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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language and drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman tells a man that she is pregnant with another man's child. (Done in a non-graphic way.)
  • A husband and wife are seen lying in bed in the morning. There is no nudity and nothing happens between them.

Violence & Gore

  • Brutal violence, nothing over the top or gory. Though there are scenes of hand-to-hand fighting and shooting, it is more grounded in reality and not overtly graphic. Most of the kills are just offscreen or slightly obscured.
  • A violent man erupts at a public venue after another man confronts him about physically attacking a woman. Another violent attack unfolds, including a severe beating about the face as well as dragging the woman out of the car and throwing her to the ground.
  • A man makes a crude sexual remark to another man, who then leaps on top of him. A third man appears and they beat, kick, and punch the man who was initially harassed. A prison guard breaks up the fight, pulling away the other men. The lone man then collapses and weeps on the ground.
  • A recently killed buck is cleaned. Blood shown dripping from the mouth into a pan.
  • After two men engage in a long pursuit we see the following: a man smashes another man in the back of the head with a gun. Men wrestle with each other and strike blows. Firearms are involved, shots fired at close range, injuries involving blood and screaming.
  • Two men fist fight in a ring, surrounded by people cheering; one of the men is knocked to the ground twice and the other man jumps on top of him and beats him in the face repeatedly. Headlocks, shoving, beating about the face and ribs, including the wet noise of a man's fists smashing into his opponent's face, until another man pulls him away. We see the man spit as he walks away and we later see him with blood on his pants, with his knuckles wrapped and bloody.
  • Two men fight: they punch, grab, and wrestle each other. Heads locked together, repeated blows, a man knocked to the ground. The fight continues, extremely bloody and with graphic facial injuries later shown.


  • The term "Faggot" is used once.
  • Language throughout. 91 uses of "fuck", and other milder profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is shown drinking hard liquor out of a bottle at a drive-in movie theater. Displeased with their interaction, he is then abusive towards his female companion.
  • A man who has been drinking is involved in a car wreck with life-altering consequences for himself as well as others.
  • Frequent alcohol use, bar environment. A main character refers to a bottle of hard liquor as, "Dinner of champions."
  • Negotiating a drug deal in a public place.
  • A man is seen manufacturing drugs in the upstairs room of a rundown house full of people using drugs. Later, another man is shown cooking drugs for personal use. It is implied he injects a hypodermic between his toes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending is very disturbing and violent.
  • The movie is essentially about a man trying to avenge the brutal death of his younger brother.
  • Bleak, often violent. Prison environment. Street fights organized for profit etc.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man, driving under the influence of alcohol and not paying attention to the road smashes into a station wagon; the man's vehicle spins out and when he comes to (he has a bloody cut on his forehead), he goes over to the other car and we see the bloody legs of what appears to be a young child. The man panics and tries to pull the child from the car, and it is implied that the child is dead (we later see the man in jail).
  • A blockade of vehicles stops a car on the road at night. A man from the blockade approaches the car while the driver draws a revolver. The men exchange words about a disputed debt and the driver is then shot point-blank -- we see a lot of blood spray on the passenger. Several other men grab the blood-covered man and carry him to the woods, where he is then shot.
  • A man follows another man who has been injured for a long distance until a police officer arrives and sees the man, shouts for the gunman to stop. The gunman pulls the trigger and shoots the man in the back of the head, with a spray of blood from the man's head.

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