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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence, and some suggestive material

Sex & Nudity

  • There is no nudity, but trafficked victims are seen in low-cut dresses.
  • A male character threatens a woman with sexual advances, but nothing transpires.
  • The lead female character is seen fighting on a train. The dress she has on reveals cleavage

Violence & Gore

  • Very strong violence for a PG-13 film.
  • After a canyon gunfight that produces a lot of bloody wounds, the killer cuts out the heart of a Ranger and eats it with his back to the camera (we see blood on the Rangers shoulders and his chest is not shown, although the eating of the heart is shown out of focus in the reflection of another man's eye). During which, a man vomits on screen. People with weak stomachs may want to look away. But the scene lasts about 30 seconds total.
  • A Comanche comes upon seven dead Ranger deputies covered in blood and a lot of sand.
  • A man hits another man in the head with a shovel.
  • A man is shot in the shoulder with an arrow.
  • Many men are shot dead with rifles and gatling guns. They are shown falling from their horses.
  • A man is stabbed in the chest with a cutlass (stab wound is out of frame)
  • A band of men fire guns on a ranch, while two women, a man and a boy fire back; one bandit kills a man outside in shadows and scalps him (we cannot see the cut or blood) when a Comanche and a Ranger ride up to help as two bandits burn down the barn; after a lot of gunfire, a beam falls on the head of two bandits, killing them and we see some blood; the house burns down and the women and boy are gone; the Comanche throws a knife into the chest of a bandit, killing him with a little blood shown.
  • A flashback shows a Comanche boy saving two white men from death in the desert and leading them to silver ore; we hear that the whites burned down his village and killed the people; we see charred teepees, dead bodies and some blood as the boy walks through the camp until he finds his pet raven dead in a puddle of water and we hear that his mind is broken as an adult; the boy paints stripes down his face with the bird's blood.
  • A man digs a gun out from under floorboards (we see that his fingers have been bloodied) and shoots two men (we see some blood).
  • Two men in a locomotive are shot dead with loud noise and blood.
  • In a long sequence, one train is stolen and a second train pursues with people on both trains shooting at each other and breaking all the windows; a few people fall from loud gunshots that make thudding noises as they hit the bodies; both trains separate, some cars fall over a bridge into water, other empty cars derail and a single car turns sideways on the tracks and gets broadsided by another section of cars.
  • A man in a locomotive is shot in the leg by another man and Gatling gunfire splinters the car and windows, with no one else being shot.
  • Several men all point guns at one another and a small boy points a gun at a man until another man brings in a woman and guns are lowered.
  • A Comanche moves from one train to the other on a ladder tipped across the roofs, while another man rides a horse across the roofs of one train and through the cars of another train while a bandit shoots through a train car at the native but misses several times and the Comanche throws rocks at another man in a train running parallel to his as the man shoots and misses.
  • A woman is struck in the head with a rock (she suffers a red welt), a short length of cars from a train stops at the very edge of a broken bridge and two men almost fall out, but are safe as one pulls the other away from the edge.
  • A man on a train hits another man with a shovel and knocks him out of the train car while on the roof.
  • Two men fistfight, one has a knife.
  • A man knocks another man off one car. He lands in another car that rides off the tracks and into a ravine and he is apparently killed.
  • A man riding on top of four open cars full of silver ore goes over a bridge after it explodes; in the river, the rocks weigh him down and he drowns. His outstretched hand is shown under the water.
  • Two men run from the fire of lit dynamite after an explosion, they follow a tunnel to a lake and swim to safety on a shore as the dead bodies of men float by.
  • A train containing a church congregation and a District Attorney is robbed by bandits: one bandit shoots a man in the thigh and the man screams (we later see him on a crutch and wearing a bandage with some blood on it).
  • A man throws another man to the ground three times, putting a knife to his throat the last time (he is not harmed).
  • A man hits two men in the head with a gun butt several times and shoots a gun out of another man's hand, but never draws blood.
  • A man sews up another man's injured shoulder (not shown) using a giant quill amid screaming.
  • A man falls under his horse, escapes, limps to another man who tries to help him walk, but is shot in the left shoulder and falls.
  • One scene and a flashback of it shows two men with six-shooters robbing a bank vault while the patrons stare in disbelief.
  • A man talks to Native Americans in a large tent and two men put knives to his neck.
  • Two men are shown buried up to their necks in dirt and scorpions climb their faces until a horse walks up, eats the scorpions and pulls one out of the dirt and he rides away, then comes back for the other.
  • The film is set in the American Old West, where most people have and carry a handgun and a rifle. DELETE. NO REFERENCE TO VIOLENCE OR GORE.
  • Many scenes feature posses of men with rifles, outlaws with guns and the US Army with handguns, rifles, swords, knives and Gatling guns.
  • Native Americans and whites dressed as Indians use flaming arrows and knives during attacks.
  • A bandit hits a henchman with rocks of silver ore for being "stupid"
  • A man shoots a worker dead for being "stupid" (no blood is shown)
  • Several men are blown away by an exploding ore car. All but one are killed by the explosion (no visible injuries)
  • A man slaps another man.
  • A man slaps a woman after spitting in his face.
  • A man slaps a boy in the face.
  • A man slaps a woman.
  • One outlaw slaps another outlaw.
  • Two men fight over what to do with a captive. One wants to shoot him and another wants to take him to jail.
  • A man knocks another man unconscious with a shovel.
  • A man ties another man's wrists and makes him walk on the end of a rope behind a horse through the desert; in town, a railroad executive kicks him in the face twice, causing blood to flow.
  • A man steals a locomotive, pulling down a bandstand from which many band members fall; we later see them with bandaged heads that show some blood seepage as they continue to play their instruments.
  • A man licks blood off his razor after an accidental scratch.
  • At a campfire, a rabbit is seen roasting and several other rabbits come close, one screeches and shows fangs as a piece of roasted rabbit is tossed to him and all the rabbits pounce on it.
  • Carnivorous rabbits are seen gorging on a dead rabbit.
  • A horse falls over dead from exhaustion and dehydration.
  • A wounded woman climbs out a train window, across the train car outside over water and into another window safely. DELETE. NO REFERENCE TO VIOLENCE OR GORE.
  • A clothed woman lying in a bed wears a bloody bandage on her head and as she gets up to walk, she becomes dizzy and stumbles.


  • Seven uses of "damn", 18 uses of "hell", and one use of "piss".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men in a train drink from beer bottles.
  • Several saloon scenes feature the bar filled with short glasses of various liquors that men drink.
  • A brothel bar is filled with beer bottles and men drink from them.
  • A horse drinks a bottle of beer from a case and then chews the glass (there's no blood.)
  • Men and women drink wine in several office and parlor scenes.
  • A few outlaws and deputies drink whiskey from small bottles while on horseback.
  • A man chain-drinks on a horse tossing each empty bottle onto the ground.
  • Men drink glasses of champagne at a railroad opening.
  • A kiosk sells alcohol-containing patent medicines.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's a surprising amount of violence -- the film has a high body count and persistent references to cannibalism (including a scene of a man's heart being cut out and eaten, albeit partially in shadow).
  • Some of the scary scenes are interrupted by flash-forwards, relieving the intensity, but things still get tense.
  • A child holds a gun to a man who's threatening his mother's life.
  • Numerous characters are slaughtered in an intense battle scene.
  • Scenes featuring train derailments, fatal shootouts and explosions.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A crook takes a woman and a boy behind a rock to shoot them, he shoots in the air three times and tells them to run away.
  • A man tells a boy with a gun to shoot another man. He does not shoot
  • A man stands in front of a US Army firing squad but escapes.

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