarity of the content meant I never really got into it. On one hand this is what I come to the marvel films for – so on that front the effects, humor, and noisy action all were present; however, as a total package Strange was only an 'okay' film that could have been much more.
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Time is the true enemy
nogodnomasters21 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an expert in movie trivia and part time renown brain surgeon. After an auto accident he loses a lot of use of his hands and travels to Kathmandu where the film turns into an acid trip as Strange enters into a world of word puns, oxymoron, and alternate universes. He is trained by the ancient one (Tilda Swinton) from Narnia...but is now good,...oh wait... yeah okay she is still good. She is training him to combat the dark lord, the Dom in fight a metaphysical battle.

The most amazing thing about this film is that they were able to introduce a Marvel character in under three, even two hours. I liked the support cast but felt cheated by Benedict Cumberbatch who didn't seemed right for the part. This, coupled with the constant CG acid trip scenes made the film less than what it could have least for me. The dreary "Omen" style soundtrack should of had something modern instead, considering Dr. Strange's love for rock. The dialogue was remarkably dry. Where is Tony Stark when you need him?
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Mixing it up
kosmasp17 June 2017
The great thing about the Marvel Universe is that they keep mixing it up. I'm someone who's not as aware of all the story lines or heroes that exists. I never read Doctor Strange for example, so I did not know what to expect. And I guess you can say it's the superhero version of Inception. It is definitely something that we haven't seen before in a Superhero movie being done.

And the casting is superb too. You know the effects will be great, they have the money to invest in that. If you don't have an aversion against Marvel and/or are a total fanboy of DC (I myself like Batman a lot and yes also the version Ben Affleck is portraying), you will have a lot of fun watching this. There are scenes even after the movie is over. By now everyone should know that ... and yet still some leave or stop the movie when the credits start to roll
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"We don't get to choose our time. "
classicsoncall11 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer for the movie that I saw says it's like nothing you've ever seen before. I think that was a pretty good description, as the special effects are nothing short of astounding, and I'm sure worthy enough for Oscar consideration in that area. That might be the best reason to catch this flick, although Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent in the role of the title character. This is one comic book I never read as a kid, so of all the Marvel movies that I've caught, and I think it might be all of them, this is one I came in on cold and I wasn't disappointed.

The movie in fact turns a lot of typical super-hero conventions on their head. There's a reference to The Avengers in the story as a team that protects the physical world, while Doctor Strange's mission will be deemed as protector of the metaphysical one. One will have to simply take it on faith that the story line's treatment of astral projection, temporal manipulation and mirror dimensions can be translated into the real world, so accepting all that will be key to enjoying the story. For the most part I did, though that whole business with Strange challenging Romomu in the time loop dimension seemed to me a little forced.

As an origin story for Doctor Strange, I thought the narrative was pretty effective, forcing Stephen Strange to face the unconventional in the treatment of his physical condition following the accident. He starts out as this really arrogant guy who's stuck on himself as much as he's stuck on science, and it takes the combined effort of The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), Mordo (Chiwetel Ojiofor) and Wong (Benedict Wong) to bring him over to a multi-dimensional way of pursuing knowledge. If there's a downside to the story, It may be that Strange put it all together just a bit too quickly, but given the challenge of fitting things into a two hour movie, I guess we can excuse the rush job.

In my theater at least, it appeared that most viewers are now conditioned to hang around for the after-film previews of coming surprises in the Marvel Universe. This one actually had a couple, with a tease of a Dr. Strange/Thor hook-up that makes sense in terms of off planet adventure, while the second one suggested a future confrontation between Strange and his former mentor Mordo. Either way, we haven't seen the last of Doctor Stephen Strange.

Oh, almost forgot - Stan Lee is in this one, just like he is in almost all the movies of Marvel characters he helped create. I'll have to go back for a second look because he comes on screen as a truck driver saying "That is hilarious", in a scene that didn't seem to connect with what was going on at the time. And there was a lot going on at the time.
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A Slightly Different Marvel Film
gavin69423 July 2017
While on a journey of physical and spiritual healing, a brilliant neurosurgeon (Benedict Cumberbatch) is drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

One of the biggest problems with the Marvel film series is how clogged up they get and how hard it is to keep the plots and subplots straight. This is also their strength, as it ensures that people will keep watching the next entry. With "Doctor Strange", we avoid that issue altogether... even though we get vague references to the other films in the series, you do not need to know what an "infinity stone" is to appreciate the movie.

The character of Strange is a good one and not your typical hero. Personally, I found the effects to be over-the-top, as they are in many of the Marvel films. But the "Inception" look aside, the plot is certainly unique. Seeing how Strange is used in the future, as he is not often connected to the Avengers in the comics, will be interesting. Perhaps this will open the door for Moon Knight or some other supporting character?
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Doctor Strange
jboothmillard5 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer for this next entry of superheroes into the Marvel universe looked fantastic, and the critics gave it the full five out of five stars, so I definitely wasn't going to miss out, directed by Scott Derrickson (Hellraiser: Inferno, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Sinister). Basically in Kathmandu, Nepal, the sorcerer Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and his zealots have entered the secret compound Kamar-Taj, which contains ancient and mystical texts, murdered the librarian, and stolen a ritual from a book belonging to sorcerer the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), he is able to escape with some of his followers. Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an arrogant but highly qualified and acclaimed neurosurgeon, until he has a horrific car accident, he loses the use of his hands, his colleague and former lover Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) wants to help him move on, but Strange believes he can find a way to regain the use of his hands. Strange has become vain using all his resources to pursue experimental surgeries and healing processes, all without success, then he learns about Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt), a paraplegic who mysteriously regained the ability to walk, he seeks out and is directed to Kamar-Taj. There Strange is taken in by sorcerer Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the Ancient One was his teacher, she meets Strange and shows him her power, the astral plane and other dimensions, including the Mirror Dimension, he begs her to teach him, she eventually agrees, despite being reminded of her former student Kaecilius, who was also arrogant. Under the Ancient One and Mordo, Strange begins his tutelage, learning from ancient books in the library, now presided over by the master Wong (Benedict Wong). Strange learns Earth is protected from other dimensions by a spell formed from three buildings called Sanctums, in New York City, London and Hong Kong, the sorcerers are tasked with protecting them, but Pangborn gave up the responsibility and channelled mystical energy into walking again. Over several months Strange has advanced quickly, even secretly reading the text stolen by Kaecilius, revealed to be The Book of Cagliostro, and learning to bend time with mystical Eye of Agamotto, Mondo and Wong warn Strange against breaking the laws of nature, comparing his arrogance and yearning for power to Kaecilius. Kaecilius and his followers use the stolen pages to summon the powerful Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, where time does not exist and all can live forever, the London Sanctum is destroyed, Strange is sent to the New York Sanctum, zealots attack, Strange holds them off with the mystical Cloak of Levitation. Mordo and the Ancient One arrive, but Strange and Mordo are disillusioned when Kaecilius reveals that the Ancient One has used Dormammu's power to preserve her long life, she is mortally wounded by Kaecilius before he escapes to Hong Kong, the Ancient One tells Strange he will have to break the rules to stop the destruction, she then dies, despite the efforts of Strange and a bewildered Palmer. Arriving in Hong Kong, Strange Mondo find Wong dead and the Sanctum destroyed, and the Dark Dimension has already engulfed Earth, Strange uses the Eye to reverse time to save the Sanctum and Wong, he then travels to the Dark Dimension to confront Dormammu. Strange tries to bargain with Dormammu to end his destruction of Earth, but the evil entity kills him, however the same moment repeats, Strange reveals he has placed himself and Dormammu in an infinite time loop, they will trapped forever until he agrees to a bargain, eventually after various repeats, and Strange killed various times, Dormammu is told the time loop will end he leaves Earth, taking Kaecilius and the zealots with him. In the end Dormammu and his forces depart, Mordo also departs, disgusted by Strange and the Ancient One's disregard for the consequences of defying nature, Strange returns the Eye, also known as the Infinity Stone, then takes residence at the New York Sanctum to continue his studies. During the credits, Strange is seen meeting with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who has brought Loki to Earth to search for their father Odin, Strange agrees to help with the search; after the credits Mordo visits Pangborn and steals his energy used for walking, stating Earth has too many sorcerers. Also starring Michael Stuhlbarg as Dr. Nicodemus West, Scott Adkins as Lucian / Strong Zealot, Meera Syal as Dr. Patel and Stan Lee as Man on Bus. Cumberbatch is the perfect choice as the leading superhero who has the career-ending accident but then becomes a powerful time travelling and wielding mystical energy, supporting cast members Swinton, Ejiofor, Mikkelsen and Wong are suited to their parts as well. This works as a fantastic origins story for the hero with the recognisable name and costume, the story is enthralling and has plenty of exciting action sequences, there are good moments of humour, but more than anything it is an excellent display of visually stunning special effects to bring superpower abilities to life and see skyscrapers and cities being rotated and turned inside out, a superb fantasy adventure and superhero movie. It was nominated the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, and it was nominated the BAFTAs for Best Production Design, Best Make Up/Hair and Best Special Visual Effects. Very good!
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The visuals make it worthwhile.
BA_Harrison25 December 2018
I was reasonably entertained by Doctor Strange despite not fully following the plot; my enjoyment was largely thanks to the sheer spectacle of the whole thing, the film featuring several jaw-dropping set-pieces that make the absolute most of modern digital technology. The basic story sees talented but arrogant neurosurgeon Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) seeking help from a mystical source when traditional methods fail to help him recover from a devastating car crash. Trained by a sorcerer known as The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), Strange learns powerful magical spells that come in handy when he and his new friends are attacked by Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), who is trying to help a dark being from another reality take over Earth.

While the script might be lacking somewhat in originality and clarity, every last cent of the budget is up there on the screen, director Scott Derrickson delivering mind-bending special effects sequences that really grab one's attention, from the opening fight in London in which buildings fold and distort, to the spectacular car crash that claims Strange's dexterity, to the astounding finale in which our heroes battle the bad guys while time runs backwards (words can't do this incredible technical feat justice: it needs to be seen to be believed).

While not the greatest film in the MCU, Doctor Strange is a worthy enough entry that provides enough eye-candy for the duration. My rating: 7/10
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"I've realized the problem with the world - too many Sorcerers."
TxMike9 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this alone at home on BluRay from my public library. Superb video and sound, the powered subwoofer was given a good workout.

"Dr Strange" is a character created by Marvel, first appearing in comics in 1963. Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats.

This 2016 movie serves as the origin story, a brilliant but egotistical surgeon has a car accident which severely damages his hands and hinders his ability to perform surgery. He searches the globe for a way to repair them and in Kathmandu encounters the Ancient One. After becoming one of the old Sorcerer Supreme's students, he becomes a practitioner of both the mystical arts as well as martial arts. Along with knowing many powerful spells, he has a costume with two mystical objects—the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto—which give him added powers. Strange is aided along the way by his friend and valet, Wong, and a large assortment of mystical objects.

Benedict Cumberbatch is Dr. Stephen Strange and Rachel McAdams is his girlfriend, Dr Christine Palmer. Benedict Wong is Wong and Tilda Swinton is The Ancient One, borrowing from the dark side to live for so long. In this movie Strange's chief adversary is Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius, out to defeat time for the universe.

This is good "popcorn" entertainment with well-respected actors. The story itself is rather simple and not very different from many fictional sorcery and magic stories. The movie borrows heavily from such movies as 'Back to the Future' (space-time continuum) and 'The Matrix' (bullet time cinematography and mystical double-speak), 'Inception' (bending roads and buildings), and all those shows which have featured multiverses and alternate universes.

What is great here are all the digital effects and the sound track. Yes, just 'popcorn' entertainment, and Stan Lee makes his usual cameo appearance, sitting in a bus laughing at a comic book. Curiously there are a couple of brief scenes after the credits have been rolling, and one, with Thor, after the credits are finished. I suspect most viewers missed those two.
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Strange where the storyline went off to...
paul_haakonsen15 April 2017
This was definitely a comic book story long in the waiting for a transition to the big screen, and I am sure that many fans of the comic book and the Marvel universe were thrilled with this movie. I, however, am not a fan of superheroes in any shape or form, and just watched this movie because I had a chance to do so with my wife.

Once the movie ended and the sparks and flashing effects left my eyes with a proper sight again, I can in all honesty say that this was a shallow and pointless movie, and there were so many plot holes that even a Swizz cheese would be jealous. But luckily enough there was so many grand and amazing effects on the screen to divert your attention from all the plot holes and the lack of a proper thought-through storyline.

Personally I am not overly much a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, and I don't really get the hype around him. He is not all that impressive. And one would think that I would be thrilled about seeing Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen in this movie, but I wasn't. He was just browsing through this as if he had seen through all the flaws and shortcomings that the script had.

And with my lack of interest in superhero movies, then "Dr. Strange" is a movie that just came and went without leaving any impression or lasting mark, unlike "Logan" for example. And it is definitely not a movie that I will pick up again and sit down to watch. Why? Because the story just barely had enough contents to support the first viewing.

Instead of just spewing out superhero movies by the dozen, Marvel Studios should take the time to get some proper script writers to pen out the stories for the movies they want to put on the big screen.

Even though "Dr. Strange" was heavily loaded with special effects, it was just a shallow experience of a movie all in all. As such, my rating of this 2016 addition to the Marvel movie universe is a mere mediocre 5 out of 10 stars, based mostly on the special effects.
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blanche-218 November 2016
I was so lucky to have seen Benedict Cumberbatch twice in one week, once as Hamlet (which I also saw in London) and then yesterday as Dr. Strange. One word for the man: Magnificent.

This time he's Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon (with an excellent American accent) who loses the use of his hands in a dreadful car accident. He is advised to go to a place in India to be healed, since modern medicine can do nothing. There he meets the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who introduces him to the magical arts and tells him that he can heal himself.

Strange learns that the temple is a secret group out to save the world from the dark forces, led by Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen). He has stolen a page from an ancient, secret book and taken off with three zealots. There is fear he will take over the world with the help of Dormammu.

The highlight of this film, besides Cumberbatch, is the incredible special effects that are eye-popping. The film goes by very quickly. The cast is top notch, with Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, and Rachel Adams along with those mentioned above.

One word of caution - in order to see the whole film, you need to stay through the entire credits to the end, as there is a scene during the credits, and then at the end of the credits, there is another scene. This one is critical and sets up the next installment.

British actors come over here to make money, and I can't criticize Cumberbatch for taking on this franchise. Is it the way I would have gone with his career? No. I would have preferred him to go the Eddie Redmayne or Sir Anthony Hopkins route, and I frankly don't understand some of his film choices. I suppose they were all part of a build-up, but why appear in Black Mass in a supporting role and Zoolander 2?

His television work has been exemplary and more along classical lines; he has formed a production company, so let's hope the material matches the abilities of this man's talent.

Anyway, see Dr. Strange. It's fun, amazing to look at, and has excellent acting. It's more than I can say about the endless previews we sat through.
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Doctor Strange was another awesomely adventurous Marvel flick
tavm9 November 2016
This was another AWESOME Marvel superhero movie I watched with my movie theatre-working friend. We were both enthralled by the origin of one Stephen Strange who we find out was first an actual doctor of medicine before his accident from a car wreck. So he travels to a faraway country to cure his body only to become a new man due to his now practicing some mystic arts of magic. I'll stop there and just say this was quite visually stimulating watching various far-out images of the things Stephen goes through. So on that note, me and my friend recommend Doctor Strange. Oh, and yes, there's another Stan Lee cameo and some extra scenes after the closing credits.
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Marvel has outdone themselves again
Gordon-1127 October 2016
This film tells the story of a highly skilled, but also highly arrogant neurosurgeon who is severely injured in a car accident. He goes to the East to seek a guru who can heal the most severe injuries miraculously. After his arrival, he gets way more than he asked for.

I can honestly say, Marvel Studio has outdone themselves again. The computer graphics are spectacular. The scene in the trailer where New York City folds up and inverts itself already gets me fascinated, the extended treatment in the film simply makes me hold my breath literally because it is so amazing. The mirror dimension is just very cool, and basically everything visually is cool in the film.

The story is fast paced and engaging. The characters are likable, even Dr Strange in his former life. Tilda Swinton has this calming and regal quality in this role, that makes her very convincing as the Ancient One. I really enjoyed it.

And don't miss the two post credit scenes!
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"Open Your Eye" & Experience a Karmic, Kalidescopic, Killer Comic-Book Movie
LeonLouisRicci12 March 2017
Super-Hero Movies can Suffer from Clone Like Similarities in both Concept and Style. Then along comes "Deadpool" (2015) and "Dr. Strange" (2016) and Thinking on these Things needs Readjustment.

Dr. Strange is Technically a Super-Hero but Mystic or Sorcerer would be more Accurate. Yes, He has "Powers and Abilities Far Beyond Those of Mortal Men". But Why Quibble.

Suffice to Say that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Created the Character as a Third String Filler in the Comics of the 1960's and it Immediately Found a Niche that didn't Fold into the Marvel Universe, it Shined on its Own. It Stood Apart. A Cult Following Ensued.

Benedict Cumberbatch Smoothly and with Ease Plays Strange and with an All-Star Supporting Cast and the Kaleidoscopic Killer Visuals take the Viewer on a Trip to Multi-Layered, Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Universal Realms.

"What was in that tea? Pysilocybin, LSD?" asked the Good Doctor after He is sent Rubber-Banding through Worlds Upon Worlds that Fracture the Figments of a Barely Imagined Reality with Mind-Bending Presentations. You might Think that the Ticket You Bought was "Spiked" with an Hallucinogen when You "Open Your Eye" to this Entertainment.

Indescribable (like the psychedelic experience) SFX and what this Universe Unleashes is Complex, Captivating, and it's all done with Slight Tongue in Cheek and Wears its Weirdness Well.

For a Super-Hero Movie that's so "Strange" it is Easily Accessible for Non-Fan-Boys and Lovers of the Comics will be Impressed. Another Winner for Marvel Studios.

The Movies Capture what's Best about Comics and these Films Show No Signs of Coasting. If Anything, the Comic Book Movie is Improving and the Creative Process from the Artists Involved is Indefatigable.
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Another Marvel/Disney Masterpiece!!!
zardoz-1312 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Dr. Strange" ranks as the best Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics' collaboration since "Iron Man." Mind you, I've confined myself strictly to the Disney/Marvel franchise and excluded the Marvel Comics/Twentieth Century Fox franchises: "X-Men," "Deadpool," and "Daredevil." Not only is director Scott Derrickson's sixth movie a dazzling example of bizarre superhero histrionics, but it also qualifies as a splendid origins epic in every respect. Wisely, Derrickson confines this supernatural masterpiece to 115 minutes without slighting any character or leaving any threads undone in its formulaic template. Benedict Cumberbatch is truly a revelation as Dr. Steven Strange, and his character follows quite an arc before the film concludes. Audiences should know that "Dr. Strange" has two scenes before and after the end credits that are essential to the film. Steven Strange possesses an abrasive attitude, and "Dr. Strange" adheres to the Disney/Marvel formula that originated with "Iron Man." Dr. Strange is just as arrogant as Tony Stark. These two prima donnas begin as ordinary humans with extraordinary gifts before hubris and bad luck combine to topple them from affluence. Similarly, they recover from these seemingly insurmountable ordeals with the incentive of a powerful mentor and emerge as larger-than-life titans. Unlike the colossal collateral damage that has highlighted virtually every Disney/Marvel movie to date, "Dr. Strange" embraces an alternate strategy. This movie eschews the real world and lapses more often into the imaginary realm. The heroes don't destroy cities in their efforts to subjugate the villains as they have usually done in previous Disney/Marvel extravaganzas. Furthermore, Derrickson channels "The Matrix" in the depiction of Dr. Strange's makeover as he learns about how to exist in different dimensions. Meantime, in its biggest departure from the Marvel comic book series, Derrickson and company have broken a tradition. They have cast Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One who introduces Strange to the wondrous mysteries of the mind. In the comics, the Ancient One was a guy rather than a girl.

"Dr. Strange" serves not only as a sensational Marvel Comics adaptation but also as commentary on a national epidemic of distracted driving that has swept the country since the advent of cell phones. Protagonist Dr. Stephen Strange (Oscar nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch of "The Imitation Game") is an eminent, world-renowned surgeon who has achieved unparalleled feats with his hands. As he is searching for his next surgical triumph, Strange is careening along a swerving mountain-side highway without a care in the world. He has his phone switched on in his sleek sports car and it debating to accept a new patient when he loses control of his vehicle, smashes into another car, and flies off the highway like a UFO, and crashes miles below in obscurity. When he awakens after surgery, he finds his hands permanently mangled. Repeated surgeries gain him nothing, and gifted surgeons like he once was refuse to take his case for fear of ruining their track records. Eventually, Strange spends so much money than he loses virtually everything he had acquired, and he loses the woman that he loved the most, Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams of "The Vow"), who refuses to have anything to do with her after he insults her. Later, during his rehab, Strange alienates his rehab therapist. The therapist tells Strange about a similar man, Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Pratt of "The Infiltrator"), who triumphed over his limitations. Strange is shocked to learn that this patient recovered from an impossible spinal injury that nobody has conquered. Desperate to know how Pangborn accomplished this unheard-of feat, Strange accepts Pangborn's advice and travels to a monastery in Nepal. Strange blows the rest of his dwindling funds and approaches the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) in the mountains. She shows him familiar pictures of the human body, and Strange accuses her of being a quack until she knocks him out of his body into an entirely different dimension. Performing an about-face, Strange humbles himself before her as he plumbs the depths of his mind that he never thought probable. Although he never recovers his long-sought after manual dexterity, he becomes a different person who can alter time and space. Little does he realize that the mystical world that he has entered has been traveled by others who endeavor to exploit their new-found power to destroy the world. Along the way, he establishes his identity as Dr. Strange, not as Mr. Strange or Master Strange. Like all memorable Marvel movies, "Dr. Strange" sacrifices the life of one of its primary characters to endow the film with a sense of depth.

"Sinister" director Derrickson, "Prometheus" scribe Jon Spaihts, and "Sinister" franchise writer C. Robert Cargill have created a thoroughly entertaining film fraught with nuance and detail. The villains are smart, strong, and resourceful adversaries that look truly malevolent. The villains are interesting but never sympathetic, and "Casino Royale" villain Mads Mikkelsen is perfectly cast as the leader. The titular hero must endure trial after trial before he acquires his unique powers as Dr. Strange. Like any worthwhile superhero saga, "Dr. Strange" puts the fate of the world at stake, and our resilient hero must contend with enemies far more formidable than he until he masters his skills as a sorcerer and defeats them. Derrickson and his writers have forged believable, sympathetic characters that we care about. "Dr. Strange" amounts to an enjoyable load of hokum embellished with mind-boggling visuals. When the heroes and villains tangle, they create worlds within worlds to stage their Armageddon-style showdowns without endangering the rest of humanity. The sight of cityscapes folding up like accordions is nothing short of spectacular. If you've seen the Leonardo DiCaprio thriller "Inception," the sprawling cityscapes behave in similar fashion as our heroes battle to control the arena with the bad guys. You may figure out who decides to give up their life to ensure the safety of future generations. Provocatively, fadeout at the end doesn't necessarily guarantee the triumph of good over evil.
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Good first half, then quickly degenerates into your usual comic book crap
grantss12 August 2017
Dr. Steven Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon. He is at the peak of his career when a car accident leaves him with nerve damage in his hands, and unable to continue his career. He tries everything to remedy the situation, but nothing works. In desperation he travels to Kathmandu, Nepal, to seek the an organisation known as Kamar-Taj. What he finds goes beyond healing, or the physical world.

Initially, quite interesting. The Dr Strange backstory was an engaging one and made you think that this movie could be different to all those other adaptations of comic book characters.

Sadly, it was not to be. From a point the mystical narrative comes into play, which is just an excuse for the director to show off his CGI skills. From then on it's just your usual style-over-substance comic book vapidity.
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The 3% of DOCTOR STRANGE viewers who stay for the final scene . . .
oscaralbert9 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
. . . (which comes AFTER "all" the closing credits) will learn that it's now Open Season on Harry Potter & Friends. When Mordo attacks Pangborn, he mutters "The world has too many wizards." This is a dead giveaway that Disney MegaBlobCorp intends on forcing AT&T to spin off Master Potter's Warner Bros. Studio to the House of Louse as the price of regulatory approval for AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner. That way, the D-Blob will swallow up Warner's Potter Properties, just as they devoured Pixar, the Muppets, ESPN, ABC, Marvel Studios, and Star Wars. Anytime now we can expect a flick to hit the Big Screens in which Mordo sets his sights on Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Disney Multiverse. Kiefer Sutherland as the DESIGNATED SURVIVOR will be divvying up Kermit, LeBron, Woody, Luke, Miss Piggy, Thor, Nemo, Draco, Anakin, Bryce, Elmo, Ironman, Dory, Quasimodo, Jarjar, Wolverine, Ernie, and all the Princesses from Leia to Elsa into Team Mordo and Team Potter. Perhaps the Disney Blob will release what amounts to a gooey glob, but it cannot be much cheesier than the psychedelic Outer Space DOCTOR STRANGE spin on GROUNDHOG DAY. (Would you like some spaghetti with your multicolored meatballs, Doc?) By ripping bits and pieces from both good movies (INCEPTION) and bombs (THE LAST AIRBENDER), at least DOCTOR STRANGE is an Equal Opportunity target for copyright infringement lawsuits.
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Well-balanced between conventional and outlandish
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews29 October 2016
Rockstar neurosurgeon mister, sorry, doctor, Stephen Strange(perfectly cast Cumberbatch, embodying both the early arrogance and the mature respect) comes out of a car crash with his hands as destroyed as a PG-13 rating will allow. Western medicine simply can't do more than it has. So he finds himself in Kathmandu, in a temple, finding out that magic is real, as well as a huge world of its own. As he becomes more familiar with it, so do we, without it ever losing the "wow" factor. By the climax, when numerous different kinds of powers are wielded on both sides, we understand the core rules of every single one. This sets a new standard for how well-handled and, yes, accessible, a big budget fantasy tale can be, even if it's not a household name. It's not always that self-assured. Friend, not love, Christine(McAdams, sweet, charming, and actually a presence in spite of the limited screen time) is essentially nothing more than a studio note that ends in an underlined "if not, it gets too weird". This borrows from The Matrix, Inception, and the continually expanding and exciting(we will see Benedict again *very* soon!) MCU's most played card, Iron Man. But it makes it all work.

They couldn't have picked a better hand than Derrickson's. He handles the action incredibly well. Yes, as an origin story, the middle doesn't have a lot, and the opening is fairly brief, giving us a taste of what we'll later bathe in. On the whole, it is plentiful, no sequence is ever so short it doesn't properly register, it looks and feels like nothing we've seen before, even if it has pieces that are recognizable. A gritty reality being invaded by increasingly strong supernatural forces – and the fact that he did Sinister, as well, is evident in some gruesome material. I can just hear the pitch now, opening as I'm sure it did with "the film will just about open with a brutal accident so bad that it leaves the lead partially handicapped for most of it".

The door has been opened. The multiverse is upon us. It's glorious. Colorful, with tremendous depth(watch it in 3D!), unforgettable, psychedelic, amazing. We don't spend a lot of time out there – this *is* the first, pardon the pun, trip. It's enough to satisfy, and we'll explore further, with the success this will have – oh, on that... trust me. Going in blind? Think "comics" mean Dilbert and Garfield? Go, see it. You'll love it. This is quippy, quotable and quick. Everyone gets to be funny, several times over. Characters stick with you. Loki and Ultron are joined in the "memorable, cool villain" club by Kaecilius, distracting Danish accent(he's my countryman – I get to make fun of it) and all.

I recommend this to anyone possessing eyes, ears and a base understanding of the English language. What are you doing still reading this? You could be in the mirror dimension, meeting Dormammu or teleporting across the globe right now! Don't know what that even means? You could, in a mere 103 minutes! 10/10
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