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Another boring "detective" Conan show
azcdk14 November 2021
I've watched roughly 1/2 of the series (there are 1024 eps atm) and many of the movies. This one without spoilers is another foray into the implausible. A very basic and unimaginative story. Sorry fans, this one is a yawn-fest. Though n my opinion the Conan Edogawa franchise has been limping along for about 7 years now.
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Omegamon-Alter-S26 November 2021
The stylization of skill was inherited from the earlier series.

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Sorry, your review is too short. It needs to contain at least 150 characters.
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A must watch for Detective Conan fans
helloadarsh28 June 2021
This year's Akai family plot movie was really good. Filled with enough action and fight scenes. Though Mary Sera's had lesser screen time but the Shuichi and Conan bonding was awesome. Even if you don't know much about the main series you can totally watch it for the case solving, action and fight scenes. Although the movie was not the best Detective Conan movie but was surely a nice thriller.

Also please ignore the comment which says the movie is trash and you will laugh watching it, because the movie was totally thrilling and good than the previous movie.
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A new era Conan animation
Emrys_Lee7 January 2022
In recent years, Conan movie has totally became a typical hollywood action animation. It is quite fun to watch, but it lacks some original magic, no more detective and the emotion is superficial.
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Lost the magic
WiseLlama16 December 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Another medicore Detective Conan movie where the mystery is uninteresting, the plot nonsensical, and there's no real art direction.

For a few years already, the movies have lost all the charm that made the first ones so amazing and instead they became bland 2-hour-long episodes of the show with nothing really interesting brought to the formula.

A few recurring elements that I get tired of seeing in recent Detective Conan movies: too many explosions, bad english voice actors, the detective kids being useless, Akai shooting magical bullets (tho I admit even if it was nonsense, the whole "bullet flying through the tunnel" thing was at least kinda cool), cars doing 360s on the highway, uninspired criminal backstories, Conan and co surviving a impossibly violent train wreck, Conan shouting "RAN!" and Ran shouting "SHINICHI!" every two seconds even though the'yre so far apart, only telepathy could explain them being so in-sync. I know some of it is nitpicking but I could go on and on, this is off the top of my head, and its the type of thing that pulls me out of the movie.

Maybe the next one will be better. I hope so at least.
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nathanallaver29 November 2021
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Must-watch for Detective Conan fans, good action film for the rest
johajoha9718 April 2021
In-depth review free of movie 24 spoilers This is my first review here and English is not my first language, so I did the best I could!

Glad to visit again my hometown's cinema (Girona, Catalonia) after corona outbreak and watch this film dubbed in Catalan, my mother tongue. Finally, a Detective Conan film is released almost worldwide the same day it opens in Japan! Public in my movie theater was about 50 people and 90% was over 16, being the other 10% children accompained by their parents.

Overall, this is a solid movie compared to the last ones. It revolves around a good case (for being a modern Conan movie): FBI, murders, kidnappings, Olympics, and thousands of people at risk. Animation is top-notch and a lot of important characters are shown working together -this blockbuster is a must-watch for any Detective Conan fan, but it has some drawbacks for people new to the franchise or Detective Conan adult fans looking for a good mystery film.

Script: story, case, characters and tone

Before saying anything about character or main story development, remember: this is a Detective Conan film, a side story to the main plot (the manga). It is not supposed (as of today) to deliver anything else than "fanservice", so there is no character development affecting the main series.

About the case, it's not the best nor the worst in the franchise, just average: people seeking their own justice in relation to tragic events that happened a few years ago... using violence and in the context of the Olympics. So the case is not really special, but the way the characters work together really is. In fact, it's their interaction to solve the problems what I like the most about this movie: it feels natural to see how they work and relate together. Conan's relationship with Ran and Ai's partnership (and jealousy), Akai family collaborating together and the FBI people also working in a serious incident as a team, and even Kogoro worried about his family and the kids. There is a lot of good character fanservice, showing some of the best dialogue and interaction bits of the franchise in a long time (specially for Ai and Sera). The only one I felt missing was Heiji: almost all famous characters are there and part of the action is outside Tokyo, so I was expecting him for a small cameo that actually never arrived. Also, I'm glad they cut on Shonen Tantei screen time a lot compared to other films, thanks to this fact the most important parts of the film feel more adult and serious compared to the beginning.

Overall film pace is accelerated but well directed, with short emotional moments well mixed in-between the never-ending action sequences and some humour scenes to break the ice (Yumi or Ai nail it).

It follows the modern blockbuster way of doing cinema: action, action and more action with just a few minutes between the sequences leaving some time to the audience to relax and prepare for the next action sequence to come along. This kind of film, on its own, is not actually that bad... until you realize this was supposed to be a Detective Conan film, not a one starring Tom Cruise and his stunts. For me this is a drawback: less time spent in deduction and investigation and more in stunts and car chases means cases in newer movies are not as complex or attractive to solve for the viewer as the older ones.

The overall tone of Detective Conan anime and films, in my opinion, was better when the series was starting back in the 2000s. Newer episodes and films don't have genuine dark moments and plots, they are really childish in this aspect. Just take a look at the new Moonlight Sonata remake: sure, people die and there is a reasonable amount of blood, but psychological dark moments are either missing or taken in a light way (like the dinner scene in this movie, when Kogoro is worried about his relatives). Even the manga is getting lighter, so I think it's impossible for a show airing Saturdays at 6 PM, a family-friendly time slot, and well-known by both kids and adults in Japan, to change this aspect as of today, because of business issues.

However, this leads to some sequences too childish to be enjoyed by adults and some too difficult for small children (who will basically enjoy Conan's action scenes). It's different from a Pixar movie, where an adult and a child can read the same scene with different complexity levels for each: here you have only one -very- fluctuating level.

This film could have been a lot better if it had been directed only to +14 or +16 fans (like Marvel does). A darker atmosphere (or more mature at least) would have suited this movie a lot, maintaining humour but reducing sequences for kids. But knowing they'd lost a lot of public and revenue, they opted to create a weird mix between adults and kids films. And the result is disappointing. The intro scene and the technical explanations about MAGLEV trains and liquid helium explosions are aimed to adults (even if the superconductor graphics look childish), but child-friendly moments (like Genta acting like a dog, the kids having fun in a Kamen Yaiba show, the Agasa quiz or the final train scene) make adults think why are they watching this immature film -nostalgia factor wise. Hence, it's a movie difficult to be fully understood outside the main action scenes for children but also awkward for adults, as it feels it is not serious or mature enough to be taken seriously and considered a good action and mystery movie. It's in the middle of nowhere.

Also, some Japanese language and cultural jokes or the Agasa quiz are difficult to translate from Japanese. I hope knowing the next movie is going to be released around the World they write a more global-relase-friendly script.

Finally, the ending trick is weird as hell: I hate the impossible action endings we are given with every new film. I bet someone in the production comitee was like "Why don't we think bigger? And we ended up here: what we see in this movie is totally crazy, neither possible in our real world or in the Fast&Furious films. Like the ferris wheel or the giant surfing board in older films, it's absurd. I know current Conan films relate more to Fast&Furious, James Bond or Mission Impossible than to Agatha Christie's Poirot, but down-to-Earth final scenes would improve A LOT Detective Conan's films: endings that could be replicated in real life would make this films more mature and more suited for older fans.

Animation and editing - 9

Because it's a film with a very high budget, it's really well animated, nothing like the cheap -sometimes better described as awful- TV animation: action scenes look sharp, fast and vibrant, and 3DCG is well integrated most of the time (car chases in this film are brilliant, almost feeling like they were from Initial D).

Even though, I feel there is too much 3DCGI: cars, trains, background crowds... Also, as a fan of traditional animation, I feel there still is room for improvement, specially in the details (colors, reflections, lighting, details of the models...) Sometimes 3DCG may even distract because of the lack of uniformity compared to the rest of the elements on each frame. But it's nice to see it's getting better over time (and with more budget).

Hand-drawn characters look alive (not like in the cheap Conan TV animation) and some key frames could be used as a wallpaper. In-betweeners are also light years away from the usual TV standards, so action scenes feel fluent as hell. Brilliant job here.

Editing is also great: simultaneous action takes place all along the movie, so there is a lot of parallel editing done well (FBI vs culprit vs riding Maglev train, for example). The editing and camera in the introduction sequence is also worth mentioning (if they had used that style for the rest of the film it could have been epic...)

Music - 6

Detective Conan's original OST was terrific: jazz at its best, like in the old-school detective shows. However, nowadays the OST is mediocre. Except for the main theme, the ending song (kinda catchy J-Pop) and if I remember correctly a few sax solos, the rest is nothing special. Just average, fitting but nothing special.

Dubbing - 9,5

Overall dub in my language (Catalan) was excellent as always. Ran's and Agasa's old voice actors were replaced by new ones, but they fit as well as the originals. The voice acting for the rest was brilliant as usual, and the sound mixing was also great.

Enjoyment - 9

If you are a Detective Conan fan you will enjoy this film A LOT, specially if you are a fan of the characters with more screentime (FBI, Akai Family, Conan, Ran and Ai).

From Akai to Jodie, from Mary to Ai, they are complex and intelligent, they have their own personality traits.and play their roles even better than you would expect.

La crème de la crème of Detective Conan stars using their special habilitates or showing how they relate to each other, all of this presented with a gorgeous animation. Just for this, this is a MUST-WATCH.

However, if you don't like Conan, this movie feels empty. Sure, you can go to the cinema with your Conan-fan friends and enjoy some parts of this action film, as the animation is breathtaking and the action sequences are brilliant, so you won't be bored. But as I said before, some parts will make you feel awkward as they are so childish, and you'll miss almost everything important that transcends the case this film is about in the dialog between the main characters.

Overall score: 8.5/10

Pros: Characters, animation, character interaction, Olympics scenario, brilliant action sequences, editing

Cons: Too much action, crazy ending, average OST, childish and Japan-only sequences.
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