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MR-ODIN24 February 2020
I was not prepared for the visuals this movie offered. Nevertheless, I absorbed it in its full glory. It was easy to enjoy this movie not only because of its visuals but also because of the quirkiness and lovable characters. A must-watch!
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"We never lose our demons, we only learn to live above them"
Bored_Dragon26 February 2017
I'm not a big fan of Marvel and, in my opinion, their movies are mostly overrated. This one isn't. This is probably the second best Marvel movie, after "Guardians of the Galaxy". If you expect a movie to have depth and the point, you should skip, not only this one, but whole Marvel production, but if you are looking for fun you are at the right place. Visually it is amazing. I recommend watching it in theater or at least on a TV as big as possible. Standard computer monitors or, God forbid, tablets are out of question. Although 90% of this movie is pure action and fighting scenes, compared to most of the genre, story and characterization are more complete and Benedict and Tilda are excellent. Sure, like in all Marvel movies, there is a certain amount of humor and finale is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in Marvel movies. The way Strange finally defeats the enemy is at the same time unbelievably stupid, unbelievably clever and funny to tears. I gave it 8/10 within all the movies I ever watched, but within the genre, it is pure 10/10.

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Most amazing CGI ever
chinandchin16 December 2020
The Jungle book won the Oscar for best visual effect, without a doubt it was very great.. but everything was predictable, it was just perfectly done. However, what Doctor Strange did was more than perfectly done, it's about the most craziest imagination that anyone had ever done in movie industry up to date.
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Superb Visuals Accompanied by a Solid Script
SquigglyCrunch5 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Doctor Strange follows a surgeon who, after suffering from a major injury, sets out to search for healing. Instead, he ends up learning about magic.

The movie opens with a scene that is both darker and funnier than most Marvel superhero movies I've seen. It sets the tone really well, and it actually manages to carry that all the way through. It is comedic, yet it maintains a level of urgency or threat to the entire situation that the characters constantly find themselves in, keeping the audience intrigued for most the entire duration.

The special effects were probably the biggest selling point for this movie. For me, anyway. I made a point of getting it on blu-ray, and it paid off. The effects are pretty trippy (for lack of a better word), and that's really all I'm going to say about them. I wasn't sure they always made sense in the context of the movie, but they were still pretty cool.

Unlike other Marvel superhero movies I've seen recently, this one is actually funny. The character of Stephen Strange is actually fleshed-out and realistic to an extent. He's an engaging character with plenty of faults and just as much charm. He's a fun character, and I get the feeling Eggs Benedict Cucumberpatch felt the same. In fact, basically the entire cast seems to be having a jolly ol' time making the movie. There's just this air of fun surrounding it.

The writing is actually pretty good, with dialogue that comes expected of a particular character, and a plot driven in a direction that makes sense and ceases to be boring. I never found myself questioning a character's decisions due to pure stupidity, nor did I find myself dozing like I have through the last few movies. It manages to build an intriguing world without revealing too much or boring the audience with lore and exposition, yet it gives us just enough to keep us interested.

Overall Doctor Strange is both fun and funny, clever and pretty, well acted and well-written, and is just an all-around great movie. It's a step in the right direction for Marvel, and I'm hoping to see them continue in this direction. In the end I would recommend this movie.
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Well worth expanding your mind for
TheLittleSongbird11 November 2017
Saw 'Doctor Strange' (although fairly late perhaps) because of liking the cast a great deal, who can argue with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, and having liked a lot of what Marvel has done, something that one doesn't see people saying a lot here.

'Doctor Strange' is not a perfect film, but to me it was a thoroughly enjoyable one and is one of Marvel's best. Lets begin with the things that from personal opinion didn't quite work. Rachel McAdams does do a good job with what she has, but the character was underused and underwritten. Her screen time, while essential, was not large and her development was sketchy at best. Strange mastering magic does happen too fast, didn't buy how rushed that aspect was, and while there are a lot of fun and witty moments a few jokes felt random and out of place (i.e. Beyoncé).

However, the cast are a major asset. Had reservations about McAdams's character but not with her performance. Benedict Cumberbatch really makes the interesting title character his own and knocks it out the park. The standout of the rest of the cast is Tilda Swinton, wonderfully mysterious as the film's most interesting character and played with relish by her.

Chiwetel Ejiofor has a charismatic intensity and Benedict Wong has fun and enjoyed his chemistry with Cumberbatch. Do think that the villain Kaecilius could have been explored in more depth, but Mads Mikkelsen is intriguingly menacing.

The story, making the most of a great innovative concept, is never dull and is told with absorbing atmosphere, exuberance and very rarely sacrifices coherence or credulity. There are some really interesting ideas here, explored with thought-provoking intelligence. The action excites and thrills, as well as being visually stunning, instead of being drawn out even though quite long the climax is great fun to watch (or at least it was to me).

'Doctor Strange's' script has emotion, wit and tension and although he doesn't have the character growth one would like Strange is a well realised character and Cumberbatch has a lot to thank for that. The music score has great intensity, rousing excitement and nuance and Scott Derrickson clearly engaged hugely with the material.

Where 'Doctor Strange' is particularly good is in the production values. It's very stylishly shot and edited and handsomely mounted in production design but it's the incredible special effects (particularly jaw-dropping in the climax) that take centre stage.

Overall, while not quite finding it a masterpiece of film-making and having a few problems with it 'Doctor Strange' was a thoroughly enjoyable film and among Marvel's best. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Upper Echelon of the MCU
DanLawson14626 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers

1) The cast is incredibly impressive and they all give amazing performances, for example I loved the fractured relationships that they are able to portray between the Order and the Zealots 2) The fight / action scenes are very well shot and choreographed and are able to occur in a way that doesn't feel silly 3) I thought the film did a very good job of world building and establishing lore - the conflict between the Ancient One and her relationship with The Dark Dimension was particularly engaging 4) The humour is a lot less 'in your face' that most MCU films and that made it land a lot more for me 5) The film stands on its own rather than relying on the other MCU films


1) Not really this film's fault, but when there are powers like this that exist in the MCU, it makes people like Hawkeye and Black Widow just seem ridiculously weak 2) There are times where the film almost feels like it has too many characters that it is trying to flesh out; so some developments are skipped over rather quickly and it feels rushed 3) The final battle did not really satisfy me. It was certainly unique and well done to the film for that, but I felt that Mads Mikkelson was a brilliant villain so to see him be pretty irrelevant in the final battle was a bit disappointing.
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Lots of magical and wondrous amazement!
SPZMaxinema2 September 2021
This movie's CGI is quite impressive and how well done the action scenes are, along with the origin of this character and the deeper messages provided regarding growth beyond limitations. Plus, an intimidating and cool villain who you can actually somewhat get! An impressive finally as well!
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Gets better and better every time
wlbtraveler28 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, I find that every time I watch "Doctor Strange," I enjoy it slightly more than I did before. I suppose it comes down to my belief that "Doctor Strange" is far more rooted in reality than many other Marvel movies. Whereas many others have storylines that audiences and humanity in general cannot exactly relate to, "Doctor Strange" (simply put) follows a man who loses his way. After a bad car accident, Dr. Stephen Strange finds that he is unable to continue his work as a surgeon, and essentially spirals into despair. He eventually finds salvation in the mystic arts, finally understanding that the world does not revolve around him and becoming involved in a battle to save Earth. In terms of Marvel stories, that is fairly simplistic.

Let me make myself clear: "Doctor Strange" is in no way a simple movie. Many scenes (especially those in the mirror dimension) are some of the trippiest scenes to ever grace a Marvel title. We're talking "Inception"-level chaos. What I mean is that the story itself is fairly simplistic, which allows audiences to sympathize with Strange. Almost everyone has had or will have a crisis of faith. It's something we can understand, and I think that makes "Doctor Strange" a very solid film.

On another note, the characters and cast in this movie are spot-on. Benedict Cumberbatch is literally PERFECT at being an arrogant neurosurgeon-turned Master of the Mystic Arts, Rachel McAdams is perfect as the down-to-Earth and often extremely confused Christine, and Benedict Wong is wonderful as... Wong. Huh. I never noticed they had the same name. Anyways, they're all hilarious in some way. Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One) and Mads Mikkelsen (Kaecilius) are more serious in tone, but both still have marvelous performances. I won't really mention Mordo, because he's a little annoying (even though I suppose that's purposeful). Chiwetel Ejiofor still does a great job of playing him though.

So overall, I really enjoy "Doctor Strange" nowadays. I suppose its more realistic approach to characters was a little off-putting to me at first, but I think I've warmed up to it.
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One of Marvel's best
maxnexus-9714414 February 2017
This movie is fantastic. I truly enjoyed watching it!

Unlike most other movies of Marvel franchise, there is a heavy emphasis on character development. This keeps audience glued to the story on a deep cellular level.

The movie is littered with spiritual themes which adds further depth to this already amazing story.

Those who like movies and TV series of medical genre are in for a treat. As the title suggests the story involves a doctor.

I also like how the story blends in and moves forward, in prefect synchronization. Particularly given the complexity of the plot. Quite a tribute to the three screenwriters.

Great movie, can't wait for the next one!
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A good entry into the MCU
Jeremy_Urquhart31 January 2021
This one holds up surprisingly well on a rewatch. I was bummed to find some of the effects already looking dated in Civil War, but almost all of the visual effects-heavy shots in Doctor Strange hold up (probably thanks to how fantastical and decidedly not grounded in reality many of those shots are).

There are some very cool visuals and set pieces, the cast is very good, and it's paced well, clocking in well under two hours if you factor out the almost 10 minutes of credits.

Despite mostly working, I'd say as a screenplay it doesn't quite feel 100% satisfying, and great actors like Mikkelsen and Swinton are good but kind of under-utilised (Chiwetel Ejiofor is good but maybe goes a little too hard? He kinda sounds like a voice actor from the Elder Scrolls, the way he speaks in some scenes 😅)
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My review after second watch
gabriutkuel9 September 2021
Revisited this beauty today.

I forgot how massive this movie was with very well-done CGI works. It's just awesome. Normally this amount of visual effects would tire my eyes but they managed how to not do that to the audience by using a very professionally made color grading.

Don't think I NEED to mention how Benedict Cumberbatch fits his role. It's like he was born to play Doctor Strange.
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Time is the true enemy
nogodnomasters21 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an expert in movie trivia and part time renown brain surgeon. After an auto accident he loses a lot of use of his hands and travels to Kathmandu where the film turns into an acid trip as Strange enters into a world of word puns, oxymoron, and alternate universes. He is trained by the ancient one (Tilda Swinton) from Narnia...but is now good,...oh wait... yeah okay she is still good. She is training him to combat the dark lord, the Dom in fight a metaphysical battle.

The most amazing thing about this film is that they were able to introduce a Marvel character in under three, even two hours. I liked the support cast but felt cheated by Benedict Cumberbatch who didn't seemed right for the part. This, coupled with the constant CG acid trip scenes made the film less than what it could have least for me. The dreary "Omen" style soundtrack should of had something modern instead, considering Dr. Strange's love for rock. The dialogue was remarkably dry. Where is Tony Stark when you need him?
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Fresher than most
Leofwine_draca21 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The latest Marvel superhero origin tale, this explores the character of Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon who loses his dexterity in a horrific car accident. He travels to Kathmandu in order to train spiritually in an attempt to fix his broken body, but instead he finds himself joining an order of mystic monks in their battle against a renegade. DOCTOR STRANGE stands out from the overcrowded market thanks to the emphasis on astral projection and spirituality, which I found generally interesting. Cumberbatch is a likeable hero and the supporting cast much better than usual for this kind of film, with Mads Mikkelsen standing out as villain. The film is inevitably dominated by CGI action but it feels fresher here than most, and it generally stays character-focused to keep the viewer involved.
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An unexpectedly great MCU film
benjaminwest-2428 October 2021
Doctor Strange is a wonderfully magical film. The acting is perfect, with a superb cast and amazing dialogue that allows for deep assessments into each character. In particular for this movie, the visual effects are mind blowing and well-fielded for their great importance to the plot. The overall storyline is wholly captivating, providing great background paired with fascinating discoveries for the main characters. Additionally, the impact for the larger MCU is astronomical, and for how well made the film is, it provides a superb foundation for future Marvel endeavors.
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An incredible mindtrip
Ramascreen23 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! DOCTOR STRANGE is an incredible mindtrip. Its VFX alone makes Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' look like some kind of beta test. And this film is so much fun, it's hilarious, it's got some of the most complex, most elaborate action sequences I've seen all year, and I can't stop geekin' out about the cloak of levitation. This is Benedict Cumberbatch making his grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Directed by Scott Derrickson who helped provide the script, DOCTOR STRANGE is about a successful, talented, arrogant neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Suddenly, a tragic car accident leaves Strange's hands permanently damaged, which means he can no longer perform surgery. After trying western medicine, he hears of a man who was badly injured and then got miraculously healed, this leads Strange to the secrets of a hidden world of alternate dimensions. Under the teaching and guidance of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) Strange unleashes metaphysical abilities and ultimately takes on the responsibility of protecting earth from mystical threats.

Created by Marvel's legendary artist, Steve Ditko, the character Doctor Strange is a very unique one because he's not a product of some kind of technological armor, he's not a nordic god nor a space alien, and he doesn't get his powers from super serum nor gamma rays, and so kudos to Marvel Studios for taking a chance on this one of a kind character because it makes for an unbelievably fantastic origin story on screen that's just different from the rest of the bunch that Marvel has introduced to us so far. And there's just something refreshing about that.

What a great cast, they could not have picked a better lead star, Benedict Cumberbatch knocks it out of the park. Whenever Strange gets a bit cocky, you can see a little bit of Cumberbatch's Sherlock attitude kicking in there. But Strange is more quick to sensibility whereas Sherlock would still have to put them all through his reasoning filters. And Cumberbatch's sense of humor is absolutely sharp. There's a ton of funny moments in this film but they never take away from the problem at hand or what Strange has to tackle at that very moment.

I'm Asian but I'm not bothered by Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One, I understand this is supposedly the film's biggest controversy but the fact of the matter is that once you've seen DOCTOR STRANGE, you'll understand why Tilda is perfect in this role. The woman is an impeccable actress and she exudes the specific wisdom needed for this because in many ways, when you deal with a monastery-like setting where people learn martial art and philosophies about self- control, the expectation is that the master would preach parables, analogies, or metaphors in bestowing that wisdom and Tilda does it with ease like David Carradine's Kwai Chang Caine from the old "Kung Fu" series.

Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius, I gotta say, is not my favorite villain in MCU, I think Mikkelsen does a fine job but the character just doesn't land for me. But I gotta give Scott Derrickson and his co-writers much credit for introducing as many elements as they could from Doctor Strange comic books including Dormammu, and so those who watch the film and may be confused by the jargons, like the Eye of Agamotto, can go to the comic books and discover why it is important to include those in a Doctor Strange movie along with the manipulation of space, energy and time which is also another big deal. And that leads me to what I think is the film's most amazing appeal,.. seeing buildings bend over on itself, characters teleporting, and the insane things that the cloak of levitation can do because it carries its own consciousness. It really doesn't get more of a movie magic than DOCTOR STRANGE.

-- Rama's Screen --
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Pretty average
Red_Identity6 November 2016
I think this film hugely benefits from being something at least a little different from most Marvel films. It's different in the focus that is on magic and sorcery and all of that. However, it's still quite familiar in its arc and predictable beats. The cast is fine, although nothing ever really great. Swinton manages to rise above her material, as predicted that she would. Rachel McAdams also adds a lot of heart to her character, who has a lot of screen time but who is really likable. The action sequences here are really impressive and they make a lot of the film worth it. As it is, it's not bad at all and it's enjoyable, just nothing too memorable.
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Trippy, Weird, Amazing and Jawdropping!
gangstah_vino21 October 2016
I was lucky enough to be among the press-junket last Wednesday to witness this movie! I usually rate movies by different aspects, but i'll also answer some questions my friends had about this film which I also had myself!

Acting (10/10): This cast is amazing! They embody their characters instead of trying to act like the character. Benedict as Dr. Strange was a portrayal right out of the comics! Tilda as the ancient one killed it!

Action (10/10): Wow! I could argue the action in this movie being on par with the scenes in civil war. It was so incredible watching this scenes with million pieces moving yet focus sing on the main characters. Wide angles, long shots and great choreography. what else do you want?

Story(8/10) : This movie had a solid story and you believed what, how and why things were going on! Villain was good and actually a memorable one for once(stab, you're welcome dc fans). It was not flawless though. The pace kind of slows down before the final act which was unnecessary!

Cinematography/VFX 10/10: The images in this film blew my mind! There is a scene in the beginning where the ancient one shows Dr strange "the magic" and it is great! Some serious mind-bending stuff combined with great visuals to let it manifest itself to the audience. Most artistic movie yet of marvel.

Overall, i'd give this movie an 8.5. Though this isn't THE best marvel movie, it is truly one of best out there. After the disappointing Jason borne, jack reach er etc. we finally have a movie that lives up to the hype! GO Watch this movie in Max 3d if possible, because it is worth it for once!

Some questions that my friends asked:

"Is this better than civil war?" - Well visual-wise on par, but story-wise civil war is better for many reasons including the fact that civil war had a lot of background information to work with. This was more of a standardized origin film.

"Is there a post-credit scene?" - Ah yes sir! Apparently there are two, but we got to see only 1.

"Is this the most mind-boggling thing you've ever seen on screen?" - Ehm yes and no. Yes, because the effects were amazing and things I've never seen before. No, nothing was so mind-blowing that it made me think different of the world or something.
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Strange world
coreyjdenford25 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is my review of Doctor Strange (spoiler free)

**** (4/5)

SINCE 2014s GUARDIANS of the Galaxy stomped all over the box-office with it's over $800 million boot and Ant-Man repeating the same process a year later, the Marvel Cinematic Universe have developed quite a knack for bringing to life virtually unknown origin stories in quite a spectacular fashion and that brilliant record shows that Doctor Strange will be no exception. However it may be the weirdest and strangest addition but by no means it is nonetheless an enjoyable addition as this cognitive story offers manipulative sorcery, clever screenplay, mind-melting action and mind-bending CGI it's fair to say that this will not be forgotten anytime soon. Get the thought out of your head that you never could see Benedict Cumberbatch in a cape, as he pulls it off so well along with that and the glorious devil look-a-like goatee that it looks like he was born to play this role and his brilliant performance shows it. The whole concept here is that this was strange from day one and the story written and directed by long time fan and look-a-like Scott Derrickson using his own vision this origin story is brilliant, and to put it lightly mind-blowing and is certainly a vast improvement over his last feature Deliver Us From Evil his vision and his screenplay are very clever and cognitive as the screenplay alone will manipulate the mind. In terms of the CGI picture the sorcery of Harry Potter meets the clever screenplay and the reality defying, world building dream worlds of Inception and imagine if those two joined forces and had a baby, well Doctor Strange is that baby weird concept but that's this in a bag.

It may surprise you to know that the insanity that is this movie starts out ordinary with Dr. Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) working his normal shift as a show off neurosurgeon in a hospital along with his colleague/life partner Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), until he is the victim of a terrible car crash (might this be a lesson to never text and drive) and shatters almost every nerve in his hand and has to undergo several procedures in order to get better. Until he finds an elegant solution which is nicely done in this addition he has to go to the stunning Nepal near the Himalaya mountain range and has to learn the path to power and the kind of responsibilities it holds. However at some points he almost gives up on life and sees no more strength to learn but continues on.

Naturally some origin stories of this style are terribly rushed and get to the action rather quickly and although at some points this does take a while to settle but with the clever screenplay and brilliant time bending and world building powers it's set out rather well, granted there are a couple of times when some of the scenes are just stuck together and some take a while to get with the story but who cares when the final result and the final battle are so eye achingly impressive, filled with a kaleidoscope of building splits, moving floors and also a levitating cape it's almost as if he stepped into a dream world but as the story goes on he realizes that its all too real.

It's quite the spectacle.

The first act is used to just settling into the story and introducing the many characters played by big international players, and also training with magic which is done in a very intriguing way as the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) shows him the powers of the mind and he looks very impressed as he has gone from a none believer to becoming a learner – this scene is both inventive and has a colourful kaleidoscope which looks amazing in 3D. The second and third acts are when the world literally turns upside down for Doctor Strange as he has to face Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and a great and powerful entity that he serves but he learns that his power is stronger than he thinks. Interestingly Kaecilius gives Doctor Strange some advice and also a shock which we won't spoil. During the second act there is a beautiful training lesson with Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) – this is brilliantly done with some very inventive CGI that shows the way he moves looking like he is flying. At one point there is a battle that has never been seen before in any film of this style and that is an astral projection battle between Strange and Lucian (Scott Adkins), which is just a gob smacking few minutes during the battle, and while they are at it they scare Christine this adds a bit of comedy to the scene. The clever screenplay also adds some hilarious moments where they are needed proving that the director can make a serious film with insane CGI and even add some comedy to the final production.

Doctor Strange may be one of the strangest and possibly the most insane addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but is still nonetheless entertaining and this proves that Marvel are keeping a better record with kick-ass origin stories, that are a spectacular CGI f**kathon and if the end result is this entertaining then that is a record that shall continue for decades, much better than the record currently obtained by the DCEU who at the moment need a miracle to overcome the disastrous films they've made lately. Easily one of the best films this year and shall be remembered for ages and who knows may even repeat the box-office record set by Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. This is a strange world.

VERDICT: The Marvel Cinematic Universe shines again with manipulative sorcery and cognitive storytelling as this may be the strangest addition but still delivers some kick-ass entertainment.

8/10 powerfully manipulative.
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Good first half, then quickly degenerates into your usual comic book crap
grantss12 August 2017
Dr. Steven Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon. He is at the peak of his career when a car accident leaves him with nerve damage in his hands, and unable to continue his career. He tries everything to remedy the situation, but nothing works. In desperation he travels to Kathmandu, Nepal, to seek the an organisation known as Kamar-Taj. What he finds goes beyond healing, or the physical world.

Initially, quite interesting. The Dr Strange backstory was an engaging one and made you think that this movie could be different to all those other adaptations of comic book characters.

Sadly, it was not to be. From a point the mystical narrative comes into play, which is just an excuse for the director to show off his CGI skills. From then on it's just your usual style-over-substance comic book vapidity.
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Doctor Strange....or how I stopped worrying about comic films...
FlashCallahan25 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So Marvel have gone and done it again, and raised a new bar in this wild comic book genre that has taken over Hollywood ever since Tony Stark injured his chest...

Dr. Stephen Strange life changes forever after a horrific car accident robs him of the use of his genius neuro-surgeon hands.

When medicine fails him, he is forced to look for alternative therapy, in an unlikely place, known as Kamar-Taj. He quickly learns that this is not just a place for healing, but also the front line of a battle against dark forces bent on destroying our reality.

Before long Strange, armed with newly acquired magical powers, is forced to choose whether to return to his life of award winning surgery, or leave it behind to defend the world as one of the most powerful sorcerers that has ever lived.......

The comparisons to Inception and The Matrix are there, and they are wonderfully reminiscent of those two films, if you look beyond those two behemoths, you find yourself comparing this work of genius to Russells Altered States, and even in some instances Kubricks 2001 and Koyanisqattsi.

If The Winter Soldier was Marvels venture into the political conspiracy thrillers of the seventies,then Doctor Strange is Marvels psychedelic trip into a wonderland of visceral set pieces, delicious special effects, and a plethora of wonderfully talented actors putting in some truly great performances. AKA, there is no chewing of scenery in this film.

Cumberbatch is wonderfully egocentric as the titular character and for the first act, he is a very unlikable and selfish person, which when you consider that this is a franchise opener, it's a risky choice for the studio, but thankfully it pays off well, as he discovers to respect his new found power.

Swinton is the Morpheus of the film, clearly enjoying every second she has on screen, and makes for one interesting and memorable mentors we have seen in a while.

Mikkelsen almost dominates the film as the villain, another wonderful actor clearly enjoying his role, because not only is he a very formidable villain, he is quite amusing when he isn't destroying the earth.

Ejiofor is good, but it's pretty clear toward the end of the second act that there are bigger things to come from his character in later films, as for the majority of the film he is Basil Exposition, and explaining the wonderful philosopher the film has.

McAdams is wasted in her role, and although she is always watchable, she has no need to be in the film, as she never appears to be in any danger like Pepper Potts or Jane Foster got into.

But all in all, it's a tremendous achievement, the film is dazzling, with some truly groundbreaking, almost drug induced effects, and there are some subtle, but very clever references to the Marvel cinematic universe.

It gets straight to the point with the narrative, and it's humour is wonderfully over the top, particularly the exchanges Strange has with Wong.

My only gripe is the obligatory cameo from Stan Lee. They used to be quite endearing, but now they are becoming quite annoying, and this one really took me out of the film, particularly when you consider the scene that is playing.

But all in all, this must be the riskiest Marvel movie yet. But it pays off, never fails to entertain, and dare I say it??

It's easily the greatest film in the Marvel cinematic universe, just beating Winter Soldier.

Essential viewing...
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Marvel at its finest
mrpicky14 February 2017
I had low expectations for this movie after the trailer and boy that was a pleasant surprise. Doctor Strange is one of the best Marvel movies and definitely FX masterpiece. Strong story line, strong characters and stunning visuals. Mavie has it all covered with tons of humor on top of it. We are introduced to a new superhero and a new mystical universe. Its a classical character journey of main character from the gutter to saving the world, but there is so much more to it. We have some power, ego and responsibility dilemmas, teacher-student relationships and I cant stress enough how much work went into visuals. But Doctor Strange has its downsides also. Jon Spaihts and Scott Derrickson lack of talent in dramaturgy is very obvious. Many important scenes were done carelessly and lack dramatism they needed. Also many poor cuts made into the final edit. This movie could be so much more.
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66620 February 2017
Doctor Strange

The worst part of being a medically trained super-hero is everybody wants a free diagnosis.

Thankfully, the villain in this fantasy film is keeping their moles to themselves.

When an accident leaves his hands mangled, noted neurosurgeon Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) seeks out a powerful mystic (Tilda Swinton) in hopes of regaining mobility.

Instead, the conceited clinician is introduced to an ancient magic that imbues him with the ability to cast-spells, travel between realms and astral project.

Elsewhere, an embittered ex-student (Mads Mikkelsen) gathers the numinous articles needed to summon a dormant evil from the dark dimension and release it on New York.

Intriguing enough for amateurs and faithful enough for diehards, this mind-bending adaptation of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme is a masterpiece. A visual feast paired with formidable actors and a whimsical script, this origin story is absolutely original.

Unfortunately, doctors who practice magic tend to stitch rabbits into their patients.

Green Light
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More of the Same, But Different!
spencergrande614 December 2016
Perfectly enjoyable fun. Sound familiar? Doctor Strange being a different kind of hero doesn't really excuse most of this film's conventional plotting.

There's a much more interesting film in here, one in which Mads Mikkelsen isn't the main villain (yet) and getting in the way of the hero's journey and in which Tilda Swinton is even more ambiguous. Her obvious parallels to Stephen are perfectly apt and yet not allowed enough time to breathe and spin. It's all a last minute reveal and then a call to arms because plot and all is well because plot.

A lot has been made of the "trippy" special effects, and I guess they are compared to the traditional visuals employed in these types of movies. But let's not get carried away. Besides the travels through space and mind it's mostly buildings moving around like they're in Inception.

I didn't buy the last end credits scene. Useless and not earned. I'm sick of hero's with photographic memories. Let the hero be exceptional on their own merits. Action scenes could be less choppily edited. But still, it's fun in ways other recent Marvel movies haven't been.
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the actors
Kirpianuscus17 February 2019
The cast was the lead motif, in my case, for see this film. It was the first Doctor Strange I saw. I am not fan of Marvel universe - I am too old. east European, the culture of cartoons super-heroes remains too far by me. The second motif was the resurrect of memories about Oriental techniques of spirituality. And, sure, I repeat, the meet of Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Cumberbatch is a a good prize. I do not know if it is a good or a bad movie. The special effects, like in case of each blockbuster, ignores the answer . It is a firework. Seductive for a precise target. Far to be convincing. Nice. And...chaotic. So many flaws, so beautiful colors . And biology. And a lot of good intentions. A work more by computers . Like so many. But nice. For the work of actors reminding the existence of story.
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visually mind-blowing
mortimerdiego11 February 2017
In terms of the quality of the film as a whole, I would give Doctor Strange a 7, but because of its visual effects and implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I am totally giving it an 8. Let me explain.

Watching this in theaters with the sometimes too-loud sound, seeing the buildings and streets give way and rotate and otherwise bend themselves completely to a person's whim, immediately made me think of Inception. But this was even more hectic. This wasn't imaginary, this was real.

Another thing. Finally in the MCU we have some sorcery, direct utilization of magical energy for combat. Discussion of other dimensions; even traveling between them at will. Doctor Strange's final outfit is just wicked cool. If you know the character from the Marvel comics, then you'll know that he's pretty damn powerful. Unfortunately this is an origins film, that is, it reveals how Doctor Strange became Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme; the real deal will come in the third Avengers film hopefully.

As a follower of the MCU who's seen basically all of the released films to date, I was eagerly awaiting this one, and I was not dissatisfied. The music was riveting as usual per a Marvel film (Giacchino), the fight sequences intense, the otherworldly conflicts enormous. I'm so glad this guy's joining the Avengers in their imminent battle with Thanos, or at least I'm pretty sure he is. Now all that being said, Doctor Strange wouldn't fall in my top 5 MCU films; Captain America, Avengers 2, for example were much better, but it's part of the MCU, and therefore is a must-see for any MCU fan.

I also noticed a lot more wit and almost off-character humor in this film than in other MCU films. And of course, as all the MCU films are taking place chronologically within the same universe (or multiverse?), there are several references to the bigger pictures, i.e. the Avengers.
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