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There is no engagement in A Royal Christmas Engagement...
toddsgraham3 December 2020
ION Television has made some good Christmas movies over the years, for example, Best Christmas Ball Ever (a very good Christmas movie), A Christmas Kiss, A Christmas Kiss II, and The Spruces & the Pines. Unfortunately, this movie is not one of them. The writer here draws on a very popular plot device: deception and mistaken identity. This year alone, we have seen make-believe relationships (in, e.g., Holidate, Midnight at the Magnolia, and Happiest Season), princess switches (in The Princess Switch: Switched Again), fake five-star bed and breakfast staff (in Five Star Christmas), and fake company executives (in If I Only Had Christmas). This movie uses the classic 'incognito royals': the royal (usually a prince) pretends to be a 'commoner' and ends up falling in love with one of them, they find out, they break-up, they make-up and live happily ever after. The story in this one is your classic version of this. It is quite ordinary and predictable. The lines and dialogue too are quite dull, and at times, aren't great. The scenes where the Prince (aka Prince Edward) explains why he wants to go to the US (to find himself/ to be himself) and the scene at the end (where the commoner, aka Lauren, confronts the Princes with his deception) are examples of very ordinary, run of the mill dialogue. The acting is not that much better, I'm afraid. Paige Bach (playing Lauren) had a decent performance overall. However, at times, her performance was a bit stiff and flat. Her co-lead did not help in this regard. I simply did not connect with James Nitti's (as Prince Edward) performance, it did not pull me in, at all. There was something off, at times, with his expressions and dialogue (a bit stiff and flat, as well). You could see this clearly in, for example, the scene about 30 minutes in where he is chatting with Laruen and her parents (some awkward acting here). The final scenes - the one where Lauren finds out the deception and confronts Edward - is another perfect example of what I am referring to regarding both of their performances: the scene was stiff and flat (and it looked like they were acting, which is never good for an actor) and lacked convincing chemistry between the two. The supporting cast was fairly good. Mariah Robinson (playing Chelsea) stood out for me; she had a strong performance. Finally, what is up with the title of the film? It had nothing to do with an engagement; this consisted of one scene (of a few seconds) at the end where Edward simply puts a ring on Lauren's finger. That is the engagement in A Royal Christmas Engagement.
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Lack of Chemistry
nmartin-755755 December 2020
I always think that the sign of a good movie is the chemistry between the actors. There is no chemistry whatsoever in this movie. And the main female character is so unappealing that it's annoying. She's like a cold fish. I'm sorry to be so harsh but this could have been a decent movie had better actors been cast.
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Falls flat
CHTO764 December 2020
Overused storyline made worse by having the lead narrate and give away the ending right at the beginning. It's not like as if anyone watching this don't already know how it's going to end (man gets woman / woman gets man), but the writers for some reason just had to confirm 2 minutes into the movie that we're getting that predictable ending.

There were some passable scenes throughout (when the dialogues were not awful), and the acting was actually ok, but the movie just felt too long at nearly 90 minutes. And some of the secondary characters were redundant and badly written.

This is one Christmas movie you should avoid for 2020. If you're bored and have nothing else to do, please call or facetime someone you haven't spoken to this year, feed your pet or spend that time looking up something better to watch. Do anything else but waste your time with this dud.
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Not developed
princessrjl12 December 2020
A bad knock off of the movie "The Prince and Me" from 2004 but with a Christmas twist. Underdeveloped characters with such cheesy acting. The constant twinkle music in the background made it seem more like a cartoon like Tom & Jerry. Very far reaching to create drama in scenes were it just doesn't make sense. I feel bad for the actors and actresses getting stuck in a mediocre film.
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The best Christmas movie of them all!!
kathrynashe8 December 2020
Just joking. Not the worst, but certainly not the best. Cringiness at its finest. Don't really get why they got engaged in the end when she clearly just saw him as a friend and nothing more. But hey, he's rich so I don't blame her.
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Terrible acting
claireeatough5 December 2020
Really wanted to like this film but the acting is so very bad. There is no connection between any of the actors let alone the leads. As another review said, if you've nothing else to do...find something. No one can give you back the wasted time from watching this.
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A Royal Christmas Copycat
Moonicas16 December 2020
Another generic royal movie ION seems to be making every year now. Sure we all know how it's going to end, but this one tells you right at the beginning just in case you had some doubts. Let's put in some average unknown actors and give them funny surnames like Luck, Holiday, or Charles for the prince. Then show bird's eye shots of Neuschwanstein Castle and Lake Bled (not sure why the second one was there besides it being pretty to look at) and some indoor scenes that could be shot pretty much anywhere. The prince wants to do something meaningful with his life, which in this case means giving advice about chocolate to a female marketer in New York while being incognito... And what's up with those sappy telenovela flashback montages? I've seen two ION movies recently, and they both had them. They even used the same song as in A Prince for Christmas/Small Town Prince in this movie. The engagement part was also totally out of place and seemed like it was there only for them to have something to put into the title behind the standard "Royal Christmas". Not the worst movie, but no aspiration for originality. It's just the same as all others.
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I think this may be someone's cry for help...
skidamerink6 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Just some quick takeaways to give you an idea:
  • Buick logo photoshopped into a weird W logo. Phantom "X" logo photoshopped over another car's logo
  • Hometown is referred to as "Woodfield" but sports "Aurora" signage (photoshop expert apparently on coffee break).
  • Movie description of female lead is a "hard working" advertising executive. Movie depiction of female lead is a high school grad who doesn't have ideas for her campaign, doesn't work on any ideas for her campaign, and tells her special consultant that she doesn't know what she's going to do, but she doesn't need his help.
  • "Doing something meaningful" equates to pretending to be someone else while wandering around an office building looking at papers, coercing people to take you out to lunch, and telling someone the clock is ticking.
  • Constantly rolling your eyes and sneering at all and sundry will help you to win friends and influence people.
  • Either the person in charge of the female lead's wardrobe passed the buck to their intern, or the journey of her clothes throughout the movie is meant to symbolize... something.
  • American-not-commoner and prince-in-disguise visit American-not-commoner's parents. Mom calls dad prince-in-disguise's name (editing department on strike).
  • Muting the production does not improve the situation; only serves to highlight the impressive range of sneers.
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Enough Hallmark with these prince falling for commoner plots
lisafordeay6 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
A Royal Christmas Engagement is a 2020 TV festive rom com about an executive named Lauren who wants to do an ad on chocolate,so she meets another executive named Paul who decides to help her out. Of course the two fall in love but Paul turns out to be Prince Edward. So will Lauren and Edward get their happily ever after,you bet.

The title is very misleading as the whole engagement didn't happen until the last 2 minutes of the film. It's like the director went oh shoot I have to shoehorn in this plot device asap.

Go watch A Timeless Christmas or One Special Night instead.
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