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Lucifer Rises from the Dark Depths Below with this Trailer

A new trailer is out now for Tiffany Castro's Lucifer. The clip shows a young woman dealing with demonic forces. She hopes to rid herself of this evil, but it follows her and her family, everywhere they go. Lucifer is currently at the American Film Market, in Santa Monica. Here, the filmmakers will secure a release date. But now, indie horror fans can see the latest promotional material, which includes a new poster, stills and a much longer trailer. The new stills show the primary cast. Actor and ex-con Dave Vescio (Hick) stars as Richard Cain. He hopes to save the protagonist Amiel (Monique Marie Gelineau), from what plagues her. Ryan Kelley also stars as Peter Matheson. Drawn into the evil, Peter must face this supernatural force, or succumb to it. All of these actors and many more star in this supernatural thriller, Lucifer. Actress Monique Marie Gelineau as Amiel.
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When Animals Attack: Ranking Bloodthirsty Movie Predators

When Animals Attack: Ranking Bloodthirsty Movie Predators
Across her diverse filmography, Blake Lively has hung tough against the menaces of gun-toting criminals (The Town, Hick, Savages), mean rich teens (Gossip Girl), aging (The Age of Adaline), moving away from your friends (the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films), and being in Green Lantern (Green Lantern). Yet her latest project — the watery survival flick The Shallows — will pit the actress against her deadliest foe yet. After a surfing incident strands the starlet on a solitary outcropping of rock, a hungry shark encircles her as the tide rises. Teen soap opera alumna vs.
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Have a Devil of a Time with this Trailer for Lucifer

Anti-villain Media has released the first trailer for Lucifer. Developed from a short film, Lucifer involves a caretaker and author, in a remote home. The subject matter of her story causes all kings of haunted chaos. And, the film has been directed by Tiffany Castro, from Brent Trotter and Justin Kornmann's script. Ryan Kelley (“Teen Wolf”), Jessica Morris (“One Life to Live”), ex-con actor Dave Vescio (Hick), Tay Zonday and Jason Horton star. The film's teaser trailer is hosted here. The trailer shows character Amiel (Monique Marie Gelineau) ascending a set of stairs, in a darkened home. A voice-over narrative talks about the devil's existence as Amiel approaches a closed door. What lies in the darkness? Lucifer is expected to release this year. Slated for a Fall 2016 release, Lucifer will bring true supernatural terror to the big and small screens, later this year. Release Date: Fall 2016. Director: Tiffany Castro.
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You Can View a Dark Criminal Underworld with this Trailer for Wolf Mother

The first teaser trailer has been released for Wolf Mother. From Riding Hood Motion Pictures, Wolf Mother is a blend of genres. The first teaser trailer shows a young kidnapped girl and a criminal underworld. The film stars Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Najarra Townsend (Contracted), ex-con actor Dave Vescio (Hick) and horror vet' Maria Olsen. The entire trailer is here. More of the story is developed in the teaser. However, the film focuses on a young, child actress and her high profile kidnapping. Her parents are worried sick. And, other characters are hopeful of finding her, including down-and-out Zelda (Townsend). Will Kaitlin (Kaegan Baron) ever be seen again? The teaser trailer is an exciting one. The clip also introduces several of the actors, mentioned above. Full of tense scenes, more on Wolf Mother can be seen here, with more to come soon. Release Date: Summer 2016. Director/writer: Erik Peter Carlson.
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Tom Sizemore Searches for an Abducted Child in Wolf Mother

We've just received the haunting first trailer for noir crime thriller, Wolf Mother. With some stunning cinematography, the short teaser reveals a plan to find and kidnap the celebrity child star Kaitlin Miller played by newcomer, Kaegan Baron.

The genre-blender, written and directed by Erik Peter Carlson (The Toy Soldiers), stars a ton of familiar faces including Najarra Townsend (Contracted), NY stage actor Kevin Pinassi (star of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival) , Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), ex-con actor Dave Vescio (Hick) and horror star and veteran Maria [Continued ...]
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Andrea Portes Setting Up ‘Henry and Eva’ Books as Movie Franchise (Exclusive)

Bestselling novelist Andrea Portes and screenwriter Joel Silverman are setting up Gothic series “Henry & Eva” as a potential movie franchise, Variety has learned exclusively.

Portes’ debut novel “Hick,” published in 2007, was basis for the 2011 movie of the same name (pictured above), starring Chloe Moretz, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Redmaye, Juliette Lewis and Blake Lively. She then teamed up with Silverman on setting up screenplays adapted from her novels “Anatomy of a Misfit” and “Liberty.”

Harper Collins announced last month that it had committed to Portes’ multi-book franchise “Henry and Eva,” set in Big Sur and following the titular 9-year-old brother and 11-year-old sister as they attempt to solve the mystery of their parents’ deaths. They do their sleuthing under the watchful eye of their greedy uncle, his tacky wife and ghosts.

Their talents are enhanced by their ability to communicate with ghosts – the first being those of their murdered parents. The
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Review: The Curse Of Downer’S Grove

There are films that you know are not good films by any means, but you still find yourself attracted to them. Films that cause you to wonder why you’re watching them, but you find yourself watching them over and over again, for some sadistic and inhumane reason, who knows, maybe people like myself are just gluttons for punishment? Regardless of their merit, I think we need films like that to be a type of buffer between the Great films and the Awful films, we need films that just aren’t good but watchable and entertaining to fill the void. The Curse Of Downer’S Grove, co-written by American Psycho and The Rules Of Attraction author Bret Easton Ellis and Hick director Derick Martini and helmed by Martini is just that type of film: one that you can’t fathom loving, but you just want to see to the end Every Single Damn Time.
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The Curse of Downers Grove | Review

Teenage Wasteland: Ellis & Martini Join Forces for Derivative Teen Angst

Check your expectations at the opening credits with The Curse of Downers Grove, a muddled teen scream mix of urban legend meets self-fulfilling prophecy metaphor. Many will be unable to bypass taking a look, however, upon learning the schlocky titled genre effort was penned by Bret Easton Ellis, his first cinematic project following the infamous and ultimately ill-fated Paul Schrader/Lindsey Lohan experiment The Canyons (2013). An ambitious thread of something greater sometimes resonates in this adolescent angst tale spiked with violence and a smattering of watered down sexuality (at least compared to what we know Ellis can imagine), but is ultimately lost in the tonally awkward jumps between genre elements and out-of-touch flourishes as concerns law-enforcement and teenagers.

The eponymous suburb of Chicago is the home of a deadly curse, or at least that’s the urban legend of the
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Film Review: ‘The Curse of Downers Grove’

Film Review: ‘The Curse of Downers Grove’
Although it’s being marketed as a horror film, “The Curse of Downers Grove” turns out to be something else — a messy hash of teen soap opera, stalker thriller and whatnot whose titular, possibly supernatural aspect is basically irrelevant. This pileup of elements never meshes or becomes convincing in Derick Martini’s screenplay, co-adapted by exec producer Bret Easton Ellis from Michael Hornberg’s 1999 novel. Nonetheless, the pic’s combination of familiar faces and genre tropes should give it a decent leg up in home formats. It opens at the AMC Burbank Town Center 8 this Friday, simultaneous with its digital HD launch; VOD release follows on Sept. 1.

In the titular Chicago suburb (though the production was shot in Southern California), there’s an alleged curse on a high school recently built on contested Native American land: Each year, one senior dies just before graduation. It’s a subject of endless fascination for students,
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Exclusive: Meet The Mechanic In Clip From Bret Easton Ellis-Penned 'The Curse of Downers Grove' With Bella Heathcote

There is no doubt that Bret Easton Ellis has a distinct voice. We've seen his characters come alive in "American Psycho," he's brought his own worldview to movies like "The Informers" and "The Canyons," and his latest script is for the horror flick "The Curse Of Downers Grove," and today we have an exclusive peek at the film. Read More: Watch The Trailer For Bret Easton Ellis-Penned 'The Curse Of Downers Grove' Starring Bella Heathcote Starring Bella Heathcote, Lucas Till, Penelope Mitchell, Tom Arnold, and Kevin Zegers, with Derick Martini ("Lymelife," "Hick") directing, the story is set in the titular suburb where every year, someone from the graduating high school class meets a gruesome death. Chrissie Swanson fears she might be next, but as you'll see in this clip, she's also got other things on her mind. "The Curse Of Downers Grove" opens on August 21st and hits VOD on September 1st.
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Watch: Trailer For Bret Easton Ellis’ Penned Teen Horror ‘The Curse of Downers Grove’ With Bella Heathcote

"The Curse of Downers Grove" is an interesting twist in the career of young indie filmmaker Derick Martini. He came to acclaim with the family drama "Lymelife" with Alec Baldwin, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts. Martin Scorsese liked it so much he served as an executive producer. His follow-up “Hick,” with Chloe Moretz, Blake Lively and Eddie Redmayne -- a pretty notable cast -- ended up on many of year-end worst lists in 2011. Now Martini’s back with the teen horror “The Curse of Downers Grove.” Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the movie stars Bella Heathcote (“Dark Shadows”), “X-Men” actor Lucas Till, Kevin Zegers, Penelope Mitchell, Zane Holtz, Helen Slater, and Tom Arnold. Here’s the official synopsis: The town of Downers Grove looks like your average suburban neighborhood —but Downers Grove has a disturbing secret.... For the past eight years, one senior from every high school graduating class has
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2015 Sundance Film Festival Predictions List: An Introduction

Whether you are a filmmaker, or one of the Sundance programmers whose task it is to identify the films that make up a line-up, it is indeed the most wonderful, panic-filled and nerve racking time of the year. The 31st edition of the Sundance Film Festival kicks off on January 22nd with Park City and Salt Lake City playing host to some of the more innovative, thought-provoking narrative and non-fiction films of 2015. Last year, a Jenga tall order of 4,057 features and 8,161 shorts were submitted. Now let’s think about those numbers for a second.

Twenty years ago, Terry Zwigoff’s Crumb claimed the Grand Jury Prize Documentary award, Living in Oblivion‘s Tom Dicillo was honored with the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, and Edward Burns’ micro-budgeted The Brothers McMullen (there is a read-worthy, lively, eleventh hour account on how it was submitted to the fest in Ted Hope’s “Hope
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Interview: Eddie Redmayne Explains ‘The Theory of Everything’

Chicago – Portraying Stephen Hawking, as Eddie Redmayne did in “The Theory of Everything,” required an intense physicality and emotionalism that was projected from different angles, much more challenging than a usual biographical role. In this instance, Redmayne projects the feeling of Hawking’s time and space.

Eddie Redmayne has been on a quick ascension path in his film career, while also conquering television and theater in his native England. After notable roles in the last three years in “My Week with Marilyn” and “Les Misérables,” Redmayne has took on the difficult task of playing Stephen Hawking from a healthy, genius-level university student to the wheelchair bound and computer-voiced theorist with a degenerative nerve disease (Als, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The performance is remarkable on many levels, but especially in communicating the soul and love – beyond a physical handicap – upon which a human being exists.

Eddie Redmayne is
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Jennifer Ehle, Anson Mount, Abigail Spencer And Marcus Thomas Join The Forger Cast

BAFTA TV Award and Tony Award winning actress Jennifer Ehle (Zero Dark Thirty, Contagion), Anson Mount (AMC’s “Hell on Wheels,” Safe), Abigail Spencer (Sundance Channel’s “Rectify,” Oz The Great And The Powerful) and Marcus Thomas (You Kill Me, Drowning Mona) join the cast of heist film The Forger.

The four will star alongside two-time Academy Award nominee and two-time Golden Globe winner John Travolta, Oscar winner Christopher Plummer (Beginners, The Last Station) and Venice Film Festival Award winner for Best New Young Actor Tye Sheridan (Joe, Mud, The Tree Of Life).

The film started shooting today, October 7th on location in Boston, Massachusetts.

BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning director Philip Martin (BBC’s “Wallander”) is directing from a script by Richard D’Ovidio (The Call).

The Forger tells the story of a former child art prodigy and second generation petty thief, Ray Cutter (Travolta) who arranges to buy his
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‘Hick’ Review

Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Blake Lively, Rory Culkin, Anson Mount, Juliette Lewis, Eddie Redmayne, Alec Baldwin| Written by Andrea Portes | Directed by Derick Martini

If I was asked to name a young actor or actress that I thought was going to be a big deal in the coming years of cinema, I’d have a few to choose from, but one name at the top of that list would have to be Chloe Moretz. Her performances in films like Kick-Ass, Hugo and Let Me In have been memorable and she seems to just keep getting better as she gets older.

Hick, in which Ms. Moretz is the main star, is a funny sort of film. An independent movie filmed in 2011, prior to Hugo, Hick was made on a fairly small budget and directed by Derick Martini, a guy whose directing chops are limited, very limited. This made for an experience
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Win! ‘Hick’ On DVD Starring Chloe Grace Moretz & Eddie Redmayne!

To celebrate the release of Hick on DVD on June 17th, we’ve got three to giveaway on DVD! The film is set around Nebraska teen (Chloe Grace Moretz), which she gets more than she bargained for when she sets out for the bright lights of Las Vegas.

When small town teenager Luli (Moretz) escapes to Las Vegas, she leaves behind her alcoholic and abusive parents. Armed with her smarts, a pistol and pocket money, she hitchhikes her way west. Along the way, Luli crosses paths with Eddie (Eddie Redmayne), an unstable rebel with questionable motives and Glenda (Blake Lively), a cocaine-snorting drifter on the run.

Click here for a whole load of great images and here’s the trailer to whet your appetite:

To win yourself a DVD, just answer the following question: What’s the name of Eddie Redmayne’s character in Les Miserables?

A: Marcus

B: Marvin

C: Marius

Send your answer,
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Chloe Moretz Wanted For The Equalizer With Denzel Washington

She may only be 16 years old but Chloe Moretz is certainly not afraid to take on mature roles. If you’ve seen her in Kick-Ass, Hick, Let Me In or in the trailer for the upcoming Carrie remake, you’ll know that she’s not intent on just playing it safe. Now, to push the envelope even further, she’s currently in talks to star as a prostitute in The Equalizer, which has Denzel Washington locked in for the lead role.

If she signs on, Moretz will play the female lead, a character named Teri. Apparently, director Antoine Fuqua was looking for an actress that was a bit older to take the part but Moretz recently participated in a table read for the role and blew everyone away. Of course, the character of Terri immediately draws parallels to Jodie Foster’s role in Taxi Driver and we can easily see
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Chloe Moretz Offered Role Of Young Prostitute In 'The Equalizer' With Denzel Washington

Chloe Moretz Offered Role Of Young Prostitute In 'The Equalizer' With Denzel Washington
Okay, we didn't see this coming. At all. At only sixteen years old, Chloe Moretz is already looking to push the envelope with the roles she'll take on, featuring in the grimy indie "Hick" (which by all accounts was pretty awful) while this fall she'll reign in terror as "Carrie." But taking the part of a young prostitute? Like we said, didn't see this one coming... Nothing is confirmed just yet, but Deadline reports that the offer has been made to Moretz to take the role of Teri, the female lead, in Sony's long developing "The Equalizer" with Denzel Washington set to star, and Antoine Fuqua to direct. No, this isn't the idea of some pervy studio exec, but Moretz participated in a table read for the part, and apparently impressed Washington and everyone else in the room. The part was originally slated for a twenty-something actor, but Moretz was
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Feisty Trailer & Images For DVD Release Of Chloe Grace Moretz & Eddie Redmayne In ‘Hick’

We’ve got the latest UK trailer for the Home Entertainment release of Hick, that stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Eddie Redmayne and Blake Lively. The film is based on the novel by Andrea Portes and from celebrated indie director Derick Martini, with Moretz starring as Luli, a Nebraska girl who runs away to Vegas only to find herself in a heap of trouble: crime violence, and questionable relations with older gentlemen.

It looks a lot of fun, with those country hints of Killer Joe but with Moretz on fine form. There’s also the addition of Redmayne, the Les Miserables star who’s in high demand after a great performance in the musical epic. Check out the trailer below, and we’ve got some great stills if you’d like to scroll down the page. Will you be picking up a copy?

Hick is released on DVD on June 17th and also stars Alec Baldwin,
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Chloe Moretz Is Going To Dark Places

Teenage movie star Chloe Grace Moretz has a big year ahead that includes this summer’s Kick-Ass 2 and the remake of Brian De Palma’s Carrie. And now it looks like she’s definitely back on top again as 16 years old Moretz is currently in talks to join Charlize Theron in the upcoming big screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn‘s Dark Places. Sarah’s Key helmer Gilles Paquet-Brenner will direct the upcoming thriller from his own script. Moretz is eyeing the role of Diondra, while Theron is set to play a woman named Libby Day, who, at the age of 7, survived the massacre of her sisters and...

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