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Sure it may remind you of Skyfall*
li-zhao-imdb10 April 2021
But did James Bond have such a hottie to protect and avenge?

How many did James Bond kill? 5? Rambo killed 50!

*And it is plausible that Rambo watched James Bond and is a DVD collector.
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I Wanted To Come Up With A Cool Title.. Screw It.. The Girl Is Hot
IMDB-afraid-of-forums23 November 2021
And desirable.

I was hesitant to watch Ram because I don't care about sequels and I never liked franchises. Drama, feelings, long awaited domestic problem in a Rambo movie and excellent action. And the sexpot niece gave maybe the best performance. Rambo rules!
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One of the best documentaries I have ever watched.
jamal-salen8 May 2021
Just joking, this film is fantastic and one of my all time favorites. Stallone still has it. Many great fight scenes, pretty thin teen babe and explosions. Oh and some of the most memorable lines in movie history. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and grab your favorite man or lady and watch it.

Be prepared for a depressing ending however. This is not a cliched 2019 film.
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If you're a John Rambo fan you'll love it
kobrasec20 September 2019
Sylvester Stallone, a thin plot, the Mexican Cartel, lots of inventive ways to make enemies dead, it's an absolute cracker. Don't listen to critics who are for some reason looking for something different from a Rambo movie. This is Rambo for Rambo fans.
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Fun movie
lassua-197324 January 2021
I have enjoyed most Rambo films and stories and this one is no different. This time Rambo hosts the baddies instead of going to them. As a bonus, the girl is very hottie and nubile and I enjoyed taking her in. No wonder she would be a big money maker. With that said, the lawlessness and ease of crossing the border was too exaggerated. Enjoy.
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Unbelievable that this is a sequel
cafexiji22 April 2021
And part of a franchise because it was actually good.

Lots of action, violence, speeding, mayhem, death and one hell of a hard body teenager with a slim waist and feminine hair, no tattoos or piercings, she was perfect.

Watch this.
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Don't listen to the critics, this movie is gold.
stewartwoods-2390820 September 2019
I saw some of the reviews of this movie. One particular critic called it "a laughable Trumpian fantasy". I doubt they ever actually watched the movie and this is just the fashionably offended looking for something to complain about. The movie is an action masterpiece.

Formulaic? Yes but the sheer grit and psychotic rage emanated by John Rambo in this film is a step above what we have seen from him in the past. It's a culmination of every injustice, every disappointment and every cauterized bullet wound channelled into revenge for one too many unwanted grievance. The camel's back has broken and it is blood that will pour through the flood gates. If it's an action revenge thriller you want, that is exactly what you will get with this film. 10/10
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I rarely like sequels..
scene-ster3 November 2021
Simply because they are all sucky, but honesty is important and this one is good.

It packs a punch despite being short. There is a sexpot teenager with a great body and sweet face, which of course attracts men, there is a caring housekeeper and there is Rambo who for the first time fights a battle at home instead of in some military industrial complex-inspired hellhole.

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Rambo Lives!
ernesto204824 September 2019
I felt compelled to write this review after reading the backlash this movie has received of being racist and unnecessarily violent. I'm Mexican, I saw this movie in a cinema obviously filled with Mexicans.. no one felt offended!!!! Everyone was cheering towards the end and that final montage hit the feelings note perfectly. Rambo is a character embedded deeply in Mexican pop culture as well as in many other countries, and it hurts me to say it, but the villains you see in this movie is a reality that happens in my country, if anything I congratulate Stallone for denouncing that criminal activity. It's not a perfect movie, and it does have a different feeling than the other ones, but when Rambo finally appears you'll feel it and at his most cold blooded self he can be, the violence while gruesome, I didn't feel it unnecesary especially if you know how this Criminal Bands operate. So go to the cinema, enjoy this movie for what it is, and feel secure that south of the border we are ohh so happy to have another Rambo movie and no one is feeling offended!!
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Good film
xuhurufe-2213117 April 2021
The border is nowhere near as porous or open as this film suggests but there is a whole lot of action, a couple of villains (actually the fat Mexican chick is as bad as the cartel thugs) and a couple of sympathetic characters and the thin teen girl is a sexpot.

Watch it.
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Turns out geriatric Rambo is a badass!
gluonpaul20 September 2019
So I must admit I didnt have very high hopes going in to see this movie, the idea of a man in his 70's playing this kind of character combined with the critics scores (which at the moment are appalling low) made me think this would not turn out to be a good film. I was very wrong I am happy to say.

Just like the first movie in the series this movie has a very important lesson embedded in a very gritty and entertaining story. I dont wish to include spoilers in this review so i will just say in that regard that the story revolves around the naivety of youth brought up in a secure environment and just not understanding the brutality of the real world and the consequences that can have.

This movie is fairly gory which is not normally my thing but in the context of a story looking to highlight the brutal realities it has an important part to play in really bringing that home to the viewer.

I have to say this was a great all round movie and if this is indeed the final chapter for the Rambo character I think it really went out with a bang. I strongly recommend going to view this.
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The Legend of action is back and is more violent than ever!!!
arabnikita18 September 2019
Rambo Last Blood (2019)

At 73, most people prefer to sit at home, relax and reminisce their youth while being surrounded by their family. Sylvester Stallone was not built that way and this year he made a movie to prove that action stars of the 80s simply don't age. Obviously he has lost a step or two and is not flying around the screen like he used to but at bloody 73, he is still a one man army and the living proof that age is just a number.

Rambo Last Blood is a no nonsense grim action movie with a cliche plot that does not pretend be bigger than it is. Nobody is saving the world from mass enslavement, spies or nuclear threats. It is a simple revenge thriller with loads of action, grit and violence that can easily rival John Wick in terms of creativity. Stallone is a lone wolf who still has sharp fangs despite his gray hair and his enemies will find out just how sharp these fangs are.

Very similar to previous Rambo films, just on a smaller scale, so it goes without saying that if you are a fan of the franchise, 80-90s action or Stallone in general then you will feel right at home. Fast pace, simple narrative, grim settings and plently of violence give Last Blood a genuine throwback feel to the golden days of action.

#moviesshmovies on Instagram
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Bloody and violent old school action flick
bobcobb-8437118 September 2019
OK, so I have to admit: I can't help but love Sly Stallone. The guy just keeps coming back succesfully, against all odds. Who would have thought that he could pull off another Rambo flick at age 73? Well, I'm glad he did, because besides Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson, who are we gonna turn to for some old school, old-man-on-a-revenge-spree flick?

I was a big fan of First Blood, but didn't care so much for the second (too cartoonish) and third (too friggin' awful) installments. The fourth however, was just amazing. A slow build up, a suspenseful breakout and then cathartic violence. That last action sequence, where Rambo goes totally berserk and makes minced meat out of a whole army, I mean, come on, that was awesome.

The fifth Rambo is a little different in that it is more of a generic revenge flick in its setup. But only in its setup though. As soon as Rambo starts maiming and killing, this movie goes so far over the top you can't help but cheer him on. This is one bloody movie. Last blood it may be, but it is many a full bucket of it.

I also like how Rambo is more vulnarable in this flick. Stallone gets to use more of his acting chops in this one.

I know it's a lot to ask, and maybe I shouldn't even hope for it, but damn it, I sure would like another one of these.
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Action packed as expected
imdb-ikysmoviedatabase18 September 2019
Great comeback after a long break in the rambo series and it only gets better definitely worth the wait
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A Satisfyingly Brutal Finale!
burkholdermicah18 September 2019
Rambo: Last Blood is the last movie of the Rambo franchise and O MY GOD it's amazing. It's the Logan (2017) of the Rambo Series and I was very impressed with everything about this Movie. The best film in the Rambo franchise since First Blood, the curiously titled Rambo: Last Blood injects the heart back into the legendary action franchise, before ripping it out with an awe-inspiring avalanche of violence that re-establishes Sylvester Stallone as an action hero with equal. If on screen kills are an art, that what Last Blood delivers is a masterpiece. A deluge of bloody ferocious brutality, delivered with trademark Sly snarl and thankfully shaky-cam free, the violence of Last Blood more than matches the recent output from other one-man army movies.

Suitably excessive in execution and wince inducing in its means, it's the kind of action filmmaking that hardcore fans would especially appreciate. Much like the Creed films, Rambo: Last Blood successfully replicates the heart and spirit of how its franchise operates at the best level. John J. Rambo is back, and the cinematic killing floor is his domain.
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Stallone well done 👏
louisegreig19 September 2019
Don't listen to the critics if you're a fan of Rambo you're gonna enjoy this a lot. It's not the best in the franchise but still very enjoyable. Without giving away spoilers here's a brief summary of the story Rambos niece is kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels and is up to Rambo to find her. So do yourself a favour and go and see this film.
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Action Galore! Stallone still got his mojo!
dip9218 September 2019
Just come from the theatres and thoroughly enjoyed this well sequenced action movie, with a good pace story line!
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Not a Good Rambo Movie, But Sweet Score
Lepidopterous_2 October 2019
Rambo 1: reluctantly fights ("I didn't do anything!") Rambo 2: reluctantly fights ("In prison at least I know where I stand.") Rambo 3: reluctantly fights ("I put in my time. My war is over!") Rambo 4: reluctantly fights ("I can't help you. I don't want to.") Rambo 5: MOTIVATED TO KILL 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Rambo: Last Blood is a hollow, self-contained sequel that manages to be both inconsistent and completely unnecessary for the character. The main plot points are so brief and uninspired that I am not sure why they didn't just cut out the entire first hour and summarize it in a cue card at the beginning. The girl who gets captured is a brand new, unknown, stubborn, and unlikable character made up for this film, essentially so she can be used as a prop to provoke Rambo's rage. This would have been forgivable had the film been honest about not wanting to do the drama and just jumped into the action. Instead we get a half-baked and uninteresting first hour trying to convince us why Rambo should care about her.

The film takes a bloodlust angle. Having just watched the first four installments, this is inconsistent to a degree with his character in that it's the only Rambo where he is actually motivated inside himself to go kill-rather than a victim to the system used and exploited for his supersoldier training in a way that places him in a moral dilemma he cannot refuse, like how it always has been with every other Rambo film.

Some are calling this MAGA: The Movie. There is a 20-second sequence where John Rambo goes rogue and is crossing the US-Mexico border back into the United States. He stops his truck at a flimsy little wooden fence in a field in the middle of the night, then rams the truck through the fence with ease. He goes on to lure a group of Mexican criminals, rapists, gang members, & murderers across the border to trespass onto his property where he proceeds to gun them down one by one. This film is every xenophobe's fantasy. The final half hour is just a series of deaths the enemies walk right into without any kind of resistance or forethought. Rambo is not challenged whatsoever. It is simply a massacre, like watching an old man slaughter goats.

One redeeming quality of this film is the score from Brian Tyler. He takes Rambo's Battle Adagio theme from the previous film and mixes in some A Monster Calls (Fernando Velàzquez) and LOTR (Howard Shore). This song takes place in a memorable scene just before the Trump wall advertisement.

Last Blood is legitimately not a good Rambo film. It isn't quite "pretend it never existed" bad, but it is quite a step back after the large step forward that was the previous installment.

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"I Want Them To Know That Death Is Coming"
khamhm-1334119 September 2019
The Legend Is back !! And it's time to kick some asses 👊🏼
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Movies this year have been below par
robhingston18 September 2019
Movies this year have been to well below par however I didn't think it be Rambo last blood that I would be giving 10 starts to, This movie as it all Its nothing short of a masterpiece I really lost faith in movies of late but my faith as been totally restored, Well written with a great plot and action and heart, Superb acting skills from Sylvester Stallone , Best movie I've seen in years I'm speechless, I've just booked to see it again which is not like me,
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Very Distant from the Rest of the Franchise
kjproulx2 October 2019
The Rambo franchise hasn't been known for its subtleties and that was proven when Sylvestre Stallone returned to the role back in 2008. The amount of violence throughout that film gave action junkies everything they were asking for. It also took the outrageously bloody aspect of the franchise to another level as well. Wrapped up in a nice bow by the time the credits rolled, 2008s Rambo seemed to be the finale. Well, apparently not, as Rambo: Last Blood is now in theatres. Sadly, this franchise definitely should have ended with the previous instalment. Here's why I believe this movie simply doesn't work.

Now retired and taking care of a ranch out in the county, John Rambo has evolved into a (seemingly) much calmer man. After his niece makes a poor decision to find out the truth of who her real father has become out in Mexico, all hell breaks loose as John finds himself on the hunt to save his family. Without ruining anything, one thing leads to another and he eventually needs to use his home as a giant war zone/booby-trap to fend off his enemies. In theory, this premise is a great set-up for an action film that simply wants to focus on the action itself, but it really doesn't feel anything like a Rambo movie.

Being a war veteran and fending off his enemies throughout the course of his entire life, John Rambo is a character with a lot of complexities. For this reason alone, many of the Rambo films have been able to tell interesting stories, even if the execution wasn't always there. This time around, he has become a family man and an emotional tie is what gets him back in the game. The finale of this movie is the only remotely entertaining aspect, but the set-up for it just felt like an excuse for a revenge movie, which is never truly what the Rambo films have been.

Stallone is committed to this character as always and Yvette Monreal as his niece is actually quite good, but their dynamic just felt like it belonged in another movie. With the addition of some very cheesy dialogue at times and the fact that John Rambo is the only one who feels like a real, fleshed-out character, I found myself not really caring about what happened to anyone here. That said, audiences who watch Rambo movies are usually there for the action anyways, and if you're a fan of gory violence that's done well, then the final 20 minutes may be enough for you.

In the end, Rambo: Last Blood is a mixture of elements from movies like Taken and Home Alone, with an elderly war hero at the forefront and the violence cranked up to a thousand. There are moments of enjoyment and even a few times where I was having a little fun, but it really is an emotional movie that doesn't feel earned. It asks you to care about characters that haven't been around for much of the franchise and I just couldn't buy it. For die-hard fans of the franchise, maybe check it out once it's available to rent or buy at home, but I really don't think it's worth your time.
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Rambo is an Icon for 40 years
beyermario19 September 2019
Whatever people will say about this movie good or bad, Rambo has been around for so many years and Sly has always put its heart into it and that deserves a credit for a man being around for decades. Underestimated at times for his acting styles. At least he stands for being an Action movie star and not swirls around trying to do something else or be something else to please all movie style characters. Keep on going...
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For the first time in my life...
tacfoa21 July 2021
... I can say it was a sequel and a franchise film and I enjoyed.

Sly still has it and has not wimped out.

I would like to see the niece in more films and hopefully disrobing. Be natural.

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Final chapter
SnoopyStyle18 December 2019
In one version of this film, it opens with John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) on horseback riding up a hillside during a stormy night. It turns out that he and the police are searching for missing hikers. This is obviously a nod to First Blood and is probably the only section I like without much reservations. The rest is Rambo living with Maria Beltran and her granddaughter Gabriela on a ranch where he has dug out a series of tunnels. Gabriela is desperate to find her no-good father. Ignoring warnings from both Rambo and her grandma, she goes to Mexico anyways and gets Taken. Rambo is on a rescue mission and finds help from crusading journalist Carmen Delgado (Paz Vega).

I like the rainy hillside opening. I'd rather have a loner Rambo mountain-man. Instead, he has new people and the audience have to piece it together. On top of that, the story is unnecessarily messy. There is no reason to go back and forth to Mexico. Kill the brother during the initial escape and the Mexicans will follow Rambo to the farm. There wouldn't be time to set up all the boobytraps but some of it is too Home Alone anyways. I do get the callback to Vietnam but the juice is not worth the squeeze. I also would change the initial contact with the gang. If he's not going to shoot them up, he should go unarmed and offer to buy her back. In the film, he seems to be straddling the middle with no plans. In general, the writing is problematic. It has the set pieces but they are badly put together. The gore is bloody and that's fine. Sly could have done something compelling with his aging action hero. It's called Last Blood and needs to be a big final chapter. I'm afraid that this is not anything.
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A Finale that Fails to Truly Honor it's Hero
imjaredross3 October 2019
Rambo: Last Blood is the supposedly the final film in the Rambo series. A series that has certainly seen better days. Last Blood's title infers a finale that could wrap the decades old series in a nice little bow and call back to the film that started it all. However, it fails to truly honor its hero in a satisfying way.

The first film First Blood seems so tamed compared to this newest entry and looking back the series as a whole has changed along the way. First Blood was a film based on the novel of the same name that followed a man struggling to reenter society after the Vietnam War. It was a topical film showcasing the cruelty and disgust many of our veterans received upon returning home. First Blood was a film with scenes of violence, but it was not an action film. It was as far as I can see an anti war film. Every film after this has failed to understand what this film was about and has opted for a more action heavy series and a violent one at that.

Last Blood is First Blood's polar opposite. It relishes in its violence especially in the 3rd act, but at least in this film the reason and motive is clear and can be understood. Last Blood is not concerned with telling the story of a man haunted by war or telling an anti war story. Its focus is on violent revenge and I have to look at it this way. The Rambo series has transformed itself into something completely different from the first film. So, does this work as a revenge thriller?

I would say yes in the most simplistic sense. This is the story of a man who wants to live his final years in peace but is called to action once again to protect someone he loves. It's a story we know all too well. However, it has proved an emotionally resonant story in the past. Rambo's story in this film and his goal is simple and it's simple to a fault, but this film is not concerned with its story as much as it is the action this series has become known for.

Let's talk about the action. I won't lie it's fun. The third act is insane and over the top and indulges in grotesque violence that will bring out the cave man in all of us. This would be fine, other Stallone movies have indulged in violence before and that's the main selling point. His Expendibles trilogy is a great example, but Last Blood tries for something more and lays the seeds for what should be an emotional crescendo for our John Rambo, but the film doesn't do enough to make this satisfying and so the film ends up feeling unbalanced.

Rambo's relationship with his niece is the heart of the film and helps in at least giving an emotional connection the film sorely needs. However, these are about the only characters that have any form of depth. The villains are 1 dimensional and nothing more and are there simply to be part of an endless army for Rambo to mutilate and maim in glorious over the top violence which is fun. The film however has a saving grace in the form of Stallone and his performance. Stallone has always been an underrated actor and I believe it hasn't been until recently that he's been receiving some of the recognition he deserves.

The movies problems perhaps are a result of its extremely short length. If anyone knows about the making of this film it was constantly cut down in the editing room to make it 89 minutes, the shortest Rambo film to date. I believe in a longer version of this film lies a film that is much better, that balances out its more meditative moments with its bursts of violence.

As it stands the film feels unbalanced and has an extremely slow and boring first two acts that ends on an action packed finale and the the final moments of the film feel like they should be more impactful than they end up being. These last few moments are the best parts of the film and make it feel more like a finale. Perhaps an extended version of the film could be released to fix many of these films short comings, but we'll have to wait and see.

Overall, Rambo: Last Blood is a film that has the right stuff to make this finale great, but what is there is either not enough or cut down to reach a certain runtime. Stallone's performance makes it at least worth a watch as it tries it's best to blend the series violent aspects with the more character driven first film.
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