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The "Killer of Killers" Returns...
cchase17 April 2008
HOO-RAY!!! Kurtwood Smith, freed from the strait-jacket of THAT '70's SHOW gets to play REALLY nasty characters again, and this time he's reprising his guest shot as FBI agent/moonlighting killer-of-serial-killers Edward Cooper. You remember him, right? Good agent with a really, really bad hobby. And although Alison is still bumping heads with him over his VERY elastic concept of justice being served, they team up again to catch another killer. Well, maybe "catch" is not quite the right word, but they do stop him. The circumstances regarding HOW they do it is what makes for one really interesting episode.

Oh, yeah, and meanwhile Joe's new invention and his efforts to find backers for it, has attracted the attention of a very attractive financier, played by no less than Mrs. John Travolta herself, Kelly Preston. I smell a story arc here, and it might not be a good one for Joe and Alison somewhere down the road...stay tuned.

Anyway, Kurtwood Smith delivers as always, and makes me hope that Agent Cooper will be back in future episodes. Hey, here's an idea! What about him and Arliss Howard's character in the same episode? Or would that be too much?
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